September 2016

WELCOME TO SEPTEMBER ... and that means cooler weather here in Hong Kong and a long journey ahead of me to THREE of my favorite American destinations ... Los Gatos, California ... Chicago, Illinois and, of course, San Antonio, Texas.

     Los Gatos means my annual weekend “get-together” with Mike & Myzska Hall of SIERRA TOY SOLDIERS, not only one of that rare breed of ‘bricks ‘n’ mortar’ toy soldier stores in North America but one of the finest toy soldier shops in the world!

     I arrive on Friday afternoon 16 September in beautiful Los Gatos and will spend all-day Saturday the 17th meeting and talking with many of SIERRA’S regular K&C collectors from all over Northern California.  After the store closes many of the collectors stay on for a fun “Q&A” session where we share ideas, suggestions and all kinds of info about the hobby in general and K&C in particular.  Mike & Myzska also provide complimentary drinks and snacks for all attendees.

     If you are around Los Gatos on Saturday 17 September make a date now to come along during the day ... in the evening ... or both.   The folks at SIERRA TOY SOLDIERS will make you very welcome!

     On Monday 18 September, bright and early, I fly out of San Francisco for Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and “The Chicago Toy Soldier Show”.  I make no apologies for ‘plugging’ this great show.   King & Country and myself have been taking part in this annual event for over 30 years!

     The “CHICAGO SHOW” is still the biggest and best toy soldier show of its kind in the world because it has both ‘room trading’ before the full-scale Sunday event and, of course, the ‘Sunday Event’ itself.   Manufacturers, dealers, traders and collectors come from all over America and the rest of the world to this multiday celebration of toy soldiers.

     Manufacturers like K&C bring our latest releases plus upcoming items that everyone can preview in advance of the launch date.   The ‘Chicago Show’ is also a great social gathering ... You meet up again with old friends and make new ones.   PLUS, you get to eat, drink, sleep and talk toy soldiers from dawn till dusk (and beyond).

     For those of us who love the hobby and enjoy sharing it with others “Chicago” is the place to be in late September.  Here are a few details:

Venue :          The Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, 1800 East Golf Road, Schaumburg IL. 60178

Dates & Times:   The Official Show : Sunday 25 September 2016

                10:00am till 3:30pm

Admission:       US$8 (only charged on Sunday)


Other Details:     Most dealers begin arriving on Wednesday/Thursday 21/22


                 K&C will be there on 19th. but that’s another story ...

Room Trading:     Begins as early as Wednesday 21 thru till Saturday 24. Rooms

                 open up usually after breakfast time and stay open at least until

                 dinner time and often later.

                 The amazing variety of what’s on offer as well as the chance to

                 talkone-on-one’ with your favorite toy soldier maker or

                 dealer is not-to-be-missed.  If you love toy soldiers don’t miss

                 theCHICAGO SHOW” ...

     After Chicago its down to San Antonio but enough of my travels ... Here’s what you really came for!


a)        “Pike & Musket”

       Perhaps in this case it should be renamed “Drums & Drummers” ...

     Collectors of this series have requested different colour variations of these

English Civil War drummers to be used with different regiments ... Here they

are ...

PnM069   “Phillip Skippon’s Regimental Drummer”

Raised in London for the Earl of Essex’s Parliamentary Army they were easily recognized on the battlefield by their red coat with blue cuffs.

PnM070   “Henry Tillier’s Regt. Of Foote Drummer”

Henry Tillier was of a French Huguemont family and an officer in Charles I’s army when it fought in Ireland in 1642.  In 1643 he was promoted Colonel and raised his own regiment from the Dublin garrison which crossed over to

England in 1644 on the King’s side. Their green coats marked them out as proud Irishmen ... as is our drummer.

AVAILABLE: Early September

b)       “On The Streets of Old Hong Kong”

          One completely new set and four alternative colour variations for this popular and long running series ...

 HK228 “The Running Rickshaw”

      A running Rickshaw Puller together with his passenger ... Although still wearing the traditional Chinese “Cheongsaam” (long coat) the gentleman passenger has cut his pigtail off and now wears a straw ‘boater’ and dark glasses ... a sign of  changing times and fashions in China.



HK251 “The Shoe Shine Stand”

A Royal Navy sailor is going on shore leave and has his shoes polished.  This new version has the ‘matelot’ wearing his ‘tropical whites

HK261 “The Chinese Street Doctor Set”

A new colour version of an old favorite .

HK264 “The Street Doctor’s Helper”

A young boy helps heat up one of the doctor’s potions for a waiting patient.

AVAILABLE: Early September

c)        “Marine Corps Mechanics”

          We received quite a few requests from our USMC Corsair collectors to ‘convert’ our earlier released U.S. Army Air Corps mechanics into USMC air wing mechanics ... And here they are ...

  AF040 “USMC Mechanics

       A nice little (and useful) 3 x figure set.

AVAILABLE: Mid September

d)       More WW2 American Releases ...

  DD295 “General Omar Bradley

         This is the third “Bradley” figure K&C has produced and, I believe, the best one yet!  Standing, hands on hips, General Bradley is dressed as he was on the morning of June 6, 1944 at the time of the Invasion of Normandy.  As commander of the US First Army he won the respect and admiration of his soldiers as well as the nickname ... “The GI’s General” He had a long and distinguished military career eventually becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General of the Army.  He died in 1981.

  DD299 “The US Army Medical Tent

          Where there are wars and battles you’re going to need medical services ... even in miniature actions.

          This latest version of the typical WW2 US Army Square Tent carries large red crosses denoting either a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital or a First Aid Tent.

       Whichever you choose it’s the perfect backdrop for any of K & C’s many

  military medic sets (figures and vehicles).

AVAILABLE: Mid September


         When our good friend Shannon Reuss of Treefrog Treasures passed away last year K&C wanted to do something special to remember her by and this is it ....

       Before founding and leading Treefrog Treasures Shannon trained and qualified as a Nurse working in several Veterans Hospitals in the U.S.  After discussions with her husband Pete, K&C proposed designing and creating a special 2-figure set of Shannon, dressed as a WW2 WAC Army Nurse tending a wounded GI.  Several months later this is the set you see before you.

        Just 300 of this first edition have been made and they are available direct from Treefrog Treasures.

        Here at K&C we are already working on additional WAC Nurse sets (and a jeep too seen in the above photo) that can add onto “The Shannon Set” … Look out for them soon!

AVAILABLE:  NOW! Direct From Treefrog Treasures in Minnesota or ... at the “Chicago Show”.

e)        “At Nottingham Castle” ...

     RH020 “The Banners Set”

         A trio of Medieval Banners to decorate any castle, tournament or even an

Archery Contest ...  Goes very well with our recently released Archery Targets

and Robin Hood figures.

AVAILABLE: Mid September


      In 1888, on the mean streets and darkened alleyways of London’s

 impoverished Whitechapel District a series of gruesome murders took place

 that have become a grim legend in criminology.

Five unfortunate female victims fell foul of the still unidentified killer who, till this day is known only by his terrible nickname ... “Jack The Ripper”.

Even the Victorian era’s most famous detective.  Mr. Sherlock Holmes, could not find the killer ... But K&C have discovered him lurking on “The Streets of Olde London” ...

WOD044 “Jack The Ripper”

The most infamous serial killer in British criminal history ... complete with a doctor’s bag full of sharp implements ... a deadly-looking knife and a nasty, evil look about him – obviously up to no good!

WOD045 “Whitechapel Molly”

This young lady could well have been “Jack’s” next victim ... fortunately for her she met a friend and together they hooked up with a pair of sailors and went off for a spot of gin in a local pub.

WOD046 “Smithfield Sally”

      Another “Lady of the Evening” and Molly’s good friend, if occasional

  competitor ... Sally also had a lucky escape from the clutches and knife of “ The

  Ripper” that evening.

AVAILABLE: Mid September


       Two well-known figures from the Third Reich ... and brand-new sculpts.

  LAH203Reichsmarschal Herman Goring

       No leading personality in the Third Reich had as many or as varied uniforms than the large and imposing figure who commanded the Luftwaffe.

          Goring had almost as much passion for designing uniforms and costumes for himself than creating and running the German Air Force!

          Here he is in one of his more restrained (but still colourful) personalized Luftwaffe uniforms.

  LAH204Oberst gruppenfuhrer ‘Sepp’ Dietrich”

       ‘Sepp’ Dietrich (1892-1966) was the first leader of the “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler” and rose from being Hitler’s personal bodyguard and driver to commander of the 6th Panzer Army.

       A much decorated soldier he was personally brave and devoted to his men. It was said by some other military leaders that he was promoted much higher than his actual military skills merited however at his funeral in 1966 over 6,000 former Waffen SS soldiers attended.

       Our newest Dietrich figure shows him striding confidently forward in his wartime parade uniform and greatcoat.

AVAILABLE: Mid September

h)        “TRIPLE ACES HIGH”

          Three of the Royal Air Force’s best-known fighter pilots are brought together in this little set...

     RAF075 A Trio of Aces”

     Adolph Gysbert “Sailor” Malan, DSO & BAR, DFC & Bar was a South African

     pilot in RAF Fighter Command during WW2. During the Battle of Britain he led No. 74 Squadron.  His final war tally of ‘victories was 27 ‘Kills’, 7 ‘shared’, 3 ‘ probables’ and 16 ‘damaged’.

          Our figure shows him as a Squadron Leader during the Battle of Britain.. He left the RAF in 1946 as a Group Commander.

          Douglas Robert Steuart Bader, lost his legs in a flying accident in 1931 and was invalided out of the RAF in 1933. With the outbreak of WW2 in 1939 he managed to rejoin the Air Force and by June 1940 was made Squadron Leader of No. 242 Squadron.

          In August 1941 he bailed out over France and spent the rest of the war in various prisoner-of-war camps including the infamous ‘Colditz’.



          His wartime record included 22 kills’, 4 ‘shared’, 6 ’probables’ and 11 ‘damaged’.  Among his awards were the DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar and ... a later knighthood.

          The K&C figure portrays him as a Squadron Leader in mid 1940.

          Our final RAF figure is Alan Christopher Deere, known to his friends as ‘Al’.

 This New Zealand-born pilot joined the RAF in 1937 and flew during the Battle of France ... the evacuation of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain.

          In 1942 he took command of No. 403 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force and swiftly established himself as a ‘born leader’.  Unlike both Malan and Bader he remained in the RAF after WW2 eventually becoming an Air Commodore.

          His personal awards included the DSO, DFC & Bar and the French Croix de Guerre.

          His wartime tally of victories ... 22 ‘kills’, 10 ‘probables’ and 18 ‘damaged’

          ‘Al’ Deere passed away in 1995 and, fittingly, his ashes were scattered over the River Thames from a Spitfire!

AVAILABLE: Mid September


  THE WILD BUNCH was an epic 1969 American Western about an aging outlaw

     gang trying to exist on the Texas / Mexican border in 1913 as the world changes about them ...

          Directed by Sam Peckinpah it was one of the most controversial and violent movies of its time ... and one of my all time favourites!

     TRW098 “The Pike Bishop Gang”

          In the climactic scene of the movie Pike Bishop (Willian Holden) leads three of his gang, “Dutch’ Engstrom, (Ernest Borgnine) and two brothers, Lyle and Tector Gorch (Warren Oates and Ben Johnson) to bring back another member of their gang who has been held and tortured by a rebel Mexican General.

          This leads to the final ‘shoot-out’ which is one of the bloodiest in film history. But before that there is the long tension-filled sequence where the gang make their way, guns in hand, towards the General’s headquarters.

          This is the image we’ve chosen to portray ... Now you’ve seen the figures ... Go watch the movie again or see it for the first time.

AVAILABLE: Mid September


      Here’s a varied selection of Wehrmacht figures, vehicles and artillery for you to consider ...

  WH055 “Nurse Taking Notes”

      An additional German nurse keeping notes on her individual patients ...

  WH056 Pz.Kpfw. 35R(F)SPG”

Large quantities of French armour were captured by the Germans in 1940 and many were adapted and pressed back into service by their captors.

This particular model mounts a 4.7cm anti tank gun in an open armoured turret to become a tank destroyer... Some were used during “Operation Barbarossa” – the Invasion of Russia in 1941.  Others were deployed in the occupied territories on anti partisan operations.   A few even saw action in Normandy in June 1944.


WH059 “German Military Policeman”

A single standing “Chained-Dog” on traffic control duty.

WH060 “SPG Crew Members”

A neat little 2-man set comprising a standing vehicle commander, still wearing his black “Panzer” uniform and a shell-loading gunner.  Both figures are suitable for standing inside the vehicle ... or next to it.  They go well with WH056.

All Above AVAILABLE: Mid to Late September

WH061 “Sd.Kfz.11 Special Tracked Transport”

This German half-track was only previously available as an ‘Afrika Korps’ vehicle ... Now you see it in ‘feldgrau’ complete with an all-new driver figure.

One of the smaller German half tracks it was used for general transport duties and also as an artillery tractor ... Especially to tow anti tank guns and even the 10.5cm Field Howitzer ... see following.

In this ‘feldgrau’ paint scheme it’s very suitable for all early-mid war

 operations. Driver included.

AVAILABLE : Late September / Early October

WH062 “10.5cm Light Field Howitzer”

This was the standard divisional field piece used by the Wehrmacht in WW2.  Designed and developed by Rheinmetal as far back as 1929/30 it entered service with the Wehrmacht in 1935.  It was also a successful export model being sold to Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, Finland and even Sweden.

The K&C model was only previously available in desert AK colours.  Now, as you see it comes in standard ‘field grey’.

  The gun can be towed behind the Sd.Kfz.ll or with trails extended for firing duties.  The barrel also elevates and depresses.

WH063 “Artillery Officer”

Standing issuing “fire orders and instructions.”

WH064 “Gun Crew #1”

One gunner transporting the shell ... the other holding the “rammer”.

WH065 “Gun Crew #2”

One crew member checking the sights ... the other holding the ‘charge’ ...  always loaded after the shell.

WH066 “Propaganda Kompanien Kamerman

Virtually all German Military War correspondents, photographers and cameramen came under the overall control of the Propaganda Ministry.

Our movie cameraman is in Wehrmacht uniform and using his “Arriflex camera to record the action.  At that time the Arriflex was considered the best camera of its kind in the world.

All Available : Mid to Late September

And that my friends is that except, of course for these retirements ...

2.        BEING RETIRED ...

LAH186              3 x Marching SS Men

LAH188              2 x SS Men Present Arms

LoA005              Arab Standing Firing

LoA006              Sitting Arab Firing

NE024               Mounted Mameluk

NE025               Standing Mameluke with Musket

RA045               Female Shooter

TRW036(P)           “Gall”

WS228              Jagdpanther Ausf.G




In closing ... Looking forward to seeing some to you in Los Gatos and some more of you at the “Chicago Show”.

Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Best wishes and happy collecting!

 Andy C. Neilson

                                                                            Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                                 King & Country