MARCH 2003


A big thank you to all the dealers who took the time and made the effort to
complete our recent Dealer Questionaire.  I’m happy to say the majority of
regular dealers did send in their answers…and a good few suggestions.
Presently we’re analyzing the replies and will complete our report and
findings over the next few weeks.  Once it’s finished we’ll be
distributing the results to those dealers who took part.  Thanks again, your
participation and support is very much appreciated.

By the time you will get this “DISPATCHES” I will be in L.A. for the
“WESTCOASTER” (28TH February - 2nd March).  Dealers attending the Show and
West Coast collectors will get the opportunity to preview the all-new
“LEIBSTANDARTE” range of black SS parade figures.  I’ll be also showing
off our brand-new Napoleonic range of French and British Infantry as well as
unpainted castings and photos of the upcoming WW2 D.DAY’44 series of GI’s
and their vehicles due for release in May/June this year.  Like last year’s
Chicago I won’t be selling direct to the public…I’ll be helping K&C
dealers sell.

Previously we expected the black-hearted (and coated) LEIBSTANDARTE to be on
general release in late March with NAPOLEONICS being released about a month
later.  Well, even the best-laid plans can go awry sometimes!  It now looks
like you can expect advance sets of the NAPOLEONIC French and British
infantry to be available on or around March 21st.  LEIBSTANDARTE’s first
general releases will be sometime in late March.  If there are any changes
we will notify you immediately.

As you may know our first release is no less than 24 individual Napoleonic
figures (12 British, 12 French).  We have chosen the Peninsular War Campaign
(1808-13) which waged across Spain and Portugal as our battleground.  We
selected the British 71st Highlanders and the French 3rd Line Infantry to be
our main protagonists for this first release.

The figures as you can see are very highly detailed and expertly animated to
make any display large or small, exciting.  By selling them individually
this allows both you, the dealer and your customer the maximum flexibility
to buy what you need and what they can afford!

Take a closer look at the fine detailing and superb painting on this
dramatic and colourful new range in the accompanying photos.  You’ll be
amazed and delighted at the great prices too.  Quality…Reliability…
Affordability.  The all-new, expanded LEIBSTANDARTE series has also had a
great response from dealers everywhere.  One US dealer has ordered as many
as 50 pieces of certain of the SS figures.  One of our Asian Collectors who
visited our Head Office and saw samples of the SS figures immediately
ordered 64 of the marching rifleman…32 of the presenting arms…3 complete
bands and multiples of the remainder!  Believe me this new revised
politically incorrect series is going to be VERY BIG !

Some of you have indicated that K&C figures do tend to be larger than our
competitors and while this may matter less with WW2 subjects where K&C is
the brand leader it is a factor in Napoleonics where we are coming onto the
scene later.  Because of this you will notice that these new Napoleonics are
distinctly smaller and will compare favourably with some of our competitors.
Don’t be concerned though about reduced size equals reduced quality.  There
is no diminution of our quality - let the pictures speak for themselves on
that point.

To launch these new figures we are, as usual, doing a “special offer”.

We are providing 2 very collectable versions of 2 unique Napoleonic figure
that are not for General Release…The Emperor Napoleon and a British Cavalry
Sergeant.  Both figures are part of a huge collection of 100 Napoleonic
miniatures K&C are designing for Del Prado of Spain.  We have also
customized both figures with original uniform styles different from the Del
Prado series.  These figures are not available in the United States and are
sure to be highly sought after. 


Well, that’s the story so far…thanks again for your continued support and
business - unlike some of our competitors we know you have a choice and we
definitely appreciate you choosing KING & COUNTRY.

All the Best and GREAT SALES!
Andy C Neilson
Founder & Managing Director