November 2018


WELCOME to this month’s ‘DISPATCHES’ and again a fair number of releases that stretch back to Roman times and then reach forward to the world we live in today... In between of course we have a few diversions towards the Battle of the Alamo, the latter days of the First World War, into the Second great conflict and on to Vietnam in ’68.


Add to that our latest ‘Santa Claus’ figure and a very famous, fictional Belgian detective and you have a typically unusual and original K&C mixture.

Now, read on...




As regular collectors of K&C vehicles know we often, whenever possible, like to release at least 2 versions of most German WW2 vehicles in order that collectors can have at least one for summer campaigns on the Eastern or Western Fronts and another that can be utilized in a ‘Battle of the Bulge’ scenario or a ‘Winter’ display in Russia.

Here is one such example...

WS350 “DEMAG AMBULANCE(Winter Version)

The Sd.Kfz.10 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug or Special Motorized Vehicle) was a WW2 half-track that saw widespread use in all German Theatres of Operations.  Its main role was as a prime mover of smaller towed artillery pieces however it could also carry up to 8 infantry troops.

Among its many other uses this vehicle was a ‘battlefield ambulance.’ It had excellent cross country capabilities that allowed it to get right up to the frontlines and help evacuate wounded soldiers back to base hospitals and first aid posts.

Our K&C model has had its original summer camouflage painted over with a coat of winter ‘whitewash’ by its crew but is already showing ‘wear and tear’ through the vehicles constant use in difficult cold weather conditions.

The model includes a seated driver and a removable ‘canvas’ cover.

SPECIAL NOTE:  This is a ‘LIMITED RELEASE’ with just 100 vehicles being available on a ‘first-come-first served’ basis.

AVAILABLE: Early November


B.     M. Hercule Poirot... Another great detective

Following the great popularity of K&C’s Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson several of our collectors suggested a range of other famous fictional sleuths that we could replicate in miniature.

One year ago, one of our Singapore Collector friends, Mr. Raman Pillay not only put forward M. Poirot’s name but also presented me with one of the books written by Poirot’s creator Agatha Christie at our Singapore Annual Event.  After reading the book and watching several TV episodes of the Belgian detective’s adventures plus a recent movie K&C got to work on the figure and, so you have...

WoD060 “M. Hercule Poirot

This fictional Belgian detective, created by English author, Agatha Christie has appeared in more than 33 novels, several films and television series and on radio.

He has been memorably portrayed by Albert Finney, Peter Ustinov, Orson Welles, David Suchet and most recently, Kenneth Brannaugh.

And now he is immortalized in miniature by King & Country.  As you see the dapper and fastidious M. Poirot stands confidently addressing his audience and obviously making a point of, perhaps, declaring who is the murderer or person behind the crime!

AVAILABLE: Early November


C.    Still on the subject of crime...

Singapore’s Gurkha Contingent plays an important role in helping to keep the island city /state of Singapore safe and secure for ALL its citizens and visitors.

The Contingent’s origins go back many years to even before Singapore became one of Asia’s foremost ‘dragon economies’.

Singapore although primarily a Chinese city has fairly substantial Indian and Malay minorities. One of the main advantages of having the ‘Gurkha Contingent’ is that they are racially impartial and treat all of Singapore’s different peoples fairly and equally. In addition, this paramilitary force is the only unit in Singapore that still has a number of British officers in charge alongside their Singaporean comrades.

Many of the small island state’s most secure areas and facilities are guarded and protected by these Gurkha policeman.  They also provide a strong and reliable counter terrorist force that is among the finest in Asia.

On the streets of Singapore they are easily recognized by their traditional Gurkha slouch hats and Kukri fighting knives worn at the rear of their pistol belts.

These 2 particular figures were first made available to all our collectors at K&C’s recent Event at the Singapore Cricket Club and are now ready for general release.

SAF002 “Standing Gurkha Contingent Policeman

Dressed in the smart and practical everyday navy blue uniform of the Singapore Police and carrying the Heckler Koch Mp5 Sub Machine Gun.


SAF003 “Patrolling Gurkha Contingent Police Officer

One of the SGC Police officers on patrol duty, ever watchful... ever ready, also carrying his MP5 and a side arm (Sig Sauer 9mm) and his kukri fighting knife.

AVAILABLE: Early November


D.    “Remember The Alamo... Again!”

In October K&C released the first batch of new Mexican Infantry about to storm the Alamo in the early hours of March 6, 1836.  Now, we add on the first group of Mexican casualties...

RTA097 “Two Dead Mexicans

RTA100 “Wounded Mexican Soldier

RTA101 “Lying Dead Mexican Soldier(face up)

RTA102 “Lying Dead Mexican Soldier (face down)

AVAILABLE: Early November


E.     SANTA CLAUS 2018

As regular readers of ‘COLLECTOR’ know, K&C has a special ‘Santa’ figure that we release each year... Here is 2018’s...

XM018 “Christmas Eve Santa

The presents are all packed, the heavily-laden ‘Santa Sacks’ are all loaded, onto his sled, the elves are enjoying a well-earned break and Santa is doing a final check of the addresses of all the good little boys and girls he will be visiting on his epic journey around the globe...

AVAILABLE: Mid November



Although the name ‘Stormtroopers’ has come to be associated with the nickname of Hitler’s ‘Sturmabteilung’ better known as the ‘SA’ or the ‘Brownshirts’ the actual German derivation of ‘Sturmtruppen’ dates back before the Nazis to the latter days of the First World War.

These were among the first ‘Assault Troops’ trained to move swiftly across the battlefield with deadly force using hand grenades, portable machine guns and... plenty of individual initiative!

FW-S01 “Guarding The Tank

This combination set brings together a captured British Mk. IV tank and its brand-new vehicle commander plus a standing Stormtrooper on guard.

FW232 “The Sturmtruppen Set(4 figure set)

Three heavily-armed stormtroopers with an assortment of weapons gather around their officer... Perfect for a pre battle WW1 scene near the frontline trenches OR perhaps a street scenario in revolutionary postwar Munich in the turmoil that follow the 1918 Armistice.

AVAILABLE: Mid November


G.    Roman-Style Crime & Punishment

The Roman Empire did not take kindly to those of their subject peoples who rebelled against their rule... Those bold enough to take up arms fully realized that they would need huge reserves of courage and fortitude to face up to the cruel and often barbaric punishments they would suffer should they fall into Roman hands...

RnB018 “Crucifixion of a Tribal Chief”

Crucifixion was a method of capital punishment in which the victim was tied and / or nailed to a large wooden cross and left to hang for several days and nights.  Usually the eventual cause of death was exhaustion and asphyxiation.

Although the crucifixion of Jesus is the most famous example of this form of lethal punishment it was a fairly common execution method for thieves, murderers and rebel chieftains.

RnB019 “Scourging The Prisoner”

Prior to execution it was normal Roman procedure to flog the prisoner... The usual instrument was a short whip with several single or braided leather thongs of various lengths. Into these thongs would be tied small iron balls and sharp pieces of bone at irregular intervals.

For scourging, the prisoner was stripped of most of his clothing (women were never scourged) and tied to a large wooden or stone post.

Two Roman soldiers would be on either side of the victim and would take it in turn to flog him. Extreme pain and blood loss would soon follow and it was not uncommon for the prisoner to even die of shock at the post.  Should the prisoner survive his ordeal the soldiers would often taunt their victim adding extreme insult to injury!

RnB021 “Life or Death...?”

The fate of captured rank and file rebels was usually decided in the immediate aftermath of a battle... If slaves were required either to be worked to death in the Roman quarries or as ‘gallery-slaves’ they lived (for a time).  Similarly, they might be spared to be trained as gladiators to fight in the arenas that had sprung up across the empire and in Rome itself.

If, alas, they were unsuitable for any of these destinations or were declared “surplus to requirements” a quick sword thrust was usually the end result!

RnB023 “The Sitting Centurion”

Sitting, observing his soldiers go about their duties is this sitting Centurion.  As he rests, both hands on his sword, his helmet by his side he ensures that all punishments are carried out with cruel efficiency.

AVAILABLE: Mid November


H.    Good Morning Vietnam

This small group of ‘VIETNAM’ soldiers once more focus on the fighting that erupted during the Lunar New Year celebrations of TET1968 when the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army attacked all major towns and cities across South Vietnam...

VN034 “Saigon Embassy Trio

This trio of figures portrays one of the most famous incidents of the entire TET Offensive... In the early hours of January 30, 1968 a Viet Cong guerrilla group attacked the U.S. Embassy in Saigon.  Blasting holes in the perimeter wall V.C. sappers broke into the embassy compound and took over several outlying buildings but did not actually get into the central multistorey complex.

Although the V.C. caused severe damage and killed and wounded a number of embassy military policeman and personnel they themselves were, after several hours, all killed, wounded or captured.

One of the most famous photos of the battle in and around the Embassy shows a young walking wounded V.C. guerrilla being marched outside the compound wall by two American MP’s... I’ve often wondered what happened to him. (3 figure set).

VN036 “Running For Cover

Meanwhile in Hue City, further north from Saigon, this young ‘Grunt’ sprints for cover, one hand gripping his M16, the other holding onto his steel helmet.

VN037 “Shouting Instructions

As VN036 sprints for cover his kneeling buddy shouts over to him.

VN041 “Standing Firing V.C.

Both Marines take shelter as this female Viet Cong guerrilla fires off a fusillade of rounds from her AK47.

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late November


I.       Kubelwagen Ambulances (3)

The Kubelwagen was a light military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen during WW2 for use by the German military (both Wehrmacht and Waffen SS).

Originally conceived in 1938 and called the ‘Kubelsitzwagen’, because it had no doors and bucket seats, it soon went into full production in 1940 and had its name shortened to the VW Kubelwagen.

Although the majority of Kubelwagens were built by Volkswagen other German makers such as Mercedes, Opel and Tatra also produced them.

Over the years K&C has produced quite a few of our own... but never the ‘ambulance’ version until now. Here is the first of three ambulance kubelwagens that will be available...


WH087 “Ambulance Kubelwagen (Mid-Late War)

This particular kubelwagen has had dunkelgelb’ yellow oversprayed in a camouflage pattern on top of the original ‘feldgrau’ field grey.

A wounded German soldier lies on the stretcher as the driver/ medic prepares to ferry him back to the nearest field dressing station.

The painting and ‘weathering’ on this vehicle is particularly good!

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late November



Quite a number of items on the retirement list this month so, I hope, there’s one or two that you might well want to get before they disappear....

IF044       The Desert Sahariana

JN031      Kneeling Firing

LAH184     SS Sentry

LAH187     Marching SS Officer

LAH209     Lederhosen Heini

LAH212     Like Father... Like Son

LAH215     Bavarian Nazi

LAH216     Veteran Mountain Guide

PnM032    The 3 Musketeers & D’ Artagnan

TRW076    Shocked and Stunned


And that my friends, is that for another month or so... Best wishes and happy collecting to one and all!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country Ltd.