JULY 2007

Hot and sticky July has arrived and, a few days later than usual, I’m penning all the latest releases and a few upcoming ones to hopefully “whet” you and your customers’ appetites…

Let’s get right into ‘em straight away —


A. “Black is back… with a vengeance!”

As promised last month here are the very latest big batch of “politically incorrect” but still “top selling” LAH figures…vehicles and diorama display accessories.


This Krupp “Protze” truck was used by the Reconnaissance Company of the “Leibstandarte” as their principal vehicle. Here, in “parade-mode” it comes with a seated driver…standing saluting officer and four sitting riflemen.

LAH080 “Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler”

A standing saluting figure of “Reichsheini” as he was called, behind his back, in the SS.

LAH081 “Reichsleiter Martin Bormann”

“The Brown Eminence” — a major power behind the scenes in The Third Reich. Here he appears in SS uniform — many top Nazi officials such as Von Ribbentrop and Bormann were given “honorary” ranks in the SS by Himmler himself.

LAH082 “Nuremburg Review Stand”

Based on some of the ruins that can still be seen in present-day Nuremburg this stand makes the ideal display area for LAH “personalities”…or victorious GI’s!

LAH083 “Nuremburg Nazi Eagle”

The companion piece and perfect backdrop for LAH082.
A large bronzed gold coloured ceremonial eagle mounted on its own separate plinth.

LAH084 “LAH Motorcycle Combo”

Two-man motorcycle combination in parade dress of the LAH’s Reconnaissance Company.

LAH085 “Algemeine SS Officer Saluting”

LAH086 “Algemeine SS Man Standing”

From Nazi pre-war Germany we move forward a few short years to France in the dark days of May and June 1940 with our latest “Fields of Battle” releases…

B. “Rearguard Action”
British and French soldiers fight a valiant but doomed battle to hold back the Nazi “Blitzkrieg”.

“The British”

FoB024 “Kneeling British Officer w/Binos

FoB025 “Vickers Machine Gun Set”

A seated gunner firing his heavy Vickers Machine Gun.

FoB026 “ Lying Firing Bren Gunner”

Bren .303 Light Machine Gun in the shoulder this prone infantryman takes careful aim.

FoB027 “Lying Rifleman”

FoB028 “Kneeling Rifleman”

FoB029 “Standing Rifleman”

FoB030 “Kneeling Tommy-gunner”

This sergeant has one of the newly-issued Thompson sub-machine guns as his “personal weapon”.

“The French”

FoB031 “The French 75 Gun set”

The most famous French artillery gun of the First World War and still in wide use at this stage of WW2.

Our gun is camouflaged and comes with three superb action figures…one of whom is wounded.

FoB032 “Poilu Standing Firing”

FoB033 “Poilu Lying Firing”

FoB034 “French Officer in Action”

Revolver in hand this officer prepares to give his life “Pour La France”.

FoB035 “Surrendering Senegalese A”

France’s colonial empire provided plenty of troops for the lost Battle of France…here is one of them, kneeling.

FoB036 “Surrendering Senegalese B”

Another colonial soldier standing.

FoB037 “Renault R35 Tank”

One of France’s smaller tanks together with two French crew and a captured German prisoner.

AVAILABILITY: ALL “LAH” sets should be ready by mid July

FoB024-036 by early next week; FoB037 by mid July


August has more than its fair share of nice surprises…here’s a few of them…

A. “Return of the STUG”
FoB038 “Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B” (Battle of France)

Here’s a great little late addition to all of those July “Fields of Battle” releases — our latest STUG. This mark III model early war version sports the snub-nosed 75mm gun and two great crew figures. To “accessorize” the model and make a dynamic little diorama the set also includes a French Customs barrier/sign and an unfortunate Poilu lying dead in the dust.


B. “Death of a Tyrant”

One of August’s big surprises will be this dramatic set depicting the well-deserved fate of one of the Third Reich’s most feared and despised characters…Reinhard Heydrich.

Himmler’s own right-hand man, Chief of the dreaded SD and Reichsprotektor of Bohemia Moravia, Heydrich was also one of the main architects of “The Final Solution”. He was stalked and attacked by two very brave Czech patriots in May 1942. Although his assassination led to the deaths of many thousands of innocent men, women and children this was proof, even to the Nazis, that they were not “invulnerable”.

This, our first “Strictly Limited” of 2007 depicts the actual moment of the attack on Heydrich when he was fatally injured by the bomb thrown by one of the assassins. This special set includes Heydrich himself…his SD driver…and the two brave Czech patriots Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik and a superb model of the Reichsprotektor’s Staff Car.

Also inside the “Strictly Limited” box is a four-page summary of Heydrich’s infamous career and important background details on the attack and its tragic aftermath.

This particular “Limited Edition” comprises just 999 sets.

** For dealers who have committed to the standing orders of the Strictly Limited Sets, we will automatically put these on order.


And now here’s a little extra surprise for you and the K&C fans out there… German Fallschirmjagers! That’s German Paratroopers to the rest of us.

Since our last FJ flew away we’ve been getting lots of requests for these particular Axis fighting men — well, here they are!

Almost a platoon’s worth and they’re raring for action…

These new pieces are in the standard two-tone “jump” uniforms of 1939-1942 and are perfect for the campaigns in the Low Countries (Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland) as well as France and, of course their most famous battle, the Capture of CRETE in 1941. These airborne troopers also fought in Greece, Yugoslavia, the Invasion of Russia, North Africa…SicilyItalyFrance and virtually every German theatre of operations. Although wearing early-mid war uniforms these continued to be worn alongside camouflage versions right up to the end of WWII.

Here’s the set breakdown…

FJ001 “MG34 Machine Gun Team”

A machine gunner and his “spotter” laying down a belt of covering fire with their excellent MG34 gun.

FJ002 “Mortar Team”

A two-man team provide mortar support with their small, portable leGrW36 weapon. This little mortar fired either a 2-inch high explosive round or a “smoke” canister.

FJ003 “Weapons Container”

Most German paratroopers jumped with only their personal side arm (usually a Luger or P38 pistol) as protection. Rifles and submachine guns (as well as heavier troop weapons) were dropped separately in airborne containers.

Here, one is being unloaded and weapons distributed by a shouting Fallschirmjager.

FJ004 “FJ Bugler”

Battlefields are, by definition, noisy and often radios don’t work so…bugles are simple and easy to operate and can be used to help gather and organize widely dispersed landing forces.

FJ005 “Returning Fire” (Photo available next week)

A great little fighting section of 4 Fallschirmjagers in action.

FJ006 “Prisoner & Escort” (Photo available next week)

A well-armed and aggressive paratrooper brings in his British prisoner-of-war. Could be northern France or Crete…the choice is yours!

FJ007 “Anti Tank Gun Set”

Three FJ operate an easily air-portable 37mm anti tank gun.

FJ008 “FJ Motorcycle Combo”

A highly mobile “fire team” on their BMW add extra firepower to the assault. Heavier transport and equipment was ferried into the landing zone by specially adapted aircraft (JU52’s) and gliders.

FJ009 “FJ Dispatch Rider”

Good communications are vital to any battle or campaign especially involving airborne forces…here is a typical FJ rider on his bike.


Special Note: Look out for even more exciting FJ additions in ’08…

As usual here’s the latest from “Streets of Old Hong Kong”…

HK163 “Herbal Tea Set”
HK164 “Fish Seller Set”

Two more colourful (and delightful) add-ons to this, our longest and largest series.



As more items come in…some have to go out…here they are…

AK018 “Italian Patrol”

AE001 “The Sedan Chair”
AE002 “The Fan Bearers”
AE016 “The Hunting Party”

And that, as they say, is that for another 30 days or so. As usual there’s a lot, lot more in the works but we’ll keep that for a later date…

Until then, best wishes to all of you

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country