Hi Guys,

Well Chicago seems like a distant memory although it’s only just over 5 weeks ago!

A great time was had by all and all four of us… Helen, Patrick, Gordon and me got the chance to meet literally hundreds of K&C collectors from not only the States but CanadaMexicoFrance… U.K…. Germany and Australia.

It made me realize just how international this great hobby and business of ours really is!

After Chicago we visited New Orleans where, I’m happy to say, the National WW2 Museum there, now sells K&C in their superb gift store.

After New Orleans it was onto San Antonio and a great “Meet ‘n’ Greet” at Kings X with some of our Texas collectors.

Finally, up to Los Angeles and back to Hong Kong. One of our longest K&C visits to the U.S. (almost 3 1/2 weeks) but certainly one of the best.

Now enough travel news… let’s get down to brass tacks!



As forecast in October’s “DISPATCHES” a whole big batch of Napoleonic Coldstream Guards reinforcements…



The motto of The Coldstream Guards and one of K&C’s most popular Napoleonic series… 12 brand-new Coldstreamers provide reinforcements for our earlier first British Coldstream Guards release… These new soldiers (all except one small 2-figures set) are sold individually and, for the most part, illustrate troops either a) moving into the line or b) back at barracks on parade or even c) on the march. The choice is yours!


NA184 “Mounted Officer”


NA185 “Walking Flagbearer”


NA186 “Marching Officer w/ Sword”


NA187 “Marching Sergeant”


NA188 “Marching Pioneer”


NA189 “Marching Guardsman”


NA190 “Guardsman At Attention”


NA191 “Saving The Boy”

Here, a veteran Guardsman steps out of the battle to carry his young wounded ensign back to the Surgeon’s tent…


NA192 “Camp Follower”


NA193 “Advancing Guardsman”


NA194 “Marching Flagbearer”


Available NOW!


B. “Back to The Bulge… and Bastogne

From outside Brussels on the lush green fields of Waterloo we journey to the frozen forest of the Ardennes in the winter of 1944… let battle commence…


BBA030 “M3A2 Half-Track”

K&C’s first all-new U.S. Half-Track for a few years and one of the most often requested... and here it is!

This classic armoured troop transport served U.S. Forces and their Allies loyally throughout the War and even into the late 1970’s (with the Israeli Army).

Our GI version comes complete with a driver and a standing .50 calibre machine gunner and his crew-served weapon. This winter-version also has a detachable canvas cover for the troop compartment.

A towing hook at the rear of the vehicle is also suitable for pulling…


BBA031 “The 105mm Field Gun Set”

A superb model of the most famous field piece of the U.S. Army in WW2. Our 105” has rolling wheels… moveable trail arms plus 3 gunners to fire the artillery piece. The barrel is in a fixed position for firing and transporting.


BBA032 “Artillery Add-On Set”

2 additional Artillerymen are also available to crew-serve this great field piece. In addition we also supply extra ammo boxes and a pile of shell tubes (used for carrying the rounds).


BBA033U.S. Artilleryman”

A lone “Gunner”, rifle slung “humps” three more tubes of rounds forward to the guns.


BBA034 “Kneeling with Field Telephone”

A kneeling corporal listens for a “fire order” and grid coordinates for his buddies about to shell an enemy location.


BBA035 “Winter Motorcycle MP”

A long overdue addition to our U.S. Forces and our first new MP on a motorcycle for many years.

This MP is on the road, somewhere between Belgium and Luxembourg giving out directions (as MP’s like to do). He’s well-wrapped up against the winter weather as well!


BBA036 “Half-Track Passengers”

A really great little 3-man grouping… Two sitting GI’s and their Nazi Prisoner. These guys can be seated in a variety of ways inside our new Half-Track or posed outside in a display or diorama… very useful!





For a long time the cofounders of K&C, Laura McAllister Johnson and myself have wanted to design and produce a series of figures and diorama accessories that tell the story of the most unique man that ever walked this earth.

This story has been told in many different ways and in many different media… booksplays moviestelevision series and, of course, in nativity scenes, for hundreds of years.

Our intention is to tell it in all-metal, hand-painted 1:30 scale.

We begin the story with “the Nativity” but that is only the beginning… We will continue the story of Jesus through his childhood into manhood and the journey from Bethlehem to Nazareth and to JerusalemFrom a simple carpenter’s workshop to the cross on Calvary Hill.

We will introduce many of the characters in Jesus’ life… his parentshis followers his persecutors and even some of the bystanders who saw him pass on his journey.

K&C will also provide some of the principal settings where many of the most dramatic events in the life of Jesus took place… And we will try to portray the man himself at various key points during his thirty-three years on earth.

In K&C’s history we’ve never attempted a project as special or unique as “THE LIFE OF JESUS” we look forward to some of you joining us on this epic journey back to The Holy Land and we begin with “The Nativity”


LoJ001 “The Holy Family”

A standing Joseph holds a lantern as his wife Mary nurses her new-born son.


LoJ002 “The Shepherds”

In the field around Bethlehem a group of shepherds were tending their flock when an angel of the Lord told them of the birth of Jesus. These three have traveled to the Manger to see the child and to spread the joyful news.


LoJ003 “The Three Wise Man”

In the Gospel of Mathew he says that these men came from the East to worship the Christ, born King of the Jews. With them they bring special gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh for the infant Jesus.


LoJ004 “The Animals”

Because there was no room at the Inn in Bethlehem the Holy Family only had a humble stable to rest in.

It was here, that Mary gave birth surrounded by simple farm animals… the oxen… the ass they brought with them… and some sheep.


LoJ005A “Standing Camel”

One of the dromedaries which accompanied the “Magi”


LoJ005B “Grazing Camel”


LOJ005C “Sitting Camel”


These figures along with our typical Middle Eastern buildings and (soon to be released) palm trees form a realistic and historically accurate scene that, to my knowledge, has never been reproduced in 1:30 scale before…


Available NOW!


SPECIAL NOTE: A substantial part of the income from “The LIFE OF JESUS” will be donated to a range of charities both in the United States and Hong Kong.


D. Desert Village Additions”

To help set the scene for any kind of desert or middle eastern setting here are two moreDesert Village pieces…


SP033 “The Stables”

A very versatile (like all the other DV structures) that can be utilized in a wide variety of settings and historical periods.


SP034 “The Watch Tower

A key feature of any small village or town in the Middle and Near East was the Watchtower. From this high vantage point any strangers could be seen as they approached the village… and if necessary alarms could be sounded. Watchtowers were often used a temporary store houses for grain or occasionally as the local jail for wrong-doers and trouble makers! Our K&C towers comes in two separate pieces which easily combine to make a tall and imposing structure.





A. “Sons of the Empire”

This is the beginning of an occasional new series that will focus on the soldiers of the British Empire during its zenith between 1880 and the beginning of the Fist World War. It will portray Infantry, Cavalry and, occasionally, Artillery as they would have appeared on parade (and in the field) at that time.

Our first small release shows three members of one of British India’s most famous cavalry regiment’s… “Skinner’s Horse”


SOE001 “Skinner’s Horse Indian Subahdar

Raised in 1803 by Capt. James Skinner the Regiment, by 1903, became known as the 1st. Duke of York’s Own Lancers (Skinner’s Horse).

Our first mounted figure shows a Subahdar (or First Lieutenant) in parade dress.


SOE002 “Skinner’s Horse Lancer

Carrying a long, steel-tipped bamboo lance complete with cavalry pennant this Lancer looks great alone… or in multiples!


SOE003 “Skinner’s Horse Officer”

All British Indian Army Regiments had a mixture of British and Native Officers in charge. Many of the British officers adopted colourful, full dress Indian Army uniform… especially for parades!


AVAILABILITY: Early December


B. “SHANGHAI 1926”

Following up last year’s release of pre WW2 US Navy figures has not been easy! We had, as many of you know, hoped to find a cost-effective and safe way to produce our China River Gunboat… Alas that has not proved possible at this time. However, the good news is that we have designed and produced a great little “Steam Launch” that is both sturdy and very affordable!


USN012 “US Navy Steam Launch”

Built from the turn-of-the-century up until the late 1920’s these little water craft served the U.S Fleet up until the outbreak of WW2.

Utilized to ferry crew and supplies between ship to shore and for patrol purposes these feisty little craft were a familiar sight from Shanghai to the Panama Canaland all points in between.

Our version comes with a cox’n and a sailor manning the forward firing Lewis Gun.

More sailors can be added as passengers or as armed Naval Landing Parties.


USN013 “Three Sitting Sailors”

Dressed in their “winter-blues” these three sailors are armed and ready for action. USN013 can accommodate 2 sets of 3 sitting sailors as well as more standing.


AVAILABILITY: Early December



“Where the Navy goes the Marines are sure to go!”

In support of our fighting sailors are a great new batch ofCHINA MARINES”.

During the tumultuous and turbulent Twenties and Thirties at least one Battalion of US Marines was always stationed in China. Here are our reinforcements for the “China Station”…



A young, confident USMC officer, swagger stick in hand, assess the situation.


USMC002 “Shotgun”

Standing holding his pump-action trench shotgun this young Marine corporal is afraid of nothing… and noone!


USMC003 “Pistol Marksman”

With either rifle or pistol all Marines are expected to be “Marksmen”. This campaign-hatted Marine squeezes off a round from his COLT 1911 Automatic. 


USMC004 “Marine Sniper”

Fitted with a telescopic sight this Springfield-armed sniper prepares to pick off an enemy combatant.


USMC005 “Lewis Gunner”

A Marine Lance Corporal takes a break from “humping” that big, heavy Lewis Gun.


USMC006 “Staff Sergeant”

A Springfield ’03 on his shoulder this Marine NCO issues some orders.


USMC007 “On Guard”

A standing Marine, with bayonet fixed stands at ease… but still alert.


USMC008 “Gunny with Tommy Gun”

A walking Gunnery Sergeant armed with a Thompson Sub Machine Gun.


USMC009 “.30 cal. Machine Gunner”

Manning his water-cooled, .30 cal. Browning machine gun this Marine watches the situation develop…


USMC010 “Rifleman”

Every Marine, no matter what his specialty, is, first and foremost a Marine Rifleman.


AVAILABILITY: Early December


D. From Shanghai in the 1920’s we journey to North Africa in the 1940’s… Time travel in the world of toy soldiers is so easy!!!




At long last the “Desert Fox” has something to smile about…


AK052FunkKraftwagen Afrika Korps”

This desert version of our recent BBG release was always planned as a “double-release” and here it is.

A dust-weathered, mottled-brown on sand camouflaged radio truck is a welcome addition to Rommel’s Signals unit.

Our vehicle comes with an Afrika Korps driver.


AK054 “Afrika Korps Newsreel Crew”

Rommel (and Goebbels) always recognized the value of good publicity for the folks back home. Here a standing, mike in hand, German War Correspondent makes his report. Filming nearby is his cameraman complete with movie camera on tripod.


AK055 “NEW Machine Gun Crew”

Watched over by a kneeling NCO this MG34 gunner and a rifleman put down some “heavy fire” on the enemy.


AK056 “Rifle Section”

Two AK riflemen in action.


AK057 “Attack Group”

Firing his Schmeisser Machine Pistol from the hip this NCO also gives out orders to a kneeling, firing rifleman.


And now for a wee Christmas surprise…


During the war in North Africa, Erwin Rommel believed in being in as many places as he could, in meeting as many of his men and commanders as possible and seeing for himself what the situation was really like… either in or behind the frontline.

He made ample use of the Luftwaffe’s resources to get him all over the battlefield and

his command.

Among his most useful “Desert Taxis”, as he often referred to them, was the Messerschmitt 108 Taifun. Designed and developed in the 1930’s by Willy Messerschmitt this little 4-seater was the fore runner of the world-famous Me.109 fighter.

Our Afrika Korps versions is in typical worn and weathered Luftwaffe tropical paint scheme of dark mottle over sand colour. Through the clear canopy you can see a fully detailed cockpit.

Outside stand Rommel’s personal pilot and a brand-new portrait study of the great Field Marshall himself.

Just 999 of “Rommel’s Desert Taxi” will be available and it comes in its own special box with individually numbered leaflet.


AVAILABILITY: Mid December (The perfect Christmas Gift)


Finally, in addition to all of these new Afrika Korps sets we also have a modified version of…

AK030-01 “Panzer II Tank”

This is a re-release of AK030 Panzer II Tank only this time it’s just the tank… no Italian soldiers with it.




E. “From the Desert to… the Desert”

From the Middle East in 1942 to the Middle East in 1917 with the initial launch of our “Australian Light Horse at Beersheba.

These have been previewed on the internet and at shows in Australia and ChicagoNow, they’re ready to charge!


AL001Officer with Pistol”

Webley service revolver in hand the Light Horse major leads his men straight towards the Turkish trenches.


AL002 “Bugler”


AL003 “Charging with Rifle”

Lee Enfield in one hand reins in the other this Aussie is in the forefront of probably the world’s last great cavalry charge!


AL004 “Charging with Bayonet”(to the front)

The classic image of the Lighthorseman… bayonet pointing towards the enemy… a sight that would frighten any “Johnny Turk”.


AL005 “Charging with Bayonet” (to the rear)


AL006 “Dismounted and still fighting”

His dead mount at his feet this Lighthorseman still has plenty of Aussie fighting spirit.


AL007A “Flagbearer with Red Ensign”

This earlier Australian National flag had a red background instead of the present-day blue.


AL007B “Flagbearer with Squadron Guidon”


Please Note: These first few figures are just the “advance party” of a major WW1 Middle Eastern range which will include Turkish ForcesIrregular Forces… and other British Imperial Troops.

Fighting Turkish Infantry will be released in the latter part of the first quarter of 2010.




F. “Providing Shade and… Backdrops”

Alongwith our Desert Village these new “Palm Trees” are the perfect accessories for any Middle Eastern diorama or display ranging from biblical times right up to WW2 and even present-day Iraq and Afghanistan


SP038 “Desert Palm Trees” (Triple tree set)

A collection of 3 easy-to-assemble trees on 1 ground-base.


SP039 “Desert Palm Trees” (Double & Single)

A 2-tree combination plus a single tree version on 2 separate bases.


AVAILABILITY: Mid/Late December


G. And Finally… something completely different… Goering’s Luftwaffe… on parade!

A small selection of Luftwaffe figures in dress uniform plus a famous Luftwaffe ace!


LW008Officer with Sword”


LW009 “Marching Officer w/ Flag”


LW010 “Marching Airman w/ Rifle”


LW011 “Standing Airman presenting arms”


LW012 “Standing Officer Saluting”


LW013 “Standing Airman w/ Rifle”


LW014 “Walking Officer”


LW015 “Standing at Attention”


LW016 “Luftwaffe General Erhard Milch

Originally a friend of Herman Goering, Milch owed a lot to the Reichsmarschall. He was thought to be half-Jewish yet still achieved high rank in the Luftwaffe. Eventually he fell out of favour but still managed to survive both the war and a brief spell as a jailed war criminal. He died in 1972.


LW017 “Major Gunther Rall

Gunther Rall (1918-2009) was the third most successful fighter ace in history with 275 victories (241 on the Eastern Front). He flew over 600 combat missions, was shot down 8 times and wounded 3.

He claimed all of his victories in the Me.109.

After the war he rejoined the “new” Luftwaffe in 1955 rising to the rank of Generalleutnant before retiring. In 2004 he wrote his memoirs and died, aged 91 earlier in 2009.

AVAILABILITY: Mid/Late December


And that’s that for December… what a month for releases… Now for retirements



With all this new “stuff” coming out other “stuff” has to move on…


A. Fallschirmjagers

FJ010 MG34 Gunner”

FJ011 “Forward Observer”

FJ012 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”

FJ013 “Standing Firing Rifle”

FJ014 “Standing Officer”

FJ015 “FJ Mortar Team II”

FJ016 “FJ Grenadiers”

FJ017 “FJ Fire Team”

FJ018 “FJ Motorcycle Scout”


B. “German Transport”

AK037 “Opel Blitz Truck” (Afrika Korps Version)

If you don’t have this… grab it now!


WS090 “Opel Blitz Truck” (Normandy Version)

You can never have too many of these so get ‘em while you can!




And so, another “bumper” DISPATCHES comes to an end… and what a mammoth one at that. I hope all of you guys are doing well… We always appreciate your support, business and loyalty.

Good luck!

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country