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      July was a very busy month with the trip to the ‘States and France’ plus 5 days in Bangkok visiting family and friends. August I’ll be anchored to my desk here in Hong Kong but I will be unchained long enough to make short but frequent trips up to our factories in China and visit our K&C sculpting and painting studios there.

      August is also “launch month” for our latest batch of splendidly colourful Napoleonic soldiers. Many of you will already have seen the photos of our upcoming ad campaign for these. We’re also producing an updated “Napoleonic” full colour brochure that will include these new pieces.

      So, without further ado … here’s a list of them :


                  Bonaparte’s Guard

         NA56  General Dorsenne (Mounted)

NA57  Guard Officer w/ Sword marching

NA58  Guard Officer w/ Flag marching

NA59  Guardsman w/ Rifle advancing

NA60  Guardsman w/ Rifle marching

NA61  Guard Drummer marching

NA62  Guard Officer w/ Sword saluting

NA63  Guardsman w/ Rifle presenting arms

NA64  Horse Artillery of the Guard Gun set.

NA65  Horse Artillery Officer w/ Telescope (Dismounted)

NA66  Artillery Officer Mounted

NA78  New Dragoon Guidon Bearer

NA79  New Dragoon Charging w/ Sword

NA80  New Dragoon w/ Pistol

NA81  New Dragoon Fighting w/ Sword

Special Note : Many, many Napoleonic collectors had requested us that these four mounted figures be released in the uniform of the Empress Dragoons to add to their Regimental collection of that same unit.

At the same time other collectors who could not obtain the “Strictly Limited” version also requested the figures. We’re happy to oblige.

Availability :       Mid August



      This September will be a ‘bumper’ month for K&C dealers and collectors alike and here’s why …

      For K&C WWII fans – (and you know how many of those are out there)! There’s more “BATTLE OF THE BULGE” add-ons … this time it’s the Germans! No less than 7 sets of fighting vehicles, soldiers and a special ‘personality’ figure for collectors to drool over. Here’s a breakdown :

      BBG01 The “GRILLE” Self Propelled Gun Set

      Mounted on a Czech 38T tank chassis this 10.5cm howitzer was a useful addition to the Nazi arsenal. Painted in a white–washed camouflage scheme our model comes with 2 full–bodied crew figures well–wrapped up against the winter weather.

      BBG02 “Winter Patrol”

      Four Waffen SS and Volksgrenadiers, well–armed and well camouflaged in their winter smocks move forward to attack.

      BBG03 “Winter Tank Riders”

      Another four winter clad figures perfect for sitting on any of K&C’s larger armoured vehicles.

      BBG04 “GI Prisoners”

      During the early stages of the Battle large number of GI’s surrendered or were captured by the advancing Germans. This set shows 3 unfortunates with their Volksgrenadier guard. For them their war is over!

      BBG05 The “HETZER” Tank

      Another German Self–Propelled Gun mounted on the Czech 38T chassis. These little SPG’s packed a powerful punch and were even used by the Swiss Army until the late 1970’s.

      K&C’s “ambush” pattern model comes with a radioman, standing Waffen SS commander and a neat little signpost.

      BBG06 “Crossing The Road”

      Based on several famous photos of the Battle these four Waffen SS grenadiers rush across an enemy observed road. Their late war mix ‘n’ match uniforms and equipment are typical of that stage of the war.

      BBG07 “Sepp Dietrich”

      Commander of the Sixth Panzer Army, Dietrich had long been a favourite of the Fuhrer’s. However, he was a good soldier who looked after his men’s welfare and inspired them.

      Here in this typical Dietrich pose he wears a sheepskin jacket over his Waffen SS General’s service uniform, compare this wartime Detrich with the pre war LAH version!



      We’ve completely revised and redesigned our Chinese Imperial Collection and wait till you see it.

      K&C have produced an amazing Dowager Empress (who ruled at the time of the 1900 Boxer Rebellion) and members of her court.

      Among the September releases are Pekin Opera PlayersMusiciansLadies–in–Waiting … and a superb Mandarin Set.

      Take a closer look at the amazing detail and painting of these sets …


(**Please note photos and pricings will be sent with our next Dispatches.**)


4.      “Streets of Old Hong Kong      

      There’s also 2 new sets coming in this long–running series …

      HK135 “Stonemason Set” illustrates an old stone carver with his young apprentice working on large stone lion.

      HK136 “Gate Guardian Lions” A pair of magnificent traditional Chinese Lions in brass which would decorate and defend the doorways and entrances to all important homes and government buildings.



      As usual there’s also a whole raft of ‘retirees’ coming up … mostly American War of Independence but one lonely Roman as well and our modern Black Watch soldiers.


Our Entire BLACKWATCH on Parade Series is being disbanded – only limited numbers still available.


          AR25  Continental Howitzer Set (5 pcs)

          AR26  Continental Cannon

          AR27  Continental Officer with pike

          AR28  New Jersey "Blue" Marching

          AR29  Washington's Bodyguard Marching

          AR30  French Officer with Telescope

          AR31  French Sergeant

          AR32  French Soldier Marching

          BR14  British Howitzer Set (5 pcs)

          BR15  British Cannon

          BR16  Royal Artillery Sergeant with Rifle

          BR17  British Officer with Telescope

          BR18  10th Lincolnshire Sergeant

          BR19  10th Lincolnshire Fifer

          BR20  Fusilier Fifer

          BR21  10th Lincolnshire Officer with Pike

          BR22  Marching Fusilier

          BR23  10th Lincolnshire Marching


          RO21-RE  Cornicen w/trumphet

          HK089 Chinese Moongate

      Don’t panic though I’m working on the next batch of American Rev. figures for release, I hope, in the first quarter of 2006.

      And for Ancient Roman enthusiasts there’s some very exciting news in the works.

      Well, as Bugs Bunny would say that’s all for now folks!

      Best wishes and … great sales to one and all!