I’m writing “DISPATCHES” early this month for a very good reason… Chinese New Year! This is one of the very, very few times in the calendar when Hong Kong slows down and almost closes up for a few days. Everyone takes a holiday.

And, K&C is no exception!

So, I’m off with my family for a week in Bangkok to recharge the batteries before gearing up for the WestCoaster in March.

And, without further ado… here’s all the latest scuttlebutt…



A. “The Revolution Begins Again Here!”

Or… to be more precise it begins again with K&C’s release of a whole big batch of new “1776 American Revolution” figures and… a cannon!

These new sculpts and paint jobs show no less than 10 different infantrymen of the Rhode Island Regiment going into action. Along with them is a mounted Officer and a great cannon set with an additional dismounted Artillery Officer. Take a look


AR059 “Marching with rifle”


AR060 “Standing with rifle”


AR061 “Kneeling Firing”


AR062 “Standing Firing”


AR063 “Advancing”


AR064 “Charging”


AR065 “Standing Flag Bearer”


AR066 “Sergeant with rifle marching”


AR067 “Mounted Officer”


AR068 “Cannon Set”


AR069 “Artillery Officer”


AR070 “Drummer”


AR071 “Attacking”




B. “Return to Normandy

From the fields and towns of eighteenth century Colonial America

it’s off again to the fields and villages of war-torn Europe during the latter half of the Second World War…


WS125 “German Panhard Armoured Car”

During WW2 the German War Machine made full use of captured enemy weapons… equipment and vehicles… Here we see one such example… the French-made Panhard Armoured Car.

Following the Battle of France in May and June 1940 large numbers of these vehicles fell into German hands. These in turn were given the minimum of adaptations (but usually some improvements) quickly repainted and reissued to German units.

This new model, in typical 2-tone camouflage, has been handed over to the infamous “Das Reich” 2nd SS Division just prior to the Normandy invasion.

The vehicle comes with 2 crew figures.


Every army needs its leaders and the German Army had some of the best…!


WS126Normandy” Rommel

Germany’s most famous and most respected… Feldmarschall Erwin Rommelthe Desert Fox.

Here, however he is far from the burning sands of North Africa… he is inspecting beach defences on Hitler’s vaunted Festung Europa (Fortress Europe). Dressed in his General’s great coat and carrying his Marshall’s baton he strides purposely forward…


WS127 “General Oberst Heinz Guderian

The “master and teacher” of Panzer Warfare, Guderian often fell foul of the Fuhrer because of his forthright opinions and decisions. This figure shows him wearing typical black Panzer uniform which he wore when inspecting his tank forces.


WS128 “General Oberst Eduard Dietl

The commander of the 20th.Mountain ArmyDietl was himself a skilled climber pre war and… a devoted Nazi. In this piece he is wearing the leggings and ski cap of a typical Mountaineer. He was killed in an aircrash in 1944.


WS129 “General Leutnant Fritz Bayerlein

Commander of the famous “Panzer Lehr” Division before and during the Battle of Normandy. Prior to this he had been Rommel’s very capable Chief-of-Staff in the Afrika Korps. The perfect figure to accompany his old boss on an inspection tour of the Normandy defences.


WS130 “German Guard Box”

From one end (the top) of the military spectrum to the other… the humble guard box. Seen and used everywhere this brand-new, 3 colour version can be utilized in a whole host of situations and locations. Please note the figure shown alongside is for scale only… and sold separately.


Available Now!



Have we got some great things for you in March… or what?!?


A. “Fields of Battle

Three great add-on sets for this series featuring both British and French forces of the 1940 period.


FoB040Austin K2 Ambulance”

Following the great success of our “Desert” version of this vehicle we had many requests for an European olive green one… and here it is…

Painted in standard British Army olive drab this particular “Katy” is in the markings of the 3rd. Infantry Division which fought in both the Fall of France in 1940 and the Normandy Invasion in 1944. Our “Katy” is suitable for both kinds of displays.


FoB041 “Stretcher Party”

Two soldiers carry a wounded “Tommy” out of the frontline and on to the nearest First Aid Station… perfect to go with the K2.

Also note Stretcher Bearers were armed… unlike medics.


FoB045 “French Motorcycle Combo”

A great little set… and very unique… Two French Poilus take a momentary rest in between delivering important dispatches from Headquarters to the troops in the field.




B. From France in 1940 we go back to France 23 years before… FRANCE 1917”

K&C’s earlier foray into the First World War focused on the opening battles of 1914. This new release moves forward three years into the dark days of 1917.

Countless British and French attacks came to grief in front of the German trenches and machines guns all along the Western Front which stretched from the Swiss border to the English Channel. A new way forward had to be found… and by 1917 that way had appeared with the appearance a year earlier of the first tanks!

K&C’s latest “Great War” release portrays one of these “combined arms” assaults on the German front lines...


FW040 “Advancing Officer”

A young British officer, pistol in one hand… walking stick in the other leads his men forward.


FW041 “Kneeling Firing”


FW042 “Standing Firing”


FW043 “Kneeling Ready”


FW044 “Attack!”

A sergeant, rifle and bayonet in hand, charges forward with two other riflemen in support.


FW045 “Dead Casualty”

Here’s one unfortunate lad who won’t be going home to Blighty!


FW046 “Wounded”

Carrying his wounded mate over his shoulder this Tommy might just win a medal… if he survives the deadly German machine guns.


FW047 “Grenadier”

This corporal used to bowl for his village cricket team… here he’s bowling a “Mills Bomb” at the Huns!


FW048 “Lewis Gunner”

Lying prove behind some sand bags this Lance Corporal provides covering fire for the advancing troops.


FW049 “British Mk.IV Heavy Tank”

A superb model of the most produced tank of the Great War. Armed with both cannon and machine guns this metal monster terrified the enemy and provided much needed close fire support for the “PBI”… the “Poor Bloody Infantry”. Our K&C model is in the markings of “Cavalier” one of “C” Squadrons vehicles of the newly formed Royal Tank Regiment.




SPECIAL NOTE: All of our infantry figures are from the 2/5th. Btn of the Gloucestershire Regiment of the 61st. Division.



From the mud and blood of the Western Front in 1917 to the Great southern Plains of America in the early 1850’s with K&C’s newest range… “The REAL WEST”.

It’s often forgotten that the US Cavalry was fighting Indians well before the Civil War… books, television and the movies have always tended to focus on the Indian Wars of the 1860’s and 70’s.

King & Country’s newest series is throwing the spotlight on the earlier struggle before the outbreak of the Civil War… This first small release is just a “taste” of what’s in store… with three mounted U.S. Dragoons confronting a five-man Commanche raiding party… Take a look!


TRW001 “Mounted Dragoon w/Rifle”


TRW002 “Mounted Dragoon w/Guidon”


TRW003 “Mounted Dragoon w/Sword”


TRW004 “Mounted Wolf's Head w/Shield & Lance”


TRW005 “Warrior Defending”


TRW006 “Warrior Attacking”


TRW007 “Warrior w/ Knife”


TRW008 “Warrior w/ Musket”





Who can forget it… certainly not K&C! Our latest release features 5 great new additions…


RTA043 “Lying Wounded Texian


RTA044 “Dead Mexican Soldier”


RTA045 “Kneeling Firing Mexican Soldier”


RTA046 “Loading Mexican Soldier”


RTA047 “Fighting Duo III”





HK173 “New Sedan Chair Set”

This is the 5th. brand-new version of an old favourite and, I hope, the best one yet!





A huge big bundle of retirals… with maybe a few surprises thrown in… Check the list carefully there are some terrific pieces here.

And remember, we only do this in order to make way for lots of new items in the pipeline.



AE005 “The Painters”



BR059 “Prisoner & Escort Set”



DD067 “M5 Stuart Tank Set”

DD068 “American Ambulance Jeep Set”


“Imperial Collection”

IC005Peking Opera Set”

IC006 “Opera Soldier”

IC007 “The Musician Set”

IC008 “Dowager Empress Set”

IC009 “Ladies-in-Waiting”

IC010 “Mandarin Set”

IC020 “Archer Set”



LAH019B “Goering”

LAH020A “Heinrich Himmler”

LAH021A “Mussolini”

LAH031Sepp. Dietrich”

LAH033 “Joachim Peiper

LAH034 “Karl Wolff”

LAH035Reinhard Heydrich

LAH044 “The Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler”

LAH045 “SA Chief Ernst Rohm”

LAH049Feldmarschall von Rundstedt”

LAH069 “SS-Polizei General”

LAH072 Polizei Present Arms”


“Medieval Knights”

MK011 “Fighting Knight w/Sword”

MK025 “The Catapult Set”

MK028 “Saladin’s Bodyguard Officer”

MK029 “Saladin’s Bodyguard Soldier w/Spear”

MK034 “Saracen Attacking”

MK035 “Saracen Attacking w/Axe”



NA082Sitted French Cavalry”

NA093 “Chasseur A Cheval Flagbearer”



SP019 “Table and Chairs Set”




Wow! That is a list and a half! As usual I hope you’ve seen a lot of things that will excite you. And, on that very cheerful note I’ll wish all of you a very, very happy Chinese New Year… “KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!” from all of us in Hong Kong to all of you around the world.

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country