MARCH 2006


            I’m writing this month’s DISPATCHES a couple of hours before I fly down to Bangkok to visit family and friends for a few days “R ‘n’ R”.

            As soon as I get back next week I’ll be up in China visiting a new factory possibility and meeting our sculpting team at our studio on the mainland.

            And by the time most of you will read this latest “missive” I’ll be in Irvine, California for “The West-Coaster” which I’m looking forward to.

            So, without further ado let’s get down to business.


ROMMEL’S AFRIKA KORPS is what’s new and boy has it been getting a lot of renewed interest from K&C dealers and collectors alike.  As you all know the centrepiece of this latest 4 set release is AK29(SL) Rommel’s Command Halftrack.  This particular piece, which is “Strictly Limited” to just 750 pieces was sold out in less than 16 hours!  That may be a record even for us.

            We’ve also seen a nice upsurge of interest and sales in the previously released Afrika Korps sets so don’t miss out on these new ones…

AK26  Desert Transport

A 3-ton SdKfz 11 halftrack in typical battle-worn desert camouflage complete with full-body driver and vehicle commander.  Please Note: This vehicle is perfect for pulling AK27.

AK27  The F18 Field Howitzer

This 10.5cm artillery piece comes with a 5-man gun crew in action poses.  Also Note: The gun barrel elevates and depresses and the trail legs open and close with moveable ‘spades’ for either “transport” or “firing” positions.

AK28  “Questioning The Prisoner

Two Afrika Korps officers interrogate a recently captured British officer.  Observing the scene is an AK Panzer Grenadier.

AK29(SL)       Rommel’s Command Halftrack

As you all know this model is already a complete “sell out”.  We could have produced twice as many and still “sold out”.  Oh well such is life…

            Anyway for the record… An SdKfz 250/3 in the personal markings of Rommel’s own “GREIF” (Griffin).  Rommel leans out of the vehicle talking to a standing saluting AK non commissioned officer.  A seated radio operator is also inside the vehicle.





            April ‘06 is going to be a bumper month for colourful new releases that have absolutely nothing to do with the Second World War…

            Here’s what’s in the works –


Celts, Britons, Gauls and Huns…

At long, long last we’ve finally got an enemy for our Roman Legions to fight.  Apologies to all “Ancients” collectors but its taken us a while to get back ‘round to this era.  But I think when you see the photos you’ll reckon its been worth the wait!

These new pieces (unpainted) were previewed back in September last year at the Chicago Show but due to other releases had to be postponed till now.  These are all-new sculpts and paint schemes and really dynamic figures.

BAR001          Mounted Chieftain.   This Celtic Chief on horseback has a passing resemblance to a hirsute Sean Connery.  Our hero carries a traditional “Dragon Snake” banner and has prettily adorned his steed with the severed heads of several of his enemies.

BAR002          “Attacking with Axe”.           Running towards his enemy this warrior prepares to deal a crushing blow.

BAR003          “Attacking with Sword and Shield”.            Poised ready for battle and seeking a likely victim.

BAR004          “Fighting Chief”.      Wearing a captured Roman Auxiliary’s chain mail vest this Gallic Chieftain has already dispatched at least one of his enemies.

BAR005          “Charge!       This tribesman rushes forward – long lance at the ready.

BAR006          “Gruesome Trophies”.           Another warrior attacks – his shield decorated with enemy heads.

BAR007          “Slashing Warrior”.  About to strike a lethal blow this warrior has a captured Roman dagger on his belt.

BAR008          “Running Warrior”.  With sword and shield yet one more ancient warrior rushes into the fight.

BAR009          Wolfshead.  Over his Roman helmet this fighter has draped a wolf pelt complete with wolf’s head.

BAR010          “Hacking Warrior”.   With his richly decorated shield and colourful helmet this particular warrior makes a striking impression.

BAR011          “Barbarian Trumpeter”.       Wielding this strange looking musical instrument this half-naked warrior can signal to his comrades as well as strike fear in his Roman enemies.

BAR012          “No Mercy!”   Any captured Roman Legionary could, at best, hope for a swift death.  This Roman soldier is about to meet his Gods…


AVAILABLE : Early April



Continental Marines… Redcoats… and Redmen.

With one mighty leap we bound from the dark forest in the middle of Europe somewhere to Revolutionary America in 1776…

Our latest Rev. War releases should, I hope, have something for everyone whether rebellious colonial or Tory loyalist.

The Redcoats :

BR048            “Standing Firing Musket”.   One of King George’s with his “Brown Bess” drawing a bead on the enemy.

BR049            “Running Rifleman”.            Another Redcoat charging forward to greet the enemy with some cold “Sheffield” steel.

BR050            “Redcoat Casualty”.  One of His Majesty’s men that will never see Old Albion’s shores ever again.

The Redmen (Spoils of War) :

BR051            “Mounted Indian” with captured rifles, cartridge boxes, bedrolls, water canteens and even… an early American flag.  Oh, and by the way, the horse is a battle trophy as well.

BR052            “Brand-New Coat”.   This woodland warrior is trying on a Continental jacket whose owner will no longer be needing it.

            A captured sabre also belongs to him.

BR053            “This Gun is Mine!”. Bending down to retrieve a discarded musket this warrior is well pleased with his “find”.

            THE AMERICANS :

            K&C has been wanting to produce “Continental Marines” for a long time – here they are…

AR045            “Standing Firing Marine”.   This green-clad figure takes careful aim and…

AR046            “Standing Loading Corporal”.         Biting the paper wad of the cartridge this NCO prepares for action.

AR047            “Standing Ready”.     This Marine is ready to repel all boarders…

AR048            “Presenting Arms”.   Rifle held resolutely in front in the traditional pose.

AR049            “Capt. Samuel Nicholas”.     One of the Corps first officers and destined to be its first Commandant saluting.

AR050            “Marine Drummer”.  A young teenage recruit who can “mark time” and “beat retreat”.

AR051            “Flag Bearer”.           This young officer bears one of the many flags adopted in the early stages of the Revolution.

AR052            “Kneeling Firing”.    Yet one more extremely useful and popular pose.


AVAILABLE : Late April



From Revolutionary America to pre Revolutionary China

The Imperial Collection

Four legendary Chinese beauties which will adorn any collection of K&C’s Chinese figures.

IC022  “Wang Zhao-jun

IC023  Diao Chan”

IC024  “Xi Shi”

IC025  “Yang Guifei

            These four superbly detailed and colourful pieces will look particularly good in an “Imperial” setting.


AVAILABLE : Late April




            For Napoleonic collectors there’s something rather unique can distinctly different for release at the end of April.

Rest ‘n’ Recreation” in the time of Napoleon.

NA082            Four seated French Cavalrymen taking their ease… sitting figures of a Chasseur … a Dragoon … a Hussar and a Dragoon Trumpeter.  The perfect figures to fit into a Napoleonic camp scene or our recent French Farmhouse diorama (SP017 and SP018).

            To add on extra touch of realism we’ve also got SP019 The Table and Chairs Set a sturdy farmyard table and three rustic chairs; SP020 The Barrel and Ladder set – wooden wine kegs … a wheel barrow with a basket of ripe red apples … a knife sharpening wheel … a bucket … and two ladders.

            Again, these are great farmyard accessories can really help bring a scene “alive”.


AVAILABLE : Late April





            With the release of Clint Eastwood’s movie of the Battle of Iwo Jima K&C are preparing to redo some of our Japanese WW2 forces.  So to make room we are retiring two of our earlier sets.

IWJ08 “Tough Opposition”

IWJ09 “Mortar and Machine Gun”

            We anticipate that the release of “Flap of our Fathers” will definitely renew and reignite collector interest in the Pacific War in general and K&C’sIwo Jima” series in particular.

            So, take this opportunity to grab some of these original Japanese sets while you can!

            On that cheerful note I’ll say a fond farewell and, of course, great sales!





                                    Andy C. Neilson