“Hail and Farewell!” At least that’s what it feels like…By the time you get this month’s “DISPATCHES” I will either be in Paris or London — here’s why…

At the end of each year (at least for the last two) Andy goes “walkabout”— first to Paris to meet up with Frederic Genard, our French National Distributor and a good friend. In Paris there is always a great gathering of dedicated K&C collectors at Fred’s main store “Toy Soldier Paris”. I also get to visit the Editors of several excellent Toy Soldier and Model figure magazines that are distributed all over Europe —“MILITOYS” and “FIGURINES”, I recommend both publications to anyone who loves our hobby.

From Paris it’s off by “EUROSTAR” train to London for the December Show run by K&C UK’s Neville Family. This show is the biggest (and best) of its kind in Europe and attracts hundreds of dealers and lots, lots more collectors.

After London I’m off to Mexico for K&C ’s Annual General Meeting with Laura Johnson, cofounder and partner in K&C. All in just over two weeks! Anyway I’m not complaining I love to get to see K&C dealers and collectors whenever I can…

But before all that here’s the latest…

1. “What’s New in December?”


Following the successful launch of the first Crusaders earlier this year in September at the Chicago Show we’re releasing their opposition…“The Saracens”.

During the time of the Crusades the warriors from the West fought many different Moslem armies however the mighty Islamic leader “Saladin” combined them all into one under the “Saracen” banner.

Here’s a breakdown of the different figures…

MK027 “Saladin” The mighty and righteous warrior himself, mounted on a fine Arabian steed directing the battle.

MK028 “Saladin’s Bodyguard Officer”

MK029 “Saladin’s Bodyguard Soldier w/Spear”

MK030 “Saracen Drawing Sword”

MK031 “Saracen Crossbow Ready”

MK032 “Saracen Crossbow Loading”

MK033 “Saracen Defending w/Sword & Shield”

MK034 “Saracen Attacking”

MK035 “Saracen Attacking w/Axe”

MK036 “Charging Saracen w/Sword & Shield”

MK037 “Attacking Saracen w/Sword & Shield”

MK038 “Defending Saracen w/Sword &Axe”

MK039 “Saracen Flagbearer”

MK040 “Saracen Casualty”

MK041 “ Wounded Saracen w/Flag”

MK042 “ Saracen Firing Crossbow””

These figures really have to be seen to be believed. The sculpting and painting is exceptional…even by K&C standards!

In addition to these “Saracens” we’re also introducing more “Crusader” reinforcements. These besieging “Crusaders” include:

MK021 Wounded Man-at-Arms

MK022 Man-at-Arms w/Sword & Shield

MK023 Attacking w/Axe

MK024 Mounted Knight w/Axe

MK025 “The Catapult set”

A wooden catapult complete with three-man crew.

MK026 “The Ladder Set”

Three Men-at-Arms carefully ascend a scaling ladder, ready to fight. These three climbing men can also be utilized on MK007…The Siege Tower.



From the desert sands of the Middle East to the time and place of Imperial China and Colonial Hong Kong…

IC028 “Crime & Punishment”

One of the Emperor’s chosen guards keeps a watchful eye on a pair of captured bandits. Wearing the Caque” or wooden collar it’s unlikely this pair will see many more new moons. Banditry was rife in the old days and justice was swiftly punished…usually with a lethal sentence.

IC029 “Chinese Horse & Carriage”

A beautiful young concubine is esconced inside her richly decorated carriage on her way to visit her master. Set includes horse, carriage, man servant and, of course, the concubine.

HK157 “The Street Barber”

A revisit to a popular but long- retired subject. Street barbers could also perform very

basic medical and dental duties as well as barbering

HK158 “The Won Ton Seller”

Selling bowls of freshly-made noodles on the street can still be seen in China and Hong Kong even today.

Here a vendor offers his customer a second bowl as his young servant washes the used bowls. Set also includes the special “wonton” stand.

IC028, HK157, HK158: Now
IC029: Mid-Dec


A. “Ancient Egypt Continues”
Another time…another place…another great series…Back to the “Land of The Nile” and the time of Cleopatra.

AE025 “Opening The Mouth Ceremony”

Three Priests and a priestess perform a special ceremony on a mummy to enable the departed to enjoy the “afterlife”.

AE026 “The Slave Market”

Buying and selling slaves was an everyday business in Ancient Egypt. This Slave Master has three unfortunates to find a buyer for.

AE027 “Slave Buyer”

A wealthy land-owner makes his selection to add to his household.

AE028 “Nubian Slave Guard”

Nubians were famous for their physical strength and loyalty. Although still a slave himself this Nubian guards the “property” of his slave master.

AE029 “The Gift Givers”

Julius Caesar and Mark Antony made their way to Egypt in pursuit of Pompey and soon made the acquaintance of Queen Cleopatra. Here, the two Romans present special gifts to the Egyptian temptress.

AE030 “Master of Ceremonies”

A High Priest who organized all kinds of events from weddings to funerals.

AE031 “Drummer”

A ceremonial musician who usually accompanied the “Master of Ceremonies”

AVAILABLE: Early January


“Back to the Backwoods!”
Our latest release of “1776” figures provides plenty of variety for enthusiasts of this “REV WAR” range…

AR053 “Backwoodsman Standing Ready”

Musket held to the fore this Militiaman prepares to fight.

AR054 “Militiaman Standing Firing”

AR055 “Militiaman Loading”

AR056 “Rifleman Holding Cartridge”

AR057 “Rifleman Biting Cartridge”

AR058 “Kneeling Militiaman Firing”

All of the above “Colonials” are in a mixture of dress…buckskin jackets, hunting shirts…even Indian-made ammunition pouches.

On the side of “The Crown” we’re introducing some additional British Regiments.

BR054 “Supply Wagon Set”

A simple, commandeered farm wagon loaded with supplies and pulled by a single horse led in turn by a walking trooper of 16th Light Dragoons.

(Item image and Price are not available yet. We will update ASAP.)

BR055 “Cavalry Officer”

BR056 “Cavalry Trooper with Rifle”

BR057 “Cavalry Trooper with Sword”

All three of these mounted figures belong to the 17th Dragoons later to become famously known as “The Death or Glory Boys”.

BR058 “Indian Scout”

During the Revolution the British forces made extensive use of Indians as “irregulars”…skirmishers and, of course, scouts.

BR059 “Prisoner & Escort”

A dismounted 17th Dragoon, pistol in hand, takes charge of a captured “Colonial”.

BR060 “Advancing Rifleman”

BR061 “Marching Rifleman”

Both figures, wearing their distinctive “Tarleton” style helmets are troopers of the 16th Light Dragoons.

AVAILABLE: Mid January


Just one item this month…

AK023 “The PANZER IV Set”

So, until next “DISPATCHES” have a great and successful Christmas and, as we say in Scotland, a “guid New Year”.

All the very best to you and your families,

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director