King & Country


JUNE 2005



Lot’s of exciting news this month…so without further ado let’s get into it!



(A)               AVAILABLE NOW

HK131 The Chinese Wine Shop. This is another of those great little “facade-style” Chinese buildings that makes for a great “Streets of Old Hong Kong display.


(B)               Strictly Limited French Dragoons

Later this month dealers will see the launch of our “Strictly Limited” series. The first releases are four all-new sculpts of mounted French Cavalrymen painted in the colours of the 4th Line Regiment of Dragoons.

The four figures are as follows:

NA78(S) 4th Dragoon Standard Bearer (Special Edition)

NA79(S) 4th Dragoon Charging w/ Sword (Special Edition)

NA80(S) 4th Dragoon w/ Pistol (Special Edition)

NA81(S) 4th Dragoon Fighting w/ Sword (Special Edition)

This particular edition is “strictly limited” to 350 of each figure. In the last DISPATCHES a “typo” said 300, it should have read 350.

The response when this was announced was immediate and overwhelming. All 300 allocated to dealers have already been sold out. The remainder will be sold directly by K&C.


(C)               D.DAY ‘44

Look out in June for 3 very exciting and innovative WW2 sets of GI’s. Here’s a taste…

DD56 “GERONIMO” Three 101st Airborne ‘troopers in different ‘jump’ attitudes plus their deployed ‘chutes. The jumpers are metal…the parachutes polyresin…and the ‘chute lines cotton. A thin black line extends from the top of the ‘chute in order to suspend these paratroopers from any beam or holding point in the ceiling.

        If 3 look good can you imagine how great a ‘stick’ of 12 or 15 will look!

DD61 “Beach Under Fire” Four more dynamic US Rangers to put on your “OMAHA BEACH” display. Among these 4 great figures a medic struggles to tend a wounded Ranger.

DD62 “Calling For Reinforcements” In this set another four Rangers try to use their field radio to call for more ‘backup’.

        Both of these great new sets were directly inspired by the opening scenes in “Saving Pvt. Ryan”. Watch the movie again and see if you can spot them.



            (A)       D.DAY ’44 British & Canadians

In response to the many requests for additional British and Commonwealth troops we are releasing these 5 sets next month.

DD57 “Commando Attack” Led by an NCO firing his ‘Sten’ gun three more Commandos rush into attack. Two men are armed with the ever reliable LEE ENFIELD rifles whilst the fourth carries the trusty BREN Light Machine Gun.

DD58 “Taking Prisoners’ An interesting set this one…Two walking-wounded Waffen SS officers are escorted by a rifle-toting Commando. Watching this little scene is a British Military Policeman sitting astride his Triumph motorbike. Great figures…great value!

DD59 “Bren Gun Carrier Set” The ubiquitous little tracked vehicle seen on every WW2 British battlefield (and a few American ones too). This latest version is, without doubt, our most detailed and accurate one yet. Our carrier, in the markings of the British 3rd Infantry Division, is manned by two typical Tommies.

DD60 “Staghound” Armoured Car Here’s an unusual one. The Staghhound was designed and built by the Americans but used exclusively by the Brits and Canadians! Our model is the Canuck version and marked up as one of the 12th Manitoba Dragoons vehicles complete with commander and gunner 1/2 body figures.

DD64 “Tommy” Patrol Here they are “The Poor Bloody Infantry”. Four weary but watchful “Toms” make their way forward. Check out any photos of British infantry in Normandy or afterwards and you’ll see these guys.


(B)      D-Day American Special

DD63 “DUKW Amphibious Vehicle” Here’s a biggie! One of the Allies most useful and versatile vehicles the famous DUKW. The K&C polystone and metal version is over 13 inches long. Comes with a removable transport load of 50 gallon gas drums and a pile of Jerricans plus there’s two great full-body GI’s. This one’s ideal on the beach, in the water or on the road!



Since we retired WS47, the earlier non-limited version of the STURMGESCHUTZ IV, there have been many calls (and a few internet rumours) about a “Strictly Limited” version.

Well, this it…a brand-new battle colour scheme and new painted uniforms for the 3 figures. In addition, it comes in its own specially-designed box with a numbered certificate. Only 500 sets will be produced.  This modestly priced “Strictly Limited” Stug will be sure to be snapped up quickly. Get yours while you can…your customers will appreciate your foresight.



    As usual, with all the new stuff in the works some older pieces have to make way. Just watch what happens on ebay!

    Anyway here’s the lowdown…there are still some stocks available but not many.

DD39                 GMC "Jimmy" Truck

DD40                 Truck Passengers

SP12                 Pontoon Bridge (4 pcs)

WS45               Bridge Engineers

NA40 Standard Bearer Mounted (redesigned)

NA41 Dragoon Charging w/Sword (redesigned)

NA45 Firing Pistol (redesigned)

NA46 Fighting w/Sword (redesigned)


So, that’s it for now. I look forward to seeing some of you at the upcoming “Weekend of Heroes” in California and the World Model Expo in Boston. Best wishes and…great sales!




Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director