MAY 2012


IT’s MAY already and the Texas Toy Soldier Show is just a few weeks away. Helen (K&C’s Managing Director) and yours truly will be flying over to take part and looking forward to seeing some of you guys (both dealers and collectors) there in San Antonio.

        It looks like it will be a great event and Laura, Martin, Adam and J.P. from KINGS X are going all out in their efforts.

        But first, of course, there’s all of this…


1.          AVAILABLE IN MAY


A. “BERLIN ‘38”

The latest “Berlin ‘38” display piece provides the ideal setting for a large LAH parade… or just a small group of figures on guard duty…

LAH151The Nazi Eagle Archway

This ceremonial arch and platform can easily fit into most display areas or cabinets.




As most of you guys know during the early years of the war in Russia the Germans captured huge amounts of Soviet weaponry. Among the most favoured and valued were the T34/ 76 tanks. Much admired by their German opponents many T34’s were captured intact or with repairable damage and immediately put back into action with German crews and a quick coat of field gray or camouflage paint.


WS199 Nazi T34/ 76

Repainted in field gray and adorned with large recognition “Balkan” crosses this particular T34 is in the possession of the 3rd Waffen SS Division “Totenkopf. The vehicle comes with a German tank commander figure.

Note: Just 250 have been produced.





Following feedback from some K&C Collectors who love our three-dimensional buildings but don’t have the display space available to utilize them we’ve come up with a solution … Revisit our earlier “façade”- style Normandy Village and redo and upgrade the designs. Here is the first…

SP050 “French Pharmacie

Here we’ve combined sections from two of our older Normandy Village Shop/Houses… made them bigger, added more detail and, we believe, made them even better than before… I hope you like this first one featuring a “Pharmacie… Look out for more later in the year!






RAF039Curtiss P40 Tomahawk

This particular "Warbird" is in the personal markings of Squadron Leader Neville Duke of 112 Squadron R.A.F. Duke was the RAF Desert Air Force's top-scoring pilot in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations during WW2.
The stone and earth-coloured P40 carries the famous "Shark-mouth" decoration which originated with 112 Squadron in 1941.
Just 250 of this Desert Air Force P40 have been produced.

RAF040 "RAF Medic & Wounded Pilot"

This little two figure-vignette is a great add-on to any display or diorama featuring our Royal Air Force figures, vehicles and aircraft.

RAF047 "Air Vice Marshal Arthur Coningham"

One of the ”architects” of the Royal Air Force’s success in the aerial war in North Africa.

Arthur Coningham wears army battledress with RAF wings, decorations and rank badges.


RAF048 "Neville Duke, D.S.O., D.F.C. and two bars, A.F.C."

Britain’s top ace in North Africa and the Meditterenean with 27 victories to his credit. It is his own P40 Tomahawk that K&C has produced in RAF 112 Squadron markings.


RAF049 "Clive Caldwell, D.S.O, D.F.C. and bar"

Clive Caldwell was the top scoring Australian “ace” of WW2. He is officially credited with 28.5 victories, He is portrayed as he was when stationed with the RAF’s 250 Squadron also flying Tomahawks.


RAF050 "Desert Erks"

A pair of RAF groundcrew in tropical desert shorts and shirt… perfect to go with the P40.





Recently K&C has spent a bit more of its Napoleonic energies helping Bonaparte explore the wonders of Egypt... Now we're moving back to Europe and the Emperor’s heyday in the latter years of his reign with these two figures.

NA237 "Mounted Napoleon"

The all-time, classic image of the Emperor as him and his armies traversed the length and breadth of Europe... winning countless battles and forging many enemies!

NA238 "General Antoine Lasalle"

One of Napoleon's most trusted, loyal and bravest commanders. He was also one of the most colourful... his self-designed uniforms were very noticeable on the battlefield... Both to his men and opponents... He was killed leading his cavalry at the battle of WAGRAM in 1809.




Two late reinforcements for our 92nd. (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment...

NA241 "92nd Highlander marching w/Rifle"

NA242 "92nd Bagpiper Marching"




Another of the series we previewed in America recently was our Second World War British Forces in Normandy and Holland during the latter part of the hostilities. Here are the first of a two-part release of “P.B.I” (Poor Bloody Infantry) and a fantastic new British armoured car…


DD165 “Sergeant w/ Sten Gun

This walking sergeant keeps a sharp lookout on his men as well as an even sharper lookout for the enemy!


DD166 “Stretcher Bearer”

This “Tommy” is manfully carrying a large folded stretcher under one arm and striding along a road somewhere in Normandy… or maybe it’s Holland.


DD167 “Port Arms”

Another “Tom” on patrol with his “Lee Enfield” rifle at the ready…


DD168 “Rifle at the Trail”

This “Tommy” has fixed his “pig-sticker” bayonet onto the end of his rifle and carries it at the trail.


DD169 “Sling Arms”


DIVISIONAL NOTE: All of these latest soldiers belong to the famous British 3rd. Infantry Division which fought in France in 1940, was evacuated at Dunkirk and returned to Europe on D.Day and fought all through France, Holland and into Germany in 1945.



Providing additional eyes, ears and gun support for our latest infantry is this great-looking addition to K&C ’s fighting vehicle collection…


DD176 “The Humber MKII Armoured Car”

This vehicle could only be designed in Britain … it is so ”British- looking” in style and a great model.

It first saw action in North Africa with the 8th. Army (K&C will release a “desert-version” later this year). Our new K&C model is a “tribute” to the men of the Free Polish Army who fought alongside the British during the war.

This Humber belongs to the Reconnaissance Regiment of the famous 1st. Polish Armoured Division who fought in Normandy, Holland and Germany. Many of the “Free Poles” stayed on in Britain after the war marrying British girls and raising families rather than return to their Communist-dominated homeland.

This vehicle set is dedicated to them, their country…and their service.


SPECIAL NOTE: More D.Day/ Holland Tommies” and another British vehicle will be released in June!






NOW, we journey back to imperial Pekin with two more sets of the Emperor's personal bodyguard regiment.

IC041 "Imperial Match Lock Gun Team A"

IC042 "Imperial Match Lock Gun Team B"

Both two-man sets portray the large and unwieldy early fire arms of the Ching Dynasty... in action!



At last ... our three colourful Fokker DVII's arrive ready for combat... together with some ground crew… and a leading German ‘ace’.

FW100 "Field Telephone"

FW101 "Shouting Mechanic"

FW102 "Standing Mechanic"

FW103 "Oswald Boelcke"

One of the leading German aces and an influential tactician of the early years of air combat.

Boelcke is considered the father of the German fighter air force with 40 victories… He was killed in 1916. Here, he celebrates his latest “kill” with a battle of champagne.

FW111 "Fokker DVII of Leut August Reben Jasta 18"

FW112 "Fokker DVII of Leut Josef Jacobs, Jasta 7"

FW113 "O/ Leut Harald Auffarth, Jasta 29"

All three aircraft come complete with individual different seated pilots in the cockpits. 150 of each model have been produced... and are great value!






June is a “bumper month” for releases and we’re journeying from the deserts of

the Middle East Arabia to the fields of France and Holland. From there it’s on to

the North West Frontier of colonial India then back to Hong Kong and into the

skies over war-torn Germany


A.         “Lawrence of Arabia”

“Only two kinds of creature get fun in the desert Lawrence – Bedouins and Gods … and you’re neither!”

One of my all-time favourite movies is “Lawrence”… I first saw it when I was 14 and have never forgotten it… To complement our other WWI Middle Eastern series on the Australian Light Horse K&C is proud to present the first two very special figures.

LOA001 “Lieut. T.E. Lawrence”

This is Lawrence as he first appears in the desert on his way to meet Prince Feisal … still dressed in his tropical British Army uniform and wearing Arab headress.


LOA002Sherif Ali ibn el Karish

Omar Sharif made an impressive entrance in the movie dressed all in black and riding towards Lawrence at the well. The movie “Ali” was actually a compilation of several different Arab leaders.

Note the rich detail on both of these initial releases… Look out for

more later…


AVAILABLE: Late May to Early June



As promised last month here is the second batch of British Tommies… suitable for the battles in Normandy or fighting with XXX Corps in Holland…


DD170 “Officer w/Map Case”

Where exactly are we? Battlefields are busy and confusing places and in the “fog of war” it’s very easy to get lost… This officer is double checking his map.


DD171 “Radio Operator”

A radio operator should, whenever possible, stay closeby his officer.


DD172 “In Der Fuhrer’s Face”

Answering the call of nature onto der Fuhrer’s portrait … maybe not in “good taste” for some but enjoyed by many… And I’m sure it happened on more than a few occasions!


DD173 “Standing Guard”

Another ‘Tom’ guarding the officer’s back.


DD174 “Humber Heavy Utility”

Our second Humber military vehicle in two months. These rugged command cars were the inspiration for the long-wheel base Land Rovers of the post-war era. Our version comes with a driver and is in typical “Mickey Mousecamo.


Please Note: RAF and 8th Army desert versions will also be released in the coming months.




C. “Further On Up The Khyber”

We’re adding to our colourful Ludhiana Sikhs … with these four recruits…

Their opposition is on the way!


SOE015 “Drum Major”


SOE016 “Marching Ludhianna


SOE017 “Big Drummer”


SOE018 Ludhianna Piper”

Many Indian Army regiments adopted the Pipes & Drums for their Regimental Bands. Even today, after independence, both the Indian and Pakistani Armies boast many fine pipers and drummers.





Every year Hong Kong hosts a series of “Dragon Boat” Races. Teams come from all over the world to take part and provide an exciting and colourful spectacle.

        The actual tradition goes back hundreds of years to China and the coastal provinces where fishermen took part. Today real Dragon Boats can have over 20 rowers as well as a drummer and a cox.

        Our K&C versions are a wee bit more modest.


HK200(G/M) “The Victors’ Dragon Boat”

Available in matt and gloss our beautifully detailed and painted craft carries just six rowers, one drummer and a cox.


HK209(G/M) “The Champions’ Dragon Boat”

The other competing team.





SP049The Roman Gateway / Guard tower

A familiar sight around the cities and large towns of Rome’s empire were these internal gateways and guard towers. They could separate different districts within an urban setting allowing the Roman authorities the ability to “seal-off” any trouble in a specific area from moving to another.

        At the same time they were perfect for posting public notices, displaying captured criminals, bandits and rebels… and collecting taxes!

        They would be manned, night and day, by anwhere from 6-10 men. A signal beacon world also enable the small garrison to notify other Gateway/ Guard Towers of trouble or the need for reinforcements.


SP051 “The Normandy Garage”

Decorated with all kinds of enamel signs and posters this Garage has also suffered some serious battle-damage as well.

Put it alongside our first two releases or let it stand alone and add a few accessories plus some soldiers and a fighting vehicle or two and … voila… instant diorama!


AVAILABLE: Early to Mid June




LAH 1551938 Hitler Saluting

Der Fuhrer in a more confident mood before he heard about the “Tommy” and his portrait!!!


LAH 157General Gerd Von Runstedt

A pre-war Von Runstedt on a tour-of-inspection.


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late June



At long last here is our Focke Wulf 190 “DORA”… A lean, mean machine ready to take to the skies over the Reich to battle those damned B17’s and Lancasters.

        The Dora’s performance far outclassed its earlier version but was too little too late to prevent the Allied Air Forces from devastating Germany at this stage of the war.


LW049Focke-Wulf FW190 “Dora

“Yellow 15” was flown with Jagdeschwader (JG) 301 by several different pilots. It boasts the red and yellow Defence of the Reich” fuselage bands and is in typical later war “mixed” German camouflage with a center-line drop tank.

Our model’s sliding canopy allows you to fit in LW050 our “exiting” pilot figure.


LW050Exiting Pilot

This young pilot looks happy to get back on the ground after a deadly brush with the Allied opposition!


LW051Feldwebel Willi Reschke

Another of JG 301’s Dora pilots shouts encouragement to his squadron mate… Reschke survived the war with a total of 27 “victories” and was awarded the “Knight’s Cross”.


LW052Oberfeldwebel Walter Loos

Giving the “thumbs-up” this well-respected ace shot down 38 enemy aircraft including 22 four engine American “heavies” and 8 Soviet aircraft.


LW053Luftwaffe Topolino

By this late stage of the war the Germans would use any and every vehicle they could lay their hands on… This little civilian Fiat 500 A Topolino” now has a Luftwaffe pilot behind the wheel.




3.      “And Now For The Retirements…”

There’s a big batch to look at this month… so let’s go


AK051 “Afrika Korps Guardbox ‘Special’”


AK073 Afrika Korps Airfield Hut”


DD076 “Combat Photographer”


DD079 “Gen. Omar Bradley”


DD126 “D Day Minus One”


DD127 “US Army Rangers, Standing Rifleman”


DD128 “US Army Rangers, Standing B.A.R. Gunner”


DD129 “Standing Medic”


DD132 “US Beachmaster Set”


DD133 “Marching w/Rifle Slung”


DD134 “Marching Ranger Officer”


DD136 “Dismounted British Tank Crewmen”


EA017 “Major David Stirling


NE003 Flagbearer


WS153 “German Tankers”


WS154 “SS Hauptsturm Fuhrer Hans Weiss


WS155 “Standing Tank Officer”


WS156 “Panzer Crewman on Parade”


WS157 “Panzer Guard at Attention”


WS158 “Panzer Guard Marching”


WS159 “Panzer Tank Ace”


WS160 “German Tank Ace”



Once again many thanks for reading this far and I hope there’s at least a few things you and your customers will like. Best wishes!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country