Greetings One & All and welcome to October’s “DISPATCHES” which have been written on Saturday 12 September...Well in advance of the October deadline!

        The reason being I fly off to the States for 3 important events...First, the K&C/Sierra Toy Soldiers Day (and Night) that I told you about earlier in the September “DISPATCHES”...Then onto the “Chicago Toy Soldier Show”...and finally down to Galveston in Texas for the installation of a 70 square foot diorama representing the Battle of San Jacinto fought on April 21, 1936.  This was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution which led to Texas gaining its independence from Mexico.  For over a year now K&C have been working on this major museum project...building the landscape, complete with the Mexican Camp and designing and producing over 1900 figures that will feature on the diorama itself.

        However, before I get into all of that...There’s all of this...



A.     “Desert Warriors”

It’s been a wee while since K&C were back in the Western Desert among the burning sands of North Africa.  So, we’re taking the opportunity to take on Rommel and his Afrika Korps once more with these 6 great new releases...

This first batch of turbaned “Desert Warriors” belong to the famous 4th. Indian Division also known as “The Red Eagle Division”.

The Division was formed in Egypt in 1939 and was the first Indian Army formation to go overseas during the Second World War.  In addition to fighting in North Africa the Division saw action in Italy as well.

Today the Division still plays an important combat role in the modern, independent Indian Army.


EA101               “Sikh Grenadier”

                                 Lee Enfield rifle in one hand...Mills Bomb in the other!


EA102               “Fire Team”

Kneeling and standing Sikh riflemen picking out their targets.


EA103               “Sikh Mortar Team”

                                 Two kneeling Sikh infantrymen manning their 81mm mortar.



EA104               “Tommy Gun Sergeant”

                                 Sikh NCO leads his men forward to engage the enemy.


EA105               “Charge!”

Bayonets fixed...and a rapid advance to the front...”Watch out Fritz!!!


EA106               “M3 Stuart “Honey” Desert Tank”

                                 In support of our 4th Indian Division Sikh infantry is this iconic tracked desert warrior...the American-built, British M3 Stuart (also known as the “Honey”).  Our model is in the markings of the 7th Armoured Division, the famous “Desert Rats” and comes with a sitting, full-body vehicle commander in the open top turret hatch.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-October



From the desert sands of North Africa in 1942 we go back eighteen months to the Fall of France in May and June 1940...With these French Army releases.


FoB111             “The Panhard 178 Armoured Car”

This was an advanced, for its time, French reconnaissance 4 x 4 armoured car that was designed for France’s motorized cavalry regiments just before the outbreak of WW2.

With a crew of 4, it mounted a 25mm main gun and 7.5mm coaxial machine gun.

After the defeat of France in June 1940 many were taken over by the Wehrmacht and used extensively throughout the rest of the war...Usually on “internal security” and “anti-partisan” duties on the Eastern Front.

Our new K&C Panhard comes in typical early war French-style camouflage and includes a vehicle commander figure in the turret.


FoB112             “Standing Armoured Car Crewman”

                                 Dressed in the standard armoured corps leather jerkin, holding his helmet and wearing his beret this soldier could only...be French!


FoB113             “Walking Ready Poilu”

                                 During the battle for France in May and June 1940 the greatest burden and casualties fell on the French infantry.

                                 Here this “Poilu” warily advances (or perhaps retreats) rifle at the ready.  His uniform and equipment has barely changed since 1918!


FoB114             “Marching Poilus”

                                 As one “Poilu” mops his brow the other doggedly marches on in this little 2-man set of French infantrymen.


FoB115             “Marching Machine Gunner”

                                 Carrying his FM24/29 Light Machine Gun another Poilu looks out for the enemy.

                                 This robust and reliable weapon was partly derived from the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and served the French Army for more than 50 years!

                                 It was the standard squad-level automatic weapon and saw plenty of action in WW2 as well as postwar in Indo China and Algeria.


FoB116             “Marching Medic”

                                 All armies need medics and stretcher bearers and the French army was no exception...Here our “Poilu Medic” shoulders the folded stretcher as well.


FOB117            “Hotchkiss Machine Gun Crew Set”

                                 Originally developed for use in the First World War, this tripod-mounted gun was a sturdy and reliable source of firepower during the early stages of WW2.

                                 As one of our gunners observes the enemy through his binos the other prepares to open fire.


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late October



Long before the outbreak of WW2 Adolf Hitler, the failed artist, had great visions for the great, new Germany he wanted to build once he had defeated and conquered all his enemies...


LAH193            “Inspecting Germania”

Of prime importance in Hitler’s dreams was his wish to build not only a new capital for Germany...He wanted to build a new city that would be the capital of all of German-dominated Europe!  And he was going to call it “GERMANIA”.

Here, we see Hitler, together with his favourite architect Albert Speer overlooking a scale model of just part of their grandiose town-planning scheme for the bigger, better, bolder Berlin.

The Fuhrer, leaning over the model, uses a magnifying glass to examine all the fine detail to ensure nothing has been left out...

By his side stands the pensive (and proud) Speer happy to see his leader’s appreciation of his and his team’s work.

Up until almost the final days of the Fall of Berlin one of Hitler’s favourite past times was to visit and inspect the many architectural models of “Germania”, his great capital city that would never be built!


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late October



As I’ve said many times before...as long as K&C has its US Flag-ship Store “KINGS X” in San Antonio, Texas...we will never forget it!

Here are some new additions


RTA086             “Advancing Firing”

A bandanna covering his head this young Tejano fires his musket.


RTA087             “Firing New Orleans Grey”

                                 A standing firing “Grey” from the famous volunteer unit that fought at the Alamo.


RTA088             Pistoleer

                                 One of the New Orleans “Greys”...an officer, fires his pistol in one hand, his sword in the other.


RTA089             “Mexican Officer w/Pistol”


RTA090             “Mexican Drummer”


RTA091             “Mexican Flagbearer”


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late October



For as long as I can remember I have always loved the stories, legends and films about “Robin Hood” and his exploits.

Some time ago I was watching, for the umpteenth time, the classic Warner BrothersThe Adventures of, Robin Hood”, the great 1938 swash-buckler starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone and Claude Rains.

Not for the first time, I thought why don’t K&C do a “Robin Hood” series that can draw on the influences and inspiration of movies like this one as well as another old favourite...the 1952 British “Robin Hood” film starring a young and dashing “Richard Todd”.  Even further back was another inspirational picture, the Douglas Fairbank’s “Robin Hood” silent movie, made back in 1922.

All of these wonderful adventure films as well as books and comics of my youth provided a wealth of material to build a series around.

And here are just a few of the first examples of this exciting and colorful new addition to our K&C catalogue.


RH001              “Robin Hood”

Over the centuries our hero has had many names...Robin, Earl of Huntington...Robin of Loxley...Robyn of York...and many, many others.

However, one thing all the stories agree upon was that he was a highly skilled archer and swordsman.

In addition, he is often portrayed as “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor”.  And traditionally, he was also garbed in “a coat of Lincoln Green”...particularly useful and sensible if you are going to hide out from your enemies in a forest!

Our “Robin” stands four-square, one hand on hip and holding his longbow in the other.  As you can see he’s not completely in “Lincoln Green”, his earth brown doublet makes a nice contrast to the rest of him but he still has that quietly confident look about him and seems ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice should circumstance demand it.



RH002              “Will Scarlett”

                                 One of Robin’s most trusted Lieutenant’s and... a pretty fair archer in his own right.

                                 Bow and arrow in hand the more colorful Will still has a “splash” of Lincoln Green in his dress but, as can be seen, it’s easy to see how he got his name!


RH003              “Friar Tuck”

                                 In many of the stories and Legends of Robin Hood a common character is this corpulent and roguish churchman.

                                 In most tales he is depicted as a well-fed, jovial monk with a fondness for good food and fine ale...although he has a fiery temper into the bargain.  He’s also handy with a quarter staff and sword.


SPECIAL NOTE:        Look out for many more of Robin’s “Merrie Men” in coming months as well as...”Guy of Gisbourne” and some of the Sherrif of Nottingham’s nasty, Norman underlings!!!


AVAILABLE:      Mid-October



From the tales, myths and legends of Sherwood Forest to the glory and splendour of the army of Napoleon in the early 19th Century...


NA308              “The Eating Horse”

                                 A standing horse belonging to a 7th Hussar enjoys his mid- day meal.


NA312X            “The Trumpeter” (A K&C Xclusive Figure)

                                 A handsome and highly detailed figure of a 7th Hussar trumpeter...Only available direct from King & Country.


AVAILALBLE:    Late October



Three hundred years later and the `action’ has moved to Arnhem and the second release of new `Market Garden’ figures and related pieces this Autumn...


MG060(P)                “Standing Bren Gunner”

                                 Perhaps one of General Kussin’s assailants..?


MG063X           “Resupply” (A K&C Xclusive Figure)

A bending Paratrooper prepares to open a wicker supplies container dropped by the Royal Air Force during the operation.

Exclusively available from K&C direct


MG064(P)                “Ready Rifleman”

Alert for action!  As this para lowers his Lee Enfield .303 his finger is still on the trigger.


MG066             “Airborne Container”

                                 Hundreds of these large metal supply containers were dropped all over Arnhem...Alas, many fell into German hands...Those that did land safely contained extra weapons and ammunition as well as food and medical supplies.

                                 Set includes both containers


WH044             “Arnhem Ambush”

                                 Arnhem’s German Military Commander, General Friedrich Kussin had the fatal misfortune to run into some of the advancing British paratroopers on the outskirts of the Dutch town.

                                 A fusillade of rifle and machine gunfire raked the General’s car and killed both his driver and himself!


Our CITROEN TRACTION staff car was one of the thousands that the Wehrmacht took over after the Fall of France in 1940.

                                 As the General’s ill-fated driver sits slumped dead behind the wheel the senior officer himself has been dragged lifeless out of the car and left `half in-half out’ of the vehicle.

                                 Looks great with some Paras standing around!


WH045             “Lying Dead German Officer”

                                 Another victim of the `ambush’...This officer lies dead on the road next to the car...or he can be used in a 101 different ways to suit your own collection.


AVAILABLE:      Late October/Early November



As usual a few here and there...



Jagdpanther Ausf.G1


Kaiser Bill


Field Marshal August Von Mackenson


Field Marshal Karl Von Bulow


The Kaiser's Valet


Sampan Set I


1938 Hitler Saluting


Officer Turning in Saddle


Officer with Regimental Guidon




Grenadier w/Sword (looking front)


Grenadier w/Sword (looking left)


Scout Grenadier w/Musket


Temple Ruins


Normandy Pillbox



And that, my friends, is that for one more month...All the best!!!





Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country






Hi Guys,

        I just arrived back from the States on Saturday to hear the good news that our third and final Japanese Mitsubishi A6M “Zero” is now finished and ready for shipping next week...


JN014              Saburo Sakai’s Zero”

Petty officer later Lieutenant Sakai was an Imperial Japanese Navy “ace” who took part in the attack on the Philippines in the days immediately after Pearl Harbor.  Having already seen combat in the war in China Sakai was a battle-hardened veteran fighter pilot when he attacked Clark Field, the principal U.S. air base in the Philippine Islands.

Through the course of the Pacific War he fought and flew in many of the principal theatres of operations and continually added to his tally of enemy “Kills”.

Officially, Sakai was credited with 28 aerial victories although one of his biographies claims up to 64 “Kills”..!

Our model shows one of Saburo Sakai’s “Zeros” as it appeared in 1942 complete with a diagonal blue stripe and the code “V103” on the tail plane.

A standing figure of Sakai is also included with this aircraft.

Just 150 of this special set are being released.


JN010            “Saburo Sakai”

For those who already have one or two of our “Pearl Harbor” Zeroes the standing figure of Saburo Sakai clutching his “Samurai” sword is also available as a single figure release.



AVAILABLE:   October 19 (Monday)!!!


All the Best!