March 2015


Hullo There,


        By the time you guys read this month’s “DISPATCHES” I will be in Texas just about to fly out to Los Angeles and the annual “WESTCOASTER” held at the Irvine Marriott Hotel in Irvine Calif. Between the 4-8 March. As usual K&C will be showing a mix of the latest releases as well as a few upcoming ones. I hope to see and meet any of you who live in and around LA as well as a little further afield at the show itself.

In the meantime here’s the latest...



A.      “Custer Had It Coming...”

General George Armstrong Custer was not one to be lacking in courage or, alas, foolhardiness!

Little Big Horn was his undoing and once more K&C returns to the grassy slopes above the little river in Eastern Montana to tell the story of the U.S. cavalry’s greatest defeat...


TRW077          “The Rescue”

A wounded trooper finds a temporary refuge as his buddy attempts to pull him up to safety...


TRW078          “Lonesome Charlie Reynolds”

       Reynolds had been a trader...a buffalo hunter and many other things before he became one of Custer’s guides and scouts. The night before the battle he had a premonition of disaster and stated that he had never felt so discouraged or depressed in his life! Some accounts have him protecting a wounded trooper when he was killed.


                                  TRW079         “Crawling for Help”

A forlorn trooper tries to crawl into cover his right leg pierced by an Indian arrow.


TRW080                “Massacre!”

A dismounted trooper pleads in vain as a Cheyenne “Dog Soldier” is about to deliver the fatal blow.


TRW081                “Lone Trooper”

                               Pistol in hand and defiant to the end...


TRW082(P)   “The Plains Warrior”

Holding onto the mane of his pony and using his horse’s body as a shield this brave warrior takes aim with his captured Cavalry carbine.




B.            “Halftrack To The Rescue”

WS230         Demag Ambulance”

As you all know, the Germans were quick to adapt any vehicle to their specific needs as and when they arose. This camouflaged Demag sports prominent red cross markings but that still made it a target for Allied fighter/bombers.

        The Model comes with Medic Driver and detachable roof canvas.


AVAILABLE:        Early March


C.       “Airborne Reinforcements”

A small batch of U.S. Paratroopers makes a welcome addition to any K&C Airborne Collection and here they are...


DD247           “Wounded”

A kneeling airborne Medic tends to the arm wound of this paratrooper who refuses to put down or lay aside his trusty M1 “Garand” rifle.


DD248           “Sitting Tommy Gunner”

This GI is taking a few minutes to sit down and relax before preparing for the next battle.

DD249           “Drinking B.A.R. Gunner”

“Killing Krauts” is thirsty work as this paratrooper quenches his thirst... Now is that water in his canteen or some recently “Liberated” French Wine...? You decide.


DD250           “Firing Tommy Gunner”

Even if some guys get a little chance to relax others have be ready and on the lookout for the enemy.


DD251           “Kneeling Bazooka Guy”

The paratroopers’ very own portable little anti-tank weapon. It also worked equally well on enemy bunkers and pill boxes.


AVAILABLE:        Mid to Late March


D.      “Sons of The Desert”

The Aussies major combat role within the British Eighth Army was to be the army’s “Shock Troops”...Australian Divisions in North Africa played a vital part in the eventual victory over Rommel in 1943. K&C has produced quite a few Aussies...Here’s some more...in action!


EA094           “Aussie Vickers Gunner”

Seated behind the Vickers Heavy Machine Gun this Australian “Digger” will extract a heavy toll on the advancing enemy.


EA095           “Aussie Grenadier”

Each British and Commonwealth soldier, during WWII, carried at least two “Mills Bomb” hand grenades in his ammo pouches.

                               Our bloke prepares to hurl one of his at the enemy.


EA096           “Aussie Kneeling Firing”

Classic infantryman’s position...taking careful aim with his Lee Enfield .303.


EA097           “Aussie Anti-Aircraft Bren Gun Team

                               “Look out for them Stukas!”


EA098           “Aussie Officer w/Tommy Gun”

Moving forward and preparing “covering fire” with his Thompson SMG.


AVAILABLE:        Mid to Late March


E.      “Take It Easy”...On the Streets of Old Hong Kong


HK229G / HK229M    “The New Rickshaw”   

A seated driver with his rickshaw enjoys a quiet pipe while waiting for a customer.


AVAILABLE:       Mid to Late March


F.       “Gang of Heroes”...The Opposition

Imagine a small French town, miles behind the German lines that has a bank bursting with...gold bullion!

Then imagine it’s guarded by three nasty big “Tiger” tanks!!!


WS311           “Karl Otto’s Tiger 1”

One of K&C’s favourite nasty, nazi villains was usually played by noted German actor Karl Otto Alberty...In movie after movie...”The Great Escape”...”The Battle of Britain”...”Kelly’s Heroes” he played the perfectly cold, calculating and often cruel Nazi officer.

        Here he is dressed in the uniform of a Waffen SS tank commander. Buy the figure...and we’ll give you absolutely FREE a lovely big movie version of the Tiger 1 Karl Otto commanded in one of our favourite flicks “Kelly’s Heroes”!


AVAILABLE:        Mid to Late March


G.     “The Streets of Old London”

“It’s a long way to Tipperary...It’s an even longer way to the “World of Dickens” and London in mid Victorian times but we’ll try it anyway...


WoD006        “The Pie Girl”

A young girl carries her freshly-baked pie from the baker’s oven to the shop.


WoD022        “The Hot Chestnut Seller”

Until the 1950’s you could still see street vendors selling hot chestnuts in winter time in most large British cities...Alas all gone now but in mid Victorian London a familiar and cheery sight on cold winter and autumn days.


WoD023        “The Muffin Man”

                               Balancing a wooden tray full of fresh, out-of-the-oven muffins on his head this street vendor announces his presence by ringing a hand-bell.


WoD024        “The Letter Girl”

                               In the London of the 1850’s a regular postal service was a relatively new phenomenon. Here, this young girl prepares to post a letter into...WoD020 The Post Box.


WoD025        “Oliver Twist”

                               One of Dickens’ most famous and well-loved characters...Young Oliver Twist is cold, hungry and simply asking for... ”More, please!”


AVAILABLE:        Mid to Late March



On this the 100th. Anniversary of the ill-fated but brave attempt to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula in the Turkish Dardanelles and force Turkey out of the First World War K&C present the first of our ANZAC* fighting men...


*ANZAC...Australian & New Zealand Army Corps


        GA001            “The Charging Major”

Webley Service Revolver in hand and leading from the front!


GA002            “Fire & Run”

While his mate dashes forward a kneeling rifleman takes careful aim.


        GA003            “Run & Fire”

                Same idea as GA002 “Fire & Run” but altogether different figures.


        GA004            “Charge!”

                                        Two ANZACS charge forward bayonets at the ready!


        GA005            “Hold On Mate”

Inevitably, in any battle, there are always casualties...An Aussie soldier “shoulders” a badly-wounded mate to safety.


        AVAILABLE: As Soon As Bloody Possible!


2.       Being Retired...

SOE004 / SOE004(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Standing At Attention

SOE005 / SOE005(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Kneeling Firing Rifle


SOE006 / SOE006(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Kneeling Ready


SOE007 / SOE007(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Lying Firing


SOE008 / SOE008(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Standing Firing


SOE009 / SOE009(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Reloading


SOE010 / SOE010(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Drummer Bugler


SOE011 / SOE011(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Native Officer Saluting


SOE012 / SOE012(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment MTD. British Officer


SOE013 / SOE013(G)

Standing Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment British Officer


SOE014 / SOE014(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs Regiment Queen's Colour Flagbearer


SOE015 / SOE015(G)

Indian Drum Major


SOE016 / SOE016(G)

Marching Ludhiana


SOE017 / SOE017(G)

Big Drummer


SOE018 / SOE018(G)

Ludhiana Sikhs' Piper



And that’s yer lot for another month..! Looking forward to seeing some of you in the States...In the meantime, all the very best and GREAT SALES!



Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country