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Allow me to be the first (and probably the last) to wish you “Happy Chinese New Year!”  This “year” is the “Year of the Rooster”* - and I hope it’s a great one for all of us involved in and working with King & Country.


* The sign of the Rooster indicates a person who is hard-working and definite about their decisions.  Roosters are not afraid to speak their minds and can therefore sometimes come across as boastful.  They make good restaurant owners and world travellers.


* Famous people born in the Year of the Rooster:-

Yoko Ono, Rod Stewart, Mia Farrow, Eric Clapton



As you might image, this holiday is the biggest in the Chinese Festive Calendar.  In mainland China, most (if not all) of our factories close down for at least 2 weeks!  The workers return to their home towns and villages to celebrate with their families and China the workshop and factory of the world – comes to a virtual halt!

Here in Hong Kong, it’s not quite so drastic but life definitely slows down dramatically for that first week of CNY.

That’s why K&C will be closed between Tuesday February 8 afternoon until Tuesday February 15, 2005.  We will all return to work on Wednesday February 16 refreshed… revitalized… and rarin’ to go!






Back in 1999, we released our first 11 sets of IWO JIMA – themed US Marines and Japanese Infantry.  Over the next few years, several more sets were added.

The last couple of years has seen most of these original sets retired but nothing to replace them – until now.  That is most definitely about to be remedied with the release of SIX dramatic new sets to commemorate the SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY of this epic struggle of the Pacific War.  

Here’s a detailed summary of what’s on offer and available:-


IWJ19 “RAISING THE FLAG  Probably the most famous image of World War Two.  The hoisting of the flag on Mt. Suribachi is the definitive symbol of honour, sacrifice and fighting spirit of the United States Marine Corps.  This is our second version of Flagraising – redesigned… resculpted… and with much more fine detail and animation.

IWJ20 “RETURN FIRE” shows four “leathernecks” crouching and lying firing… trying to avoid the deadly Japanese artillery and machine gun fire.  Set includes 2 riflemen, a radio operator and a B.A.R. man.

IWJ21 “RUNNING FOR COVER” On Iwo, any kind of natural cover was extremely rare.  Here, 2 Marine riflemen provide covering fire while two others (including a B.A.R. man) run from one shell hole to another.

IWJ22 “COURAGE UNDER FIRE” portrays the reality of combat – a Marine rifleman “shoulders” his severely wounded buddy and runs for safety.  Two other Marines, one with a “Tommy-gun”, one with a flame-thrower try to keep the enemies heads down!

IWJ23 “AMTRAC ASSAULT” A worthy successor to one of K&C’s very first polystone vehicles (IWJ07).  This new model is an upgraded LVT-4 Amtrac complete with moveable rear-facing ramp (for troop access) and no less than 4 machine guns (2 x .50 cals and 2 x .30 cals).  In addition, a wounded Marine cox’n and a rifleman complete the set.  A realistic battle-worn camouflage paint scheme adds to the authenticity.

IWJ24 Type 95 “CHI-HA” Tank  K&C’s very first piece of Japanese armour.  The ubiquitous “CHI-HA” fought in all theatres of the Japanese War… from Manchuria to Malaya and all points in between.  This fighting vehicle comes with a commander and driver partial figures.




As I write, I’m looking at samples of our latest “1776 American Revolution” figures.  As most of you already know our last “1776” release focused on the Continental Army with foot soldiers and a brand-new mounted Geo. Washington.

Now, it’s the “Forces of the Crown” – both regular and irregular.

On the regular side, 9 all-new British redcoat officers and men are going to be available. They are all in “classic” advancing to attack mode – that means collectors will want, hopefully, to buy multiples in order to make a long red line.  Among these new figures are a mounted General Cornwallis “personality” piece… 2 marching flagbearers… advancing drummerboy with fife… 3 different riflemen plus an NCO and a shouting officer.

As for the “Irregulars”, they could not be more irregular… or colourful.  6 Woodland Indians” in dynamic action poses and equally dynamic colourful “war paint”.

The British used several Indian tribes of Native Americans as scouts, skirmishers and raiding parties to spread fear and terror up and down the colonial frontier.

One of the new pieces (BR47) is particularly blood-thirsty (some might call it gruesome).  It shows a fiercesome Indian warrior… club raised… about to bash in the brains of a hapless wounded Continental soldier.

All of these new “1776” releases will be sold individually (except for the 2-man set described above).  Scheduled release date is end of March or early April.




Again just two items this months, they are:-


This present version has been very popular but we want to do a brand-new camouflage scheme.  Around 30 sets left.


(B) AK20 DEMAG Half Track

First issued back in 2002, this particular Afrika Korps vehicle has come to the end of its road… Just 70 remaining.


Again that’s the story so far… there’s always more happening but I’ll keep that for the next “DISPATCHES”.

In the meantime, all the very best and… great sales and thank again for your support and your business.






Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director