By the time you guys (and gals) get this latest “DISPATCHES” myself, wife and child will be in France on our annual holidays. We’re sharing a cottage in Normandy for a week with some Aussie friends of ours and then we’ve got 5 whole days in Paris! I’m looking forward to meeting up with my old friend (and K&C’s national distributor) Frederic Genard of Toy Soldiers Paris.

            Anyway let’s get down to business.



A. “Fields of Battle STURMGESCHUTZ III

FoB038 Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B” (Battle of France)

Here’s a great little late addition to all of those July “Fields of Battle releases — our latest STUG. This mark III model early war version sports the snub-nosed 75mm gun and two great crew figures. To “accessorize” the model and make a dynamic little diorama the set also includes a French Customs barrier/sign and an unfortunate Poilu lying dead in the dust.


        B. “Death of a Tyrant”


One of August’s big surprises will be this dramatic set depicting the well-deserved fate of one of the Third Reich’s most feared and despised characters…Reinhard Heydrich.

Himmler’s own right-hand man, Chief of the dreaded SD and Reichsprotektor of Bohemia Moravia, Heydrich was also one of the main architects of “The Final Solution”. He was stalked and attacked by two very brave Czech patriots in May 1942. Although his assassination led to the deaths of many thousands of innocent men, women and children this was proof, even to the Nazis, that they were not “invulnerable”.

This, our first “Strictly Limited” of 2007 depicts the actual moment of the attack on Heydrich when he was fatally injured by the bomb thrown by one of the assassins. This special set includes Heydrich himself…his SD driver…and the two brave Czech patriots Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik and a superb model of the Reichsprotektor’s Staff Car.

Also inside the “Strictly Limited” box is a four-page summary of Heydrich’s infamous career and important background details on the attack and its tragic aftermath.

This particular “Limited Edition” comprises just 999 sets.

** For dealers who have committed to the standing orders of the Strictly Limited Sets, we will automatically put these on order.


        C. “THE BATTLE OF CRETE 1941”

Here at last, the long-awaited and much-requested German Fallschirmjagers (or paratroopers).

Almost a platoon’s worth and they’re ready for action.

These new pieces are in the standard two-tone “jump” uniforms of 1939-1942 and are perfect for the campaigns in the Low Countries (Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland) as well as France and, of course their most famous battle, the Capture of CRETE in 1941. These airborne troopers also fought in Greece, Yugoslavia, the Invasion of Russia, North Africa…SicilyItalyFrance and virtually every German theatre of operations. Although wearing early-mid war uniforms these continued to be worn alongside camouflage versions right up to the end of WWII.

Here’s the set breakdown…


            FJ001-07 “MG34 Machine Gun Team”

A machine gunner and his “spotter” laying down a belt of covering fire with their excellent MG34 gun.


FJ002-07 “Mortar Team”

A two-man team provide mortar support with their small, portable leGrW36 weapon. This little mortar fired either a 2-inch high explosive round or a “smoke” canister.



FJ003-07 “Weapons Container”

Most German paratroopers jumped with only their personal side arm (usually a Luger or P38 pistol) as protection. Rifles and submachine guns (as well as heavier troop weapons) were dropped separately in airborne containers.

Here, one is being unloaded and weapons distributed by a shouting Fallschirmjager.


FJ004-07 “FJ Bugler”

Battlefields are, by definition, noisy and often radios don’t work so…bugles are simple and easy to operate and can be used to help gather and organize widely dispersed landing forces.



FJ005-07 “Returning Fire”

A great little fighting section of 4 Fallschirmjagers in action.

FJ006-07 “Prisoner & Escort”

A well-armed and aggressive paratrooper brings in his British prisoner-of-war. Could be northern France or Crete…the choice is yours!


FJ007-07 “Anti Tank Gun Set”

Three FJ operate an easily air-portable 37mm anti tank gun.




FJ008-07 “FJ Motorcycle Combo”

A highly mobile “fire team” on their BMW add extra firepower to the assault. Heavier transport and equipment was ferried into the landing zone by specially adapted aircraft (JU52’s) and gliders.


FJ009-07 “FJ Dispatch Rider”

Good communications are vital to any battle or campaign especially involving airborne forces…here is a typical FJ rider on his bike.


Special Note: Many collectors have been contacting K&C direct asking what troops can be used to oppose these new Fallschirmjagers either in the Battle of France in May and June 1940 and the Battle for Crete in 1941.

Our “Fields of Battle British Tommies and French Poilus are perfect for Battle of France scenarios. For the Cretan Campaign either FoB British Tommies or British 8th Army soldiers. Photos of the battle show British, Australian and New Zealand troops wearing both British battledress and/or Khaki shirts and shorts of the Dessert War period. Use your Fallschirmjager to get extra sales of both these other great series…




HK163 “Herbal Tea Set”


HK164 “Fish Seller Set”


Two more colourful (and delightful) add-ons to this, our longest and largest series.


            AVAILABILITY:       FoB Stug III”                                              Early Next Week

                                                            “Assassination of Heydrich”(SL)     Mid August

                                                            Fallschirmjager                                         Mid / Late August

                                                         “Streets of Old HK”                              NOW




A. Britain’s Private Desert Armies

The war in the North African desert from 1940 to 1943 threw up many unusual and unique “freelance” fighting units that played a vital role in the ultimate defeat of Rommel’s Axis forces...Two of these units in particular became world-famous for their daring and dangerous exploits behind German lines during the conflict...The Special Air Service (SAS) and The Long Range Desert Group (LRDG). King & Country is proud and privileged to produce a companion series (to our 8th Army range) of sets of fighting vehicles and figures that vividly and dramatically illustrate their actions.


EA017 “Major David Stirling

Originally a Scots Guards officer the tall Stirling came up with the concept of small, fast moving, self supporting groups of soldiers creating death and destruction where the enemy least expected it...Behind their own front lines. Stirling wanted his men to use the desert...often under cover of darkness to strike fast and then withdraw as rapidly as they had arrived!


EA018 “The Watchers”

Another major role of both the SAS and LRDG was to observe and report on enemy positions and troop movements. These could then be “radioed” back to HQ for analysis or...action. As one of this 2-man set observes the enemy through his binos the other observes the landscape around them.


EA019 “The Imposter”

Among both the SAS and LRDG were fluent German-speaking refugees from Europe. Here one of them pulls on the uniform of a captured Afrika Korps soldier whilst his mate keeps his rifle trained on the prisoner. Perhaps the German “Imposter” is going to misdirect an enemy convoy or enter an Axis camp...the plot thickens


EA020 “The Attackers”

Sometimes action speaks louder than words...Two of our “Free-lancers” prepare to take on the enemy.


EA021 “On Guard”

Here, is the “classic” SAS headdress...British tropical uniform...full beard and “Tommy Gun” at the ready.


EA022 “SAS Mortar Team”

While an attack is about to go in these two SAS Mortarmen prepare to lay down a little diversion for the enemy.


EA023 “LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet Uncamouflaged

The “Classic” image of the Long Range Desert Group is the 30cwt. Chevrolet Truck...In the beginning these were bought from the Egyptian branch of General Motors and customized by LRDG men themselves. Mounted with an eclectic array of weapons — each patrol commander decided on what he required — the trucks were kitted out with extra supplies, fuel and ammunition for forays into the desert that might last several weeks.

EA023 comes in plain “sand” finish and mounts two machine guns...a Bren and a Lewis Gun. A crew of three in a motley variety of British, New Zealand and Arab head dress and uniform complete the set.


EA024 “LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet Camouflaged”

Another “Chevy”, this time partly camouflaged with a pale sky blue pattern on basic “sand” colour. This vehicle mounts a Boyes anti tank rifle on the rear and also carries a “Bren” just in case…

Three crew accompany the vehicle and like EA023 wear the typical assortment of uniform and head gear much favoured by the Long Range Desert Group.


Special Note: Most LRDG patrols consisted of at least two (and usually three) vehicles. US made Jeeps were also incorporated into these patrols as they became available.


EA025 “The SAS Recce Jeep”

The favourite mode of transport for the SAS was the Jeep, albeit heavily armed, and ready for any trouble that might come their way.


            AVAILABILITY:       EA017 – EA022                                             Early September

                                                            EA023, EA025                                               Mid September

                                                            EA024                                                             Mid October


B. Stiff GERMAN Opposition

With all this British inspired mayhem going on around them we do have to provide some additional help for our Afrika Korps men…


AK038 Sturmgeschutz III (Afrika Korps)

When we announced the release of our Fob Stug we received more than a few requests for a “Desert” version. Well, here it is, complete with our 2 tank crew in AK uniform. A great little model!





It’s been a wee while since we released our last Saracens and Crusaders. So, we thought it was about time to “freshen-up” that colourful little series...

This time round we’ve got some “extra special” figures that we think will be pretty popular...Saracen Cavalry and the odd “personality” or two…


MK043 “Mounted Saracen with Lance down”


        MK044 “Mounted Saracen w/Lance up”


MK045 “Saracen Standard Bearer” (photo available next week)

A simply stunning, mounted flag-bearer of Saladin’s own bodyguard regiment.


MK046 “Knight w/Axe”


MK047 “Man-At-Arms w/Dagger”


MK048 “Mounted Attacking Crusader w/Sword”


MK049 “Mounted charging Crusader w/Lance”


MK050 “Gruesome Trophy Set”

            A victorious Saracen and an unfortunate Crusader opponent.


            MK051 “Fight to the Death” (photo available next week)


            MK052 “The Bishop of Tours(photo available next week)

A superb study of another fighting man-of-the-church and finally, the “piece de resistance”


            MK053 “Richard The Lionheart

A magnificent mounted portrait of the English monarch most closely associated with the Crusades and Crusaders. Here, he charges into battle fearing nothing but his God…





Well quite a few things this month...for a start…



Here are the first four sets of our very popular “Bulge” series to be retired as we prepare for the next new “Bulge” sets later this year…


BBA003 “NUTS!”

BBA005 “Mortar Half Track Set”

BBA007 “The Price of Deception”

BBA008 “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”


These “Bulge” sets are part of one of K&C’s most popular ranges...Don’t miss out on getting them.


Also being retired in August are four of our “Streets of Old Hong Kong Series…

HK103 “Two Kitchen Helpers”

HK107 “Lady Painting”

HK108Grandmother & Child”

HK118 “Chicken & Geese Seller


So that’s the story for another month...In finishing, let me just say we always appreciate your business and support...we know you have difficult choices...and thank you for choosing K&C.


            Best personal wishes and...great sales!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director