Well, here we are in September and as I mentioned last month that spells ‘C H I C A G O’!

Apart from a brief spell in the early 1990’s King & Country has been attending ‘The Chicago Toy Soldier Show’ annually since 1985, just 2 years after K&C began.

As a toy soldier collector myself it is still the biggest and best toy soldier show in the world... bar none!

Eat, sleep and talk toy soldiers from morning, noon and night for almost a week... sounds like heaven to me!

However, as I always say, before all of that... there is ALL OF THIS!


A very eclectic and, I hope, exciting selection of figures and vehicles covering a very broad sweep of collecting areas and tastes...



Perhaps so, with the addition of the final leading character of the ‘BLACKADDER GOES FORTH’ series that depicted, in very black humour, the absurdities and humour of the trenches in World War One.

FW229 “Lieutenant George

Lieutenant The Honorable George Colthurst St. Barleigh M.C. is a frontline Infantry Officer, second-in-command to Capt. Edmund Blackadder.

In both manner and personality he is a very close relative to P.G. Woodehouse’s Bertie Wooster.  George joined the Army on the day war was declared on Germany in 1914.

Although lacking any clear military skills, competence or authority as an officer, his upper-class social status and educational background meant he was commissioned immediately with virtually no military training.

Among Lieutenant George’s many saving graces... He is always cheerful, exceedingly ‘keen’, generally kind, an inveterate optimist and filled to the brim with the public school ‘tally-ho’ attitude to the horrors of war and death.

Superbly played by Hugh Laurie, (later of ‘House’ fame) he is the perfect addition to the ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ collection!

AVAILABLE: Early September



Hong Kong from its earliest days has been (and is) one of the great trading ports of the world.  As such it relies on a veritable army of laborers to transport goods, products and everyday essentials around the city 24 hours a day 365 days a year... Today, of course, that’s mostly done by vehicle but back in the days of ‘Old Hong Kong’ these tasks were performed by legions of “Coolies” of all shapes, sizes and ages.  Here is one such figure.


HK267 “The Vegetable Coolie”

In days of long ago there were hundreds of small, independently owned farms all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.

Most of the fruit and vegetables consumed in the Colony were grown on these farms and transported on foot by ‘Coolies’ such as this man directly to local markets.

Work could be back-breaking and long (at least 12 hours-a-day) but at least it kept you fed!

AVAILABLE: Early September


C.          ‘WORLD OF DICKENS’

One of Charles Dickens most famous literary creations was Mr. Wilkins Micawber, a fictional character in his 1850 novel, ‘DAVID COPPERFIELD’.  He was modelled on the author’s real father, John Dickens, who like Micawber was put into the ‘Debtors Prison’ after failing to meet his creditors’ demands.

Here we see the nattily attired Micawber in the company of his long-suffering spouse, Emily.


WoD050 “Mr. & Mrs. Micawber”

Another of Dickens most memorable characters along with his patient and loving wife take a stroll on the “Streets of Olde London”.

In popular culture, Micawber was famous for his many quotations.  Among the most famous is... “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds and six pence, result happiness.  Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds naught and six, result misery!”

AVAILABLE: Early September



Once more K&C returns to the ‘Age of Chivalry’ or at least the Age of Myths, Legends and Medieval Mayhem!

MK164 ‘Arthur & The Sword In The Stone

There are many legends surrounding the events that led Arthur to become King and to eventually establish his castle at Camelot and to form his ‘Knights of the Round Table’.

One of the greatest is Arthur drawing the sword from an unyielding stone thus proving his suitability to become King.  In some tales he is still a young boy... In others a Knight’s squire... In another version he is the Knight himself!

Here, Arthur stands four-square behind the sword in the stone, his hands resting on its hilt... He is about to draw the sword out and be acclaimed... King!

MK166 ‘Brother-In-Arms

Among the priests who journeyed to ‘The Holy Land’ there were some who in their previous lives, before taking their vows, had been fighting men themselves ... even some Knights.

This ‘Brother’, from a humble religious order may have taken his vows some time before but he has forgotten none of his military training and skills... Sword in one hand, hand-made cross in the other he is ready to do battle.

MK167 ‘Knight Standing Ready

This warrior may look casually-relaxed but he is also ready at a moment’s notice to cut his enemy down.

Great house, castles and noblemen have always had the requirement for additional professional roving Men-at-Arms.  Travelling bands of mercenary soldiers would often be hired by nobles and great houses to provide extra protection and security.

As such they would be dressed in the colours and livery of their ‘master’ or household... as this fellow and his fighting comrades are.

MK168 ‘Knight About to Strike

With his large long Norman-style shield protecting the length of his body this fighting Knight is about to strike a deadly blow!

MK169 ‘Knight Fighting Double-Handed

One hand is good... two even better to grip your sword handle and ‘parry’ an aggressive enemy.

AVAILABLE: Early September



For those ‘Robin Hood’ enthusiasts out there here is a second version of two of the above figures... This time, wearing the colours of the dastardly villainous ‘Sherriff of Nottingham

RH032 ‘Brother-In-Arms(Nottingham Castle)

As those taking ‘Holy Vows’ had, at least, a fair modicum of education and intelligence they were, in addition to their military duties often given the task of tax collecting... record keeping and even educating their ruler’s young sons.

RH033 ‘The Sherriff’s Man... At The Ready’

The same pose as MK167 but somehow more threatening... He is, after all, one of the Sherriff’s ‘enforcers’.

AVAILABLE: Early September



From Medieval Times we go back a millennium to the power and glory of Ancient Rome... particularly the Roman Army.

Here, before we begin, I would like to say a big THANKYOU to all those collectors who have made this new Roman series so popular and... a best seller!

Although other companies are also designing and producing similar-themed series we are grateful and appreciative of your enthusiasm and support... Here are 3 more, very useful additions...


ROM023 ‘Roman Soldier Throwing Pilum

Holding his shield to the front this Legionary prepares to throw his ‘Pilum’ at the enemy.

ROM024 ‘Roman Soldier Kneeling w/Pilum

Preparing to repel an enemy assault this kneeling Legionary has ample protection behind his shield with the ‘Pilum’ sitting forward at a 45angle.

ROM027 ‘Marching on Guard Duty

On duty inside his Roman Fort or perhaps pacing along the raised walkway behind the fort’s walls this soldiers has no need of a large shield... but he still has his sword and ‘Pilum’.

AVAILABLE: Mid September




The beginning of a new range is always an exciting and challenging time for all of us at King & Country... Will the collectors like it... ? Does it have ‘Legs’...?

Very importantly, will it sell...?

In this particular case we’re quietly confident that these all-new United States Marines will find a ready and eager market and a ‘special-place’ in many K&C collections.

This is K&C’s Third ‘landing’ of U.S. Marine ‘Leathernecks’ in action.

Our first 2 x releases, back in the late 1990’s and 2005 focused on the epic battle of IWD JIMA, immortalized in both countless books and several major motion pictures.

This time we are producing a ‘prequel’, a battle that was, in its own way, just as bloody and bitterly fought... TARAWA.

The Battle of TARAWA was fought between 20-23 November 1943 and was part of the U.S. invasion of the Gilbert Islands in the central Pacific region.

Although not the first time U.S. forces had met the Japanese in battle it was the first time they had faced serious opposition to an amphibious landing.

On the tiny Tarawa Atoll more than 4,500 Japanese defenders were well-supplied and expertly dug-in and fought virtually to the last man.

Opposing them were the men of the 2nd Marine Division, U.S.M.C., some of America’s toughest and best fighting forces.

Of approximately 12,000 Marines who assaulted Tarawa 3,146 became casualties with almost 1,000 killed and over 2,000 wounded.  That was the deadly toll of just 76 hours of bloody, brutal, non-stop combat.

K&C are proud to launch an initial first wave of 7 fighting Marines in dramatic, dynamic action poses many more are on the way including a magnificent looking LVT(A)-1 ‘Alligator’.

All of our ‘Leathernecks’ have shed their backpacks and are equipped with a mixture of weapons... the M1 ‘Garand’ rifle, the Thompson SubMachine Gun the M1 Carbine, the 1911 Colt Automatic Pistol and a Flame Thrower.


A very special ‘TARAWA’ diorama, created by K&C’s own Diorama Workshop will be on display at the upcoming ‘Chicago Show’.

USMC011 ‘Marine Flame Thrower

The ‘M2 Flamethrower’ was the U.S. made, man-portable backpack flamethrower used in WW2.

Although its ‘burn-time’ was just 7 seconds and its range a mere 20-40 yards it was a very useful weapon... especially in close-quarter battle situations such as the ‘island-hopping’ campaign in the Pacific during WW2.

The Marines used it extensively against pill-boxes, bunkers and trenches defended by determined, die-hard Japanese.

USMC012 ‘Marine Radioman

As this kneeling Marine operator receives instructions on his ‘SCR-300’ portable radio transmitter he cradles his M1Carbine next to him.  This back-packed radio was the first to be nicknamed a ‘Walkie-Talkie’.

USMC013 ‘Marine Officer w/Tommy Gun

This junior officer is barking out orders as he holds his ‘Tommy Gun’... He also carries a side-arm... The 1911 Colt Automatic Pistol.

USMC014 ‘Marine Firing his Garand

The U.S.M.C. has always believed that first and foremost every Marine must also be a ‘Marine Rifleman’.  Great value has always been placed on ‘skill and marksmanship’ in the Corps and, in WW2, that was immeasurably assisted by the M1’Garand’ Rifle.

A.30 caliber, semi automatic rifle it weighed 9.5 pounds was gas-operated with a rotating bolt, had an effective firing range of 500 yards and was loaded with an 8-round clip.

Tough, reliable and accurate it was a Marine’s best friend!  Our standing Marine fires off a few rounds at the enemy.

USMC015 ‘Marine Grenadier

Holding his M1 ‘Garand’ in one hand, this ‘Leatherneck’ expertly pitches his MK2 Grenade at the opposing Japs.

In appearance the Mk2 Grenade had a series of grooves and knobs cast in its casing that gave it the appearance of a ‘Pineapple’.  Naturally, that soon became its nickname.

USMC016 ‘No Marine Left Behind

A badly wounded, unconscious Marine is dragged to safety by one of his buddies.

Whenever possible Marines will always try to rescue a wounded fellow Marine or at least recover his body.  There is a strong tradition in the Corps that

whenever or wherever Marines are in battle they will always do their level best (and more) to recover their dead and wounded.

AVAILABLE: Mid September

Special Note: Look out for more fighting marines in the near future!



From battles in the PTO (Pacific Theatre of Operations) to other battles elsewhere... In the ETO (European Theatre of Operations) and one particular operation... to save the lone surviving brother of a family called RYAN.


DD305 “Searching For Pvt. Ryan “Set #1

“SAVING PRIVATE RYAN” is a very special war drama film for many of us history movie buffs and especially so for myself and K&C.

Back in 1997, through a Hollywood friend and fellow collector, I heard about a big new D.Day movie that was already being filmed in Britain and Ireland by none other than Steven Spielberg.  At the time all we knew was that it featured American paratroopers and U.S. Rangers and was centered around Normandy and Omaha Beach.

And so, K&C produced some of its very first American D.Day soldiers which began our entire D.Day range which continues to this day.

Journey forward quite a few years to when we met Capt. Dale Dye U.S.M.C. ret’d., the military advisor on ‘Ryan’ and countless other great war movies and discussions about doing a special ‘tribute’ to a fantastic movie and the real ‘heroes of D.DAY’.

This 4-figure set (the first of 2) features the perilous journey through the fields and bocage of German-occupied Normandy to try and find PFC James Ryan, 101st Airborne.

Capt. John Millar, 2nd Rangers takes the lead carrying his Thompson sub machine gun.

Backing him up is PFC Reiben with the BAR ( Browning Automatic Rifle).  Next to him is Cpl. Upham, not a Ranger but an interpreter borrowed from another unit.  The final member of this first 4-man squad is Pvt. Jackson, a left-handed sniper holding his bolt action M1903 Springfield with telescopic sight.

All four men will be joined next month (October) by our second ‘Searching for Pvt. Ryan’ set which includes Sgt. Mike Horvath, Pvt. Mellish, Medic Irwin Wade and PFC Caparzo...

Don’t miss out on a terrific movie and ... 2 x outstanding sets of D.Day soldiers!

AVAILABLE: Mid September

Post Script: Also on show in Chicago!



Battles, wars and campaigns are very indiscriminate.  Its not only soldiers who get caught up in the fighting.


FoB098 ‘The Refugee Horse & Cart

A wooden, 2-wheel cart is loaded up with the bare essentials as well as a few, treasured family heirlooms... The family horse is between the shafts to hopefully pull the cart and its owner out of harm’s way.

FoB100 ‘Woman Refugee Leading the Horse

Carrying a suitcase in one hand this refugee leads her tired old horse and its heavy load down the road.

FoB-S02 ‘Refugees On The Road

Combine the horse, the cart and the woman… and you can save yourself a few dollars!

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late September


J.           “VIVE L’EMPEREUR!”

Additional Grenadiers of the ‘Old Guard’ to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their comrades on the Field of Waterloo.

NA390 ‘Bicorne Grenadier Advancing

Not all of the ‘Old Guard’ wore their famous ‘bearskins’ at the battle... During the ‘100 Days’ Campaign there were many supply shortages and even some of the ‘Old Guard’ were affected.

Although he may have lost his ‘Bearskin’ cap... he has not lost any of his fighting spirit.

NA393 ‘Wounded Guardsman Shoulder Arms

This Grenadier has suffered a headwound but still advances forward.

NA394 ‘Bicorne Grenadier Firing Musket

Another of the Guard, wearing his great coat and the bicorne cap taking aim at the enemy.

NA396 ‘Saving His Officer

An ‘Old Guard’ sergeant attempts to pull his seriously wounded officer to safety.  These 2 x figures were inspired by a painting showing the same action.

NA-S06 “Blood, Mud & Dust

The complete 5 x figure set featuring ALL of the above figures at a very affordable and fair price!

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late September


K.          “DESERT TRACKS”

Following the success of the most recent “Rommel’s Command Car” set (AK107) featuring the sand / grey camouflaged ‘ADLERSd. Kfz. 251 we have had a large number of requests to extend this particular camouflage scheme to some other Afrika Korps vehicles that were being shipped over to North Africa to supplement the Desert Fox’s meagre armoured force...

AK116 “Pz. Kpfw. 35R(F) Self-Propelled Gun

Mounted on the tracked chassis of captured French Renault tanks these small SPG’s make a fine addition for Rommel’s Afrika Korps.

This particular model mounts a 4.7cm anti tank gun in an open armoured turret to become a tank destroyer... Some were used during “Operation Barbarossa” – the Invasion of Russia in 1941. A few even saw action in Normandy in June 1944.

AK117 “Panzerjager 1

Another old favorite but this time with the distinctive 2-colour camo.  This set also includes the relaxing Afrika Korps figure.

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late September


2.          BEING RETIRED...

Not that many retirements this month... Grab them while you can.

WH044 Arnhem Ambush!

WH045 Lying Dead German Officer



And that, is that for one more month... So, I hope there is something (or somethings) for you as a collector or dealer... If not, well there’s always October...!

Looking forward to meeting some of you in ‘The Windy City’ or at least Schaumburg in a few weeks time.

If you are going… stop by our room 4301 at the Hyatt Regency, Woodfield, and take a look in and say hello.


Very best wishes and happy collecting!

Andy C. Neilson

Cofounder & Creative Director

King & Country Ltd.