APRIL 2007


I cant believe its only a month since I last wrote you on the eve of our (Gordon and mine) departure for the about time flying!!!

It was a great trip and a great show. A special thanks to Sierra Toy Soldiers Mike & Myszka Hall for their Saturday evening Q and A session. Also to Craig of the Old Toy Soldier Home for helping us out with our displays and organizing a terrific show.

A week after the WestCoaster we attended Louis Badolatos K&C Symposium this 2-day event was held in New York as well as at Louis great home where his entire loft has been converted into King & Country Museum that traces the history and heritage of the company from our earliest days right up to the present. It was also great to see K&C dealers Bill Sager and Tim Tyler at this event. The Sunday after the Symposium all attendees headed out to New Jersey for the toy soldier show there. K&C was again well represented by Matt Murphy of Hobby Bunker ...Donna and her Dad from Left, Right, Left and, of course, George Guerriero of Minutemen with his great displays.

A few days after getting back to Hong Kong I was off to Bangkok on family business but now, for the moment, Im in Hong Kong and writing this issue of DISPATCHES ...So, without further ado, lets get into it


1A. Whats available in April?

As mentioned in last months DISPATCHES April is a bumper month for great new items among them our first, FIRST WORLD WAR RELEASES The Germans!

We previewed these pieces at both the WestCoaster and the Symposium to much acclaim from dealers and collectors alike. I feel sure this is only the beginning of what will prove to be a very exciting and dramatic series that will do particularly well for our dealers


FW001 The Kaiser

Kaiser Wilhelm IIKaiser Bill to the British Tommies dressed immaculately in his Feldmarshalls uniform surveying his troops.


FW002 Kaisers Aide De Camp

The monarchs ADC in typical relaxed pose.


FW003 The Crown Prince

Little Willi, the Kaisers eldest sona military incompetent who was given, thanks to his father, a field command. He is dressed as an honorary colonel of a Lifeguard Cavalry Regiment.


FW004 Hindenburg

The fabled and imposing Paul Von Hindenburg one of Germanys greatest generals and future Chancellor of Germany before Hitler.


FW005 Mounted Officer

A mounted Major of the 13th Bavarian Rifles saluting.


FW006 Marching Officer

Sword drawn this officer of the 13th strides purposely onwards.


FW007 Officer with Flag

Another officer of the 13th carrying the German Battle Flag over his shoulder.


FW008 Bugler

This Drummer/Bugler marches at the head of the column keeping up the mens spirits.


FW009 Rifleman

Marching to the front confident in his causehis officers andhis country.


FW010 Standing Rifleman

About to be inspected or on guard dutythe choice is yours.


FW011 Standing Officer

Another officer of the 13th awaiting orders


FW012 Pvt. Hitler

Although Austrian by birth Adolf Hitler eagerly joined the Bavarian Army on the outbreak of War. Personally brave he was awarded the Iron Cross First Class and rose to the dizzy heights of Corporal.


FW013 The Kaisers Staff Car

A handsome open-topped, automobile complete with military driver and military police bodyguard.

These few pieces are just the first of what K&C believe will be a very important project for collectors and dealers all over the world. Watch out for more


AVAILABILITY: All the figures (FW001-012) will be ready by Early April

The Kaisers Staff Car (FW013) will be ready by Mid April


1B. Also available in April


As if World War One was not enough K&C has a major addition to its Age of Napoleon figures this AprilSome real heavy metal in the form of no less than 13 French Cuirassiers and one beautiful little Cantiniere.

Here they are in all their glorystabbingslashingcutting their way into collections everywhere!


NA111 Cuirassier General

Wearing a plumed and feathered officers hat this senior officer puts himself in harms way leading the charge.


NA112 Wounder Flagbearer

Carrying his Regiments Guidon this trooper has just received a blow to the head.


NA113 Trumpeter

Sword drawntrumpet bugle to the rear this musician prepares to fight


NA114 Charging Sword Forward

A typical Cavalrymans action pose.


NA115 Falling-off Horse

An unfortunate trooper, his foot caught in the stirrup being dragged to his fate.


NA116 Advancing Forward


NA117 Charging Sword Downward


NA118 Advance to the Front


NA119 Slashing with Sabre


NA120 Dead Cuirassier

A fallen horse and his ridercasualties of war.


NA121 Firing Pistol

A cuirassier using one of his heavy cavalry pistols.


NA122 Cuirassier with Saddle

A standing cavalryman preparing to saddle his mount.


NA123 Cuirassier Drinking

Another standing trooper enjoying a well-earned drink. Fighting is thirsty work!


NA124 Cantiniere

In Napoleonic times most regiments, both foot and horse, had ladies of the Regiment (either wives, widows or camp followers) who made a living supplying wine and ale to the men. They often wore parts of military uniform along with their civilian dress.




1C. Plus Streets of Old Hong Kong

HK160 The Shrine Offering

Another charming little set from Streets of Old Hong Kong.

A woman and her daughter worship at a little street-side shrine.




1D. Redcoat Reinforcement

A late addition to our earlier release of Rev. War figures is BR06016th Light Dragoon this dismounted Dragoon musket in hand is shouting to his comrades.




2A. Confederates coming in May!

The merry month of May will see, at long last, King & Country re-entry into the American Civil War battlefield...

No less than 13 original figures in twelve individual offerings are available in this great new collection and they are all CONFEDERATES*.

* Over the years many dealers and collectors have told me that the Rebel side is vastly more popular than their Union opponentsmore varietymore colour and, perhaps, more romantic. That being the case K&C has decided to focus our initial release on the boys in gray and butternut. These new pieces portray the scene either before or after a great battle. The figures are reflective and at ease and either alone or together form up into superb little vignettes of that terrible war between the States.

Among the figures are, of course, several very famous personages among themNathan Bedford ForrestThomas Stonewall Jacksonthe dashing and impetuous J.E.B. Stuart and their mighty leaderRobert E. Lee mounted on his favourite horse Traveller.

Heres a full breakdown of this first Civil War release


CW001 General Nathan Bedford Forrest

A mounted portrait in miniature of one of the Confederacys ablest and most daring Cavalry leaders.


CW002 Soldier Pointing

Clad in blue and gray this seasoned veteran points the way towards the Federal lines.


CW003 General Thomas Stonewall Jackson

Probably Lees most valuable lieutenant and a superb tactician in his own right. Jacksons tragic loss was a terrible blow to the South.


CW004 Confederate Flagbearer (Mtd)

A troop sergeant of the 1st Virginia Cavalry proudly carries the great battle flag of the Confederacy.


CW005 Confederate Bugler

Standing at ease, rifle shouldered, this bugler observes the passing parade.


CW006 Rebel Leaning on Rifle

Another southern veteran watches the passing scene.


CW007 Rebel on Guard

Alert and awake this soldier stands ready to do his duty.


CW008 Confederate Drummer boy

Boys as young as ten years of age ran away from home to follow the colours. This young teenager has been lucky to find his place in a fine regimentas his smart uniform testifies to.


CW009 Confederate Officer

This officer is, perhaps, attached to Gen. Lees staff headquarters or maybe about to march off with his company.


CW010 J.E.B Stuart

Lees most famous and most impetuous Cavalry commander. Known for his bravery and dash he was also known for his recklessness and, occasionally, unreliability.


CW011 General Robert. E. Lee

An outstanding officer and general and the Souths preeminent soldier. Lee often was outnumberedoutgunnedbut seldom outmaneuvered. His leadership and concern for his men was legendary. Here, he tips his hat in salute as he sits on his favourite mount Traveller


CW012 After The Battle

A wounded officer is gently led away from the battle by one of his men who salutes a passing general.


Special Note: All of these new figures work equally well as individuals or as small groups making up a vignette or diorama. The quality of sculpting, painting and character issecond-to-none.

Look out for more American Civil War pieces later this year.





We dont want our WW2 fans to feel neglected either so May will also see the release of some rather unusual additions to our German armed forces


WS098 German T34

During the initial assaults on Soviet Russia in 1941 and 1942 the Germans captured massive amounts of Russian arms and equipment. One of the weapons that impressed them most was the recently revealed T34 tank. So enamoured of it were the Nazis that they incorporated hundreds of them into service with minimal changes. These included additional side skirtssome extra armour and, in certain instances, a new top turret hatch courtesy of the existing Panzer IIIs and IVs.

To ensure they were not attacked by their own side the Germans painted these captured T34s in typical 3 colours camouflage and outsized Balkan crosses on the turret sides.

Our K&C model also has a Nazi recognition flag tied onto one of its rear appendages.

Three German tank crew figures accompany the vehicle which is in the familiar markings of the 2nd SS Armoured Division DAS REICH.


WS099 German Tank Crew

Another frequent collectors request is for extra German tank crew andhere they areFive kneeling and standing Panzer Crew in a variety of useful poses that can accompany any of our armoured vehiclesor indeed any of our similarly sized competitors armoured units as well!


And now for something more than a wee bit differentread on


WS100 The Fuhrers Last Fighter

By the latter stages of the war Hitler and his generals were desperate for wonder weapons that could reverse the unstoppable tide of Allied conquest.

One such wonder weapon was the Focke-Wulf Rammjagera jet piloted by members of the Hitler jugend!

Pilots were to literally ram their aircraft towards large formations of enemy bombers before ejectingif possible. To ensure no second thoughts the aircraft was provided with no landing gearnot even a skid!

This Top Secret K&C aircraft comes complete with a young pilot (in the cockpit), a Luftwaffe guard and a flight instructor. The Rammjager itself is mounted on a separate towing trolley.

** Photo & price will be uploaded on our website next week.


WS101 SdKfZ.252 Transporter

This little half track tractor was normally used to haul ammunition carts across the battlefield. Our Luftwaffe version can pull the Rammjager and its trolley or any other Luftwaffe aircraft. Vehicle includes Luftwaffe airman in top hatch.


WS102 Normandy Kubelwagen

Due to many requests weve produced a late war version of our gray, early war Kubel. This new Normandy version boasts three brand-new figuresa seated drivera Panzer officerand a standing Panzer Grenadier NCO all of them from 1st SS Leibstandartesomewhere in Normandy.


AVAILABILITY: WS098, WS099, WS102 will be ready by Mid May

               WS100, WS101 will be ready in Late May/Early June


2C. Back to Hong Kong

As usual, theres always a little taste of the Far East in DISPATCHES


HK161 Clock Repair Man

They say you can buy anything or have it mended on the Streets of Old Hong Kong. Here, a clock and watch repairer is hard-at-workan interested bystander (or customer) looks on.




3. So, whats being retired?

Well, a whole big bunch of our French Dragoons for a start! These superb mounted figures were among K&Cs first Napoleonic releases and have been deservedly popular. However with the imminent release of our heavy cavalryThe Cuirassiers coming out in April these colourful fellows have to move over and make room on our shelves as well, we hope, as yours.

Heres whats disappearing


NA039 French Dragoon Officer Mounted


NA042 Dragoon on collapsing horse


NA043 Dragoon Bugler Mounted


NA044 Dragoon on the Ground


NA078 New Dragoon Guidon Bearer


NA079 New Dragoon Charging w/Sword


NA080 New Dragoon w/Pistol


NA081 New Dragoon Fighting w/Sword


If you need to fill out your or your collections grab em while you can. Limited numbers only. Dont delay!


And that, as they say is that.


Best wishes for this coming month!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director