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This month’s “DISPATCHES” is being written in the historic MENGER HOTEL right in the heart of San Antonio just yards away from The Alamo. I’m here for a few days of business meetings and a little strategic planning with K&C’s co-founder Laura McAllister Johnson. Tomorrow I’ll be with the guys of KINGS X going over their exciting plans for 2008. Then, a few days later it’s off to London for the Neville Family Christmas Extravaganza (AKA The London Toy Soldier Show) I’ll link up in London with Helen Mok Sargent, K&C’s Managing Director and then head off to Paris to meet up with Frederic Genard of Toy Soldier Paris — our French national distributor.

Now in case you think this is all just fun ‘n’ games… well you’re right it is! But it’s also what K&C is all about… getting out and about… meeting and talking with dealers and collectors all over the world. Trying to understand what works and why — in different markets with different kinds of collectors. It’s the best kind of market research — actually getting out there and meeting the people… I love it! And that’s just one of the big reasons why K&C is one of the leading lights in this hobby and business of ours. So, without further ado let’s get down to the latest news…



This December the second big batch of British Paras drop into Arnhem to continue the battle… Here’s a detailed look at them…


MG002 “Airborne Jeep & Trailer”

Jeeps played an important transport role during the battle… apart from a few Gun Carriers, jeeps were ubiquitous during the battle — recce jeeps… ambulance jeeps… radio jeeps… and, of course, hauling trailers full of ammunition and supplies.

That’s what K&C has produced… an Airborne Jeep & Trailer complete with 2 Paras… one manning a Bren gun and the other driving. Inside the trailer are two large basket containers of supplies.


MG017 Para walking with rifle”

Classic image of a British Para making his way into Arnhem.


MG018 “Manning The Piat

2 lying prone paratroopers loading and preparing to fire the PIAT (Personal Infantry Anti Tank weapon). This was a kind of British “Bazooka”… heavy, awkward and difficult to operate.


MG019 “Airborne 6 pounder Anti Tank Gun Set”

3 kneeling and crouching Paras ready to fire the A-T gun. These air-portable artillery pieces were flown in by glider and took their toll of German armour during the battle.


MG020 “Kneeling Firing Sten

A kneeling Para with his trusty MK. V Sten gun.


MG021 “Lying Firing Sten

Similar to above but in the lying prone firing position.


MG022 “Lying Firing Rifleman”

As above but armed with the .303 Lee Enfield rifle.




SPECIAL NOTE: Look out for more Paras and Glider Forces in 2008 plus some German opposition!


1B. The Desert Tiger Arrives!

As promised here is the great-looking “Tunisian Tiger” Strictly Limited. Since its announcement in last month’s “DISPATCHES”. ALL 1,250 have now been allocated to dealers and collectors!


AK039(SL) “The Tunisian Tiger”

This is our 7th different Tiger in just over 10 years… and it’s the best yet!

This brand-new model is not only the best… it’s also the biggest and earliest type of Tiger K&C has ever produced. We have produced the “classic” early version of this armoured monster that fought in Tunisia towards the end of the Desert War.

This K&C model comes with a complete 5-man crew… 3 of which are full body. Our fighting vehicle is in the markings of 501 Panzer Abteilung as it would have appeared in February 1943.


AVAILABLE: NOW             

1C. “Oh! What A Lovely War!”
The British Expeditionary Force 1914

After the initial success of our First World War Germans it was essential that we introduce a “fighting enemy” for them… and here they are… soldiers of the “King’s Own Scottish Borderers” — one of Scotland’s most famous Lowland regiments. The KOSBiesas they were nicknamed formed part of the original B.E.F. sent over to France within days of war being declared. They took part in much of the fighting that attempted to delay and halt the massive German assault through Belgium and northern France in August 1914.

These new figures are in a wide range of useful “action” poses and, I believe, will be very popular. Being “Lowland Scots” they do not wear the traditional kilt (although some officers did wear tartan trews). The men are easily recognized by their distinctive Scottish “Glengarries” (with the colourful dicing band).


FW024 “Field Marshal Sir John French”

The original commander of the B.E.F at this early stage of the war.


FW025 “KOSB Officer with Map”

An officer of the regiment attached to the General Staff… see the staff armband.


FW026 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”


FW027 “Standing Firing Rifle”


FW028 “Sergeant Standing Ready”


FW029 “Lying Loading Rifle”


FW030 “Lying Firing Rifle”


FW031 “Battlefield First Aid”

A kneeling Medical Orderly administers first aid to a seriously wounded KOSBie.


FW032 “Pointing Subaltem


FW033 “Vickers Machine Gun Set”

At the beginning of the Great War each infantry battalion was assigned eight Vickers Machine Guns. Here, a seated gunner is ably assisted by his “loader”.




From the fields of northern France to the bustling, noisy “Streets of Old Hong Kong in one easy jump…

Here’s our two latest releases…


HK165 “The New Chess Players Set”

An all-new version of an odd favourite… a man and his grand-daughter play Chinese Chess.


HK166 “Children at Play”

Children doing what children do… all over the world… the HK version.






Well at least I hope it is… the mighty ELEFANT… one of Germany’s biggest Self-Propelled Guns.



This “baby” has been “in the works” for a few months and is a real beaut! Armed with the all-powerful 88mm gun our model is in typical 3-colour, late-war camouflage and comes with 3 figures (1x full body, 1x half body plus a “head ‘n’ shoulders” driver). “ELEFANTS” were mainly used on the Eastern Front although quite a few made it to Italy. No reason why it can’t also look good in a Normandy or Arnhem diorama.

It’s a biggie!


B. American Armour Support

And here’s a little extra armour for our hard-pressed Battle of the Bulge” GI’s… the M24 “Chaffee”.

This is only our second version of this great little tank… and it’s a much improved version.


BBA018 “The M24 Chaffee Tank”

Our winter, snow-camouflaged version is perfect for the “Bulge” and comes with 3 figures (A full-body GI rifleman atop the tank plus half-body tank commander and another “head ‘n’ shoulders” driver).


SPECIAL NOTE: We are releasing an olive drab M24 without the “winter” look in a couple of month’s time… look out for it.



And here they are a whole big bunch of rebels going into action and in “skirmishing” order…


CW013 “Mounted Officer”


CW014 “Marching Officer”


CW015 “Wounded Flagbearer”


CW016 “Marching Rifleman w/Pipe in Mouth”


CW017 “Marching Rifleman w/Pipe in Hand”


CW018 “Rifleman Marching”


CW019 “Kneeling Firing Rifleman”


CW020 “Standing Firing Rifleman”


CW021 “Running Forward Rifleman”


CW022 “Standing Ready”



CW023 “Standing Loading Rifle”


CW024 “Kneeling Loading Rifle”


CW025 “Advancing Confederate”





Politically incorrect but Nazis do sell! And here’s some more to get your teeth into…


LAH088 Reichminister Rudolf Hess”

Hitler’s Deputy… he flew to Scotland in 1941 to try to seek a peace settlement and spent the rest of his life in Spandan Prison for his troubles.


LAH089Feldmarschall Werner von Blomberg

Pre war Army Chief of staff in dress parade uniform.


LAH090 “SA Chief of Staff Viktor Lutze

After the fall (and death) of Ernst Rohm the SA was put into the careful hands of Lutze and under the watchful eyes of Himmler and Heydrich. 


LAH091 Reichsmarschall Hermann Goring”

Supreme head of the Luftwaffe… ruthless, vain, lazy and… fat. Goring could also be a loyal friend and a dangerous enemy. This is our second version of the extravagant and exuberant Goring. And now for something completely different… The KRIEGSMARINE. The German Navy expanded rapidly under Hitler but was still not up to strength when war broke out in September 1939. However, it still featured prominently in pre war parades in both Berlin and Nuremberg.


LAH092 “Seaman Presenting Arms”

Kriegsmarine sailor in parade unifom of white top and navy blue trousers with Mauser K98 rifle and fixed bayonet.


LAH093 “Seaman Marching with Rifle”

Dressed as above that marching… bayonet sheathed.


LAH094 “Seaman Flag Bearer”

Carrying the Reich “Battle Ensign” this leading Seaman marches forth.


LAH095 “Marching Officer”

This officer with sword is wearing the traditional long frock coat… typical dress uniform of a German Naval officer.


LAH096Grossadmiral Karl Donitz”

Marshall’s baton in hand… Donitz was a former WW1 U boat captain and a leading figure in the Kriegsmarine. For much of the war he was in charge of all U boats.


AVAILABLE: MID TO LATE JANUARY (Pricing information to be ready next week)



As usual here’s a list of the victims…



BBA004 “Friend or Foe?”


B. “D.DAY ‘44”

DD051 “Churchill Tank Set”

DD071 “Horse Paratrooper”

DD072 “Paratrooper with Walking Horse”



RA013 “T34/85 Tank Set”



FoB001 “General's AIDE-DE-CAMPS”

FoB002 “French Officer Saluting”

FoB007 “Marching No Hat Tommy”

FoB008 “Standing British Tommy”



WS063 “The Defenders”

WS064 “The Russians Are Coming!”

WS065 “The Last Stand”


And that as they say… is that! Very best personal wishes for a great holiday

season and a very Merry Christmas to one and all.


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director