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Well, first of all may I take this opportunity to wish all of you (and your customers) a very, merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.

Santa, in the form of our latest XM04-01 has finally landed and is well on his way to being the most popular Christmas figure we’ve produced yet!

Some dealers have already sold out their first batch and reordered.  If you’ve not got yours, grab ‘em quick.




At long last, our fighting Napoleonic BLACK WATCH figures (NA47-NA55) have arrived and going back out again as soon as we pack them.  These nine new figures when added on to the four existing ones make up a great British Square and look pretty spectacular “en masse” or just as a small group.

Put them together with (or against) our new French Dragoons and you have a dynamic and exciting shop or show display.

In addition, as a point of interest, the modern Black Watch Battle Group has been in action alongside American Forces in the notorious “Sunni Triangle” in Iraq in recent weeks.

Also freshly released this December will be two more “Ancient Egypt sets… AE17 “The Royal Mascot” shows a powerful young leopard, one of the Royal Household pets, and his “handler”.  A great add-on set AE18 “Sphinx Temple Guardians” – a pair of Sphinx-like statues.  These stone monuments formed an avenue leading up to the Temple entrance way and were thought to be “guardians” of the religious site itself.

Finally there’s a cute little add-on for our new “Chinese Bird Shop” (HK124)a colourful parrot on its stand HK128 – no self respecting bird shop should be without its parrot.



There’s a whole heap of great stuff coming after Christmas alas.  Some of it we had hoped to get for December 25 but at least it will brighten up an otherwise flat post Christmas lull.

(A)          AE03“The Prince of Egypt Chariot” Set.  This superbly detailed piece is exactly as you’ve seen it in our advertisements and brochures.  A prince of the Royal Kingdom stands proudly on his war chariot.  Pulling it are two richly ornamented Arab stallions.  The whole set is firmly anchored onto a special “landscaped” style base.  This will be a great center piece to any “Ancient Egypt collection.


(B)          From the burning sands of Egypt, we move to the freezing cold of the Ardennes Forest in December and January of 1944/45 – “THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE”.  To mark the 60th Anniversary of this epic struggle, K&C are releasing four very original sets…

BBA01 “Rifle Section” shows four GI’s defending their position against the surprise German onslaught.

BBA02 “Support Group” provides the platoon with extra fire power… a .30 cal machine gun is backed by a “bazooka guy” plus two additional riflemen.

BBA03 “NUTS!” Bastogne Brigadier McAuliffe’s immortal reply to the German demand for the town’s surrender.  McAuliffe and his GI bodyguard confront two enemy officers.

BBA04 “Friend or Foe?” A really unique set…  Three seemingly American MP’s directing traffic along with their jeep.  They look and sound GI but why are they all wearing non-regulation blue scarves?

All of these new figures are wearing a typical late-war, cold weather assortment of army great coats, 1943 field jackets, gloves and scarves…  They are even partially covered in frost and snow… you almost feel the cold and see their icy breath!

Our new jeep, complete with snow-covered top also incorporates lots of great K&C character and battle-worn style – Check it out.

Look out for some very exciting winter German opposition in 2005.


(C)          Let’s head back to sunnier, warmer climes with the latest “Streets of Old Hong Kongreleases.

HK126 + HK127 is our newest “Street Doctor” set… 126 shows a doctor and patient seated at his roadside table – full of accurate historical details this newest version of a traditional Chinese doctor is ably supported by his young assistant trying to light a fire to cook some medicinal herbs.

These particular sets would look great next to HK125 “The Chinese Pharmacy”.  Often street doctors were hired by local pharmacies to help sell their patented herbal remedies and potions.

So, that’s the story so far… next month I’ll hopefully, be telling you about a major World War Two project that’s nearing completion plus a few other bits and bobs.


In the meantime, many thanks again for all your business – have a great, wonderful Christmas.




Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director