APRIL 2006


            Well my American travels are over for another month or two. However it was great to meet up with and spend time with so many K&C dealers on the West and East Coasts. It was also a lot of fun meeting lots of K&C collectors – old and new. All in all a very enjoyable visit stateside. 

            Anyway that was then… this is now. As mentioned last DISPATCHES April is going to be a “banner” month for new and varied K&C product.




Finally the ancient Celts, Britons, Gauls and Huns have arrived and are ready for shipping immediately.

Although I described them last month it never does any harm to repeat this…


BAR001          Mounted Chieftain.   This Celtic Chief on horseback has a passing resemblance to a hirsute Sean Connery.  Our hero carries a traditional “Dragon Snake” banner and has prettily adorned his steed with the severed heads of several of his enemies.

BAR002          “Attacking with Axe”.           Running towards his enemy this warrior prepares to deal a crushing blow.

BAR003          “Attacking with Sword and Shield”.            Poised ready for battle and seeking a likely victim.

BAR004          “Fighting Chief”.      Wearing a captured Roman Auxiliary’s chain mail vest this Gallic Chieftain has already dispatched at least one of his enemies.

BAR005          “Charge!       This tribesman rushes forward – long lance at the ready.

BAR006          “Gruesome Trophies”.           Another warrior attacks – his shield decorated with enemy heads.

BAR007          “Slashing Warrior”.  About to strike a lethal blow this warrior has a captured Roman dagger on his belt.

BAR008          “Running Warrior”.  With sword and shield yet one more ancient warrior rushes into the fight.

BAR009          Wolfshead.  Over his Roman helmet this fighter has draped a wolf pelt complete with wolf’s head.

BAR010          “Hacking Warrior”.   With his richly decorated shield and colourful helmet this particular warrior makes a striking impression.

BAR011          “Barbarian Trumpeter”.       Wielding this strange looking musical instrument this half-naked warrior can signal to his comrades as well as strike fear in his Roman enemies.

BAR012          “No Mercy!”   Any captured Roman Legionary could, at best, hope for a swift death.  This Roman soldier is about to meet his Gods…





            In a couple of weeks time dealers will also be getting our latest “add-ons” to our very popular and colourful American Revolutionary series “1776”.

            As described previously these new releases cover all-new British Redcoats… Continental Marines and… Woodland Indians.


The Redcoats :

BR048            “Standing Firing Musket”.   One of King George’s with his “Brown Bess” drawing a bead on the enemy.

BR049            “Running Rifleman”.            Another Redcoat charging forward to greet the enemy with some cold “Sheffield” steel.

BR050            “Redcoat Casualty”.  One of His Majesty’s men that will never see Old Albion’s shores ever again.

The Redmen (Spoils of War) :

BR051            “Mounted Indian” with captured rifles, cartridge boxes, bedrolls, water canteens and even… an early American flag.  Oh, and by the way, the horse is a battle trophy as well.

BR052            “Brand-New Coat”.   This woodland warrior is trying on a Continental jacket whose owner will no longer be needing it.

            A captured sabre also belongs to him.

BR053            “This Gun is Mine!”. Bending down to retrieve a discarded musket this warrior is well pleased with his “find”.

            THE AMERICANS :

            K&C has been wanting to produce “Continental Marines” for a long time – here they are…

AR045            “Standing Firing Marine”.   This green-clad figure takes careful aim and…

AR046            “Standing Loading Corporal”.         Biting the paper wad of the cartridge this NCO prepares for action.

AR047            “Standing Ready”.     This Marine is ready to repel all boarders…

AR048            “Presenting Arms”.   Rifle held resolutely in front in the traditional pose.

AR049            “Capt. Samuel Nicholas”.     One of the Corps first officers and destined to be its first Commandant saluting.

AR050            “Marine Drummer”.  A young teenage recruit who can “mark time” and “beat retreat”.

AR051            “Flag Bearer”.           This young officer bears one of the many flags adopted in the early stages of the Revolution.

AR052            “Kneeling Firing”.    Yet one more extremely useful and popular pose.


AVAILABLE : Late April



Four fantastic looking Chinese ladies dressed in all their splendourPerfect for any “Imperial” setting or indeed any of K&C’s Chinese series.


IC022  “Wang Zhao-jun

IC023  Diao Chan”

IC024  “Xi Shi”

IC025  “Yang Guifei


AVAILABLE : Late April



D) “Street of Old Hong Kong

HK149            “The Plum Seller”. Once a familiar sight on Chinese streets an itinerant fruit seller – in this case Plums, plying his trade from street-to-street…village-to village.






“Rest ‘n’ Recreation” in the days of Napolean.


NA082            Sitted French Cavalry”

SP019  “Table and Chairs Set”

SP020  “The Barrel and Ladder Farmyard Set”


AVAILABLE : Late April





May 2006 will see the release of the eagerly anticipated British Eighth Army in Action add-ons. No less than 7 all-new sets of figures… a fighting vehicle… and a great “personality” figure will be issued…



            All of these great new figures are dressed in the “classic” desert uniform of long baggy “Bombay Bloomer” shorts… khaki shirts… sun bleached webbing and sand coloured helmets.


EA009 “Advance Under Fire”. A crouching British officer pistol in hand, leads his men towards the enemy. Two additional desertTommies” follow their officer with Lee Enfields and fixed bayonets. Backing them up is an advancing Bren Gunner firing his weapon from the waist.

EA010 “DINGO Scout Car Set”. The Daimler “Dingo” Light Armoured Car was mostly used as a scouting vehicle for armoured units. Our little “Dingo” is in the markings of the 2nd New Zealand Cavalry Regiment and includes 2 “Kiwi” troopers in the vehicle.

EA011 “Field Marshall Aarold Alexander”. Handsome, debonair and always immaculate “Alex” rose to supreme Allied Commander in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operating. Here, however he is Commander, Middle East Forces in August 1942. Accompanying him is one of his Military Police “bodyguards”. “Alex” was “Monty’s” Boss.

EA012 “The Best of Enemies”. The Desert War was fought on almost chivalrous terms for modern warfare. Both sides, for the most part, fought cleanly and fairly and that included treatment of prisoners. Here, a British “Tommy” provides a drink of water from his own water bottle for a captured Afrika Korps soldiers. A charming little vignette.

EA013 “The Mine Sweepers”. A Royal Engineer officer, map in one hand, “Tommy – gun” in the other, looks on as two of his men recover enemy mines. Two wooden German Minen signs are included in the set.

EA014 “Indian Army Machine Gun Set”. Several distinguished Indian Divisions served with the Eight Army. Here 3 Sikh gunners man a Vickers heavy machine gun laying down covering fire for the infantry assault.

EA015 “Returning Fire”. Three more British infantry add their “firepower” to the attack. All are armed with the standard .303 Lee Enfield bolt – action rifles.


AVAILABLE : Early to Mid May





May will also see the release of a much requested and sought – after fighting vehicle – the German Panther.

As many of you know over the years K&C has produced several “Panthers” in a variety of paint schemes.

First was an all wooden version, hand-carved in China many moons ago. Only 50 of these were produced.

A few years later, we produced our polystone version, which eventually was painted in 3 different camouflage schemes (two summer, one winter). All together 1,000+ of these were produced.


NOW, comes a completely new and upgraded version with lots of extra detail, character and special features.

Our all – new Panther includes…

l          Fully elevating main gun.

l          Markings of the 12th SS Hitlerjugend Division, fighting in Normandy in June and July 1944.

l          Summer Camouflage Scheme.


Four great crew figures – driver, gunner, loader/radio operator and tank commander

l          Moveable main gun support handle.

l          Battle-worn and battle-damaged general appearance.

l          Specially-designed “Panther” box.


This new “Panther” promises to be one of the most popular (and best-selling) German fighting vehicles K&C has ever produced. Get your order in today!


AVAILABLE : Early to Mid May




            As usual something older is always making way for something newer at K&C. This month it’s our “Ceremonial” series of traditional British Guardsmen…


BG01  “Guards Officer”

BG02  “Guards Drummer”

BG03  “Marching Guardsman”

BG04  “Standing Guardsman”

BG05  “Guard Box”

Get them while you can…



So, that’s the story this month. The next few months have even better work in the pipe line… It’s going to be a great year for all of us – dealers … collectors…and K&C.


Best wishes to one and all and, of course, great sales!


                                    Andy C. Neilson