King & Country
APRIL 2003

With American, British and Australian forces already in action in the Gulf,
let me take this opportunity to wish them all success in their military
operations and efforts.  At the recent “WESTCOASTER” I met with several
K&C collectors now serving with US Forces at the front.  I also know some
other K&C collectors serving in the British Army.  To all of them, their
colleagues, their friends and families…a safe and speedy return.  Semper Fi
- * Per Mare Per Terram !

Now, back to the home front…

Market Research Results Spring a Few Surprises!
A big thank you to all those who take the time and made the effort to reply
to us - a whopping 78% of dealers!  We are putting the final touches to the
report and emailing it to all those who took part.
  Some things we expected,
a few surprises but all of it makes interesting and informative reading and
is very useful for your future business and ours.

Another big round of applause to you dealers who bought into our colourful
new Napoleonic series of British and French Infantry.  I can proudly say
that the dealer orders have been the biggest K&C has ever received for a new
series - and we have had a few previous success.  Here’s just a few of the

“The best, most animated and detailed Napoleonics on the market today.”
Pennsylvania Dealer

“Outstanding figures at an amazing price - great value for money!”

California Dealer

“I love’em…how many more can you send me immediately?”
European Dealer

We are already pushing the factory for more supplies as our large initial
order is virtually sold out. 

Question : Can you let us know if the special premium Napoleonic figures
(Napoleon  and the Hussar) have helped hype your sales?


Apologies, yet again, for the delayed release of this important new version
of this popular series.  The delays have been mainly due to the large volume
of major releases happening around this 3 month period - Napoleonics
upcoming new D.Day ’44 Americans…“Streets of Old Hong Kong” and a few
others we’re still working on. 
To allow you to concentrate both your energies (and your funds) in order to
maximize your sales we have put back the LAH relaunch until late April.
This also allows production to catch up with the original range of new LAH
(most of which you have already seen) and add on the superb new “HITLER
STAFF CAR” (LAH40) and the single Himmler (LAH20A) figure.

(B) “Streets of Old Hong Kong”
A whole raft of exquisitely detailed Chinese sets are also about to become
available over the next few weeks. 
HK105 “The Gift Givers” - A young son of a wealthy family gives his
younger sister a surprise gift.

HK108 “Grandmother and Child” - A traditional Chinese Grandma, rolled
paper umbrella in hand carries her grandchild ‘papoose’ style on her back.

HK109 “The Fruit Seller” - A mini-masterpiece of the sculptor’s and
master-painter’s skills.  A southern Chinese market trader stands beside
her wooden wheel barrow selling her selection of month-watering tropical

HK110 “Two Children Eating” - Two young boys, brothers perhaps.  The
elder eagerly devours a juicy slice of water melon…his younger sibling
looks enviously on.  A charming and humourous vignette.

AVAILABILITY : Late April /early May 2003

We will also be selling Special LAH Gift Sets which will be available at the
same time as the single figures general release - look out for more details

One of the things we like to do is to redesign and upgrade ranges which have
either been retired or need a fresh injection of extra creativity and higher
quality.  As you know we have been doing that with the LAH series…we’re
always doing it with D.DAY ’44 Americans and WSS Germans.

Later this year we will be completely redesigning “The World of Dickens” -
this civilian series has been extremely popular with female collectors and
fans of the “DEPT. 56” range of Victorian buildings and figures.  However,
with our new team of great sculptors and many fresh new ideas from
collectors and ourselves we know we can do it better.  Watch out for more
details in upcoming “DISPATCHES”.

Tentative release date will be Sept/Oct.2003 to coincide with your Festive
Sales Season.  The current Dickens figures will be totally phased out.

Finally, always feel free to contact us with new ideas from yourself and
your customers.  I can’t promise we will do all of them but I can promise
we will read every single one and, where possible, incorporate some of the
suggestions, comments and ideas into our figures.  It’s amazing just how
many K&C collectors contact us with great ideas that we have used.

As usual, we never forget you have a choice and we really appreciate your
business - large and small.

All the best and Great Sales!

Andy C. Neilson
Founder & Managing Director