MAY 2014


        A couple of months ago I was getting ready to fly over to Los Angeles for the Annual West Coaster Show…Well today, as I write this, I’m preparing to head out again in just a few weeks’ time to the States but this time the destination is San Antonio for this year’s TEXAS TOY SOLDIER SHOW.

        As anyone who reads these “DISPATCHES” knows King & Country and yours truly are big “believers” in and supporters of Toy Soldier Shows all over the world.

        I’m fortunate to get to meet many of our collectors and also get to catch up with any of our K&C dealers who take part.

        This particular “TEXAS” show is being held over two whole days (Saturday and Sunday) during Memorial Day Weekend and is the third that K&C and KINGS X have put on together and we hope will be the best one yet!

        However, as usual, there’s a whole bunch of new items to review and release…So here goes…


1.      Ancient Greek Alternative Additions

A.      When we first released this series more than a few collectors suggested that they wanted to “build-up” multiples of many of the releases…and they requested alternative colour schemes and shield designs.  Here they are…


AG026       “Standing Hoplite”


AG027       “Hoplite On Guard”


AG028       “Hoplite Officer w/Sword”


AG029       “Hoplite Soldier w/Sword”


AG030       “Hoplite w/Long Spear” (Horizontal)


AG031       “Hoplite w/Long Spear” ( 45)


AG032       “Hoplite w/Long Spear” (Vertical)


Available:         Early May



VOLTIGEURS played an important role in Napoleon’s Army.  He decreed that each Infantry Line and Light Infantry Regiment should select their finest marksmen and most agile soldiers and form them into special units that would provide one company in each battalion.

These troops would act as “skirmishers” and “scouts” to help protect the main body as well as moving forward in loose order to be the “eyes and ears” of their commanders.

Ten all-new K&C “Voltigeurs” advance forward in “action” poses to get to grips with the enemy.


Special Uniform Note:     Although wearing the same basic French Infantry uniform of the period Voltigeurs could be distinguished by their green and yellow epaulettes and collars as well as their black shako with the yellow stripe.


NA273      “Mounted French V Officer Shouting


NA274      Fr. V Flagbearer Advancing


NA275      Fr. V Charging Port Arms


NA276      Fr. V Trumpeter

This voltigeur is carrying the hunting horn and wears the lighter blue uniform


NA277      Fr. V Advancing Firing


NA278      Fr. V Kneeling Firing


NA279      Fr. V Advancing Loading


NA280      Fr. V Charging with Bayonet


NA281      Fr. V Advancing with Rifle Up


NA282      “Fr. V. Advancing Pointing”

AVAILABLE:      Mid May



With the 70th Anniversary of D.DAY coming up in June we thought we would add a few extra pieces to collectors’ D.Day Collections.


DD224      “M3A3 Stuart”

         The M3A3 served alongside the M5 in the “scouting and screening role” in most U.S. Army tank battalions.  Usually these battalions comprised 3 x companies of “Shermans” and 1 x company of “Stuarts”.

         Our model is typical of those that took part in post D.Day operations.


DD228      “U.S. Army Tank Riders Set #1”

         Two kneeling GI’s, one with an “M1 Garand”, the other with the “M1 Carbinecan work equally well on the back of a fighting vehicle or on the ground.


DD229      “U.S. Army Tank Riders Set #2”

         Two more GI’s, one kneeling, one sitting, armed with another “M1 Garand” and a “Browning Automatic Rifle”As flexible as the previous two.


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late May



During the Second World War Royal Air Force pilots and other aircrew won a number of Victoria Crosses, Britain’s highest military honor.

Most of those awarded went to men from RAFBomber Command”…Just one, surprisingly enough, was presented to RAF “Fighter Command” – to Flight Lieutenant James Nicolson.


RAF067(SL)      “Hawker Hurricane GNA”

         Last month we produced a new version of the SupermarineSpitfire”.  This month we are honoring the other great fighter aircraft that won the “Battle of Britain”…the Hawker “Hurricane – and a very special Hurricane at that!


Flight Lieutant James Nicolson was a pilot with No.249 Squadron when on August 16, 1940 he was flying “GNA” on an operational sortie near Southampton when he was fired on by a Messerschmitt Bf.110.  Enemy fire injured him in one eye and badly wounded his left foot.  At the same time his engine was hit and the petrol tank set alight.  As he struggled to bail out from the burning aircraft another Bf.110 flew in front of him…Struggling to get back into his blazing Hurricane he pressed the gun button and saw his bullets strike the German plane.  After seeing the enemy aircraft crash into the ground, Nicolson successfully bailed out.

        On his descent, painfully injured, he had the bad luck to be fired on by members of the “Home Guard”,…fortunately their accuracy was not as good as the young Flight Lieutenant’s!

         On November 15, 1940, it was announced that Flt.Lt. Nicolson had been awarded the Victoria Cross for “Conspicuous gallantry and disregard for his own life”.

         He was later promoted and sent out to fly in both India and Burma.  By May 1945 he was now a Wing Commander but alas lost his life in a flying accident in the Bay of Bengal.  His Victoria Cross can be seen at the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, England.

         Our 1:30 scale Hawker Hurricane “GNA” comes with an unoccupied cockpit and a standing figure of Flight Lieutenant Nicolson.  A specially-designed, full colour box also includes a certificate about James Nicolson V.C.

         This “SL” edition comprises just 300 aircraft and figures.


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late May            



From the skies above Southern England to the streets of a Normandy village…


SP056       “La Cremerie

         Another addition to our beautiful series of French building facades…”La Cremerieis a typical 1940’s style family-owned and operated little shop selling all kinds dairy products such as cream, butter, milk and, of course, a wide variety of excellent French cheeses!

         Despite some minor battle damage the store is still “open for business”.


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late May.



Over the years, KING & COUNTRY has produced quite a number of different “Panthers”…Next to the “Tiger” it’s probably our most-produced German tank!

Originally designated as the Panzerkampfwagen V it soon became better known as “The Panther” to friend and foe alike.  With this tank the Germans finally had a fighting vehicle that could counter the Soviet T34.  The Panther copied, adapted and improved many of the characteristics of its Russian opponent.  It proved to be an excellent combination of firepower, mobility, a wider track and good armour protection.  From 1943 until 1945 just over 6,700 of all variants were produced.


WS272      “Panther Ausf.G

The Ausf.G version was reckoned, by most Panther crews, to be the best of all and the new K&C Ausf.G.” is certainly the best we have manufactured!

Our model represents a late-war, battle-weary, two–colour camouflaged “G” and comes with a tank Commander and plenty of space for either extra supplies or a number of tank riders.

This is the first of two “G” models to be released…a second will be available later in the year.


WS286      “Pointing Officer”

           Armed with an MP40 “Schmeisser machine pistol this officer points out a possible enemy position.  This figure can stand easily on both a fighting vehicle or on the ground…The choice is yours…


 WS287     “Kneeling Loading”


  WS288     “Kneeling Grenadier”


  WS289     “Kneeling w/Rifle”


  WS290     “Kneeling w/Binos


Note:         All of the above figures can be utilized in or on vehicles as well as on the ground in action.


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late May





Not too many this month but…still some great figures at their original issue price!!!

Check ‘em out and grab ‘em while you can.




Walking Drum Horse


Officer on Walking Horse


Mounted Flag Bearer


Major Walter"Nowi" Novotny


Major Heinz Bar


Arab Guide on foot


Soldiers drinking


Standing Dragoon


Kneeling soldier


The Artist


The Graffiti Artist


                         And that my friends is that for another 30 or so days.  I look forward to meeting up with at least some of you in San Antonio in a few weeks but in the meantime… all the very best!!