King & Country


MARCH 2004



As I write this latest "DISPATCHES" the Nuremburg Toy Fair is already behind us and the Los Angeles "WESTCOASTER" is just a week away.


A few words about "NUREMBURG" first...what a show! K&C attracted a lot of attention from dealers and distributors in Europe. We were one of the very few figurine manufacturers there - the only other major player was ANDREA from Spain. Our biggest competitor Britains did not even have their own booth just a very small corner of their German distributor's stand. "FORCES OF VALOR" had a great display as well as "21st CENTURY".


I had a chance to talk with both manufacturers and see some of their upcoming releases. Interestingly 21st Century are moving into diecast for their vehicles and will be competing "head-to-head" with "FORCES". It should be an interesting battle.


I personally believe there is room for everyone and know both other companies will expand the market and bring in new customers for all of us. Each of us has his own distinctive style and appeal - I welcome the competition.


On a historical level Nuremburg has much to offer the visitor. Each day at 6pm, after the show we would head into the old town of Nuremburg for sightseeing, shopping and ...eating. The Germans are great meat eaters as well as drinkers so the K&C team (all 5 of us) had plenty of good German beer and sausages in a variety of traditional Nuremberg dining establishments.


Many of these really looked like they had been around since the 30's and it was easy to imagine hordes of brownshirts and party faithful enjoying themselves there.


In a less exuberant note some of us took the time to also visit Zeppelin Field and other Rally sights which can still be seen. It was a sobering feeling to stand on the exact podium where Hitler gave some of his most famous speeches. You could almost feel the ghosts around you. Near the Party Kongress Halle there is a superb modern museum which depicts that time and shows how these same rallies ultimately led to the Second World War...the holocaust...the near destruction of Germany and the deaths of many, many millions of innocent lives.


Today when so much is forgotten it is still vitally important to remember and remind younger people what happened in those places at these times. That's one of the reasons we do what we do.



As I said earlier this coming Friday (5th March) I head to California to attend the WESTCOASTER. I will be taking some examples of our upcoming D. DAY '44 releases to preview to dealers and collectors attending the show. Among the pieces being shown are our brand-new German 88mm Flak Gun along with the Prime Mover to pull it. This new artillery piece is on wheels and can rotate and elevate as the collector wishes. The big Prime Mover half track comes with a driver and a standing NCO. Both gun and vehicle are in a battle weary, late war paint finish. 2 sets of gunners in action will also be on show. A set of new US Paratroopers will be seen as well plus another 2 sets of seated German gunners for the half track.

In addition we are attempting to send out the latest "ANCIENT EGYPT" series of figures and accessories to dealers taking part in the "WESTCOASTER". We hope you'll get them in time.


2.     WHAT'S NEW?

Apologies again for the unavoidable delay in some our resupply. Our factories are working flat out to refill our shelves but demand has been outstripping supply.

However, we do expect to have plenty of "ANCIENT EGYPT - IN THE TIME OF THE PHARAOHS" to fill all your orders.



With memories of Nuremburg still fresh it's perhaps appropriate that we tell you a little about the new LAH additions...

SA brownshirts as well as Hitler Jugend are being produced. Sculpted by the same team that produced last year's major Leibstandaste release these new figures are simply superb - amazing details, character and painting are incorporated in 8 different figures. Certain infamous personality pieces are also being produced including SA Chief Ernst Rohm... Feldmarschall von Runstedt and a new saluting, bare-headed, brown-shirted Hitler. A new LAH motorcyclist has also been added plus, the much requested singles of Goering and Mussolini who previously appeared with the Mercedes Staff Car sets.

In addition there is a superb SS Headquarters building and annex that makes a terrific backdrop for the figures. The SSHQ even features a balcony where Hitler and others can take the salute.



Yes, it's true we're working on no less than 20 new sets of Germans, Americans and British to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the most famous invasion in history.

Apart from the all-action soldier sets there are fighting vehicles and defense works. All of them we hope to release over a 3-month period beginning May, June and July.

Well, that's the idea but like all military exercises nothing ever goes exactly to plan however, unlike some of our competitors at least we've got a plan!

More exact details next DISPATCHES".



Being moved out to make room for newer items...

HK003 - the Chinese Rickshaw Set (to be replaced with an updated, upgraded new version


HK062 - Sitting China Marine

HK063 - Sitting Amah with Child

GC01 - GC07 All of the early-war German Cavalry (at a later date we plan to do some late war camouflaged SS Cavalry).

WS30 - "Casualties of War"

WS32 - Sdkfz 231 - the 8 wheeled early war armoured car (again, a replacement is being developed)

IWJ10A and B - The big Iwo Jima Battlefield sets


6.     IWO JIMA

Many dealers have been asking what's happening with this popular series?

As you may know the first 7 sets have been retired. We plan to replace them with a brand-new sculpt of the 6-figure flag-raising plus at least 2 sets (possibly 3) of fighting marines. There is also a new AMTRAC version in the works and we're looking at some Japanese armour for opposition.

If we can, we will release later this year. More exact details nearer the time. Please note: none of our Japanese have been retired.



New D.DAY '44 brochures for both WW2 Germans and Americans are being printed as I write.

The American one will be ready this coming week. The German one I hope, middle of March.

An all-new "STREETS OF OLD HONG KONG" is also being worked on. Hopefully, ready by the end of March / beginning April.

Future new brochures will include NAPOLEONIC...AMERICAN name but a few.

Well that's the story so far, look out for more news soon.


Best wishes and see you in LA!




Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director