SEPTEMBER MEANS CHICAGO!  The biggest show of its kind in the world and the showplace for all of us manufacturers to “show-off” our latest and upcoming offerings. So, without further ado HERE’S OURS!


1.      Appearing This Month...

A.     Armoured Krankenwagen

All of K&C’s German medics, nurses and medical vehicles have been very popular...and there’s even more in the works. Here is one that got a huge collector response when it was featured in Gordon’s recent Field Hospital diorama...


WH005     “Sd.Kfz251 Armoured Ambulance”

An outstanding conversion of the “251” troop carrier into a battlefield ambulance...Just 250 produced.


Available:        Early September


B.      “Classic Roman Red”

When we produced our LOJ (Life of Jesus) Roman Auxiliaries we had many requests for them to change their tunic colours from blue to red...And here they are. Both blue and red will be available.


                 LOJ033   Standing Roman Auxiliary


                 LOJ034   Auxiliary w/Shield and Spear


                 LOJ035   Walking Auxiliary


                 LOJ036   Marching Auxiliary


                 LOJ037   The Centurion


                 LOJ038   Standing Primum Pilus


                 LOJ039   Roman Auxiliary Saluting


                 LOJ040   Roman Auxiliary Drinking


                 Available:       Early September



17 September 2014 is the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of “Operation MARKET GARDEN” so it’s highly appropriate that we have a special release of British Airborne Forces to commemorate the event...


MG052(P)               Lt.Col.John Frost”

        The commanding officer of 2 Para and the man who led the valiant but ultimately doomed defense of one end of the famous bridge which now bears his name. Here John Frost is in action firing his Mk.V Sten Gun from the hip.


MG054(P)               “Sapper Tom Carpenter”

                         9th Airborne Field Company Royal Engineers.

        Tom flew by glider to Arnhem where his section joined Col. Frost’s men at the bridge on the evening of 17 September. After much fierce fighting he was seriously wounded on 20 September and captured on the 21st. Our figure shows him in action with his trusty Lee Enfield rifle.

                                 Tom sadly passed away earlier this year.


MG055(P)               “Corporal Bill Bloys” 2 Para      

        Bill Bloys was Col.Frost’s batman and stayed with him throughout the battle at the bridge. Our figure portrays him using a Bren Gun in the closing stages of the battle at the bridge.


MG056(P)               “Medic & Wounded Para”

        When the 1st Airborne Division landed at Arnhem their number included nearly 600 medical personnel as they expected heavy casualties.

                                 Here a kneeling medic tends to a wounded airborne soldier.


MG057(P)               Capt.James Ogilvie” 2i.c.”D” Company, Glider Pilot Regt.

One of the most famous images of the Battle of Arnhem is of a Scottish officer in his kilt learning over a jeep about to retrieve something.

The officer was Capt.James Ogilvie, originally a “Gordon Highlander” but now leading a company of the Glider Pilot Regiment into Arnhem itself.

Unlike most other officers he is not wearing a “Denison Para” smock but in battledress and carrying a Sten Gun. Capt. Ogilvie died attempting to swim across the Rhine of the night of the British withdrawal 25/26 Sept.1944.


Available:                Early to Mid-September


D.     “More Blood On The Plains”

Continuing our highly colourful and exciting “Little Big Horn” series...


TRW063(P)     “Red Stripe”

A mounted Cheyenne “Dog Soldier” brandishing a captured Cavalry pistol and carrying his war shield.


TRW065          “The Last Bullet”

If there was one thing U.S. Cavalry troopers feared most it was the possibility of falling into Indian hands...alive! Many Sioux and Cheyenne warriors at the battle reported seeing several “blue coats” take their own lives during the last desperate struggles.


TRW066          “Dead Trooper”

                                 Another trooper slumps onto the grass with two Indian arrows finding their mark.


TRW067          “Fatal Shot”

                                 One more U.S. Cavalry casualty...reins in his horse as an Indian bullet strikes home!


Available:        Early to Mid-September



A dramatic advance through “no-man’s land” toward the German trenches and death or glory...All of our French “Poilus” are in mud and dust-stained battle order wearing their “Horizon Bleu” uniforms.


                 FW146            “The Renault FT17 tank”

A superb little model of a superb little French tank with a terrific camouflage pattern.


                               FW147            “Charging Officer”

                                                               This young French infantry officer is now wearing the universal “horizon bleu” uniform and on his head the new “Adrian” steel helmet. Revolver in hand he leads his men into the jaws of death.


FW148             “Charging w/Bayonet”


FW149             “Ready to Repel”

“Poilu” is French slang for “The Hairy One” and this bearded soldier exemplifies the look of a veteran in the trenches!


FW150             “Kneeling Firing”


FW151             “The Grenadier”

Lebel” rifle held firmly in one hand this soldier prepares to throw his grenade.


FW152             “Running Forward”


FW153             “Standing Firing”


FW154             “Crouching Wounded”


FW155             “Let’s Go!”

This action pose was suggested by a very famous French Poster of WW1.


FW156             “The Rescue”

                                 In the midst of battle one “Poilu” stops to carry his wounded “copain” (mate) to safety...


Available:        Mid-September


F.       “Luftwaffe Reinforcements”

3 well-chosen sets to boost most collections of K&C Luftwaffe fans!


                 LW054             “20mm Flak Gun”

Another version of this ubiquitous little Flak piece...Perfect for airfield defense – The gun comes with a seated gunner included.


                                 LW055             “Flak Gun Helpers”

2 extra figures to support the gun and gunner...a “Spotter” complete with binos trained skywards and...aloader” – A gun set without these two wouldn’t defend or protect very much!


          LW057             “The Heinkel He 162 Salamander”

       The third of our Luftwaffe late-war jet fighters. This amazing aircraft was rushed through design and testing stages and put into full production in the Spring of 1945...Alas too little too late however a few did fly in combat but many more were captured by the Allies and provided plenty of ideas and inspiration for Allied aircraft development in the immediate post war period...Just 250 of this great looking little fighter have been produced.


Available:     Mid-September


G.            “From Jet Propulsion back to Horse Propulsion”

Almost 1,000 years separate these two ways of taking the battle to the enemy...Now we return to the Crusades and the Age of Chivalry...

“Jousting” was one of the ways medieval Knights tested and practiced their “Skill-At-Arms” when they were not actually in battle. Contests both on foot and mounted allowed them perfect their fighting skills and prepare them for the real thing.

 Needless to say “Jousting” was not for the faint-hearted – serious injuries were common and death could often take its place on the jousting field. Tempers could fray especially when contestants were using very sharp, very heavy, and...very lethal weaponry!

Among the most popular events of a “Joust” was the “Mounted Charge”...


MK123          “The Blue Tournament Knight”

Lance held diagonally across the front of his body this Knight is ready to unhorse his opponent.


MK124          “The Yellow Tournament Knight”

                               As he struggles to control his mount this Knight prepares to “parry” his opponent’s lance.


MK125          “The Jousting Barrier”

                               Usually made of wood and decorated with six different shields (3 on each side) this barrier avoided collisions of both horse and rider.


Available:      Mid-September



With the advent of our all-new “Horizon Bleu Poilus” it’s time to retire their early-war more colourful brothers-in-arms.

These great pieces add colour and excitement to any WW1 collection...Grab ‘em while you can!


FW074           Officer with Pistol and Sword

FW075           Kneeling Firing Rifleman

FW076           Poilu Charging

FW077           w/Rifle and Bayonet

FW078           Standing Firing Rifleman

FW079           Machine Gun Set

FW084           French Flagbearer


        And that my friends is that...Another bumper crop of releases and something I hope for nearly everyone... Enjoy!

        I’m also looking forward to meeting up with quite a few of you in Chicago.



                                                                                                Andy C. Neilson

                                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                                King & Country