“KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!” or, in English, Happy Chinese New Year… This is the “Year of the Rat” which may, or may not be, a good thing… depending on how much you like rats or your point of view!

        Anyway it’s certainly going to be a challenging year… that’s for sure.

        So without further ado let’s get into this month’s “DISPATCHES”


1.      Being Released in February…


In the weeks, months and years leading up to D.Day a lonely and often dangerous task was to be a member of any organized resistance group in occupied Europe.

The Germans were ruthless in their suppression and treatment of such opposition and many brave men and women gave their lives to the cause of freedom. At the same time collaborators and informers within these same occupied countries were also only too happy to help the Germans in their cruel work.

As a tribute to Resistance Forces everywhere K&C is proud to honour these brave individuals with this first release of “French Forces of the Interior” better known as the “FFI” or Maquis.


Three initial sets are being released…


DD089 “FFI Resistance Command Group”

From behind cover these three Resistance fighters take on the hated Boches. A lying prone Bren gunner keeps the enemy heads down while another “Resistant” prepares to throw a captured German “Potato Masher” at its previous owners. A third figure guards the rear.


DD090 “FFI Resistance Ambush Group”

Another fighting threesome… Using captured enemy weapons as well as air-dropped Allied ones these three Resistants make every shot count!


DD091 “FFI Demolition Team”

Blowing up enemy communications… rail tracks… bridges… supply dumps… roadways was part and parcel of normal resistance activities. One figure prepares to push the “plunger” another fires a burst of Sten gun fire at the enemy.


SPECIAL NOTE: As was the style of “Irregular Forces” everywhere the men are dressed in a motley mix of civilian clothes and bits and pieces of military uniform. They proudly were their tricolour armbands with the “Cross of Lorraine— the symbol of Gen. De Gaulle’s Free French Forces. Much of their military equipment is either old French Police and Military issue or… captured German.


Availability: Mid February



Well, that’s my opinion (and many collectors too I’m happy to say). Here’s a nice little Afrika Korps bonus for all those guys who loved the Tunisian Tiger Limited Edition… our fastest L.E. seller by the way.


AK040 “Afrika Korps Panzer IV”

This one is a real brute as well as a realbeaut. The much-requested all-new Panzer IV complete with 5-man crew cruising along in the sands of North Africa and looking for trouble.

This snub-nosed 75mm gun version has desert features that include of course, extra fuel, water and typical AK camouflage.


SPECIAL NOTE: A second Panzer IV in early war field gray is being issued later. This other model (also with 5 original figures) boasts several different features to the AK version. Release date to be decided soon.


In addition to this latest piece of desert armour there’s also some welcome infantry reinforcements for the AK as well… both singles and sets.


AK041Marching AK officer”

Always useful… this smartly attired officer is not just out for an evening stroll…


AK042 “Marching AK Sergeant”

Wearing the AK tropical sun helmet this MP40 toting NCO is useful in many desert scenarios.


AK043 “Marching AK Corporal”

Rifle shouldered, this other NCO makes a very nice companion piece to AK042.


AK044 “AK Vehicle Passengers” (Set 1)

This 3-man seated rifle set has been designed to fit neatly into one side of our AK “Blitz” truck (bench not included).


AK045 “AK Vehicle Passengers” (Set 2)

2-man add on set… also seated… carrying MG34 and MP40 (bench not included).


AK048 “Marching AK Rifleman”

Buy a few of these and you’ve got the beginnings a nice little parade… patrol… or guarding a vehicle park or petrol dump.


AK049 “AK Tank Riders”

A new version of an old favourite 4 kneeling and sitting AK troopers… (Tiger Tank not included!)


Availability: NOW!


APOLOGIES: Due to Chinese New Year and the present terrible weather some products have had to be delayed. Among them is DD092 “The M24 Chaffee Tank” in Olive Drab. We hope to have this model in mid to late March… sorry guys!



A little bit of a mixed bag for you to select from…


LAH041 “German Lampposts”… just a few left.


WS079 “The Winter Hummel”… a great looking self propelled gun and crew.


WS074 “Motorcycle Combo Set”… the first of our revised and updated motorcycle sets.


WS081 “Winter Kettenrad… One of my favourites but I’d like to produce some other versions in the not too distant future.


DD060 “The Staghound Armoured Car”Another of my own personal favourites and a very useful vehicle for collectors of British and Commonwealth troops.


EA002 “Scottish Bagpiper”… One of the original “Desert War” releases. We’ve got some replacements “in the works”.


EA010 “Dingo Scout Car”…. I’ve loved “Dingoes” ever since my DINKY days. Not many left.


So, if there’s anything these you like grab’em fast! Don’t hang about…



In recent days there’s been much speculation (as usual) about what K&C are going to release in this first quarter…

On the Treefrog Forum there’s some pretty wild guessing and some fairly shrewd analyzing. I hope, as usual, we’ve got a few pleasant surprises for both collectors and dealers…


A. Napoleonic Russians!

Just recently on K&C UK’s television service I let slip (inadvertently) that K&C were releasing the above figures. Well, after several years of just French and British Napoleonics we thought we would cast our creative net a wee bit wider. As you might imagine with Napoleonics the choice of other countries armies to do is both wide and varied. Eventually however we settled on the Russian Army circa 1812 and focused on the men of the Guards Division specifically the famous Preobrajenski Regiment”.


This first release features no less than 11 infantry figures, 1 superb mounted officer and an action-packed artillery set plus an individual artillery officer.

All of them from the 5th Army Corps Division of The Guard.


NA137 “Marching Officer w/Sword” 


NA138 “Marching Rifleman”


NA139 “Marching Drummer”


NA140Officer w/Flag”


NA141 “Standing at Attention”


NA142 “Kneeling Firing”


NA143 “Kneeling to Repel”


NA144 “Standing Firing”


NA145 “Standing Ready”


NA146 “Advancing w/ Rifle & Bayonet”


NA147 “Advancing Wounded Officer”


NA148 “Mounted Russian Officer”


NA149 “Russian Artillery Set”


NA150 “Artillery Officer w/Telescope”


Available: Early March


From Russia at the time of Napoleon to the Western Front in 1914… Our latest First World War releases.




FW034 “German Armoured Car”

Although the motorcar was still in its infancy it was not long before the Armies of both sides recognized its military potential. Here is our second WWI vehicle — armour-plated and mounting a Maxim’08 machine gun in a rotating top turret our early-war BUSSING-EBERHARDT armoured car comes with a standing vehicle commander.


From vehicular horse power to genuine horse power… Five GermanUhlans in action at the gallop!


FW035 “Charging Uhlan Officer”


FW036 Uhlan Bulger


FW037 Uhlan Pointing Downward”


FW038 Uhlan Attacking Downward”


FW039Uhlan Pointing Upward”


Special Note: Uhlansor Ulans were originally Polish light cavalry armed with a lance. The concept was adopted by first the French (under Napoleon) and then the Prussians and Austrians. By 1914 Germany had no less than 26 regiments of Uhlans ready for service.


Availability: Mid March



A great alternative version to our Afrika Korps version. 5 completely new tank crew figures plus a reconfigured vehicle itself. This model is ideal for the Fall of France or the “BARBAROSSA” attack on the Soviet Union in July 1941.


Availability: Mid-late March


D. Imperial Chinese Army

And finally, a very attractive addition to our Imperial Chinese Army



IC032 “Making Ready for Battle


Availability: Mid-late March



And that, as I normally write, is that. Once again, many, many thanks for your continued support and belief in K&C and our products. A couple of days ago we had one of our regular sessions to look at the year ahead and our product ideas.

We dropped a few… added a lot… and moved around a couple. Although all will be revealed throughout the year I can promise you the best, most exciting, most varied K&C collections in this coming twelve months.


Best personal wishes!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director