As I write this “Chinese New Year” is just a few weeks ago. Here in Hong Kong it’s a public holiday from Saturday 17th February through to Tuesday 20th February.

        In mainland China it’s even longer… Many of the factories we work with will stop work for at least 2 weeks! This is to allow their migrant workers to return to their home towns and villages which can be hundreds (and even thousands) of miles away. It’s always a “mad” rush to get finished product delivered to Hong Kong prior to the factories closing or just after they have resumed work.

        At the same time I’m preparing for another U.S. visit… Los Angeles first of all for theWestCoaster from the 1st- 4th March followed by San Antonio and then up to New York for Louis Badolato’s King & Country Symposium for the weekend 9, 10, 11 March and also a New Jersey Toy Soldier Show. Finally back to Hong Kong and work by the middle of the month.

        Anyway let’s get down to business…


The last few years has seen an upsurge in interest and collectability of the “War in the Desert”North Africa 1940-1943… the battle between the British and the Germans and the Italians (and latterly the Americans).

These latest releases expand and explore some lesser known aspects of this Desert War.

SP028 “Desert Oasis Well”

Water is the most precious commodity in the dry arid heat of the Middle Eastern desert lands and here’s one solution… our K&C “Desert Oasis Well”. A simple stone structure, unchanged for centuries, provides liquid refreshment for weary travellers and rampaging armies.

This little well works equally good with Ancient EgyptiansNapoleonics… and, of courses, our Crusaders and Saracens as well as Afrika Korps and 8th Army.

AK030 “Desert Panzer II Set”

An upgraded version of an earlier K&C release. This nifty little German tank comes with an aerial recognition flag on the rear… an AK tank commander and… 3 fighting Italian “Blackshirt” infantry in support.

German and Italian forces in the desert had the occasional luke-warm support of some elements of the French Vichy Armed forces… in this case, their indigenous Camel Corps.

AK031Vichy French Camel Corps Sergeant”

AK032 “VF Arab Camel Corps Rider on Drinking Camel”

AK033 “VF Arab Camel Corp on Guard”

AK034 “VF French Officer dismounted taking a compass bearing… with sitting Camel”.

AK035 “Afrika Korps Motorcycle Combo”

A much- requested item… Two AK riders on reconnaissance and they’ve spotted trouble.

Special Note: This is a brand- new sculpted motorcycle completely different from WS74 set released in 2006.

Finally, for this Desert War release we are releasing some badly-needed armoured forces for the British side…

EA016 “Desert Vickers”

Until the arrival of better armed and better armoured American alternatives Britain’s Eighth Army had to make do with what was available. In this case the already obsolete Vickers MK. VI light tank. This model is adesertised version of our now retied FoB one and comes with 3 superb all-new crewmen figures.




March is a bumber month for collectors of our World War Two Germans… No less than 7 different transport vehiclesmotorcycles… trucks and… a staff car or two!

Let’s begin with one of our brand-new motorcycle combinations…

WS087 “HALT!” A 2-man motorcycle combo set. Two German Feldgendarmes have stopped their machine to conduct a “spot check” on all passing vehicles. As the driver sits astride his bike, his dismounted partner, machine pistol at-the-ready, flags down all cars and trucks.

WS088 “ROAD BLOCK!” Two more “chained- dogs” or Feldgendarmes have dismounted and are setting up an identity check of civilians.

WS089 “Dispatch Rider” A single Feldgendarme on his BMW motorcycle delivering an important message.

From two and three wheels we go to four wheels for our next examples of German WW2 transports…

WS090 Opel BLITZ Truck” This, the most famous and ubiquitous German truck of WW2 has been a long-requested item for many dedicated K&C collectors. Our first release is the Normandy camouflage version — a 3 colour paint scheme typical of the late war period. A seated driver… removable rear canvas top plus rolling wheels make it a vital part of any K&C collection.

WS091 “GESTAPO ARREST!” With their chronic shortage of motorized transport the Germans were only too happy to confiscate all kinds of vehicles in occupied lands. One of their favourites was the Traction 11CV built by the famous French auto company Citroen.

Here this little 4 door saloon/staff car is in the colours and markings of the dreaded Gestapo! An SD (Secret Police) officer and SD man closely guard a resistance suspects being taken for interrogation. Set includes a seated SD driver.


This time our model is in Wehrmacht markings and camouflage and… has a very important passenger… Albert Speer, Hitler’s favourite architect and head of Organization TODT… the party organization tasked with, among many other things, the design and construction of “The Atlantic Wall”Hitler’s chain of fortifications and obstacles stretching from Norway in the North to the beaches of Normandy in the West. Speer chats with an OT building foreman while a German General looks on. A seated driver is also included in the fully detailed car interior.

WS093 “Standing Saluting German Officer”

Dressed in full “fighting order”, this young Wehrmacht soldier proudly gives the “regular” soldier’s salute not the NaziSieg Heil

WS094 “Standing German Guard”

Well wrapped up in his long greatcoat this Germansoldaten with shouldered rifle is alert and ready for anything!

WS095 “Marching German Officer”

Striding forward this German Officer looks confident that he can handle just about any problem or situation put forward to him. 

WS096 “Marching German Soldier”

Dressed in typical late war Wehrmacht uniform this rifleman looks even better in multiples!

WS097 “Medical Evacuation Motorcycle Combo”

Although short of 4-wheeled transport the Germans had a wealth of motorcycles. Here one has been specially converted to carry a stretcher and patient to the nearest first aid post.

AVAILABILITY: Early March (WS087 to 089, WS093 to 097)

                                  Mid March (WS090 to 092)


Also coming in March!

AK037 Opel BLITZ Truck” (Afrika Korps)

A very useful desert variation on WS090 complete with fully detailed cab interior… removable rear canopy… rolling wheels… an AK Driver and a battle-worn paint finish



HK159 “The Metal Worker”

Another superb little old Hong Kong vignette of street-life at the turn of the century. This time it’s a “fixer” of broken and damaged metal ware… pots, pans, woks and all kind of knives, forks and spoons.




Two 18th Century items plus two more WW2 fighting vehicles… and an Ancient Egyptian one.

American Revolution

BR031 British Royal Artillery Gun Crew -- sold out

AR034 Continental Artillery Gun Crew -- sold out

World War Two

IWJ024 Japanese “Chi-Ha” Tank… Great little model that can be used in any WW2 Pacific War diorama or scenario.

RA014 Katyusha Rocket Launcher”

A fixture on the Eastern Front these multi rocket launchers struck fear and terror in their German enemies whenever and wherever they were used. Sometimes nicknamed “Stalin’s Organs”.

Ancient Egyptian

AE003 Chariot Set



                And that’s the story for this month… Here’s looking to a great February for all of us… “KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!” That’s Chinese for “Happy Chinese New Year.”

        Best wishes to one and all in this “Year of the Pig”.

Andy C. Neilson