JUNE 2006



            By the time most of you read this we will be celebrating the 62nd. Anniversary of the greatest amphibious operations ever mounted… “Operation Overload”- D. Day the invasion of occupied Europe. It’s entirely appropriate that we launch King & Country’s June “Dispatches” with news of our latest D. Day releases…



As mentioned in last month’s “Dispatches”


DD067 “M5 Stuart Tank”. This Normandy version of the US light reconnaissance tank boasts a set of bocagehedgecutters on the front of the hull and three crew figures. It’s a completely brand-new and upgraded model and comes complete with a nice battleworn appearance.


DD068 “Ambulance Jeep Set”. A long overdue piece of very necessary battlefield equipment. This specially-modified jeep carries two medics and a seriously wounded GI. In addition two extra stretchers are “on board” along with boxes of medical supplies. A superb little model.


DD069 “Brig Gen. Norman ‘Dutch’Cota. The “real deal” not the Hollywood version. Deputy Commander of 29th. Infantry Division on Omaha Beach on June 6th.


DD070 Lt.Col.Benjamin Vandervoort. This officer was commander of the 2nd Btn, of the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment of 82nd Airborne. Injured when he landed Vandervoort led the battle to defend Ste. Mere Eglise from German counter attacks.


DD071 “Horse Paratrooper”. Using captured German cavalry horses some American paras conducted mounted patrols in their area. This GI also carries a captured Schmeisser Machine Pistol.


DD072 “Paratrooper with Walking Horse”. This Para, wounded, walks alongside his “captured” steed.


DD073 “The Souvenir Hunters”. Three troopers celebrating in style with some good French wine-or is that some of the local Calvados Brandy? In addition they have “picked-up” a few choice German “Souvenirs” including an officer’s cap and a Nazi Flag.


DD074 “Reach For The Sky!” Based on a famous photograph this young trooper has captured a tough-looking crewman of an enemy Assault Gun. Even though disarmed and lightly wounded this GI, with rifle and fixed bayonet, is taking no chances!






2. “CHARGE!”…The Scots Greys at Waterloo

For quite some time now Napoleonic Collectors have been requesting British Cavalry to hold off all those French Dragoons and Chasseurs. Well, here they are…Seven individual pieces plus one dramatic little vignette that goes some way to redressing the balance…


NA083 “Standard Bearer”. Charging forward this trooper carries one of the Regimental Guidons.


NA084 “Bugler”. Wearing his distinctive reversed chevrons on both sleeves this Scots Grey bugler sounds the “Charge!.


NA085 “Charging”. Another trooper at the full gallop.


NA086 “Slashing!. A Scot Grey trooper, minus his distinctive bearskin, prepares to deliver a mighty blow.


NA087 “The Sgt. Ewart Set”. One of Waterloo’s most famous incidents - Troop Sgt. Ewart captures the flag of the French 45th Infantry of the Line regiment. As one French infantrymen lies wounded his companion makes a vain attempt to ‘recapture’ the standard.


NA088 “Hard Landings”. A Scots Grey trooper prepares for a “rough landing” as his horse is shot from under him.


NA089 “Rearing Horse”. A Corporal of Horse struggles to bring under control his rearing horse.


NA090 “Cutting Down”. Another trooper leans forward, sword downwards to engage a French infantryman.





3. “Streets of Old Hong Kong New MAHJONG Set

            As usual we have a new addition to this long-running and colorful series…An all-new version of our Mahjong players.


HK150 The ‘New’ Mahjong Set

    Three ladies, beautifully costumed and decorated face off against a lone male player across the mahjong table. This latest version has even more detail than the previous 4-figure set (HK095) and will make a useful addition to any gambling scene.






Well, a bit of a mixed bag, that’s for sure but a little something for most collectors’ tastes. Here goes…



If June sees the release of some Allied forces July is going to be showing off the opposition…


WS073 “German (39H) 10.5 Assault Gun”

After the Fall of France in 1940 large amounts of French armoured vehicles fell into German hands. Some of these were used “as is” while others were adapted and modified to suit German needs.

This Assault Gun was built on the chassis of a French Hotchkiss tank and mounted a 10.5 cm howitzer gun. Our K&C model comes with 3 crew figures and is painted in Normandy Campaign camouflage and is in the markings of the Wehrmacht’s famous “Panzer Lehr” Division.


WS074 “HJ Motorcycle Combo”

The German forces made more extensive use of motorcycles than any other Combatant of WW2. Here our BMW motorcycle combination has a driver and passenger out on a scouting reconnaissance. The divisional sign on the sidecar shows they belong to the 12th SSHitlerjugend Division.


WS075 “Commander’s Conference”

Four individual Waffen SS officers meet together to discuss the tactical situation…Among them is Obestgruppenfuhrer Sepp Dietrich commander of the 1st SS Panzer Corps. Next to him is Brigadefuhrer Fritz Witt, Commanding Officer of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend. Next to them are two other senior Waffen SS officers.




WS077(SL) Making up the fourth summer release is our very latest “Strictly Limited” piece, “Panzer Meyer’s Command Vehicle”. This Sdkfz251/6 Halftrack is the personal command vehicle of Oberfurer Kurt Panzer”Meyer who took over the command of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend after the death of Fritz Witt during the battle of Caen in June 16,1944.

Meyer was a brilliant and ruthless leader who became the youngest German divisional commander at just 33.

This K&C “Strictly Limited” piece comes with no less than 6 figures…!

“Panzer” Meyer himself, in his distinctive camouflage uniform, one of his battalion commanders holding a map. Inside the 251 are two radio operators and a driver as well as another signals officer leaning out of the vehicle.

A specially designed box and certificate leaflet is included in this “Strictly Limited” package.

Full production is just 1250 sets. To get your required allocation contact us now!






Napoleon’s Chasseurs a Cheval have always been one of our favorites and July will see the release of no less than 5 great individual mounted figures of this regiment.

Dressed in their magnificent “parade” uniforms these Chasseurs were among the Emperor’s favourites. After all he often wore the simple green “undress coat” of a Chasseur General.


NA091 Chasseur Officer

Mounted on a thoroughbred steed this officer, sword drawn casts an appreciative eye over his troopers.


NA092 Chasseur

Sabre resting on shoulder this Chasseur is mounted on a ‘walking’ horse.


NA092 Chasseur Flagbearer

Another Chasseur officer carrying the Regimental Guidon.


NA093 Chasseur Trumpeter

Mounted on a white horse this colorfully clad bugler always rode next to his officer.


NA094 Chasseur Sergeant

A mounted senior Non Commissioned Officer with sabre resting on shoulder.

All of these fire mounted figures can, with multiples, make up a great looking display or collection.



5. Potential Texas Toy Soldier Show

  Following last month’s info on this new potential show. Both Toy Soldiers of San Diego and ourselves met up in San Antonio just 2 weeks ago and vigorously explored the possibilities and opportunities of doing this show.

  We’re still collating all the info and facts we got and will be going into more details as soon as we can. Bear with us.



As usual, here comes the retired items:

CWP   “Chinese Wedding Procession”

We will have a new version of Wedding Set coming out in the next couple of months, look out for it.

HK090            “Southern Lion and Clown”


  In the meantime best wishes to one and all.




                Andy C. Neilson