AND NOW SEPTEMBER is here and it’s off to Chicago and the Old Toy Soldier Show at the Hyatt Regency Woodfield in Schaumburg, a suburb of the “Windy City”.

        Gordon, myself and our good friend, Chris will be there from Tuesday 17 until Tuesday 24 September.  We’ll be showing existing releases…this month’s offerings and a sneak preview of some items from October and November!

        However, let’s get back to September and what you and your collectors can look forward to in next 30 days or so…



1A.  “Washington’s Life Guards”

Protecting the Commander-In-Chief of the relatively young Continental Army was the special duty of a small, carefully selected body of infantry and cavalry.

In March 1776 it was decided that a reinforced company of soldiers should be formed to guard the headquarters and person of General Washington himself. These men were to be recruited from a cross-section of the best-trained and disciplined infantrymen and troopers of the Continental Army.  Each recruit had to be American-born and at least 5’9” tall!  He also must be of “good-character” and have a “soldierly-bearing”.

Once a recruit was accepted he received a brand-new uniform of a dark blue coat with buff facings…a handsome red waistcoat…all topped off with a dragoon-type cap with a blue and white feather plume on the side…Quite a “dandy”.  But these “Dandies” could fight also and Washington ensured that they were not only a “guard” unit…They saw a fair bit of action too!

We’re releasing three individual guardsmen as well as a brand-new figure of General Washington himself…


AR072   “General George Washington”

               Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army


AR073   “Guardsman Corporal”


AR074   “Guardsman Presenting Arms”


AR075   “Guardsman Marching”


AVAILABLE:        Early September



       Better late than never, as they say. So here is one of the lighter tanks in the Allied Armour Inventory…The M3A3 “Stuart”.

       Although development of this tank began before America entered the war the little Stuart was one of the first U.S. tanks to see actual battle…in North Africa.

       By 1944 it was primarily used as a tracked scouting and reconnaissance tank that operated ahead of the main body of British, Canadian and American medium battle tanks.

       DD223    “M3A3 “StuartLight Tank”

Named after the famous Confederate Cavalry leader our little “Stuart” is in the markings of the 52nd. Armoured Brigade of the famous British 7th. Armoured Division (The Desert Rats). Apart from its small 37mm main gun it is equipped with 2 x .30 caliber machine guns and a half-body tank commander.


AVAILABLE:        Early September



Following on from the earlier successful releases of the Red Army we are launching six all-new soldiers and one small but unique armoured vehicle…Perfect for a modest diorama or part of a much larger one…


          RA022            “Red Army Soldier Sitting Wounded”

Many photographs of the early-war in Russia show figures similar to this unfortunate Red Army private.  An uncertain fate awaits him in Nazi custody.


        RA023            “Red Army Soldier Surrendering”

                Another unlucky “Ivan” who is falling into German hands.


        RA027            “Red Army General”        

                A greatcoat-clad Russian senior officer…Stern, stone-faced and used to war.


        RA049            “BA-64B Soviet Armoured Car”

One of the smallest Russian armoured fighting vehicles and one of the most numerous.  Some captured ones were even used by the Germans.


RA050              “Red Army Platoon Leader


RA051              “Advancing Burp Gunner”


RA052              “Advancing Rifleman”


AVAILABLE:                Early September    



One of the best surprises of the past 12 months has been the amazingly warm reception to the revised and renewed “THE REAL WEST” series…the response has been nothing short of phenomenal. And so, let’s strike while the iron is hot…


        TRW048         “The Cut-Throat Duel”       

One wounded trooper is about to meet his end at the hands (and knife) of a very angry Sioux warrior.


TRW049        “The Last Bullet”

       This sitting wounded trooper turns in surprise as one of the enemy closes in.


TRW050        “Falling Horseman”

       Both horse and rider have been fatally wounded.


TRW051        “Friends To The End”

       As one kneeling trooper tries to fire his carbine…left handed, his wounded buddy struggles to aim his revolver.


TRW052        “Kneeling Officer/Pistol & Carbine”

       Aiming his pistol in one hand and holding his carbine in the other this officer will sell his life dearly.


AVAILABLE:        Mid September


E.         “These Damn Russian Roads!”

A little, already-obsolete German armoured car breaks down on a lonely Russian road…Are there any Partisans around…?


        WS246            “Adler Kfz.13 Armoured Car”

       Originally designed in the late 1920’s to comply with the Versailles Treaty specifications these little vehicles were used extensively in the Polish and French campaigns of 1939 and 1940.  Although under-gunned and under armoured by June 1941 when “Operation Barbarossa” took place they were once more called back into service.


WS249           “Breakdown”

       A kneeling “mechanic” bends down to make a roadside-repair while his companion anxiously looks at his watch and seems to say…”Just how long is this going to take!?!


WS250           “Checking Papers”

       Always a useful figure for any roadside display or diorama…a standing Military Policeman checks a soldiers identity papers and movement orders.


AVAILABLE:        Mid September


F.         “DESERT TRIO”

Three additional releases to go with our latest Australian Light Horse releases or last month’s Lawrence of Arabia Bedouin warriors…


AL054            “Turkish Commander”

       A standing, caped figure inspired by the Turkish officer in the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” played by Jose Ferrer.


AL055            “German Officer w/Pistol”

       A dynamic fighting German Officer on seconded duty with the Turkish Army.  He wears German WW1 “Tropical” uniform complete with neck cloth to ward off the blistering sun.


AL056            “Turkish Staff Car”

       A while back one of our collectors in Australia repainted our WW1 German Staff Car as it might have appeared in the Middle East during the First World War.  Here at K&C, we liked the idea so much we thought “Let’s do our own official K&C version”…and here it is.

       As you can see we’ve made a few subtle changes and added a completely new Turkish driver!


AVAILABLE:        Mid September      


2.          Retirements

Again quite a batch and a very mixed bag of different ranges and series covered.  And here they are…


Mounted Australian Flag bearer w/ Squadron Guidon


Turkish Machine Gunner


Turkish 77mm Artillery Set


"The Rescue"


Turkish Officer w/ Flag


Standing Lighthorseman


Surrender or Die!


General Sir Edmund Allenby


Heliograph Set


Dodge WC54 U.S. Army ambulance (Summer Version)


Sepp Dietrich


M3 Grant Cruiser Tank


Legion Officer w/ Tommy Gun


Legionnaire Advancing w/ Rifle


Legionnaire Running w/ Rifle


Legionnaire Kneeling Rifle


Legionnaire Standing Rifle


Legionnaire Lying Machine Gun


LAH Officer at Attention


LAH Officer Marching w/ Sword


LAH Presenting Arms


LAH Marching w/ Rifle


At Ease


At Attention


The Big Jump


Classic Napoleon




Street Patrol


Hitlerjugend, Running Officer


Hitlerjugend, Panzer Meyer Set


"DAS REICH" Banner Bearer


Tiger Tank Guards



As per usual many thanks for your continued support!




                                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                        King & Country