MARCH 2013


MARCH has arrived and I’m heading off to Los Angeles in a few days to take part in the annual “WESTCOASTER” Show held at the Irvine Marriott Hotel between the 7th and 10th March.  It’s a fun, few days meeting up with lots of old friends and dealers and previewing many of K&C’s upcoming releases.

        It’s also an opportunity to talk in depth with collectors about what they like and…what they would want K&C to make in the future.

        If you are anywhere near California take a day or two off and come and see us at the “WESTCOASTER”.

        However, as usual, before all of that….There’s all of this…..!


1.          APPEARING IN MARCH 2013

A.            “On Parade In Copenhagen”

Last summer my family and myself had the opportunity to spend eight fantastic days in Denmark’s beautiful capitol city, Copenhagen.  Whilst there we saw the Royal Life Guards on parade outside their barracks and on duty at the Royal Palace.  Every day of the year these young soldiers are on duty protecting their sovereign.

A little while back we decided that they would make a fine addition to our “CEREMONIAL” range…..Here they are


CE010 “Marching Guardsman w/Rifle

        Wearing the scarlet red tunic with white cross belts and tall bearskin this soldier carries the American M1 “Garand” rifle and fixed bayonet.  From the late 1940’s until the 1970’s the “Garand” was the Danish Army’s standard rifle.


CE016-1 “Guardsman Standing – At.Ease

        Another guardsman with his “Garand” and fixed bayonet.  Attached to the handle of his short sword (at the rear of the figure) is a red tassel sword knot…Different companies of the Life Guards have different colours of sword knot tassels.


CE016-2  As above with white tassel sword knot.


CE016-3  As before with blue tassel sword knot.





As K&C dealers and collectors already know we have produced a fairly large number of Australian Light Horse figures as part of our depiction of the Battle of Beersheba in 1917.  With the great success of that range we’ve decided to expand and develop more units that also fought in the campaigns in the Middle East during the 1914/18 War.  This first new release focuses on the British infantry


ME001 “Officer w/Pistol & Whistle”

       Leading his men forward this young British officer is armed with his .455 Webley service revolver…and a whistle!


ME002 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”


ME003 “Standing Firing Rifle”


ME004 “Charging”


ME005 “Attacking”


ME006 “Lying Prone Lewis Gunner”

Providing much needed fire-support is this Lewis Gunner.

Special Uniform Details: All of our new infantry figures belong to the 8th.Btn Lancashire Fusiliers who fought in Egypt, Gallipoli and Palestine during the war.  They are all wearing the tropical solar “topi” sun helmet with the regimental flash on the left side.

       The men are wearing a mix of heavy wool tunics (more suitable for the Western Front) and KD (khaki drill) shorts with long sox and puttees.

       The officer wears a complete set of KD (tunic and trousers) in contrast to his men.


AVAILABLE : Originally scheduled for March release.




Our latest United States Army Air Force figures, aircraft and vehicle make a contrast to our soldiers of the Middle East and are a nice little bonus for our “Warbird” collectors…


AF019 “Flight Commander”

       Wearing his jaunty “50 mission” hat this veteran pilot prepares to brief his pilots on their next mission.


AF020 “Pilot w/Map”

       This young “fighter-jock” checks his map coordinates.


AF021 “Synchronize Your Watches!”

       It’s important that everyone is “on the same page” and “at the same time” for any mission to be successful.


AF022 “Kneeling Pilot”

       This kneeling pilot is listening intently to the briefing.



       The story of the first all-African American pilots in the U.S. Army Air Force has been told in books, documentaries and movies…Rarely, if at all, have they ever appeared in miniature…Until now…K&C have produced four separate items that pay tribute to the officers and men who had to overcome many obstacles both at home and overseas just to be allowed to fly and fight for their country during WW2.


AF023 “Capt. Lee ‘Buddy’ Archer”


AF028 “Colonel Benjamin O. Davis”

       The commander of the all-black 332nd Fighter Group.


AF029 “The ‘Follow-Me’ Jeep”

       Partly decorated with the black and white chequer board this airfield “runaround” has an African-American driver and is in the markings of the 332nd Fighter Group.


AF030 “ North American P.51D Mustang”

       Of all the Mustangs that flew it was the “D” model that was the most famous….and most numerous with over 8,100 built and flown.

       Easily recognized by the bubble-top canopy it was the perfect escort fighter for the USAAF’s B17’s and B24’s bombing Hitler’s Third Reich.

       Our latest K&C warbird belongs to the all-black 332nd Fighter Group, the famous “Red Tails” and is one of the 301st. Fighter Squadron’s P51’s. Nicknamed “Creamer’s Dream” it’s in typical late war natural metal finish except for the red nose and tail plus yellow wing stripes.

Just 250 have been produced.




       Finally we introduce Two more groundcrew figures that help bring any aircraft or airfield display alive….


AF026 “Standing Mechanic”

       Carrying his box of tools in one hand and reaching out with the other this mechanic can work on any of our “warbirds”.


AF027 “Sitting Mechanic”

       This groundcrew figure perches neatly onto any of K&C’s World War Two fighter planes….Please note the trestle platform is not included.


AVAILABLE : AF019-022, 026-027, 029 -- NOW!

AF023, 028, 030 -- Mid March


D.        “Who’s Guarding The Home Guard? ”

After the Fall of France when Britain stood alone against the might of Hitler’s war machine a body of men came forward to help defend the country in its greatest hour of need.

They were originally called the Local Defence Volunteers and were recruited from those too old…or too young to join the regular army.

Soon however they became better known as…”The Home Guard”.

Here at K&C we’ve always had a “soft-spot” for these young and old warriors who made up in real fighting spirit what they may have lacked in actual fighting abilities….


FOB077 “Standing Home Guard Major”

       Second-in-Command of the Home Guard Battalion our volunteers belong to.


FOB081 “Marching Tommy”

       When the British Expeditionary Force were evacuated from France in June 1940 many of its men came back with only their rifles and field kit.

       Here, our regular “Tommy” has arrived back at his regimental depot and is undergoing some basic “square-bashing” i.e. foot and rifle drill.


FOB082 “The Captain”

       Home Guard Officers came from all walks of life…butchers, bakers…even bank managers…but all eager and willing to defend their country against nasty Adolf and his Nazi hordes!


FOB083 “The Sergeant”

       As we all know the backbone of any military unit are the NCO’s (non commissioned officers) and the Home Guard was no exception.  However not all sergeants have to be nasty and ‘orrible….Some can be really quite nice and awfully pleasant.


FOB084 “The Scrounger”

       In any military there is always the soldier who knows all the angles and is very good at cutting corners…and never getting caught out!


FOB085 “The Mummy’s Boy”              

       For some the military comes as a great shock to the system…For others it’s a huge adventure…For a few it’s a chance to play with a real gun!


FOB088 “The Old Soldier”

       The Home Guard attracted army veterans from the First World War and the Boer War…Even some who had served with the great Lord Kitchener in the Sudan fighting the “Fuzzy-Wuzzies”.



       Although an army marches on its feet…it’s nice to get a lift now and then.

Here are two more new versions of our very popular Morris CS8 15cwt. trucks.


FOB091 “Morris CS8 Truck (BEF)

       When the British Expeditionary Force went to France it took thousands of these 15cwt. trucks with them…only a handful returned home after Dunkirk.

       Our 3rd Infantry Division Morris belongs to a Royal Artillery battery and has the typical “Mickey Mouse” pattern camouflage. R.A. driver included.


FOB097 “Bomb Disposal Morris CS8”

       Our second CS8 belongs to a Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Unit - hence the bright red mudguards. A Royal Engineer lance-corporal is behind the wheel.


AVAILABLE : Late March


2.          “LOOK OUT FOR APRIL!”

A.    “With Lawrence In The Desert”

Two additional special mounted figures to accompany T.E. Lawrence on his desert campaign….


LoA003 “Sheikh Auda Abu Tayi

       During the Arab revolt against the Turks in 1916-1918 one of Lawrence’s staunchest Arab allies was the Bedouin Leader, Auda Abu Tayi.  Portrayed in David Lean’s 1962 epic by Anthony Quinn this dramatic figure sits astride his magnificent captured Arab stallion with his revolver held aloft.


LoA004 “Arab Flagbearer

       Accompanying Auda is his personal flagbearer carrying the traditional Islamic green flag emblazoned with a verse from the Koran, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah!”


AVAILABLE : Early April


B.         “Remember The Alamo!”

This is one of K&C’s “signature” series and another that has produced a wealth of great figures and “personalities”.


RTA066 “General Cos”

       This fine general wears an adaptation of a Mexican Hussar uniform complete with feather adorned bicorne hat.


RTA067 “Captain John Baugh”

       Capt. Baugh was the Adjutant of the Alamo Garrison and a native of Virginia.


RTA068 “Antonio Fuentes”

       Fuentes was one of a small group of native Texans recruited by Juan Seguin who fought and died during the final battle.


RTA069 “Dr. Polland Amos”

       Dr. Amos was the chief surgeon of the Alamo garrison during the 13-day siege.  He died defending the hospital and his patients.


RTA070 Charles Henry Clark

       A member of the New Orleans Grays who, like his comrades-in-arms, died at the Alamo.


AVAILABLE : Early April



Due to the popularity of this series about the Australian Light Horse we are now happy to have two releases each year.  Here is the first batch of 2013….”Bring On The Empty Horses!”


AL045    “Standing Horse #1”

AL046    “Standing Horse #2”

       Both of these horses can belong to any of our “dismounted” Light Horsemen.


AL047    “Galloping Horse #1”


AL048    “Galloping Horse #2”

       Another two “empty” horses charging alongside their mounted brethren….


AL049    “Kneeling Turkish Radioman”

       This brave kneeling Turk, pistol in one hand, frantically tries to use the field telephone to tell his superiors that the Australians have already broken through the first line of defences.


AL050    “Charging Turk w/Rifle”


AL051    “The Swordsman”

       Legend has it that at least one Light Horse officer carried a sabre into the battle…


AL052    “Hang On Mate!”

       A dismounted wounded trooper has been rescued by one of his mates…. Here he hangs on for dear life under Turkish shot and shell.


AL053    “The Shooter”

       Reins in one hand, Lee Enfield extended in the other this charging trooper is about to reach the Turkish front line trenches.


AVAILABLE: Early to Mid-April



Since returning to the war on the Eastern Front K&C’s “Red Army” has continued to grow and develop into one of our most popular series…Here are the latest additions….


RA024   “Solider Holding burp gun”


         RA038   “Red Army Valentine MK.III”

Over 2,000 of these British built tanks were supplied to the Russians as part of Allied “Lend-Lease” agreements.  Our model bears the number “39” and the slogan “Stalinets”.  It comes with a half-body Soviet tank commander.


RA040   “Combat Leader”

       Cautiously moving forward his PPSh-41 “Burp” gun at the ready.


RA041   “Female Warrior”

       Of all the combatant nations during WW2 only the Russians used women as “fighters” in front-line” units.


RA042   “Sniper”

       Lying prone and aiming at the hated enemy.


RA043   “Kneeling Firing

       Wearing the ubiquitous side cap and padded jacket this Red Army soldier is firing his “burp” gun. With no base this figure can fit on top of any of our K&C armoured vehicles.


RA044   “Advancing

       On the lookout for the Germans!


RA045   “Female Shooter

       Another woman warrior to accompany RA041.


RA046   “Sitting burp gunner

       A very useful “Tankrider”.


RA047   “Sitting w/Rifle


RA048   “Kneeling w/Rifle


AVAILABLE : Mid to Late April



We’re definitely not letting the Red Army dominate the entire Eastern Front battlefield this month…..We’ve found them some opposition!


WS219   “Panzer IV H

       One of the all-time great German battle tanks of WW2 and one that is long overdue in the K&C catalogue.

       Our K&C “H” model Panzer IV is mounting the long-barreled 75mm main gun and comes with the wrap-around turret shield armour.  First produced in mid 1943, Panzer IV H’s saw action on both East and West fronts and in Italy. More than 3,000 were produced of this particular variant and this, our first version, comes in typical three-colour camouflage of the later war period.  The K&C model includes the tank commander in the top turret hatch.


WS223-1        “Tank Commanders #1

       Many collectors have suggested we offer a range of different commanders for our armoured vehicles.  Here’s the first set….commanders.  The first wears the “classic” black Waffen SS Wrap around Jacket and SS officers field gray service cap.

       Figure 2 wears the reversible winter smock and the black Panzer Wehrmacht side cap.


WS223-2        “Tank Commanders #2

       These two commanders are another contrast in style….One, all in black Wehrmacht Panzer uniform and side cap. The other in Waffen SS wrap around camouflage uniform topped off with a black ski cap.


These new half-body German tank commanders will fit the vast majority of K&C’s armoured vehicles…both German and Allied.  And they’ll probably fit easily into most of our competitors armour as well !!!


AVAILABLE : Mid to Late April





Not too many….not too few but some I hope will be of interest to you and your collectors.


The Age of Napoleon

NA114     Charging Sword Forward

NA116     Advancing Forward       

NA117     Charging Sword Downward

NA118     Advance to the Front

NA119     Slashinig w/ Sabre

NA121    Cuirassier Firing Pistol

NA124    Cantiniere


First World War

FW060    General Papa Joffre

FW062    French Mounted Officer

FW063    Marching Officer

FW064    Marching Poilus

FW065    Marching French Soldier

FW066    The Scout

FW067    Poilu attending to a General’s Horse

FW068    Drum Major

FW069    Drummer

FW070    Bugler Marching


The Crusades

MK071   “The Crusader Tent”


“Operation Market Garden”

MG010   Walking Radioman

MG011   Lieutenant w/ Sten Gun

MG012   Standing Firing Sten Gun

MG013   Lying Firing Bren Gun

MG016   Maj. Gen. Roy Urquhart

MG020   Kneeling Firing Sten Gun

MG022   Lying Firing Rifleman

MG023   Major General Sosabowski

MG031   Mortar Team


        Most of these Para figures were produced back in 2007/8 and have remained at their original price since. They are great value and well worth picking up especially with the upcoming release of the new upgraded “ARNHEM PATHFINDERS” appearing soon.



        And, as they say, “That’s all for now folks”…Best wishes to one and all!



                                                                                Andy C. Neilson

                                                                        Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                King & Country