King & Country


JULY 2005


         As I write this month’s DISPATCHES I’m getting ready to fly off to the U.S. for 2 different shows – “Weekend of Heroes” in California and “World Model Expo” in Boston.

         Both shows are very different but will be inspirational in their content.

         WOH” features any and every kind of military themed toy and collectible and brings together the ‘real’ military and veterans with the hobby enthusiasts.  Should be a lot of fun.

         WME” combines the connoisseur hand-painted collectors with the toy soldier buffs. Between them I’m sure I will see lots of great ideas and that in turn will be good for K&C.

         While in Boston I hope to meet a whole bunch of K&C collectors at Matt Murphy’s Hobby Bunker store for an evening of “Question & Answer” about K&C. I’m looking forward to it.

         After the states it’s onto Paris to link up with my good friend Frederic Genard of Toy Soldiers Paris and meet up with the publishers of Histores at Collections who put out 4 great magazines – MILITARIA (Uniforms and Weapons)… FIGURINES (connoisseur self painted models)… STEEL MASTERS (fighting vehicles and related figures) and their latest MILITOYS (specializing in toy soldiers and 1/4th scale figures).

         After that it’s back to Hong Kong and back to work.

         And now down to business…

1.     TRAVEL STATUS OF SP14, 15 and 16

All of the shipments are now on the high seas. Our partner / distributors can expect them in mid July.

2.     SO WHAT’S NEW ?

Available this month - mid July

A.     D.Day (British)

DD57            “Commando Attack”

DD58            “Taking Prisoners”

DD59            “Bren Gun Carrier Set”

DD60            “Staghound Amoured Car Set”

DD64            “Tommy" Patrol”

      B.  D-DAY(Americans)

DD63            DUKW “Amphibious Vehicle Set”



WS69 (SL) Sturmgeschutz IV (Strictly Limited)

This eagerly anticipated limited edition version of our STUG IV was sold out to dealers within 48 hours of its announcement.

Apologies for the slight delay in getting supplies out to you – our ‘tank’ factory has been working around the clock on not only our new orders but resupplies of our existing ones.


Our Napoleonic Forces are also growing by leaps and bounds. Here’s a list of what’s coming in August…

      Napoleon’s Imperial Guard

These were the Emperor’s very own bodyguard regiment nicknamed by him “Les Grognards” (The grumblers).  Instantly recognised by their tall bearskin bonnets and superb military bearing they were loyal to the last.

NA56       General Dorsenne (Mounted)  

Le beau Dorsenne” – handsome Dorsenne – was one of the most famous officers of the Imperial Guard and one of its bravest.

NA57     Guard Officer w/ Sword marching

NA58 Guard Officer w/ Flag marching

NA59 Guardsman w/ Rifle advancing

NA60 Guardsman w/ Rifle marching

NA61 Guard Drummer marching

NA62 Guard Officer w/ Sword saluting

NA63 Guardsman w/ Rifle presenting arms

NA64 Horse Artillery of the Guard Gun set. Three dismounted Horse Artillerymen firing their 12 pounder gun.

NA65 Horse Artillery Officer w/ Telescope (Dismounted)

NA66 Horse Artillery Officer (Mounted)


The all-new Battle of the Bulge Germans are looking very good … and very different. Nearly all the pre production samples have been approved and in some cases improved.

Scheduled release : September.

The “Bulge” GI add-ons are also at an ‘advanced’ stage – all carving complete, now

comes the ‘master painting.’  Hopefully a November release.

At this moment, myself and the creative team are working on December / January and February release schedule.

Well, that’s the story so far…

Best wishes and, as usual, great sales!