King & Country


February 2004



Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the Year of the Monkey. All the signs are shaping up for a much better year than 2003 (The Year of the Goat). Let’s hope so anyway!

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As some of you who get the British “TOY SOLDIER Magazine” already know K&C is launching yet another brand-new series.

Not, as you might expect, more WWII or Napoleonic or even Rev. War. On this occasion, we’re going back in time to…“ANCIENT EGYPT In The Time of The Pharaohs”.

This exciting and colourful series promises to be one of the finest and most commercial K&C has ever developed. For almost 2 years, we’ve been researching, designing and manufacturing a unique collection of figures and display accessories that will portray life and death in the ancient land of the Nile.



For some time now, we’ve been searching for a non military subject to go along with our various Chinese ranges and to help replace our recently retired “World of Dickens”.

We required a new series that would appeal to both men and women plus had plenty of “room” for add-ons.

After months of research and discussion, we unanimously decided on “ANCIENT EGYPT. To be perfectly honest I was also aware that a British company was already producing an extensive range of a similarly-themed concept. I was very impressed by their scope and variety of figures.

However, I believed then and I know now that KING & COUNTRY could do it better and put our unique “stamp” on it.



Ultimately the collectors all over the world will decide that. But, in my professional opinion (and in my gut instinct), I honestly believe we’re on to a winner!

Visit your local bookstore…go to the HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY/PHOTO SECTION and count the number of books on ANCIENT EGYPT compared to similar periods of history…Ancient Greece…even Ancient Rome.

Publishers are very careful businessmen (and women) and only put out what they know can sell and has an established market.

For centuries people have been particularly fascinated by ANCIENT EGYPT and its tombs, temples and mummies. This interest continues unabated right up to the 21st Century.

I strongly urge dealers to promote this series through local newspapers, magazines ― even TV (if they have access) to attract the non-traditional toy soldier collector. Not only will this bring in a whole new audience, it will provide even more exposure and publicity for you, the dealer.



Our first batch of releases features no less than 9 sets of figures (24 actual figures)…a work platform and 3 amazing display accessories made in polystone.

The “story” behind these first releases is one of Pharaoh visiting a temple where craftsmen and architects are hard-at-work on the kind of Egyptian monuments the world still marvels at today.

Stonemasons chip away while skilled painters prepare their work overseen by a group of engineers and architects. Elsewhere in the temple, priests prepare an embalmed body for its journey through the “after life”. Nearby an artist is delicately decorating the ornate caskets that will contain the Mummy.

Here’s an exact breakdown of what’s on offer…


AE01 Pharaoh’s Sedan Chair. Mighty Pharaoh borne aloft on his richly decorated sedan chair by four sturdy Palace slaves.


AE02 Fan Bearers. To ease the stifling heat of the Egyptian sun a pair of ostrich feather wielding fan bearers accompany Pharaoh.


AE04 The Architects. Two architects discuss the finer points of their plan while a writing scribe sits at their feet ― a basket of plans at his side.


AE05 The Painters. Two master painters prepare to decorate the back of a statue while their young apprentice grinds together the ingredients of their paint.


AE06 The Stone Carvers. Two stonemasons, chisels in hand, chip away at a monument. A third mason carefully checks some measurements, the fourth polishes the finished work.


AE07 Wrapping The Mummy. A high priest wearing the mask of Anubis……puts the final touches to a recently wrapped mummy. Assisting him are two other priests ― one with a large bowl of sweet smelling oils to anoint the bandaged form the other carrying a canopus jar containing some of the vital organs.

The work table and the canopus box containing three other jars is also part of the set.


AE08 The Mummy Painter. A fabulous gold-decorated casket at his feet this craftsmen adds the final touches to the exquisitely painted inner casket.


AE09 Standing Guardsman. A uniformed spearman of Pharaoh’s own bodyguard stands impassively formal at the Temple’s entrance.


AE10 Marching Guardsman. A troop of Pharaoh’s personal bodyguards would always be in attendance wherever the ruler moved around his Kingdom.


And now for the Display Accessories…


AE11 Work Platform. A typical wooden structure great for our workers to stand on.


AE12 A Pair of Pharaoh Statues. A familiar sight outside any Egyptian temple a pair of giant stone statues depicting Pharaoh flanking the entrance way. HEIGHT: 71/2” (190mm)


AE13 The Temple Façade. A stunning set piece our sandstone coloured gateway forms the perfect backdrop to the figures and looks great with the pair of statues. HEIGHT: 93/4” (245mm), LENGTH: 133/4” (350mm), WIDTH: 17/8” (47mm)


AE14 Pharaoh’s Head. A gigantic carved stone head of the boy Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Again an impressive sculpture for outside the temple.


AE12-AE14 are cast in our usual strong, sturdy polystone and come packed in handsome, specially designed boxes decorated with an assortment of Ancient Egyptian scenes, maps and designs.

For more details and, importantly, prices see the special attachment with this “DISPATCHES”.






To help celebrate “The Year of the Monkey”, we have two new “Hong Kong” scenes.


Set #116 shows a seated Grandma and Grandpa on a classic Chinese-style double seat receiving their son and daughter-in-law who are offering gifts and greetings in the age-old manner.


Set #117 is a delightful little “add-on” the grandson and the little granddaughter also greet their grandparents in the traditional manner.


All six figures and the sofa seat are well up to the high painting and sculpting standards “SOOHK” collectors have come to expect in this series.






Apologies that two of the latest Napoleonic Highlanders NA35 Black Watch Piper and NA37 Black Watch Sergeant w/Pike are a wee bit late in turning up for parade. This was due to very long Chinese New Year holidays at this particular factory plus insufficient manpower to fulfill the very big orders we are now placing (thanks to you the dealers) with some of the factories.






Our original complete Roman Fort has been sold out for some time now. However, we still receive enquiries for it. So, here’s a suggestion how you and we can help your collector…

Combine 4 x Corner Sections (RO40B) with 2 x Straight Wall Sections (RO40C) then add 2 x Main Gate Towers at opposite ends and voila you have a new Roman Fort.

Now alas there’s no more Stair Sections or little barrack blocks but it still makes a pretty impressive setup. See the photos attached.



We are reprinting a whole bunch of full colour brochures and updating them with new items and deleting retired ones.

It’s going to take a little while but they are in the works ― bear with us!

Out of curiosity, how would you compare the effectiveness of our “TURN OF THE YEAR” Compilation Catalogue with our traditional individual subject flyers? What’s your views and preferences?



All dealers everywhere are invited to visit us at the Nuremburg Toy Fair this year. We will be in Hall 12, Booth number 12.0-F-06-7 between February 5 and 10, 2004.

The Nuremburg Show is the biggest one in the world (we also took part a couple of years ago) and amazing to see.

It’s held on the actual parade grounds where Hitler and the Gang used to hold all those big party rallies. You can still see some of the original stone steps and platforms that used to hold the party faithful.

Although Nuremburg, naturally, was a prime target for the British and American bombers, it has been beautifully restored since 1945 ― especially the Old Town. However, it’s still a little spooky to wander down the same city streets that thousands of brownshirts and SS men marched seventy years ago. So, if you don’t hear from us for a few days, you’ll know where we are.


Once again many thanks for your business, we always appreciate it.


Here’s to a great, healthy, happy and…prosperous Year of the Monkey!



Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director