King & Country

SEASONS GREETINGS TO ONE AND ALL. I hope by the time you receive this you’
re already “roasting chestnuts by an open fire”. Just remember not to let
your nuts get too close to the flames!


At last the all-new STURMGESCHUTZ IV (WS47 “STUG”) and the latest SHERMAN
105 (DD45) have arrived.

Myself and one of our master-painters spent all-day and most of the night up
at our Tank Factory “quality-controlling” literally hundreds of “STUG’
s”and “SHERMANS” last week.

As usual the factory did a great job but as with any hand-made product the
care is in the extra detail. You will always find something that may have
been missed or could be done better. This “Q.C.” session was no exception.

In fairness I have to say that there were no major problems. All of the
“glitches” were minor and easily remedied…but it did cost us a few extra

I believe, in the end, it’s all worth it. You and your buyers get a better
product - we get fewer problems and complaints and everyone, hopefully, ends
up with a smile on their face.

So, if you’ve already ordered look forward to your deliveries real soon. If
you’ve not ordered yet don’t hang about too long.

As of writing almost half of the “STUGS” have been pre-ordered and sold
and about a third of the “SHERMANS”. In case you’re wondering why the
difference we ordered 50% more “SHERMANS” than “STUGS” in the first

WS47 STURMGESCHUTZ IV German Self Propelled Assault Gun comes with 2 crew, 1
Panzer Grenadier plus a bag of “camouflage”.

DD45 M4A3 SHERMAN 105 - Sherman Assault Tank version comes with 3 crew



Two colourful new “Streets of Old Hong Kong” sets are now on General

(a) HK115 The Firecracker Set

In Hong Kong and all over China and the Far East fireworks are an everyday
event. They celebrate weddings, funerals, birthdays and almost any other
happening deemed worthy of the expense. In set HK115 a teenage youth sets
fire to a string of fireworks …his younger brother looks excitedly on.
Nearby a young girl, frightened by the noise, clings on to the
cheongsaam” (long dress) of her mother. Great costume painting and


(b) HK118 Chicken & Geese Seller Set

Down at the market place a poultry seller is hawking his goods, a basket of
chicken and geese at his feet. A canny customer is blowing down the rear end
of a chicken in order to check out the health or hazard of the animal.
Standing to one side is a young man with the family’s daily grocery
supplies - including chicken and a leg of pork!
Unique…fun…and very different.



Last “DISPATCHES” November issue we announced the imminent retirement of 3
fighting vehicles - DD35 The M16 Halftrack…WS41 The Panzer II Set…and WS37
The Krupp Truck.

Amazingly, within days all three items were sold out! That’s great news for
dealers who got them and for their collectors and also great for us as it
allows us to release more new vehicles.

People often ask why retire a popular item. Our view is that it increases
the value of the collector’s collections because of the limited number we
make. And, as I’ve written earlier, it allows us to come out with bigger
and better ideas for the future.


Alas there are no more complete Roman Forts left. What we do have are some
extra sections of the fort itself. Basically RO40A,B, C, D, E can still be
bought but supply is limited. RO40F “The Small Gate” is gone! gone! gone!

As we showed in a recent issue of “COLLECTOR” these Roman Fort sections,
singly or in combinations, make excellent display sections for every
historical era from ancient Romans through Medieval to Napoleonic and even…
World War II. Grab them while you can.


Also nearing the end of its run is the popular movie style 3 dimensional
facade buildings.

As has been shown these buildings singly or in groups make perfect backdrops
for all kinds of WWII French and Belgian scenes. We know of one collector
who even used some of them for a Napoleonic backdrop.


As this year draws to a close I would like to thank all our dealers for
their support, enthusiasm and belief in King & Country and our products.

We may not be the biggest, the loudest or the most uncommunicative (we all
know who that is) but we still strive to be the best and give the finest
service to dealers and collectors alike.

I know it’s not been an easy year for some (particularly in the States).
However I have a great feeling for this coming year and I can assure you K&C
has some spectacular releases lined up for you. In next month’s DISPATCHES
I’ll tell you about one of the most important.

2003 has also seen some bright new products come onto the toy soldier market
- I welcome them unconditionally. Competition (but not bargain basement
discounting) is both healthy and informative and pushes the hobby forward.

I’m excited about 2004 and I hope you are too. If you are part of King &
Country and we are part of you it’s going to be a tremendous year.

All our best wishes for the Festive Season…and great, great sales

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder and Creative Director