It’s the last day of October so here I am writing up “November’s Releases”...It is, as usual, a fairly eclectic bunch however I hope there’s something in it for most of our collectors...and dealers. So here goes –


1.      “Home On The Range”

A.     We’re back again both on and off the Reservation with these two “Indian Tepees”...Down the line we hope to expand on the Indian encampment but for now this is the beginning...


TRW064            “Sioux Indian Tepee (Version #1)”

The traditional Plains Indian dwelling made out of buffalo hides and individually decorated.


TRW083            “Sioux Indian Tepee (Version #2)”

The second of two tepees that can help make you an Indian village that Custer and his men fatefully (for them) attacked.


AVAILABLE:       Early November


B.      A Second Winter Tiger...

As our first “Winter Tiger” (WS220) is almost “sold-out” and we still get plenty of requests for this...We thought let’s do a slightly different one and give it a different “hull” number – The commander figure is from our 1/2 body tank commander set.


WS309             Winter Tiger #311 (2nd Version)          


AVAILABLE:      Early November



As collectors and dealers know at this time of the year we always go on the “Winter Offensive” with a batch of German soldiers and vehicles...This year is no exception


BBG066            “2cm.Flak38 Gun & Seated Gunner”

BBG067            “Flak Gun Crew”

If you get the “gun and gunner” you definitely need the “loader” and “spotter”...All well-wrapped up against the worst of the winter weather...either on the Eastern or Western Fronts!


BBG084                “Panther G (Late Production/Winter Version)

As previewed in our recent “Belgian Winter” diorama this snow-camouflaged Panther has seen some hard-fighting and is looking like its commander, a little battle-weary.


BBG087                “Two Dead Winter Germans”   


BBG088                “SS Obergruppenfuhrer Paul “Papa” Hausser

                                 This late-war Hausser saw more than his fair share of action...even losing an eye in the process. Here, map in hand, he studies the terrain.


BBG089                “Advancing Turning”

A snow-smocked Panzer Grenadier cautiously looks to his left as he moves forward.


BBG090                “Kneeling Winter Officer”


BBG091                “Lying Pointing”

                                 A lying prone rifleman indicates a target to his front.


BBG092                “Prone MG42 Gunner”

                                 This gunner cradles his MG42 as he awaits orders.


BBG093                “What’s That?”


BBG094                “Wait!”

                                 This NCO indicates to his section to hold back...Has he seen something?


AVAILABLE:          Mid to Late November




After the “BIG PUSH” there’s the aftermath...


                 FW161             “Standing Stretcher Bearer”

This “Jock” stands holding his folded stretcher...perfect for any “behind the lines” display.


          FW162             “The Last Goodbye”

A “Tommy” stands wearily at rest...his battalion has been decimated and his mates are either dead...wounded...or missing!


                                 FW164             “Have a Drink!”

Even on the battlefield there is compassion...a badly-wounded “Fritz”, supported by a comrade, is offered a drink from the water bottle of his British captor.


 FW165            “Walking Wounded”

                                 One “Tommy” helps another back to the Casualty Clearing Station.


FW168           “Bantam & Prisoner”

                               During WW1, as British casualties mounted, the urgent need for replacements forced the Army to lower its physical requirements (especially height) and allow smaller men to join up in specially-formed Battalions called “Bantams”. Here one of these smaller soldiers, although wounded, escorts a captured German to the rear.


FW169           “Sitting Wounded Tommy”

                               This wounded corporal enjoys a mug of hot tea before returning to his unit.


FW170           “Sitting Wounded Fritz”

                               Another wounded soldier, German this time, holds up his badly wounded leg while waiting to see the Medical Orderly.


AVAILABLE:    Mid-November




From Flanders Fields in 1916/17 to Airfields in Britain in 1940...


RAF054          “RAF Bedford 1939 Fire Appliance”

This second version of our 1939 Bedford Fire Engine is a “must-have” for any of our “RAF” collectors.

Resplendent in RAF “blue” with white trim, these Bedfords joined a host of other British trucks that were converted into fire appliances for service all over the UK and overseas.


                       RAF068          “Fire Sergeant”

The NCO is wearing his everyday blue overalls and “fireman’s belt” topped off by his fire red tin helmet.


                       RAF069          “Fighting The Blaze”     

Two more RAF firemen, hose and “branch” in hand tackle a fire...the length of hose supplied attaches to the fire engine itself.


RAF070          “The Axeman

In some crashed aircraft the only way to extricate a trapped airman was to cut them out...by hand and with a fireaxe.


AVAILABLE:    Mid-November


F.         “WOUNDED”

Still in WW2, but moving over to the other side...The Feldlazarett or...Field Hospital.


WH006          “Nurse with Basin”

This young German nurse brings a basin of water to allow the doctor to “wash-up” before he moves on to the next casualty.


WH007          “The Surgeon”

This doctor attempts to clean up after dealing with the last seriously wounded soldier.


WH008          “The Wheelchair”

Empty for the moment...but invaluable in any hospital display, diorama or collection.




WH009          “Disabled Officer & Nurse”

It’s unlikely that this German Officer will be returning to the front...He’s already lost part of his left leg and his right arm...His war is over – the nurse helps move him to another part of the Field Hospital.


AVAILABLE:    Mid to Late November


G.       “Christmas Comes But Once A Year!”

We are approaching the Festive Season and we’ve been asked to redo some of our most popular previously released Christmas pieces...


XM014-03      “The Christmas Tree”

Beautifully decorated this snow-dusted tree stands atop a whole bunch of gaily wrapped presents.


XM014-04      “Santa & His Notebook”

As every child knows Santa keeps a book in which he writes down who has been good or bad and naughty or nice. Now he’s deciding which boys and girls deserve a present!?!

Set includes Santa, the bench and the “Bag of Goodies”.


AVAILABLE:    Mid to Late November



Two reissues of American & British paratroopers by special request...


                DD253           “Jumping 82nd Airborne”

                                               Two different “All-Americans” under their open chutes.


                MG058          “British Paras”

                                               A pair of British Paras doing what Paratroopers regularly do!


               AVAILABLE:  Mid-November


I.          “AUSSIES AT WAR”

The British Dominions played an important and gallant role with Britain’s own army on the Western Front. Australia was one of the first to “answer the call” of the Mother Country and send troops to fight, first in Egypt, then Gallipoli and on to France...Here’s our first batch – 12 figures...10 individual soldiers and one 2-man set...all in action.


Special Note:    These 12 figures are in a choice of 3 Separate Infantry Battalions from the Australian States of Victoria...Queensland...and New South Wales.


FW189-V           Advancing Officer (Victoria)


FW189-Q           Advancing Officer (Queensland)


FW189-NSW     Advancing Officer (New South Wales)


FW190-V           Kneeling Firing (Victoria)


FW190-Q           Kneeling Firing (Queensland)


FW190-NSW     Kneeling Firing (New South Wales)


FW191-V           Standing Firing (Victoria)


FW191-Q           Standing Firing (Queensland)


FW191-NSW     Standing Firing (New South Wales)


FW192-V           Kneeling Firing (Victoria)


FW192-Q           Kneeling Firing (Queensland)


FW192-NSW     Kneeling Firing (New South Wales)


FW193A-V         Charging (Victoria)


FW193A-Q        Charging (Queensland)


FW193A-NSW  Charging (New South Wales)


FW193B-V         Advancing (Victoria)


FW193B-Q        Advancing (Queensland)


FW193B-NSW   Advancing (New South Wales)


FW193C-V         Moving Forward (Victoria)


FW193C-Q         Moving Forward (Queensland)


FW193C-NSW   Moving Forward (New South Wales)


FW194-V           Dead Casualty (Victoria)


FW194-Q           Dead Casualty (Queensland)


FW194-NSW     Dead Casualty (New South Wales)


FW195-V           Wounded (Victoria)


FW195-Q           Wounded (Queensland)


FW195-NSW     Wounded (New South Wales)


FW196-V           Grenadier (Victoria)


FW196-Q           Grenadier (Queensland)


FW196-NSW     Grenadier (New South Wales)


FW197-V           Lewis Gunner (Victoria)


FW197-Q           Lewis Gunner (Queensland)


FW197-NSW     Lewis Gunner (New South Wales)


Additional Note: The three Battalions featured are as follows:


1st Infantry Battalion         (New South Wales)

Shoulder Patch     :       Black over Green on both shoulders


8th Infantry Battalion         (Victoria)

Shoulder Patch  :          White over Red.


9th Infantry Battalion  (Queensland)

Shoulder Patch :           Black over Light Blue.


     All three fought with distinction at Gallipoli before moving to France and the Western Front and fighting there for the remainder of the war as part of the Australian First Infantry Division.


               AVAILABLE:    Mid-November


2.         BEING RETIRED

  Not too much this month...


    WS220                The Winter Tiger 1



And that is that for one more month. Many thanks for your continued support...GREAT SALES and VERY BEST WISHES to you and your customers!





                                                                                                Andy C. Neilson

                                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                                King & Country       







Hi Guys,

        Here’s an update on some new releases that are arriving a wee bit earlier than expected...




        The first figures and buildings of this whole new version of an old favorite are going to be available in less than 2 weeks time!

        They are as follows...


WoD001          “Bill Sikes”

The real “Villain of the Piece” in “Oliver Twist” and memorably portrayed by the late Oliver Reed in the 1968 Oscar winning musical “Oliver!”


WoD002          “Fagin”

Another villain, if ever there was one, although to be honest (not that he was) definitely not as bad or as cruel as Bill Sikes. He ran a “den of thieves” where, for a time, young Oliver found refuge...Thanks to...


WoD003          “Dodger”

Or to be more precise...The Artful Dodger”...Fagin’s young apprentice and destined, from an early age, to be a thief himself. Although he was always kind to Oliver.


WoD004          “Mr. Bumble”

The Beadle, a kind of community policeman and yet one more memorable character from “Oliver Twist”. In films, plays and television he is usually portrayed as a bumptious, officious kind of fellow.


WoD010          “The Postman”

In Dickens time a regular postal service had just been established in London and several other major British cities. Here, our hero delivers a cheery greeting...and a letter.


WoD011          “Jack & Sarah”

An older brother looks after his younger sister...and her favorite “dolly”.


WoD015          “Ye Old King’s Head”

An updated and upgraded version of part of our original “Dickens Street Façade”. This time we have combined the traditional, timber-framed old English Ale House with a “Tailors Shop” on the ground floor and living quarters above.


WoD016          “The Toy Shop”

Another revised and upgraded single shop/house façade from the original “Dickens Street”. This time “KING & COUNTRY TOYS” occupies the street-level shop with a very nice “bijou” residence on the upper floors.


WoD017          “Christmas Lamp Post”

Every street needs a little light and this particular gas lantern is decorated with a gaily-colouredChristmas Wreath”...Perfect for your Yuletide display


WoD020          “The Post Box”

With the arrival of a Postal Service you must have a Post Box to post your letters in...A typical mid Victorian piece of “Street Furniture” in cheery bright red and bearing Queen Victoria’s own Royal Cypher...VR...Victoria Regina.


WoD021          “Lamp Post”

                        A plain and simple version of WoD017.


AVAILABILITY: 3rd-4th Week of November



WoD005          “Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim”

                        Father and son from Dickens’ immortal “A Christmas Carol


WoD007          “Miss Lucy”

                        A fine young Victorian lady from a very good family...or so I am told.


WoD008          “Mrs. Brown”

                        Warmly-wrapped up to face the rigors of a very chilly English winter


WoD009          “Miss Greene”

                        A pretty young lass and popular too!


WoD012          “George The Grocer”

George goes about his duties delivering two overflowing baskets of groceries to his local customers.


WoD013          “Mr. Chuckster

This pleasant looking gent can be found in the pages of “The Old Curiosity Shop”.


WoD014          “Dick Swiveller”      

A good-hearted fellow and a lawyer’s clerk who “sometimes found time hanging heavily on his hands.” Happy enough here though and usually with a friendly greeting to one and all.


WoD018          “The Winter Fountain”

A very useful and handsome piece of snow-frosted “Street Furniture”...Looks especially good connecting two of our buildings at right angles. This winter version also has 3 little “Robin Redbreasts” sitting on the lip of the fountain.


AVAILABLE:     Mid December...just in time for Christmas!



Look out for more “World of Dickens” characters, buildings and accessories in the coming months.


All the best and happy collecting!



Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country