March 2016


AND NOW WE’RE INTO MARCH… with another unique mix of figures, fighting vehicles and a little piece of artillery too!

        We’ll journey back in time of the Crusades… with a little detour along the way to Sherwood Forest before moving up to the Napoleonic battlefield and then onto World War Two.

        Even here we’ll travel between the ‘miracle’ that was the Dunkirk evacuation… to a little town on the south coast of England in the summer and autumn of 1940.

        From the lush green fields of the British countryside we’ll move east… To the Middle East in fact and the desert sands of North Africa where General Montgomery and his British and Empire troops are facing off against Rommel and his Afrika Korps. Moving up again to the far north (and east) you will find K&C on the Russian Front once more in the depths of winter… But first we will pay a short visit to the Ardennes!

        So, without further ado… let the travels begin…



a)      BBA084       “The Winter Jeep”

A three-man reconnaissance Jeep patrol make their way down a lonely, snow-covered forest track somewhere in the Ardennes just before first light on the morning of December 16, 1944.

    Suddenly, they halt the vehicle and listen… Is that tanks they hear in the distance…?

    K&C’s latest jeep mounts a .30cal. machine gun on the front of the vehicle and contains 3 x winter-clad GI’s (an additional M1 carbine is also included)  about to discover the source of the sound they can hear…


AVAILABLE : Early March


b)      “Fields of Battle”… Dunkirk and the Home Front… 1940.

FoB120        “Sling Arms”

A typical British “Tommy” making his way towards the beach.


FoB121        “Rifle at Trail”

Another British “Tommy” moving back towards the beaches of Dunkirk and, hopefully, Blighty’.


FoB122        “Marching Officer”

Swagger stick in hand the officer leads his men back to the beach.


FoB126        “Corporal w/ Rifle & Bayonet”

Non-commissioned officers (NCO’s) are the ‘backbone’ of any army and this British corporal is no exception… Rifle shouldered (with fixed bayonet) this corporal sets an example to his men.


AVAILABLE : Early March


FoB130        “Private Frazer”

Walmington-on-Sea’s favourite pessimist, “We’re All Doomed!” is the war cry of this defiant but gloomy Scottish member of the local Home Guard.


FoB133        “Private Godfrey”

The Home Guard platoon’s resident medical orderly and the unit’s oldest veteran… A gentle soul who frequently needs to be ‘excused’




c)      “The Age of Napoleon”

NA342         “Royal Artillery Drummer”

This colourful figure wears the ‘red coat’ of a ‘Royal’ regiment where drummers wore the facing colours of their regiment, in this case, the Royal Regiment of Artillery.


NA344         “Sergeant w/ Pike”

Issuing orders and pointing his men in the right direction.


NA346         “Ready, aye ready!”

A kneeling to repel artilleryman together with a standing loading gunner ready to defend their guns.


NA347         “Advance to the Front”

With musket shouldered and marching to the front.




d)     “Incident in The Forest”

Since launching our Robin Hoodseries late last year we’ve wanted to produce two of the most famous (and infamous) characters from the tale..

RH004         “Little John”

John Little was a legendary fellow outlaw of Robin Hood. Indeed it was Robin who changed his name to “Little John” on account of his great height and skill with both a bow and a quarterstaff.

    In film he was portrayed no less than three times by actor Alan Hale Sr. The famous British character actor James Robertson Justice also portrayed him in the 1952 Walt Disney version of the Robin Hood tale starring Richard Todd as Robin.

    Our figure is a blend of both and stands four-square, arms folded, his hunting horn hanging from his belt.


RH006         “Sir Guy of Gisbourne

Guy of Gisbourne is one of the great villains from the Robin Hood legends of English folklore. A Norman Knight, he is a loyal henchman of the evil Prince John and the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham.

    As such he is a sworn and dangerous enemy of Robin Hood. In movies and television he has been portrayed by many talented actors but perhaps the best was Basil Rathbone in the 1938 Errol Flynn “The Adventures of Robin Hood.”

    Our model is a small tribute to this great actor and a great movie.

Special Note: Look out for more great “Robin Hood” figures (including the Sheriff’s Men-At-Arms) in the coming months. PLUS “Maid Marion” and “Alan-a-Dale” as well.





Although the vast majority of Axis Forces fighting the Russians on the Eastern Front were German there were some notable exceptions…

BBG100       “Winter Fallschirmjager

Clad in padded field jacket and trousers this German paratrooper has discarded his distinctive “FJ” helmet for the more common “coal scuttle” version.


BBG101      “Winter Alpini w/ Skis”

Italy’s Alpine regiments were among the best trained and led in Mussolini’s army. This “Alpiniwears the Italian snow-camouflage “Winter suit” and carries a rifle and his pair of skis.


BBG102       “Winter Alpini Skiing” (A)


BBG103       “Winter Alpini w/ Rifle”


BBG104       “Winter Alpini Skiing” (B)

Similar to the above figure but wearing a German-style fur cap.


BBG098       “The AS42 Sahariana

This long-range, reconnaissance vehicle proved its value in North Africa between 1941-‘43. A small number were also sent to Russia and saw service with the 2nd Fallschirmjager Division

    Our model is fitted with a 20mm. Breda 35 cannon and a German MG42 machine gun… and painted in the typical 3-color German camouflage of mid war.






From the frozen Russian steppes to the burning sands of North Africa in just one jump!

EA108          “Tank Commander w/ Map”

A British tank sergeant studies his map.


EA109          “General Bernard L. Montgomery”

The casually-dressed “Monty” enjoys a “cuppa” while he ponders his next move.


EA110          G’day Mate!”

Two Aussie soldiers enjoy a “brew-up” and a “spot of tucker” during a lull in the fighting.


EA111          “At Ease”

A British tank officer also enjoys “a spot of tea” in between battles.


EA112          “Tea & Grub”

Two more British Tankiestake a quick break to replenish themselves.




EA107(AU)          “2-Pounder Anti Tank Gun”

The Ordnance QF 2-Pounder was a 40mm British anti tank gun employed by British and Empire Forces in the first half of the Second World War.

    It was also actively used in the Battle of France and during the Desert Campaign from 1940-42.

    This Australian version comes with a 2-man crew… Note the Aussie “brown boots”


EA107(BR)           “2-Pounder Anti Tank Gun”

As above… but with a British crew hence the “black boots”!


AVAILABLE : Late March


g)      “Alternate Versions”

Occasionally K&C likes to produce another version of an older subject or figure…

Here’s 2 colourful examples…

MK161                “The Blue Knight w/ Axe”

MK162                “Chevalier de Bleu w/ Sword”


AVAILABLE : Early March




AE051        Hunting the Hippo

DD176       The Humber Mk.II Armoured Car

HK126       Chinese Doctor Set

HK127       Street Doctor Helper Set

DD202       Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor & Limber

DD204       British 25 Pounder Field Gun

DD205       Gun Commander

DD206       Kneeling Bombardier

DD207       Shell and Charge Loaders

MG035(P) The Airborne Cyclist

WH018-B  Dismounted Armoured Vehicle Crewmen (Black)

WH018-G  Dismounted Armoured Vehicle Crewmen (Grey)




And that’s the story so far… Best wishes to one and all… happy collecting and to our dealers… GREAT SALES!



Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country


MARCH 2016



Hi Guys,


        Whenever we get the opportunity or requests from collectors and dealers to reintroduce an item or to add something to the original release we try to oblige.


Here are 4 particular items that came into direct production because of collectors’ and dealers’ suggestions and requests ...


WS308  SS-Oberscharfuhrer Karl Otto” When we released the original “Karl Otto’s Tiger” WS311 back in March 2015 we knew it would be a popular “add-on” to our “Gang of Heroes” set...

And highly popular it proved to be as it quickly sold out ! More than a few collectors however requested that “Karl Otto” should also be released as an individual figure so that he could be used with other K&C German tanks... Well, here he is... minus his Tiger!


        WS322    “Tiger 113”

As well as suggesting a solo “Karl Otto” other movie buff collectors wanted the other 2 x “Tigers” that appeared in the movie “Kelly’s Heroes”... Here is #”113” complete withLeibstandarte Adolf Hitler” tank commander leaning out of the top turret hatch. 


        WS323    “Tiger 114”

“Tiger 114” completes the trio of “Movie Tigers” that appeared in the film and again comes with a vehicle commander in the open top turret hatch.


        Moving on from somewhere in France in the summer of 1944 to the ruins of the Reich Chancellery in May 1945 is a second version of Hitler’s last retreat...


        WS320    “Hitler’s Bunker” (2nd version)

        After the first release sold out we decided to bring out another version but with a different Nazi slogan Mit dem Fuhrer zum Sieg!” (With the Fuhrer to Victory!) AVAILABILITY:  All 4 items will be available in late March.



Once again, many thanks for your continued support ... and ideas, requests and suggestions... They are always welcome ! 


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country