October 2013


The tenth month of the year announces the approach of winter and the first appearance of winter-themed figures and fighting vehicles in the King & Country inventory…



1.A. “In The Bleak Mid Winter

In olden days armies preferred to campaign and fight their battles in the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons.  Winter was for resting up and retraining whenever possible.  In the 20th Century that was a luxury neither the Allies nor the Axis forces were allowed…


BBG065          “Panzer IV H (Winter)”

This is a great winterized version of the Panzer IV…This battle-weary Panzer already has its white-washed camouflage fading in places and its mud-smeared wheels and tracks provide evidence of its previous actions. The vehicle includes the tank commander figure.


AVAILABLE:  Late October


BBG071          “Winter Chained-Dog”

This standing military policeman is well-wrapped to keep warm as he gives instructions to the advancing soldiers.


BBG073          “Standing Tank Rider”

This greatcoat-clad soldaten is carrying an MG42 machine gun and should stand easily on any of our “winter” armoured vehicles.


BBG074          “Kneeling Tank Rider w/Rifle”


BBG075          “Crouching Tank Rider w/Rifle”


BBG076          “Kneeling Ready Tank Rider”


BBG077          “Standing Officer w/MP40”


BBG078          “Standing Firing Rifle”


BBG079          “Kneeling Aiming MP40”


BBG080          “Standing Ready w/Rifle”


BBG081          “Kneeling Officer w/MP40”


AVAILABLE:  Mid October


B.         “Café Guests”

To complete our little Normandy Café (SP054) here are few little additions…


               FOB094          “Café Customers”

A German officer relaxes with his sergeant at a typically French café.  The set includes both soldiers…two separate chairs and the little traditional wrought iron and marble topped table.


FOB095         “Table & Chairs”

       An additional set of two chairs and the table.


AVAILABLE : Mid October


C.         “Crusader Knights”

K&C’s “The Cross & The Crescent” series of fighting Crusaders and Saracens is not only one of our most popular series…It’s also one of the most colourful.  Here are five new additions…from across Europe.


MK103          “Sir Oliver D’Ingham

       Resplendent in forest green and golden yellow this English Knight is also carrying his personal standard.


MK104          “A Knight of the Accarigi Family”

       This famous Tuscan family had red and gold as their colours together with the “fleur de lys as their emblem.


MK105          “Francesco di Sienna”

       Another crusader knight from Tuscany…armed with a mace.


MK106          “A Teutonic Knight”

MK107          “A Knight of Saxony”

       Charging forward lance and pennant to the fore!


AVAILABLE : Mid October


D.        “Under Fire”

These 13 new “Classic” Wehrmacht are, I believe, some of the finest “action” figures K&C has produced…The story behind them is also interesting…Last December I was visiting M. Fred Genard of Toy Soldier Paris and seeing his new warehouse and showroom.  While there Fred organized a gathering of many of his top collectors.  At the evening one of Fred’s clients kindly presented me with an original 1943 German Wehrmacht Calendar that contained a wealth of great illustrations of German Soldiers in action on the Eastern Front.  These new pieces are based on many of those same original illustrations.


WS233           “Squad Leader”

       MP40 in one hand this NCO gestures to his men to follow him.


WS234           “Running Messenger”

       A company runner races forward to pass on a vital message…


WS235           “Give me the Message!”

       Rifle in one hand this soldier reaches back for the written order.


WS236           “Radioman”

       This lying prone radio operator is attempting to stay in contact with other elements of his company.


WS237           “Wounded!” (2 figs.)

       A German Medic provides some water for a seriously wounded comrade.  Please note in the German Army most medics carried a sidearm…especially on the Eastern Front!


WS238           “The Grenadier”   

       This dynamic soldier has just thrown one grenade at the enemy. Already he has another in his left hand…


WS239           “Officer Rifleman”

       This lying prone officer is taking his place in the front line aiming carefully at the approaching enemy.


WS240           “Shouting NCO”

       Another prone figure…this time with an MP40Schmeisser in one hand and shouting out orders to his men.


WS241           “Covering Fire”

       This prone MG34 gunner is laying down a blanket of fire while his comrades maneuver


WS242           “Out-of-Action”

       One of the “walking woundedmaking his way towards the company medic for treatment.


WS243           “Running Rifleman ‘A’ ”

       Bent over and moving fast…


WS244           “Running Rifleman ‘B’ ”

       Another rifleman moving across the battlefield his K98 Mauser held firmly in both hands.


AVAILABLE : Mid to Late October


E.         “Santa on Skis”

It’s an Annual K&C Christmas tradition to have our Santa on a Yultide mission.  This year is no exception…


XM013-01     “Ski-ing Santa”

       Every now and then Mr. Claus has to forego his sleigh and reindeer and take to his skis to make a special delivery.

       Here the man of the moment has a full sack load of toys and gifts for some very good little boys and girls!


AVAILABLE :       Mid to Late October


2.          BEING RETIRED…

A very big and very varied list of retirements this month and some outstanding figures and great bargains as well…  Check ‘em out!



High Priest of RA God of the Sun


Hand Maiden to Priest of RA


The ‘Follow-Me’ Jeep


Prize of Arms


Cold Feet Warm Boots


Lt. Werner Voss


Manfred Von Richthofen


Hermann Goering


The Bishop of Tours


Richard the Lionheart


Mounted Templar w/ Banner


Crusader Archers Set


Templar Grand Master


Templar Standard Bearer


Sergeant Pilot George Unwin


Sergeant Pilot Antoni Glowacki


Flying Officer Andy Mamedoff


Flying Officer John "Pancho" Villa


RAF Policeman


RAF Kneeling Armourer


Church Façade


Corner Shop House



And that, as I like to say, is that for another month.  By the time you read this Chicago will have come and gone but there’s always next year!

Best wishes and as the old Rolling Stones song says “You can’t always get what you want”…We’d like add “But we hope you got what you came for!


                                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                                            Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                        King & Country