MAY 2010



MAY is here, with, I hope, a few little surprises and some useful additions…


1.      COMING IN MAY…

Next to our WS series the DD range of Normandy-related figures, vehicles and ships is probably K&C’s most important collection.

Here, are the latest pieces as previewed in last month’s “DISPATCHES”.


A.“D Day Minus One”

We’ve put all of these new additions under this banner because they’re showing the preparations stage for “Operation Overlord”. Somewhere in a dozen different ports on the South coast of England the Invasion Armada prepares to load up and set off for France.



DD126 “D. Day Minus One”

Three US Army “Rangers” stand on a cold, wet English dockside waiting to board their landing craft that will ferry them to France


DD127 “Standing Ranger”

His rifle resting at his feet another Ranger contemplates the coming battle.


DD128 “Standing B.A.R. Gunner”

One more Ranger holding his B.A.R. machine gun.


DD129 “Medic”

Holding his folded stretcher this Medic prepares to board.


DD132US Beachmaster Set”

A 2-man US Navy team test out their equipment.


DD133 “Marching Ranger”

Rifle slung over his shoulder this GI heads for the landing craft.


DD134 “Marching Ranger Officer”

This officer is leading his troops into position.


Not only were the American troops getting ready for the big invasion so were their British Allies…


DD135Sherman Firefly”

Another long-awaited and much-requested piece of Armourthe Sherman Firefly… A unique blend of American know-how and British ingenuity. The war-winning Sherman mounting the proven British 17-pounder gun… At last an Allied tank that could take on (and destroy) all those Tigers and Panthers!

Our model is in the markings of “B” Squadron of the 2nd. Armoured Battalion of the Irish Guards, part of the famous Guards Armoured Division.

This K&C Firefly comes with two crew figures and a detachable radio Antenna and separate “back-pack” of extra supplies.


DD136 “Dismounted British Tank Crewmen”

Three superb “portraits” of typical British tankies… goes great alongside the Firefly.





Finally, they’re here! A modest selection of Turkish infantry to oppose the charging Australian Light Horse. Look out for more later in the year…



AL008 “Turkish Soldier Standing Firing”


AL009 “Turkish Soldier Kneeling Firing”


AL010 “Turkish Soldier Kneeling Loading”


AL011 “Turkish Soldier Standing Ready”


AL012 “Turkish Machine Gunner”


AL013 “Turkish Soldier Reaching for Bayonet”




C. “The Age of Wellington

Two useful additions to our previously released Napoleonic Royal Horse Artillery

NA200 “RHA Officer Shouting Orders”


NA201 “RHA Gun Set in Action”

Three dismounted Horse gunners operating their field piece




D. “Streets of Old Hong Kong

HK176 “18 Ship Street”

Sadly, few of Hong Kong’s typical “shop house” buildings remain in this high-rise city. A relative handful have been saved and renovated by the Government and history-minded developers. 18 Ship Street is one… K&C’s model was originally commissioned by the developer as a special gift. They have generously allowed us to manufacture a small extra number for release with “Streets of Old Hong Kong collectors.


Available for a limited time only!




E. WS151 “TIGER 1”

King & Country’s latest, and without a doubt, best Panzerkampfwagen VI yet! This new Ausf. E (in true 1:30 scale) is in the markings of the 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Division “Das Reich” as it would have appeared during the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943.

Painted in typical 2 colour camouflage of that mid-war period our Tiger comes with 2 crew figures and its own specially-designed pictorial box.





A. June is normally a Normandy month for K&C. This year however, we’re focusing on our all-new TIGER 1 and some great extra German tank figures and a pair of “classic” German infantry “add-ons”.


WS140 “Collaboration”

A young German soldier tries to make friends with a pretty girl… somewhere in occupied Europe.


WS141 Street Patrol”

Small groups of patrolling Wehrmacht soldiers were a familiar sight in the occupied countries. This three-man group are dressed in “classic” field gray and can be utilized in a wide range of displays, dioramas and settings.


WS153 “German Tankers”

Two Army Panzer crewmen with jerricans of fuel and water.


WS154 “SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans Weiss

One of the Germany’s best-known tank-aces and commanders.


WS155 “Standing Crewman”

Unusually for an SS Panzer officer this one wears his steel helmet instead of a field cap.


WS156 “Panzer Crewman on Parade”

Standing at ease this rifle-armed crewman can be on parade… or on guard duty.


WS157 “Panzer Guard at Attention”


WS158 “Panzer Guard Marching


WS159 “Panzer Feldgendarme”

Like all branches of the German military the Panzers had their own “Chained Dogs” or M.P.’s. This figure can be “policing” front-line as well as rear areas or directing traffic or even on the lookout for deserters!


WS160 “SS Tank Ace Arno Giesen

Giesen wears the famous black tanker’s jacket over Italian camouflage trousers. He destroyed 111 enemy tanks and self propelled guns… mostly on the Eastern Front.





Following on the success of our Confederate Cavalry released earlier in 2009 we thought it only fair and balanced that we follow up with their Northern opponents. And here they are…




CW052(SL) “Lincoln & His Generals”

This is K&C’s first-ever “Strictly Limited” American Civil War set and we’ve chosen to depict President Abraham Lincoln and three of his most famous Generals… Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman and Ambrose Burnside. All four figures are based on images captured by the noted Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady.

Just 750 sets of this limited edition four-figure set are being produced in their own specially designed box complete with a numbered certificate.


In addition there are…


CW053 “Brevet Major General George Armstrong Custer”

One of the Union’s most legendary cavalry commanders… and one of the most reckless. Custer stands proud in all his Civil War finery (designed by himself).


CW054 “The Photographer, Mathew Brady”

Perhaps the most famous pictorial chronicler of the Civil War and its soldiers… from the high and the mighty to the humblest private and non com, Brady photographed them all.


CW058 “Maj. Gen. John Buford Jr.”

Another of the Union’s most famous cavalry officers and one of the architects of the victory at Gettysburg.


CW059 “Union Guidon Bearer”

This mounted cavalryman carries the swallow-tailed guidon of his squadron.


CW060 “Union Bugler”


CW061 “Officer Firing Pistol”

This mounted Lieutenant fires his Navy Colt at the opposition.


CW062 “Trooper Aiming Carbine”


CW063 “Prisoner and Escort”

A mounted trooper, carbine resting on the pommel of his saddle, takes a captured Confederate cavalryman to the rear.


CW064 “Trooper Kneeling Loading Carbine”


CW065 “Trooper Kneeling Cocking Carbine”


CW066 “Trooper Kneeling Firing Carbine”


CW067 “Trooper Standing Firing Carbine”


CW068 “Trooper Firing Pistol”




C. “France In Ruins”

France as a country has been fought over many times by many different armies and conquerors for hundreds of years.

Both the 1st and 2nd World Wars left the country devastated by battle. Here is the first of a new display series that provides dramatic and realistic backgrounds for a wide range of different conflicts from medieval times right up to and including the Second World War.


SP037Battle Scarred Normandy Church façade”

A superbly detailed rendering of both the exterior and interior facades of a typical Norman church. Both sides of the building provide a wealth of diorama possibilities whether they be the Thirty Years WarNapoleonic Campaigns or even more recent Twentieth Century conflicts… the choice is yours!



Length: 60 mm

Width: 270 mm

Height: 290 mm




D. “Flak Support”

The Opel Maultier was originally developed to handle the terrible road conditions on the Eastern Front… The Germans realized that half-track style vehicles operated far better than normal all-wheeled transport trucks and lorries.

A whole host of different applications could be used with the Maultier… including mounting flak guns on them.


LW032 “Opel Maultier Flakwagen

This Luftwaffe crewed vehicle mounts a 20mm Flak Gun. The three crew members scan the sky for enemy aircraft. Perfect for NormandyItaly… or even the Eastern Front (at least in the summer!)




3.      “Heading Off Into The Sunset”

Yes, it’s “Retirement Time” again… And here’s a few excellent offerings… Grab ‘em while you can!!!



The French Resistance (The Maquis) played a vitally important role in the run-up to D. Day and its aftermath… Here are the last remnants this little range within a large series.


DD089 “FFI Resistance Command Group”

From behind cover these three Resistance fighters take on the hated Boches. A lying prone Bren gunner keeps the enemy heads down while another “Resistant” prepares to throw a captured German “Potato Masher” at its previous owners. A third figure guards the rear.

DD090 “FFI Resistance Ambush Group”

Another fighting threesome... Using captured enemy weapons as well as air-dropped Allied ones these three Resistants make every shot count!


DD091 “FFI Demolition Team”

Blowing up enemy communications... rail tracks... bridges... supply dumps... roadways was part and parcel of normal resistance activities. While, one figure prepares to push the “plunger” another fires a burst of Sten gun fire at the enemy.


“Streets of Old Hong Kong

HK068 “Dim Sum Set”

HK071 “Teahouse Façade”

Special Note: These two little sets also go great with our US Navy and Marines in China sets…



WS078 “Atlantic Wall Set”

This very useful diorama piece is cast in sturdy polystone and is typical of hundreds of similar reinforced concrete machine gun positions up and down Hitler's Festung Europa” (Fortress Europe). Accompanying this piece are a crouching 2-man MG42 gun team and…a turban-clad volunteer from the “Free India Legion” firing his MG34 machine gun from the “Tobruk style turret on the side of the bunker.


WS078-01Atlantic Wall Set (K11)”

This very useful diorama piece is cast in sturdy polystone and is typical of hundreds of similar reinforced concrete machine gun positions up and down Hitler's Festung Europa” (Fortress Europe). Accompanying this piece are a crouching 2-man MG42 gun team and…a turban-clad volunteer from the “Free India Legion” firing his MG34 machine gun from the Tobruk style turret on the side of the bunker.


WS125 “German Panhard Armoured Car Set”

During WW2 the German War Machine made full use of captured enemy weapons... equipment and vehicles... Here we see one such example... the French-made Panhard Armoured Car. Following the Battle of France in May and June 1940 large numbers of these machines fell into German hands. These in turn were given the minimum of adaptations (but usually some improvements) quickly repainted and reissued to German units. This new model, in typical 2-tone camouflage, has been handed over to the infamous “Das Reich” 2nd SS Division just prior to the Normandy invasion. The

vehicle comes with 2 crew figures.



FoB042Bedford OYD Truck”

The epitome of the British troop carrying transport of WW2. Sturdy, reliable and seen everywhere British and Empire soldiers fought.


FoB043Polizei ADGZ Armoured Car”

A unique looking vehicle… Is it coming or going?… But great for anti Partisan operations and behind the lines displays.


Very limited supplies of all of this month’s retirees are available so don’t delay and/or “miss-out”.




And that, my friends, is that! Once again all of us at K&C very much appreciate your support and business and will do our level best to bring you great new products… at affordable prices… on time… every time.

So, until the next time… adios for now,

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country