Well here we are at the end of 2006 and the birth of 2007. This last year has been incredible...a bit of a roller coaster ride! Not many “downs” but a lot of “ups”.

            The successful launch of our “Crusaders & Saracens” series was one of the hilights of the year as well as the major upgrade in the quality of our fighting vehicles — especially the tank tracks!

World War Two Germans continues to be the “brand leader” but it’s nice to see many dealers enjoying healthy sales with such “niche” historical market ranges as “Fields of Battle and “Remember The Alamo.

            Overall a great year all round which leads us neatly into this coming year...What’s in the works for 2007.


1. “What’s New in JANUARY?”

A. “Back to the sand dunes and the Pyramids… Ancient Egypt.

          For many non-military collectors of miniatures K&C’s “Ancient Egypt” is the first series of choice. It’s also been extremely popular with the ladies and there’s more than a few couples enjoy collecting this unique range.

          Here’s the latest colourful additions to life beside the Nile.


AE025 “Opening The Mouth Ceremony”

An important part of the Mummy’s internment was this ceremony. Whilst one priest supports the mummy case another leans forward to “open” the mouth ensuring the deceased can eat and speak in the “after life”. Two other temple assistants make offerings of scented oils and fragrances to complete this 5 piece set.

AE026 “The Slave Market”

The buying and selling of slaves was an everyday facet of life in Ancient Egypt. Here, the Slave Master offers three unfortunates for sale in the open-air market.

AE027 “The Slave Buyer”

This wealthy merchant or land-owner makes his choice and adds to his household.

AE028 “Nubian Slave Guard”

Nubians were famous for their physical strength and loyalty. Although a slave himself this particular Nubian guards the “property” of his master.

AE029 “The Gift Givers”

In pursuit of their political rival “Pompey” Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony made their way to Egypt and soon made the acquaintance of Queen Cleopatra. Here the two famous Roman generals and two slaves present gifts to her majesty.

AE030 “Master of Ceremonies”

A High Priest who organized all kinds of special events — from weddings to funerals.

AE031 “The Drummer”

A ceremonial musician who often accompanied the “Master of Ceremonies”.



B. “Return to the Revolution!”

Of our American ranges the Revolution is one of the most collected. Here’s the most recent releases...

AR053“Backwoodsman Standing Ready”

Musket held to the fore this Militiaman prepares to fight.

AR054 “Militiaman Standing Firing”

AR055 “Militiaman Loading”

AR056 “Rifleman Holding Cartridge”

AR057 “Rifleman Biting Cartridge”

AR058Kneeling Militiaman Firing”

On the side of the Forces of the Crown we’re introducing some additional British Regiments...

BR054 “Supply Wagon Set”

A simple, commandeered farm wagon loaded with supplies and pulled by a single horse led in turn by a walking trooper of 16th Light Dragoons.

BR055 “Cavalry Officer”

BR056 “Cavalry Trooper with Rifle”

BR057 “Cavalry Trooper with Sword”

            All three of these mounted figures belong to the 17th Dragoons later to become famously known as “The Death or Glory Boys”.

BR058 “Indian Scout”

During the Revolution the British forces made extensive use of Indians as “irregulars”… skirmishers and, of course, scouts.

BR059 “Prisoner & Escort”

A dismounted 17th Dragoon, pistol in hand, takes charge of a captured “Colonial”

*BR060 “Advancing Rifleman”

BR061 “Marching Rifleman”


            Both figures, wearing their distinctive Tarleton style helmets are troopers of the 16th Light Dragoons.


*Special Note: BR060 Advancing Rifleman is being modified and will be available at a later date.

AVAILABLE: Mid January 2007



Earlier in this month’s “DISPATCHES” we returned to the sands of Ancient Egypt in the days of antiquity. Now we’re returning to the burning sands of Egypt and North Africa in the dark days of 1942 with our latest World War Two releases...

SP028 “Desert Oasis Well”

Water is the most precious commodity in the dry arid heat of the Middle Eastern desert lands and here’s one solution...our K&C “Desert Oasis Well”. A simple stone structure, unchanged for centuries, provides liquid refreshment for weary travellers and rampaging armies.

EA016 “Desert Vickers”

Until the arrival of better armed and better armoured American alternatives Britain’s Eighth Army had to make do with what was available. In this case the already obsolete Vickers MK. VI light tank. This model is adesertised version of our FoB one but comes with 3 superb crewmen figures.

            Rommel’s Afrika Korps however have been much luckier with their reinforcements...

AK030 “Desert Panzer II Set”

An upgraded version of an earlier K&C release. This nifty little German tank comes with an aerial recognition flag on the AK tank commander and...3 fighting Italian “Blackshirt” infantry in support.

            German and Italian forces in the desert had the occasional luke- warm support of some elements of the French Vichy Armed this case, their indigenous Camel Corps.

AK031Vichy French Camel Corps Sergeant”

AK032 “VF Arab Camel Corps Rider on Drinking Camel”

AK033 “VF Arab Camel Corps on Guard”

AK034 “VF French Officer dismounted taking a compass bearing… with sitting Camel”.

AK035 “Afrika Korps Motorcycle Combo”

A much-requested item...Two AK riders on reconnaissance and they’ve spotted trouble.

Special Note: This is a brand-new sculpted motorcycle completely different from WS074 set released in 2006.



Just one item this month —


This little British tank looks well in any Dunkirk type display — only a few left!



So that’s the story for January and part of February in 2007. There’s a lot more in the pipeline but I’ll leave it to next month’s “DISPATCHES”.

        Best wishes to you all in this coming year.


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director