Well, here we are into November and as another year draws to a close King & Country has a “bumper bag of goodies” all ready for the festive season.

        So, without further ado…



A.    “Back to the Blue and Grey”

Following on from the success of our two sets of American Civil War generals and our last release of Union and Confederate Cavalry a while back we thought it was about time to add a few infantry…


CW092    “Colonel Chamberlain”

                The commander of the 20th Maine Volunteers and a soldier who went on to have distinguished war record… and a fine political career!


CW093    “Sergeant Flagbearer

                This bearded sergeant proudly holds the Regimental Standard.


CW094    “Standing Ready”


CW095    “Kneeling Firing”


CW096    “Biting The Cartridge”


And, on the Confederate side a small group of attacking Rebs… from the 15th. Alabama.


CW097    “Running w/Rifle & Bayonet”


CW098    “Advancing & Firing”


CW099    “Colonel William C. Oates”

The officer who led the 15th Alabama on their assault on the 20th Maine’s position on Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2nd 1863.


               CW100   “15th Alabama Flagbearer


               CW103   “Kneeling Firing Confederate”

This figure arrived too late to be included with this release but will be available early in 2014.





B.         “From Gettysburg to…Barbarossa!”

We move across the Atlantic and onto the Steppes of Russia with another “late” release…almost eighty years later!


WS248    “Sd.Kfz.2 Military Car”

Based originally on the Mercedes - Benz 170 this vehicle had its origins during the early 1930’s in the company’s wish to produce an economy class car in addition to their better known luxury range.

The military derivative was specially-tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the German forces.  Produced between 1938 and 1942 the Sd.Kfz.2 saw plenty of service on all battle fronts from Benghazi to Belarus and all points in between.

This new field grey K&C model is the first of several we will produce to fit at least some of those battlefronts. Vehicle includes driver.


AVAILABLE : Early November


C.       “…And Back to Bastogne”

           A small addition to our “Battle of the Bulge” series…but very useful ones.


           BBA065  “The General”

                   Some U.S. senior officers were well-known for their attention to detail… especially in their uniforms!  This one is no exception — smartly turned out in a sheepskin - lined leather flying jacket and well-polished boots he casts a watchful and discerning eye over his troops.


           BBA066  “U.S. M20 Armoured Car”

                   One more great American armoured reconnaissance vehicle that was a familiar sight all over Europe in the months after the Normandy invasion.

                   This particular model has had a coat of whitewash hurriedly painted over its olive drab exterior.  It’s also had snow-chains fitted to handle those dangerous European roads during the cold bleak winter of December 1944.

                   Our vehicle includes one crew member leaning out.


           BBA067  M20 Commander”

                   A war-weary unshaven sergeant who can stand either inside or outside…or even on top of his M20 Armoured Car! Hope his appearance does not offend the Gerneral


           AVAILABLE : Mid November


D.      “A Few Months Earlier at ARNHEM”

Barely 3 months before the Battle of the Bulge another desperate battle was taking place in a little Dutch town on the banks of the Rhine…a place called ARNHEM!


 MG046    “Arnhem Universal Carrier”

               Over the years K&C has produced many models of the different kinds of jeeps that took part in “Operation Market Garden”…but relatively few Bren Gun carriers…Well, that’s changing with the release of our best and most accurate carrier yet!

          Just 16 of these little tracked vehicles landed with the British 1st Airborne Division…all came with the Air Landing Brigades and belonged to the Royal Army Service Corps.  They were used to transport ammunition and haul the

   Brigades howitzers and anti tank guns.

          Thanks to the help of our good friend “Arnhemjim”, a leading expert on the battlem our model represents one of those carriers featured in many photographs taken during the battle.

          As you can see two R.A.S.C. men “crew” the vehicle.


   MG047   “M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer”

          This is the latest version of this unique U.S. built field piece that K&C has produced…and also our most detailed.  This gun can also be towed behind the carrier (MG046) and fits perfectly with the add-on crew figures.


   MG048(P) “Gunners Set”

          Two Denison-clad Royal Artillery gunners from one of the Air Landing Brigades to man Pack Howitzer” — one holds the shell the other pulls the firing cord (attached to the gun).


MG049(P) “Sergeant Jack Scott”

             This “Pathfinder” Para is armed with his weapon of choice… an American M1 Carbine and is shouting orders to the gun crew.


MG050(P)        “Help At Last!”

             A severely wounded British para is carried into a dressing station by a Medic from the 181st Airlanding Field Ambulance.


MG051(P)        “Lance Sergeant Bill Fulton”

             Bill was the first British Soldier to actually step foot on the Arnhem Bridge on the evening of 17 September 1944.  Advancing forward with a small section he captured several Germans before being wounded himself by return fire.  After being evacuated to Brigade HQ he was finally captured several days later and spent the remainder of the war in Stalag XI B in Germany.

             The “PathfinderBillFulton peers cautiously round a corner armed with his MK.V Sten Gun with bayonet attached.


AVAILABLE : Mid November


E.      “…And Now For Something Completely Different.”


HoC001    “Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

          Our first K&C “Heroes of China” figure — Dr. Sun (1866-1925) was the first president and founding father of the Republic of China.  He played a vital role in the overthrow of the decadent and corrupt Qing DynastyDr Sun Yat-Sen was a uniting figure in the turbulent, post imperial China and remains a greatly revered leader to both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

          Here he is in the dress uniform of a General of the Army in the new Republic.


AVAILABLE : Mid November


F.      “Battle For Beersheba”

Last, but by no means least, are an additional set of reinforcements for our Australian Light Horse range of figures…


AL057  “Galloping Stretcher Bearer”

          Charging into the action is this mounted Stretcher Bearer medic.


AL058 “Camel Field Ambulance”

          Among the many methods of transporting the wounded this was probably one of the most unique…and perhaps most uncomfortable!  This crouching camel has two specially-designed “litters” perched on either side of it.

          Each contains one wounded Light Horseman.


AL059 “Standing Medic”


AL060 “Sergeant firing Revolver”

          This Light Horse NCO is using his Webley .455 service revolver to deadly effect.


AL061 “Kneeling Medic”

          This medic is offering some water to the camel-borne wounded.  Goes well with AL058.


AVAILABLE : Mid November


2.          Finally, as per usual, here’s the “Retirement List”…and plenty of ‘em!



Climbing Pilot


Ground Crew on Bicycle


Crew Chief w/ Clipboard


Leaping Lighthorseman


Firing Rifle Lighthorseman






Legion Officer Saluting


Legionnaire Present Arms


Legionnaire Flagbearer


"Bringing Up Supplies"


Newspaper Seller #2


Newspaper Seller #3


Seaman Marching w/Rifle


Konstantin Hierl, Reich Labour Leader


SA Leader


SA Flagbearer


"Drunk & Disorderly"


The Animals


Mtd. Camel Archer Firing Down


Mtd. Camel Archer Firing Forward


Mtd. Camel Flagbearer


Mounted Camel Drummer


The Gateway


Sandbags Defence Line



          And that boys and girls is that for one more month!


                                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                                            Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                        King & Country