SEPTEMBER for KING & COUNTRY means… CHICAGO! And CHICAGO means the “Old Toy Soldier Show” the biggest toy soldier show in the world… and the best. The reason I say that is because it lasts several days and brings together a huge number of dealers, visitors and manufacturers from all over the world. For 5 or 6 days (and nights) you eat, sleep, drink and talk toy soldiers morning, noon and into the wee small hours!

K&C has been taking part and going to the Windy City for almost 25 years and each show keeps getting better and better. We get to meet hundreds of K&C collectors and talk with them… dozens of dealers and fellow manufacturers. We get to show and preview our latest products plus we get to see what the competition is up to!

All in all it’s a blast and in a couple of weeks we… Helen, Gordon, Patrick and yours truly will be there along, I hope, with Martin from Kings X in San Antonio and Laura,

K&C’s co-founder and the lady who first suggested, “Hey, why don’t we start up our own toy soldier company!”

And the rest they say… is history… So, here goes with all the latest “scuttlebutt”





Over the coming months we will be releasing quite a few new AFRIKA KORPS sets to build up our Axis forces in North Africa… Here are the first two…


AK050 “Panzer III Tank”

A brand-new version of a now-retired, early AK release. This model has lots of extra detail, a great sand-weathered paint finish and comes with a half-body crew figure in the turret. It is in the marking of 15th Pz. Division.


AK051 “Afrika Korps Guardbox Special”

A neat little set of a typical German Sentry box and another all-new sculpt… a standing guard with rifle slung. Perfect to protect lonely desert airfields and other AK installations.

And at a great price!


Available Now!



When we retired our veteran LAH Parade figures recently we already had these new versions in the works…

Six LAH officers and men, restyled and resculpted, complete with marching-style back packs to fill out the ranks of any BERLIN’38 collection.

Plus there is a neat little display set as well.


LAH103 “Nazi Eagles on Plinth”

In cities like Munich, Nuremburg and, of course, Berlin, street architecture was utilized by the Nazis to help “frame” their displays and rallies.

A pair of typical “Germanic” eagles in Golden/Brass colour surmount simple but elegant stone columns.

Dimensions:   Height: 21.5cm Base: 4.4cm x 3.8cm


LAH113 “LAH Officer At Attention”


LAH114 “LAH Marching w/ Sword”


LAH115 “LAH Presenting Arms”


LAH116 “LAH Marching w/ Rifle”


LAH117 “At Ease”


LAH118 “At Attention”


Special Note: All of these new LAH figures have, for the first time, the all-white belt, braces, crossbelts and backpacks.


Available Now!



From pre-war Nazi Germany we travel through the Alps to Mussolini’s Fascist Italy.

This new series echoes K&C’s BERLIN38” and begins with a modest release of just eight figures and a great fighting vehicle.

For too long toy soldier and military miniature makers have neglected Germany’s Axis Allie. Well, not now. Although this first release is mostly parade, the inclusion of a small armoured assault gun points out that K&C will not confine our Italian forces to solely a “parade” role in any collection.


IF001 “Mounted Mussolini”

The Italian Dictator in a familiar role as “First Corporal” of the Fascist State. “Il Duce” wears a beautifully tailored gray/green uniform and sits proudly on one of his favourite steeds saluting the troops.


Special Note: A standing saluting Mussolini is also in the works for later release.


IF002 “Consul General of the Chaplain’s Dept.”

The Church played an ambivalent role in Fascist politics… Some of the hierarchy were only too happy to join any movement that would combat the Communist and Socialist opposition. Our figure portrays a senior army chaplain giving the Fascist salute.


IF003 “Marching Officer”


IF004 “Marching Standard Bearer”

The Fascists borrowed many design features for their badges, banners and flags from Imperial Romeas we can see here.


IF005 “Marching Rifleman”

This soldier is wearing “mixed rig”… typical of Italian Forces in both the war in Ethiopia in 1936 and later in North Africa. It was quite usual to see the gray/green jacket worn with the lightweight Khaki trousers and gray/green leggings.

The Italian sun helmet was also widely worn by all ranks.


IF006 “At Attention Bugler”


IF007 “At Ease Soldier”

This particular pose is very Italian… relaxed but ready!


IF008Officer with Map”

A senior officer (a Colonel) in all gray/green uniform, black shirt and ski cap consulting his map.


Available Now!


IF009Semovente M40-75/18”

A neat little, self propelled gun in action somewhere in North Africa between 1940 and 1943. Two-tone desert camouflage and sitting commander, note the captured Bren Gun replacing the Italian Light Machine Gun.




SPECIAL NOTE: More Italian Forces, including action pieces, are already in the works for release in 2010.



It’s a gigantic historical leap from Mussolini’s Fascist Forces back in time to Medieval Knights but we’ll make it anyway…

Templar Knights belonged to a holy military order that was founded in 1120 to protect pilgrims making their way to and through The Holy Land.

Taking lifelong vows of chastity… poverty and obedience they were famous for their fighting skills and battlefield prowess. Knights journeyed from all over Western Europe to join the order and for almost 200 years they were a powerful force throughout the period of The Crusades.


MK062 “Sir Arthur De Mountford

An Anglo/ Norman knight from the mid 12th. Century.


MK063 “Wounded Templar Set”

One “Templar” supports a seriously wounded other…


MK064 “Standing Saracen Archer”


MK065 “Mounted Charging Saracen with Sword”


MK066 “Mounted Templar with Banner”


MK067 “Crusader Archer Set”


MK068 “Fighting Priest with Axe”

Not all Medieval clerics believed in “turning the other cheek!”


MK069 “Standing Man-at-Arms”

A Scottish soldier on Crusade.


MK070 “Dressing for Battle

A knight is made ready for combat assisted by his kneeling squire. On a small nearby table rests his dagger, helmet, a flagon of ale and his shield.


MK071 “Crusader Tent #1”

An all-new version of a typical medieval tent which K&C produced many years ago.


MK072 “Templar Grand Master”

Jean de Falaise… ruthless, clever and a devoted Templar.


MK073 “Templar Standard Bearer”

Duke Thierry de Caen-Bayeux, nephew of the Grand Master and killed at Acre in 1186.


MK074 “Crusader Tent #2”


MK075 “Crusader Tent #3”






A. October sees the release of a brand-new series honouring the men of Britain’s Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

This first release primarily focuses on “The Battle of Britain which was fought in the skies over southern Britain throughout the Summer and into the Autumn of 1940…

France had fallen, most of Western Europe was in German hands and the might of Hitler’s Luftwaffe was to descend on a lonely, beleaguered Britain fighting for its life.

Hitler knew that if he was to successfully invade the little island Kingdom he had to smash the Hurricanes and Spitfires of the Royal Air Force first. The fate of democracy and what was left of the Free World hung, for those few short months, in the balance. All that stood between the Nazis and their all-too-real threat of world domination was a relative handful of young fighter pilots and just over 50 squadrons of Hawker Hurricanes and Supermarine Spitfires.

Next year, 2010, marks the 70th.Anniversary of one of the major turning points of the Second World War. Journey back with K&C to the dark days of 1940 and this epic aerial battle that defeated Hitler for the very first time…


Introducing the first of an ongoing series…


RAF001 “Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding

The head of Fighter Command and the leading architect of the RAF’s victory over the Luftewaffe. K&C’s figure shows him in a typical pose paying a visit to one of his front line squadrons during the Battle.


RAF002 “Squadron Leader Douglas Bader”

A flying legend in the RAF. Bader lost both legs in a pre war flying accident but fought to return to operational flying at the outbreak of the war.

During the Battle he commanded 242 Squadron made up of mostly Canadian pilots. Bader had that fiercely competitive spirit that fills all fighter pilots. He shot down 22 enemy aircraft before being shot down himself in 1941. He spent the rest of the war as a prisoner of war in the infamous Colditz Castle in eastern Germany.


RAF003Flying Officer “Moggy” Cattermole & Reilly”

One of the leading characters in author Derek Robinson’s “Piece of Cake” novel about the Fall of France and the Battle of Britain. Moggy is a “nasty piece of work” but a great fighter pilot! “Reilly” is the squadron mascot.


RAF004 “Sgt. Pilot Ginger Lacey”

James “Ginger” Lacey was one of the NCO pilots who made up a quarter of Fighter Command’s strength during the Battle. Just 23 years old he destroyed at least 15 German aircraft (probably more) in the summer of 1940 and survived the War.


RAF005 “Flight Lieutenant Sandy Johnstone

Originally a civilian navigation instructor and part-time pilot with 602 (City of Glasgow) Auxiliary Squadron, Johnson flew Spitfires during the Battle first as a flight Lieutenant before becoming Squadron Leader in July 1940.


RAF006 “Waiting… and Ready!”

Two RAF pilots on readiness await that jangling phone call that will send them running for their aircraft. A very typical 1940” scene.


RAF007 “Hawker HURRICANE MK.1”

One of the two most famous British aircraft that won the Battle of Britain. Less famous than the more graceful Spitfire, the Hurricane carried eight .303 machine guns and could absorb an amazing amount of punishment.

Twice as many Hurricanes fought in the Battle than Spits and although slower than the enemy 109 it was still very popular with its pilots.

K&C’s model is in the markings of 501 (County of London) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force and has 3 “kills” to its credit. Each aircraft has fixed undercarriage… a detachable, sliding canopy and a seated pilot at the controls.


Special Note: Only 400 models of this particular Hurricane are planned for production.


RAF008 “RAF Ground Crew Set”

Without the invaluable help, effort and support of the RAF’s ground crew the Battle of Britain would easily have been lost!

Here, 3 Aircraftmen make ready to get another Hurricane or Spitfire back into the air. Set includes a Corporal Armourer and 2 x Leading aircraftmen.


RAF009 “Flying Officer & Trophy”

“Keith Sutton”, a New Zealander, with a “souvenir” tail piece from a Me. 110 he shot down.


RAF010 “MG Sports Car Set”

Fighter pilots and fast sports cars seem to go well together. Here, a young, rakish Flight Lieutenant sits in his nifty little British racing-green MG Sports Car enjoying a well-earned break from shooting down all those “nasty huns!”


From the defensive tactics of Fighter Command in the summer of 1940 we move forward to 1943 and the offensive operations of the RAF’s mighty “Bomber Command”.

Here we present three of Bomber command’s best known pilots… All of whom flew with 617 Squadron and took part in the famous “DAMBUSTERS” raid on the great dams of Western Germany in May 1943.


RAF011 “Wing Commander Guy Gibson V.C.”

Accompanied by his faithful Black Labrador “Nigger”, Gibson led the raid and was one of Bomber Command’s most experienced pilots at just 24 years old! He was awarded the Victoria Cross for the exploit. Sadly, he was killed on operations over Holland later in the war flying a Mosquito.


RAF012 “Flight Lieutenant Les Munro”

One of Gibson’s best Flight Leaders and a New Zealander who volunteered to fly with the RAF. He is one of a handful of survivors still living who took part in the epic raid.


RAF013 “Flight Lieutenant Harold “Mickey” Martin”

A great Australian bomber pilot and another of Gibson’s key flight leaders. He survived the war and went on to a long and very successful career in the peactime RAF eventually becoming an Air Vice Marshal.


SPECIAL NOTE: These are just a few of the great RAF figures, aircraft and diorama accessories K&C has planned… look out for more in the coming months!






B. From the skies of wartorn Europe in 1940 and 1943 to the winter landscape of the Ardennes Forest in December 1944… Every Autumn and Fall you can find K&C preparing to launch our own mini offensive with our latest offerings of German and American troops and fighting vehicles… First here are the enemy



BBG022Sd.Kfz 251/22 “PakwagenAusf. D” (Winter)

Boy what a mouthful!!!

After we made the first summer version we thought “this could look equally good as a Battle of the Bulge vehicle”. And so, we designed three new figures, made a few changes and did a completely different winter/snow paint scheme.


Available Now!


BBG021Jagdpanzer IV”

The Jagdpanzer IV was the final development of the tank destroyer on the chassis of a standard tank. Development of this vehicle was championed by General Heinz Guderian when he was Inspector General of Panzer Forces in 1942/43. It was intended to replace STUG III’s and IV’s and first appeared in late 1944. It was used extensively during “The Battle of The Bulge”. Our model is typical of one of those attached to the 116th. Panzer Division. A winter-clad tank commander is included.


BBG023Steyr 1500 FunkKraftwagen

Another mouthful… but a great little vehicle… and useful too! Radio communications were and are vital to any modern army and in 1944 the German Army was no exception.

This great looking little truck was built on the well-proved Steyr 1500 chassis. Here in its original Wehrmacht/factory finish gray it’s got a light frosting of snow as well as a battle-worn dust and mud layer too. Seen inside the cab is a very, very cold driver!


BBG024 “Attack”

And doing just that are these 3 Volksgrenadiers making an attack on an American position. All are in heavy winter greatcoats with, in two cases, camouflage smocks on top.


BBG025 “Rifle Support”

An advancing Volksgrenadier shouts a warning as his mate fires a well-aimed round at some retreating GI’s.


BBG026 “Winter Rifleman”

A great little single figure character study of aVolksgrenadier… Rifle on one shoulder and Panzerfaust on the other… this soldier has seen his fill of war…


BBG027 “Advancing Rifleman”

War has to go on however and this other single rifleman is moving stealthily forward on an enemy location…


BBG028 “Covering Fire”

Lying on the frozen hard ground of the Ardennes this MG42 gunner provides back up fire support to some of his comrades moving ahead.




C. “Talking of the Battle of The Bulge and Christmas…?”

Well, we weren’t actually but who cares… With last year’s Christmas set of GI’s feeding two little Belgian orphans we neglected to add… a Santa Claus.

And now here he is… or at least a GI who’s made an effort to dress up as Santa using an old, discarded and beat up greatcoat and… a pot of red paint.


XM009-01 G.I. Santa illustrates just how far some U.S. servicemen would go to bring a smile to some little kid’s face. Our “Christmas Hero” has managed to scrounge, beg, borrow (or steal) a few goodies for the kids and his buddies… He’s even stuck some holly and berries onto his helmet! Even in wartime Christmas is always Christmas!


D. “Alternative Christmas Fun”

From Christmas in 1944 to a little celebration up at the North Pole…


XM009-02 “Mr. & Mrs. Claus having fun!”

All the toys are madethe presents are packed… the elves have gone to bed and Santa’s sled is loaded. He’s about to head off on Christmas Eve and, to celebrate, Mr. & Mrs. Claus enjoy a little jig around the workshop floor.

There’s a long night ahead but for a brief moment Santa and his Missus can enjoy each other’s happiness. The two-figure set also includes the tall candle stand.




E. “And now for something completely different…”

Monty Python were maybe onto something because after visiting Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus up at the North Pole we’ve landed in Ancient China… or at least a few hundred years ago…


IC035 “The Hunting Set”

Here two members of the Emperor’s Bodyguard Regiment are out hunting in the Palace’s own Royal Hunting Grounds.

As one guardsman holds aloft his rabbit victim the mounted guardsman is after bigger game… a local deer.

All these pieces make a colourful addition to this popular collection.





Can you believe it guys… just one set is being put out to pasture!


WS075 “Summer Commander’s Conference”



And that is that for another month. As I said at the beginnings of this month’s DISPATCHES… Chicago is just a couple of weeks away… I can’t wait for it. All of us at K&C who are going look forward to seeing quite a few of you at the show.

Until then very best personal wishes to everyone!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country