Allow me towish you“HappyChinese New Year!” This“year”is the“Year of the Dog"- and I hope it’s agreat one for all of us.

            Here the latest info…

1. What’s New In February?

As mentioned in last month’s “DISPATCHES” we’re heading back in time and back to Ancient Egypt for our latest release…

A) CLEOPATRA, Queen of Queens

If you’ve been following the excellent HBO Television series “ROME” you will have seen Cleopatra make her presence felt… in more ways than one!

King & Country’s latest offerings are as follows:-

AE19   Cleopatra’s Bodyguard.  One of the Queen’s own selected Nubian slaves - chosen for their physical prowess as well as their unswerving loyalty.

AE20   The Cleopatra Set.  Cleo herself ensconced on her golden throne by her side her Court Chamberlain.  Also included in this set is a small side table laden with fruit and wine.

AE21   Banquet Guests Set 1.  An Egyptian Nobleman takes his ease on a reclining banquette.  Sitting on the floor next to him…his favourite concubine.

AE22   Banquet Guests Set 2.  Another seated figure having his goblet refilled by a maid servant.  Also included two amphoras of wine.

AE23   Egyptian Dancing Girls.  Two scantily clad but very energetic young female performers showing off their best assets!

AE24   Court Musicians.  Three female musicians performing with traditional Egyptian instruments.

These new figures have caused quite a stir among AE collectors who have seen the photos.  It’s even caused a few “raised eyebrows” among one or two dealers because of the “topless dancers”.  Actually it’s all historically accurate and I believe you can look forward to excellent sales with all of these new AE releases.



B) Streets of Old Hong Kong

Streets” goes from strength-to-strength with two more additional “add-ons” to this very popular and colourful turn-of-the-century Hong Kong scene…

HK147            The Photographer Set.  Hidden under a black cape this Chinese photographer readies himself to capture the perfect image.

HK148            The Bride & Groom.  A much requested item by “Streets” collectors and it goes perfectly with HK147’s Photographer.  As was the social norm of the day the Bride stands while the Groom remains seated!






            For this our third Afrika Korps release we’ve shifted the emphasis to just behind the front line…

AK26    “Desert Transport  An all-new German halftrack – The SdKfz 11, a 3-ton artillery tractor that could haul most anti tank guns as well as flak guns and most kinds of towed artillery.

            Our vehicle comes in our usual battle-worn paint finish complete with a seated AK driver and a standing vehicle commanders.

AK27    “The F18 Field Howitzer – a gun for all battles.  Our model is in typical AK colours and can fully elevate and be towed by AK26.  A 5-man all action crew are included with the gun.

AK28    “Questioning The Prisoner”.  Two Afrika Korps officers interrogate a captured British Officer.  Guarding the prisoner is an AK Panzer Grenadier.

AK29(SL)    “Rommel’s GREIF Command Half-track”.  This “Strictly Limited” release (only 750 are being produced) features “The Desert Fox’s” very own personal command vehicle “GREIF” or Griffin.  Together with the model are the great man himself, leaning out of the vehicle, one of his radio operators working inside the vehicle plus a smartly saluting Afrika Korps N.C.O.

            SPECIAL NOTE : For K&C dealers who have already committed to “standing orders” for these particular vehicles we will automatically put these on to your next order.

            Should you require more please let us know “your additional order” A.S.A.P.



            Please also note that these particular diorama pieces have been featured in the recent “BACKDROPS” leaflet and like the earlier ROMAN FORT have only been produced in relatively limited quantities and will not be reproduced again!

            They make the perfect display pieces in stores, collections and shows.  Don’t miss out on them…

            Presently available from these partner distributions:-

Sierra Toy Soldier Company, CA

                        Tel: 408 358 3910

            Fax: 408 358 3966

            Email: [email protected]


Hobby Bunker Inc. MA

            Tel: 781 321 8855

            Fax: 781 321 8866

            Email: [email protected]. com



Treefrog Treasures, MN

                        Tel: 507 545 2500

            Fax: 507 545 2502

            Email: [email protected]


Saimextoys, Italy

                        Tel: 39 59 622 1757

            Fax: 39 59 622 1757

            Email: [email protected]


King & Country UK

                        Tel: 44 1329 233141

            Fax: 44 1329 519519

            Email: [email protected]



April, we hope, will see the release of another important batch of American Revolution figures – Continental Marines in action (defending)… 3 more great Woodland Indians with “The Spoils of War”… and 3 more British Redcoats attacking.

Also coming in April will be no less than 12 all-new Barbarians!  Finally our Romans have got an enemy to fight… These new pieces are awesome.  Some dealers saw the unpainted castings way back in September ’05 in Chicago at the Show.  Painted however, they are spectacular!  We’re all looking forward to getting them to you.

Moving onto May… our brand-new British 8th Army in the Desert circa 1942.  These new releases will be classic Desert Warriors… sun bleached khaki… Bombay bloomer Shorts and Lee Enfields at the ready.  On this release we’re featuring 4, 3 and 2 man sets as well as a nifty little “DINGOArmoured Reconaissance Scont Car.

There’s a bunch of other stuff but I’ll keep that till next month’s “DISPATCHES”.



            If you’ve seen me at any of the American shows you’ll know that my preferred mode of dress is a Rugby Shirt and Shorts.  Not a pretty sight I’ll admit … but I do get noticed!

            As a little fun gift from K&C we’re sending dealers a ‘special’ K&C Rugby Shirt that they can wear in their store… at a show or just ‘round the old homestead.

            These shirts themselves are going to be collector’s items so hold on to them!




Best wishes and great sales!


                                    Andy C. Neilson