MARCH 2014


MARCH means “THE WESTCOASTER’ for King & Country and yours truly.  For 5 whole days (and nights) I am fortunate to get to meet up with lots of old friends, talk all-things toy soldiers and even buy some myself for my own collection!

        On a business level it allows K&C to preview some new and upcoming releases with Gordon’s great dioramas and displays which he’s spent the last 3 months working on.  And Just as importantly I get to talk to collectors and a few dealers and hear what they might like to see in the future…But before all of that, there is, as I usually say, all of this…



March has a very colourful and eclectic mix of releases for collectors to look at.  These new pieces are going to take you on a journey in miniature from Texas to the Holy Land…onto the Eastern Front in Soviet Russia before moving to Ancient Greece and finally all the way back to…our home Hong Kong!


A.                 “Return To The Alamo”

Just two special “personality pieces” for this Alamo series this time around and both on opposing sides…


RTA071    “Lieutenant Colonel Jose Enrique de la Pena”

        Colonel de la Pena was one of the most interesting “personalities” of the Battle of the Alamo because he took part in the battle and wrote a record of it.  Contained in his record was the first report of the execution of the few survivors of the siege (which may have included Davy Crockett).  Much controversy surrounds the authenticity of de la Pena’s book however the majority of Alamo experts are convinced that it is genuine.

        Our figure shows de la Pena in the uniform of an officer of the Toluca Battalion making notes in his journal as he observes the besieged mission.


RTA072    “John McGregor”

        This is the second figure of this Scottish Alamo defender K&C have made and the “first” to show him playing the bag pipes.  McGregor born in Scotland in 1808, was living in Texas in 1836 when the Texians rebelled against Santa Anna’s dictatorship.  It is said that during the siege McGregor engaged in “musical duels” with the fiddle-playing Davy Crockett to entertain their fellow defenders.  Alas, his ultimate fate was the same as all the rest…

AVAILABLE:     Early March


B.                  “Mounted Saracens”

Three brand-new fighting Saracens are led by their most famous leader…


MK109    “Fighting Saladin”

        The Saracen general believed in “Leading from the front”…Here with scimitar held aloft he charges into battle.


MK114    “Mounted Bodyguard”

        Saladin may have been brave but he was not foolhardy!  A troop of mounted bodyguards always rode with him…Here is one of them.


MK115    “Saracen Flagbearer

        Accompanying Saladin was his personal standard bearer with a richly decorated triangular religious banner complete with a verse from the Koran.


AVAILABLE:     Mid-March


C.                  “From the Middle East to the Eastern Front…”

February’s release of the German Field Hospital ambulances, medics and wounded has had a fantastic response from dealers and collectors alike around the world.  I am happy to say…here are some extra additions…


WS275    “Ambulance Driver”

        This Opel Blitz Ambulance driver is enjoying a well-earned smoke and a bottle of beer before returning to the front…and more casualties!


WS276    “The Stretcher Set”

        A German medic assisted by another Wehrmacht soldier carry one of the wounded to safety.


WS277    “Smoking General”

        This senior officer listens as one of his subordinates briefs him on the current battlefield situation.


WS278    “Officer w/Map”

        A steel-helmeted officer gives that briefing to the General.


WS279    “Aide de Camp w/Binos

        As the officer briefs the general his ADC has a closer look at the enemy position.


WS280    “NCO Bodyguard”

        Also holding a pair of binoculars is this battle-dusted NCO who has accompanies the young officer giving the report.


AVAILABLE:     Early March


D.                 “Ancient Persia versus Ancient Greece”

From twentieth century battlefields to more ancient ones in Asia Minor…in one fell swoop!  At last our Ancient Greeks have an enemy to fight…


AG016     “The Army of Darius Officer”

        This fierce looking warrior wears typical layered armour of the period and a gold-embossed helmet.


 AG017     “Persian Standard Bearer”

Carrying a richly-decorated banner, similar to the ones later adopted by the Roman Army, this axe-wielding standard bearer is also ready to do battle.


AG018     “Persian Warrior w/Axe”


AG019     “Persian Archer Ready”


AG020     “Persian Archer Firing”


AG021     “Persian Warrior w/Spear”


AG022     “Persian Warrior w/Sword”


AG023     “Persian Spearman Throwing”


AG024     “Persian Spearman Standing Ready”


AG025     “Persian Fighting Swordsman”


AVAILABLE:     Mid-March

E.                  “…And Back To Hong Kong”

HK225(G)        /HK225(M)      “Lullaby”


        A young mother sings a soothing folk song to her son while the child rests contentedly in his rattan basket.  Available in both matt and gloss finishes.


AVAILABLE:     Mid-March


F.                   “LATE ADDITIONS”

Two other items which were supposed to arrive later are now going to appear a little sooner!


WS259    “The Panzer 35(T)”

        In March 1939 when the Nazis took over all of Czechoslovakia one of their most important prizes was the Czech arms industry.

       Among the weapons of most use to the Wehrmacht were the Czech-made tanks…notably the Panzer 38(T) and its earlier stable-mate the 35(T).

        As K&C collectors and dealers know we’ve already released the 38(T) to much acclaim so we thought it only fair to produce the 35(T) and here it is…

        The Germans seized 434 of this light tank and it saw extensive service during the invasion of Poland, the attack in the West on Holland, Belgium and France and “Operation Barbarossa”, the invasion of the USSR.

        Although by 1942 it was obsolete it’s still a great addition for our “feld grau  collectors who like early-battles and campaigns.

        Our new model comes with the tank commander and a removable aircraft-recognition Nazi flag.


AVAILABLE:     Late March/Early April



        And now the return of a much requested K&C Warbird…the Battle of Britain Supermarine Spitfire.

        After we retired the previous two Spits we kept being asked in both our Hong Kong shop and our San Antonio store, “Do you have a Spitfire in Battle of Britain colour-scheme and markings?

        Then when some dealers requested the same thing we thought, “Maybe we should do a small-rerun to satisfy the obvious demand for this classic warbird”.


RAF066    “MKI/II 602 Squadron Spitfire”

        This time we selected one of the most famous Royal Auxiliary Air Force Spitfires to portray – a Spit belonging to No.602 “City of Glasgow” R. Aux. A.F. flown by Squadron Leader “Sandy” Johnstone, who became an “ace” during the battle and went on to have a very distinguished air force career in the remainder of the war and afterwards.

        We also chose “602” and “SandyJohnstone for personal reasons…Many moons ago – 1962 to be exact, both Gordon and myself lived right next to Royal Naval Air Station “Sanderling”.  Today it’s now Glasgow’s international airport.

        Back then it was a military air-field and every year they held a NAVY DAY AIR SHOW.  In 1962 the Guest of Honor was Air Vice-Marshall “Sandy” Johnstone and we two small boys actually met him and got his autograph!!!

        K&C is proud to honor this great pilot and the aircraft he flew to help protect our country during its darkest days.


Special Note:  Just 250 of this special “Sandy” Johnstone, 602 Squadron Spitfire have been produced.


AVAILABLE:     Late March/Early April, Reserve yours now to avoid disappointment!



As per usual…Out with some of the old and not-so-old to help make room for all these new pieces



Collapsing Lighthorseman


Imperial Camel Corps Officer (turning in saddle)


Australian Camel Corps Trooper holding rifle up (walking camel)


Australian Camel Corps Trooper holding rifle across saddle (walking camel)


Universal Jeep


Lying Wounded Texian


Kneeling Firing Defender


Loading Mexican Soldier


Fighting Duo III


Volksturm Old Man


Volksturm "Off To Battle"


Tank Killer


Volksturm Heil Hitler


"Panzerfaust Warriors"


HALT!  SS trooper with MP44


Hitler Jugend Guard


Wehrmacht Inspecting Officer


MG42 Instruction


Volksturm Walking w/ Bicycle


Hitlerjugend with Bicycle


Sd. Kfz. 222 Armoured Car