JULY 2006


            July is here and it’s hot as ***! That’s when it’s not raining however in the world of toy soldiers life goes on as usual…

And that means new releases and the latest “scuttlebutt” about what’s in the pipeline. So here goes…



Last month it was GI’s in the bocage this month it’s the opposition – and what opponents…Waffen SS and regular Wehrmacht.


WS073 “German (39H) 10.5 Assault Gun”

This Assault Gun, built on a French Hotchkiss tank chassis, comes with a 10.5cm moveable howitzer gun and 3 full crew figures, Normandy campaign camouflage and belonging the Wehrmacht’s elite “Panzer Lehr” division.

The men who formed this division were selected from the Wehrmacht’s own Armour Training Schools – many were instructors.


WS074 “HJ Motorcycle Combo”

The German forces made more extensive use of motorcycles than any other Combatant of WW2. Here, our BMW motorcycle combination has a driver and passenger out on a scouting reconnaissance. The divisional sign on the sidecar shows they belong to the 12th SSHitlerjugend Division.


WS075 “Commander’s Conference”

Four individual Waffen SS officers meet together to discuss the tactical situation…Among them is OberstgruppenfuhrerSepp” Dietrich commander of the 1st SS Panzer Corps. Next to him is Brigadefuhrer Fritz Witt, Commanding Officer of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend. Next to them are two other senior Waffen SS officers.


AVAILABILITY: Early to mid July



WS077(SL) “Panzer Meyer’s Command Halftrack”.

This “Strictly Limited” vehicle and figure set, makes up the fourth summer “Germans in Normandy release and is our second “SL” release of 2006. Already sold out to K&C dealers full production runs to just 1250 sets.





Also due for delivery are our latest French Cavalry pieces – the five mounted “Chasseurs a Cheval” of Napoleon’s own Imperial Guard.


NA091 “Chasseur Officer”. Mounted on a thoroughbred steed this officer, sword drawn casts an appreciative eye over his troopers.


NA092 “Chasseur”. Sabre resting on shoulder this Chasseur is mounted on a ‘walking’ horse.


NA093 “Chasseur Flagbearer”. Another Chasseur officer carrying the Regimental Guidon.


NA094 “Chasseur Trumpeter”. Mounted on a white horse this colorfully clad bugler always rode next to his officer.


NA095 “Chasseur Sergeant”. A mounted senior Non Commissioned Officer with sabre resting on shoulder.


All of these five mounted figures can, with multiples, make up a great looking display or collection.






            Following the highly successful launch of our Barbarians to fight the Romans we decided we needed a suitable backdrop for all that bloody fighting…


RO041 “Roman Gateway”

    Since the demise of our Roman Fort a couple of years ago we’ve wanted to produce a smaller, more compact diorama piece that could easily fit on a shelf or in a display cabinet.

            Hence…The Gateway…Measuring 13½inches long (approx. 34cm) by 9½ inches high (24 cm) and 2" deep (5cm) this polystone structure is hand –painted and has a “walkway” along the top the wall that can accommodate quite a few defenders or Barbarian attackers. The sturdy wooden gate opens and shuts and can bolted shut if necessary. Beautiful detailing and architectural fine points make this an ideal and affordable backdrop for any “ancient” scene.


AVAILABILITY: Late July / Early Aug



4. “Remember The Alamo!”

If you live in Texas you’ll never be allowed to forget it! It’s a state law. Seriously but, as you all know K&C bought “Kings X” in San Antonio back in January this year. We knew even then that we would need a “signature” collection for the store. And as we’re just 200 short yards from the Alamo itself it did not require “rocket science” to decide what we should do.

As some of you know, back in the 90’s we produced a small series of Alamo themed figures in conjunction with Kings X original owners. These were in the old glossy traditional style and were modestly successful.

Well, now it’s a whole different ball game… new paint style…upgraded sculpting and a large range of figures both Mexican and Texian that will be sold (mostly) as single item pieces in their own beautifully designed souvenir boxes.

To go with the figures we’re resculpted the Alamo chapel façade to make a historic backdrop. Our first release comprises Santa Anna’s Mexican Army troops…


RTA001 “General Santa Anna”. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (1794-1876), Dictator of Mexico and Commander of the Mexican Forces … ambitious… ruthless… cunning. Our mounted figure on a black stallion shows the “Napoleon of the West” in all his military finery.


RTA002 “Presidial Bugler”. A musician of the famous Presidial Lancers, part of Santa Anna’s own bodyguard mounted on a colourful “Palomino”.


RTA003 “Presidial Lancer”. Another Presidial trooper this time carrying both a long lance and a French cavalry carbine.

NOTE: At the time, just over 20 years after Waterloo, most of the Mexican Army, and indeed many others, were armed with war –surplus French and British weapons, equipment and, in some cases, even uniforms.


RTA004 “Officer with Sward”. A Mexican Infantry Officer advances forward, sword in hand. On his head a non- regulation straw hat.


RTA005 “Flagbearer”. A running standard bearer of the Matamoros Btn. carrying the National Colours with the Regimental Insignia.


RTA006 “Drummer”. Wearing “reverse” colours this drummer moves on to the attack.


RTA007 “Pioneer”. Wielding a large axe and wearing the traditional “sapper’s” apron this burly figure prepares to hack his way into the Alamo.


RTA008 “Kneeling Firing”. Taking a knee to steady his aim this soldier fires at the enemy.


RTA009 “Standing Firing”. Firing while on the move is difficult at the best of times. This soldier takes a shot at a “target of opportunity”.


RTA010 “Advancing”. Another Mexican infantryman, rifle and bayonet at the “high port”, goes forward.


RTA011A “At Attention”. Infantryman at the halt waiting orders to attack. No moustache!


RTA011B “At Attention”. Another painted variation of the above for those collectors who like a lot of “parade” figures! With Moustache!


RTA012 “Marching”. Moving forward at a steady pace musket on shoulder.


RTA013 “Casualty!”. This Mexican, Infantryman will not see Mexico again! A defender’s shot has found it’s mark.


RTA014 “The Alamo Chapel Façade”. One of the most famous frontages in American history and a Texas icon. The front of the little church, bullet-pocked and aged by time. Perfect for a display shelf “last stand”.


AVAILABILITY: Late July / Early Aug


SPECIAL NOTE: In September’06 K&C will be releasing more than 20 additional single figures of the Texian defenders (including Crockett…Bowie…Travis and others) plus Mexican and Texian artillery sets…look out for them.




Some of you may know that Clint Eastwood’s epic of the Pacific War “Flags of Our Fathers” is due for release in August. To mark that event and to revitalize our entire USMC range we’ve come up six spectacular new Japanese infantry sets to replace and dramatically improve upon our older Japanese military sets.


IWJ025 “General Kuribayashi. This brave but doomed commander of the Japanese Garrison on IWO JIMA. Kuribayashi planned the amazing network of underground tunnels, bunkers and firing positions that made the Marines task so difficult and the taking of IWO so long and arduous.


IWJ026 “Rifle Grenade Team”. A two-man set of Japanese infantryman using their rifle grenades as a kind of mini mortar.


IWJ027 “Mortar Team”. Another two-man set using the Japanese small infantry mortar to lay down a constant bombardment on the attacking Marines.


IWJ028 “Machine Gun Team”. Two more Japanese using the famous Type92 machine gun nicknamed “The Woodpecker” (because of its sound) by American Troops.


IWJ029 “Anti Tank Team”. Preparing to fire their unwieldy (but still lethal)…anti tank rifle these two infantrymen aim to take out at least some of the enemy’s assault vehicles.


IWJ030 “Sniper Team”. Two riflemen, one sitting, one lying prone together with their officer “spotter” take careful aim at the advancing Marines.




In addition to the above we’re also releasing more dynamic diorama pieces that can add realism and authenticity to any battlefield displays.


SP023 “European Walls and Gate”.

 A really great and versatile piece that can work equally well with 18th , 19th and 20th century battle scenes.

            Journey to Europe, especially France, and you can still see the same centuries – old style of walls and gates all over the countryside.


SP024 “Supply Depot”.         Every modern army needs fuel and ammunition and this really useful group of battlefield accessories works great with any WW2 scenario – Allied or Axis.


SP025 “Machine Gun Bunker”.

Not all bunkers were reinforced concrete alas. Soldiers had to “make –do” with what was readily available.

            Here an earth…sandbag…and log emplacement (with detachable roof) provides cover for kneeling and lying prone riflemen and machine-gunners. Can be used for Pacific War themes or just as easily for Russian Front. Just add snow!






            It’s June 1940 and the British and French armies are reeling back from the German onslaught simply known as… “BLITZKRIEG”.

            When K&C launched the FoB series back in the summer of 2005 it was a little bit of a leap in the dark. We believed, because of the subject matter… early war French and British, it should be popular in Europe…less so in America.

            Well, we misjudged the American market. FoB did very well in Europe and totally beyond our early expectations in the U.S. It seems quality and originality will always sell and so here we are with the next batch of figures and fighting vehicles to expand this unique collection.


FoB011 “French General”.  One of our first figures which we held over from the original release. He can be seen on theFoB leaflet though.


FoB012 “French Marching Officer”. A great companion piece to the marching Poilus of the first release.


FoB013 “French Cavalry Officer”. A superb mounted figure, saber resting on shoulder on a walking horse.


FoB014 “French Cavalry Trooper”. Even in 1940, France still had thousands of horse-mounted Cavalrymen. They fought many gallant delaying actions against the advancing German infantry and armour.


FoB015 “French Officer w/Flag”. Almost a throwback to an earlier era. This proud French officer holds the Regimental Tricolour.


FoB016Poilu’ Standing Ready. Here, like his father at Verdun, this young Poiludefiantly prepares to take on the hated Boches.


FoB017 Poilu’ Kneeling Firing. Taking careful aim at the enemy.


FoB018 Poilu’ Machine Gunner. Kneeling behind his venerable Hotchkiss machine gun this Poilu intends to make every bullet count.


FoB019 “Vickers MK. VI Light Tank”.

 Used primarily in the reconnaissance role this already obsolete British tank is a great looking little model and quite unique.

            Virtually all of the British Expeditionary Force’s armour was either ‘knocked-out’ or abandoned on the beaches of Dunkirk.

            Set includes 2 crew figures.


FoB020 Kubelwagen”. A long, long awaited and long overdue new version of an old favourite – the VW “Kubelwagen. The German answer to Jeep. Seen in every WW2 movie and documentary our great new model comes with 3 great figures! A seated driver plus a German General and his Adjutant – both standing next to the vehicle.


FoB021 Wehrmacht Officer w/Binos. A really nice FoB addition to the above set – a standing German officer with binos. Please note the cavalry-style jodhpurs (breeches) of the officer and the others. Obviously all cavalry.


FoB022 “British Sergeant Major”. Officers may think they run the army but we know who really runs it! A tough old Sarn’t. Major points the way to the beaches and…hopefully Blighty.


FoB023 “British Rifleman w/helmet”.         Another weary ‘Tommy’ trudges back towards Dunkirk.






No “Dispatches” is ever complete without something for “Street of Old Hong Kongand this is no exception…


HK151 “Suckling Pig”.        Roast suckling pig is a great Chinese delicacy. Here, on the streetside, a young butcher prepares this tasty dish.


HK152 “Curio Seller”.

Even now in Hong Kong you can still see people selling curios and other decorative items…right on the pavement.

Here a customer closely scrutinizes a possible purchase. The merchant hopes for a sale while before him all his goods are laid out for everyone to see.




Well that’s all for now folks…have a great summer...I’m taking a few days off to take my wife and daughter to UK to see their (my) Scottish relatives and where Daddy really comes from…Until next time – all the best!



P.S. I almost forgot…here’s another couple of great new “Chinese Imperial Collection” items will look good on any display shelf…


IC026 “Chinese Artillery Set”. Three Ching Dynasty artillerymen prepare to fire their ancient (even then) cannon. The gun was cast in the Imperial Foundry originally built in the 17th Century. Unfortunately it was totally outclassed by its Western opponents during the wars of the 19th and early 20th Centuries.


IC027 “Imperial Gateway”. A Chinese version of our “Roman Gateway” – perfect backdrop for any Imperial Collection scene.


AVAILABILITY: Late July / Early Aug