Well, what can I say Off I go to America and the entire financial world falls apart!!! What a bummer!

However, these events are a challenge to us all… We can either fall apart or stand together to weather the storm and come through it.

Here at K&C we intend to come through it and do our level best to help and assist you get up and over these difficult times we find ourselves in…

                So, without further ado let’s get down to business…



        A. “Before The Bulge…”

It’s December 15, 1944… somewhere in Belgium… facing The Ardennes Forest. All seems quiet and peaceful… even the enemy is keeping their heads down.

It is the lull before the storm…


BBA026 “Wounded M4 Sherman

A hastily snow-camouflaged Sherman stands forlorn… its right track has ran over a land mine and the results are plain for all to see… a badly damaged rear end plus a split track. Two U.S. tankers consider the problem… and ponder a solution.

A great little diorama piece!


The next four sets are unusual and unique… to say the least… They show soldiers during a lull in the fighting or simply relaxing before the next big attack. Again, perfect display figures.


BBA027 “So, What’s new Are we winning?”

Three GI’s sit around their camp while one reads “Stars ‘n’ Stripes”The GI’s own newspaper. Before long the whole platoon will get the latest news…


BBA028Takin’ It Easy”

While one GI rests on his ribs drinking a coke… the NCO stands wondering where he got it from!


BBA029 “GI drinking coffee”

Other guys might relax but some poor schmuck still has to stand guard duty… well at least this is one cold GI who can enjoy some hot coffee at the same time.


XM008-01 “Last Christmas of The War”

As is K&C’s tradition every Yuletide Season we like to bring out a very special Christmas set. This year is no exception…

Somewhere near the front line a couple of GI’s are heating up some “K” rations. A pair of hungry Belgian kids (and their even hungrier mutt) appear out of nowhere.

These two guys do what any other GI’s would… they welcome the poor little trio and prepare to share their hot meal. In the background a ruined fireplace forms a realistic backdrop to the scene.

Packed in its own specially-designed box this unique and heart-warming scenario makes the perfect Christmas gift or addition to a Battle of The Bulge” collection.


Available Now!


B. “Down-to-earth Airborne Warriors”

From cold and windswept Northern Europe to the warm and sun-drenched climes of North Africa Sicily and Italy our latest German Fallschirmjagers will fit in perfectly.


FJ010 “Gunner”


FJ011 “Forward Observer”


FJ012 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”


FJ013 “Standing Firing Rifle”


FJ014 “Standing Officer”


FJ015 “FJ Mortar Team II”


FJ016 “FJ Grenadiers”


FJ017 “FJ Fire Team”


FJ018 “Motorcycle Scout”


Available Now!




DD104(SL) “The M26 Armoured Recovery Vehicle”

We previewed this “monster” at the recent Chicago Show and the response was fantastic… Gordon did a great display job (see photos) which really showed the model off to its best advantage and, I’m sure, inspired a few K&C collectors to build their own stretch of road or highway…

The M26 entered service in 1943 and was used extensively and virtually exclusively by U.S. Armoured Forces in the latter part of the war. This same armoured tractor vehicle was also utilized (with a massive trailer attached) as a tank transporter.

Our K&C Recovery version is meant to be used on battlefield displays to haul out both German and American war-damaged armour and even heavy artillery and other larger vehicles.

Four full-bodied crewmen service the vehicle and it comes with rolling wheels, a weathered paint finish and the legend “You break’em… We take ‘em!” painted on the side.

Measuring in at 4 1/4” x 11” and weighing a hefty 4.7 lbs this M26 is a “must” for any serious collector of K&C WW2 fighting vehicles and figures.

Just 1250 of this particular “monster” will be available in its own specially designed packaging.





Most Asians are fairly spiritual and believe in ghosts, demons and devils… and the Chinese more than most… Our newest “Streets of Old Hong Kongaddition proves this.


HK169 “In The Lap Of The Gods”

Here, two traditional Taoist priests stand before their altar exhorting the Spirit world to look favourably on their requests.

Most are for good luck… better health and improved business opportunities. In this particular instance they are asking for help to cast out evil spirits… hence the sword. Both to protect them and… attack the evil ones!


Available Now!




A. Also previewed at the Chicago Show was our “STORM OVER THE YANGTSE”.

A brand-new series, introducing K&C’s U.S. NAVY figures of the 1920’s 1930’s and 1940’s.

This first release shows officers and sailors in action as they would have appeared in China during the tumultuous times prior to the Second World War.

During this turbulent period of China’s history the only law, order and stability in the land was provided by the soldiers and sailors of the British and U.S. Navies. Their gunboats patrolled the coastal and river regions of this vast land and did their best, in difficult circumstances, to protect foreigners and missionaries from bandits and marauding warlords.

Our new K&C series portrays many of the same authentic historical and dramatic events as the epic 1967 movie “The Sand Pebbles” starring Hollywood icon Steve McQueen.

Most of our officers and sailors are dressed in tropical “whites” and carry the appropriate side arms… rifles… and machine guns to repel boarders or put ashore a landing party.

Just three figures are dressed in their blue winter dress…


USN001 “Deck Officer w/Binos


USN002Officer w/Pistol & Loud Hailer” 


USN003 “Shore Patrol”


USN004 “Chief Petty Officer”


USN005 “Sailor Marching w/ Rifle”


USN006 “Standing Firing Rifle”


USN007 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”


USN008Sailor Port Arms”


USN009 “Banner Man”


USN010 “Sailor w/Sea Bag”


USN011 “US Navy B.A.R. Gunner”




Brother Gordon built this superb 30” long model of a typical shallow-draft river gunboat. We took the original with us to Chicago and, at present, are looking into producing it commercially… more info later…





From pre Second World War China we now journey back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt and some long-awaited additions to this very original series…


AE032 “Wedding Couple”

A wealthy couple celebrate their union.


AE033 “Another Dancing Girl”

A third member of the dancing troop makes a spectacular entrance…


AE034 “High Priest of RA God of the Sun”


AE035 “Hand Maiden to Priest of RA”


AE036 “Wedding Guest Couple”


AE037 “Standing Pharaoh”

A magnificent study of an Egyptian monarch. In his richly decorated costume he is an honoured guest at the wedding ceremony.


AE038 “Cleopatra’s Needle (Egyptian Obelisk)”

This new Egyptian Obelisk makes the perfect addition to any great scene on the Nile. It comes in two pieces and is hand-crafted in polystone.





We leave Egypt and move further West to France in June, July and August 1944…

After four long, hard, terrible years of German occupation deliverance is at hand… The Allies have landed and are making for Paris!

Although the majority of the Allied forces were British, American, Canadian and Polish there was a strong and growing FREE FRENCH component… And here they are


DD100 “General Philippe Leclerc

Second only to De Gaulle, Leclerc was France’s most famous and revered fighting general. Following the Fall of France in 1940 he was one of the first to join De Gaulle’s Free French Forces in London. During the Liberation of France, Leclerc commanded the French 2nd Armoured Division and took the formal surrender of Paris in August 1944.

He was killed in an aircrash in 1947 and was posthumously created a Marshal of France.


DD101 “Free French Marine M10 Tank Destroyer”

The Free French version of K&C’s earlier U.S. M10 Tank Destroyer.

This new one is bearing the proud name “RICHLIEU” and belongs to the Fusilier Marins (French Naval Marines) Armoured Regiment of Gen. Leclerc’s 2nd Armoured Division.

The set includes three French Marines.


DD102 “Fusilier Marins Officer”

A standing Free French Marine officer with binos.




DD103 “Free French Scout Car”

Another 2nd Armoured Division conversion… this time the American White Scout car complete with 3 French Marines entering a liberated Paris.





After Paris in 1944 it’s finally back to our old hometown… Hong Kong


HK171 “Bride & Groom”

The very latest version of an old and popular set.





As usual there’s more than a few older and existing items heading for the “happy hunting grounds”



AR037 “Drummer Boy”

AR043 “Kneeling Loading Rifle”

AR053 “Backwoodsman Standing Ready”

AR054 “Militiaman Standing Firing”

AR055 “Militiaman Loading”

AR056 “Rifleman Holding Cartridge”

AR057 “Rifleman Biting Cartridge”

AR058 “Kneeling Militiaman Firing”



BBA012 “Enemy in Sight”

BBA019 “M5 High Speed Tractor”



CW002 “Soldier Pointing”

CW006 “Rebel Leaning on Rifle”

CW012 “After the Battle



LAH070 Polizei Officer w/Sword”



MK004 “Mounted Knight w/Shield”

MK026 “The Ladder Set”

MK041 “Wounded Saracen w/Flag”



NA035 “BW Piper”

NA036 “BW Highlander w/Rifle”

NA047 “Mounted Black Watch Officer”

NA052 “Drummer Using the Butt”

NA053 Officer w/Flag”

NA055 “Advancing with Rifle”

NA062 “Guard Officer Saluting”



RA008 “The Attack Set”

RA009 “Soviet Tank Riders”

RA010 “Russian Anti-Tank Gun Set”

RA011 “Support Section”

RA012 “Captured!”

RA015 “Female Traffic Controller”



RO023-RE “Standing w/ Spear”

RO038-RE “Kneeling Archer”



WS10388mm Flak 18”

As previously mentioned the planned production run was originally 750 models... and now just 58 are left. Order yours now!


Over the past two years King & Country has experienced a significant increase in the costs of labour, raw materials, transport and other production related expenditures.  Due to these rising costs, K&C has been forced to increase the price of newer items.  However, the prices for older releases have remained at their original levels, regardless of the increased production expenses.


In the face of the current economic environment, King & Country would like to reaffirm our commitment to our customers.  However, in order to mitigate our own losses given the increasing costs of production it has become necessary to allow a larger number of older products to be retired over the coming months.  It is our intention to provide a viable supply of retired items for those dealers who wish to procure them but please be aware that our new policy may limit available stocks of newly retired and older figures in the future.




And that my friends is that… for another month at least!

Very best wishes to you and yours!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country