January and the beginning of a brand-new year…I make a prediction now that 2006 is going to be a very interesting year in the world of toy soldiers and military miniatures.

            Britains as we all know has been sold and bought over yet again, and now have a new managerial and creative team in charge – there has to be improvement and a fresh approach.

            Elsewhere several other companies have announced new product lines that are aimed squarely at the K&C market.  That’s fair enough…I look forward to seeing what they come up with.  So far though there’s been a lot of talk but nothing actually to look at – we’ll wait and see.

            For K&C it’s going to be another incredibly busy and productive 12 months with a whole raft of, I believe, exciting and innovative products that will appeal to our ever growing band of dedicated collectors.

            I’ll be telling you about some of these developments in this and upcoming “DISPATCHES”.

            Well, enough of the “chit chat” let’s get down to basics…



Yes folks it’s that time of the year when “political correctness” goes right out the window…BERLIN ‘38.

The latest additions to this incredibly best selling product line were originally scheduled for NOVEMBER ‘05 release but because of the volume of other new product was rescheduled to JANUARY ‘06.

Here’s what will be available…

LAH57            Dr. Goebbels.  The Fuhrer’s favourite Propaganda Minister and a nasty little piece of work.  Even other Nazis nicknamed him “The Poison Dwarf” – behind his back of course!

LAH58            Marching Algemeine SS Man.  The Algemeine or “General Duties” SS were mostly part-timers who could be called upon to ‘police’ party rallies… parades… and protect local Nazi bigwigs – Not to be confused with the full-time “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler SS” – the Fuhrer’s own personal bodyguard regiment.

LAH59            Marching Algemeine SS Officer.

LAH60            Marching Algemeine SS Standard Bearer.  This particular unit was based in München (Munich) in Bavaria.

LAH61            Oath Taking Ceremony.  All SS men whether full-time or part-time took a personal oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer himself.  Here two new recruits to the LAHSS take the oath on the Regimental banner held by a young officer.

LAH62            Taking The Oath.  In addition to the three man set above we also have a limited number of “single” oath takers that you can add to the scene.  Please note this figure will not be sold as a single after the initial run.

LAH63            Mounted Wehrmacht Officer.  As many pre war German newsreels show the Army or Wehrmacht were active participants at Nazi rallies and parades.  Here an enthusiastic mounted Infantry Officer gives a “Hitler” salute in place of the normal “Army” salute.

LAH64            Marching Wehrmacht Officer.  Dressed in his best ‘parade’ uniform this officer with sword drawn proudly leads his men.

LAH65            Marching Wehrmacht Flagbearer.  Carrying the Reich “Battle Flag” over his shoulder this ensign leads the parade.

LAH66            Marching Wehrmacht Drummer.  Beating time for these parade figures is a young drummer.

LAH67            Marching Wehrmacht Rifleman.  Mauser K98 rifle on his shoulder…marksmanship aguillete cords on his right breast this classic German infantry man marches forward.

LAH68            Panzer 1 Tank Set.  Early in 1938 a volunteer company of LAHSS was organized into a tank troop utilizing the already obsolete Panzer 1 tankettes.  Little did they realize they would become a fully fledged and famous Armoured Division a few years later.

AVAILABLITY : All of the above figures and sets will be available in freshly designed custom boxes in early January, 2006.



The Chinese Imperial Collection

            All of the new “Imperial Collection” figures have been extremely well received.  Now we’ve got two particular polystone structures to go with them…

IC011  The Opera Stage.  A handsome and colourful little ‘pagoda’ perfect for displaying any Chinese Musicians or Opera Players.

IC021  The Mongolian Tent.  Whenever the Chinese Imperial Army went on campaign these little domed structures sprung up in their camps.  Originally copied from the types of dwellings used by the Mongol hordes under Genghis Khan the design was modified and improved upon by the Chinese military authorities.



            From Ancient China to even more Ancient Egypt in one swift jump…and this time we’re off to the Court of the legendary beauty Cleopatra.

AE19   Cleopatra’s Bodyguard.  One of the Queen’s own selected Nubian slaves - chosen for their physical prowess as well as their unswerving loyalty.

AE20   The Cleopatra Set.  Cleo herself ensconced on her golden throne by her side her Court Chamberlain.  Also included in this set is a small side table laden with fruit and wine.

AE21   Banquet Guests Set 1.  An Egyptian Nobleman takes his ease on a reclining banquette.  Sitting on the floor next to him…his favourite concubine.

AE22   Banquet Guests Set 2.  Another seated figure having his goblet refilled by a maid servant.  Also included two amphoras of wine.

AE23   Egyptian Dancing Girls.  Two scantily clad but very energetic young female performers showing off their best assets!

AE24   Court Musicians.  Three female musicians performing with traditional Egyptian instruments.



Two more sets to add to your “Streets” collection…

HK147            The Photographer Set.  Hidden under a black cape this Chinese photographer readies himself to capture the perfect image.

HK148            The Bride & Groom.  A much requested item by “Streets” collectors and it goes perfectly with HK147’s Photographer.  As was the social norm of the day the Bride stands while the Groom remains seated!



            We made the decision to produce a new version of our King Tiger after our first “Berlin” type sold out.

            This new King Tiger is in a striking two colour paint scheme adopted in the last six months of the European War.

            The tank’s crew figures have also been repainted in different camouflage uniforms.

            Just 500 of these 2nd version King Tigers have been produced.



            Another fighting vehicle which sold out its original run is our first-even French tank – the CHAR B 1bis (FOB009).

            We are producing 250 additional models of this unique tank but in a modified paint scheme with a new ‘name’ and a revised tank commander.

Important : If dealers wish to place orders on the Char B we will allocate you the new version and put on backorder.  The new code number is FOB010.

Possible Release Date: March ‘06.



            Here’s an interesting one for you…variations on a Napoleonic theme – Cavalry in this case.

            As some of you know K&C like to experiment with lots of uniform and equipment variations to see what we and our customers like.  Here is the perfect example of what we like to do:

KCS067          British General

KCS068          Chasseur à Cheval Young Guard

KCS069          Chasseur à Cheval (1)

KCS070          Chasseur à Cheval (2)

KCS071          Chasseur à Cheval on Campaign

KCS072          Chasseur à Cheval Officer in Dress Uniform

KCS073          Dragoon Elite Company

KCS074          Vistula Lancer

KCS075          4th Dragoons

KCS076          Chasseur à Cheval Guard

            Although all of the above are not “Strictly Limited” releases we only produced a relatively small number of pieces of each figure.

            This is a one-off order only.

            Dealers are limited to a maximum of just 10pcs of any one item.  If you would like to get these “specials” – don’t delay.

Possible Release Date : May get some advance stocks from factory in January, balance in February ‘06.



Well that’s the story for this month I hope there’s something that you’ll like in these offerings.

            Best wishes and…great sales,


                                    Andy C. Neilson