MARCH 2012

IT'S MARCH and that means the "WEST COASTER". As I write this we are putting the finishing touches to the dioramas and displays we are taking to the show.

                Already quite a few of these same displays have been purchased in advance by dedicated K&C collectors in the U.S. and elsewhere. It's always good to know that they will find a "happy home" after the show!

                Gordon and myself leave for Los Angeles on Wednesday 7 March and we'll be there for almost a week. During that time we look forward to meeting many West-Coast based K&C collectors and several of our most important U.S. dealers. I hope we get the opportunity to meet some of you!

                Before all of that. Here's all of this.


1.      APPEARING IN MARCH 2012.


"Long Live the French Army of 1914"

        Seven all-new red and blue-clad French "Poilus" in action make their appearance this month. Led by an officer with a pistol and sword these soldiers are going to kick the Kaiser all the way back to Berlin!


FW074 "Officer w/ Pistol and Sword"

FW075 "Kneeling firing Rifleman"

FW076 "Poilu Charging"

FW077 "With Rifle & Bayonet"

FW078 "Standing Firing Rifleman"

FW079 "Machine Gun Set"

A seated gunner together with his loader serve the gun.


"Les Boches"

In addition to our seven Frenchmen we've added two more German infantry.

FW109 "Marching Rifleman w/ Hat"

FW110 "Marching Rifleman w/Pickelhaub"





As one war moves to another so does the "mode of transport". in this case from marching on foot to travelling by armoured car!

DD163 "Dingo Armoured Car" (Series 250)

During WW2, and for years afterwards, British Forces made ample use of fast, lightly armed (and armoured) reconnaissance vehicles. The "Dingo" was one of the most famous. After first seeing action in the Fall of France in 1940 it fought throughout the entire three- year "Desert War" before returning to France in June 1944.

Our K&C model is in "Guards Armoured Division" markings and painted in typical British "Mickey Mouse" camouflage of black and olive drab. A driver is included as well as a separate Bren Light Machine Gun.


DD164 "Dingo Commander"

An optional "add-on" seated figure of a Guards Officer studying the enemy positions through his binos is also available.

This particular seated piece can be used in a variety of different British armoured vehicles and settings.




C.     "Remember The Alamo!"

Every March sees K&C release a small group of additional figures for our KINGS X "Signature Series" about the heroic defense of the Alamo in March 1836.

This year we're beginning a new Mexican regiment. "The Cazadores". These elite infantrymen were modeled on the British "rifle" regiments of the Napoleonic Wars and used surplus British weapons and equipment including the famous "Baker Rifle".

Here are the first four.

RTA061 "Cazadores loading Rifle"

RTA062 "Cazadores standing Firing"

RTA063 "Cazsadores with Ramrod"

RTA064 "Cazadores Officer with Pistol"


Note the green facings and epaulettes denoting a "rifle" regiment.


RTA065 "Almeron Dickinson"

The husband and father of two of the Alamo's few survivors. This figure has Dickinson firing his old blunderbuss at the advancing Mexicans.


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late March



These new Italian figures were previewed in Italy during K&C's visit last November. Now they're ready for release.


IF010 "Air Marshal Balbo"

One of fascist Italy's most famous military heroes and a close confidante of Il Duce himself. Balbo was a great pilot who was doomed to meet his end in a flying accident!


IF011 "Il Duce Saluting"

There have been quite a few requests for a standing figure of the Italian Dictator. and here he is!


IF023 "Fiat Mod. 500A "Topolino" (Series 250)

This great little Italian car was used by Axis forces throughout the war and appeared in every "Theatre of War" where Italian forces operated. 

This particular little Topolina has open top "air conditioning" and comes with a driver.

Two other 250's will be released later this year. an "Afrika Korps" one and a "Luftwaffe" version.


IF024 "Carabinieri holding Carbine"

The role of "Military Police" in the Italian Army then and now is the responsibility of this legendary paramilitary police force. Even today they are a familiar sight on Italy's streets.

Our wartime Carabinieri wears the Napoleonic bicorne with a grey cover and regular Italian grey uniform. Most men, in addition to their carbines, carried a pistol as a side arm.


IF025 "Carabinieri checking Papers"

IF026 "Carabinieri standing at Attention"


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late March


E.     Another Great Fighting Jeep"

Earlier in this dispatch we told you about our British reconnaissance "Dingo". Well let's not forget our American cousins. Here's a little something for them!


DD161 "US Armoured Jeep"

A summer version of our highly successful "Battle of the Bulge" armoured jeep. No snow-chains this time, just regular wheels but there is an all-new driver figure. A very useful new Jeep for any Normandy '44 collection!


DD162 "US Trailer"

And. another version of the jeep trailer, this one with a brand-new load of supplies for the troops. By the way this little trailer can be towed behind other K&C American vehicles.





A.     April arrives with a bang with one of the most diverse set of K&C releases that I can remember for a long time!!!


A.     "God Save The King!"

Additional reinforcements for the Forces of the Crown fighting the American rebels are about to sail in. All of them 23rd Royal Welch Fusileers.


BR083 "Marching Drummer"

BR084 "Marching Fifer"

BR085 "Marching Officer"

BR086 "Marching Fusileer"

BR087 "Marching Fusileer"

BR088 "Marching Fusileer"

BR089 "Charging Fusileer"


AVAILABLE: Early April


B.         "Mounted Auxiliary Cavalry in the time of Jesus"

Following the successful launch of our other Roman Auxiliaries in our "LOJ" series we're adding two more. on horseback.

LoJ018 "Auxiliary on Drinking Horse"

LoJ019 "Auxiliary on Standing Horse"


AVAILABLE: Early April


C.     "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many. to so few."

These words were dedicated to the handful of pilots and ground crew of Britain's Royal Air Force after their Battle of Britain victory over Hitler's Luftwaffe in 1940.

The man who wrote and said them was Britain's finest Prime Minister. Winston S. Churchill. This is our latest tribute in miniature to him and the heroes of the R.A.F.


RAF038 "V for Victory!"

Prime Minister Churchill in a typical wartime pose.


AVAILABLE: Early April


D.    "From London to Berlin in one fell swoop! From the good guys to the Baddies!"

The latest "BERLIN '38" releases include a great new display item plus five figurers. and a guard dog.


LAH151 "Nazi Eagle Archway"

This ceremonial arch provides an ideal setting for a large parade or just a small group of figures on guard duty.


LAH152 "SA Man Marching w/Rifle"

LAH153 "SA Honour Guard w/Rifle"

LAH154 "SS Dog Handler"

LAH164 "Pre 1933 SS Man Marching w/Rifle"

LAH165 "Pre 1933 SS Honour Guard w/Rifle"

Before 1933 and the adoption of the Hugo Boss-designed black uniform the SS were similar in style to SA. substituting black for brown kepis and trousers.


AVAILABLE: Early April




Well, after what seems an awful long time K&C is returning to the "OST-FRONT". with this first Red Army release in several years.


RA016 "Shouting Red Army Officer"

This officer of the dreaded NKVD Secret Police is indicating the presence of German troops nearby.


RA017 "Red Army Soldier Charging"

Glancing around to his right this soldier pushes forward.


RA018 "Red Army Soldier firing form the Waist"

Another attacker firing his Ppsh sub-machine gun at the enemy.


RA019 "Red Army Soldier Running"

This soldier clutches his SMG in one hand as he runs forward.


RA020 "Red Army Soldier Lying Prone"

RA021 "Red Army Soldier Standing Firing"


Uniform note: These new Red Army soldiers are kitted-out in the ubiquitous padded jackets with folded blankets over the shoulder and all carrying the famous Russian SMG.



The Soviet Union manufactured one of the finest and most durable tanks of the Second World War. The T34.

Our latest K&C version is the early/mid war T34/76 and we are producing three different options for collectors. with a different figure to accompany each tank.


RA025-1 "Soviet T34/76 (#23)"

This battle-stained T34 has an opening top hatch and a kneeling figure that can be positioned on the rear engine cover of the vehicle. 


RA025-2 "Soviet T34/76 (#25)"

Another T34 from the same tank unit as #23. Also with a kneeling figure.


RA025-3 "Soviet T34/76 (3A POAHHY!)"

This last of the trio has the Russian slogan painted on the side of the turret which means "For the Fatherland" and again comes complete with a tank commander figure.


QUANTITIES: 150 of each T34/76 are being produced


SPECIAL NOTE: K&C will also release two other version of this T34/76. a captured German vehicle and a snow-camouflaged Russian one. in the following months. 250 of each of these versions is planned.





Finally we have two more small releases for Royal Air Force collectors.


RAF039 "Curtiss P40 "Tomahawk"

                "Desert Air Force"

This particular "Warbird" is in the personal markings of Squadron Leader Neville Duke of 112 Squadron R.A.F. Duke was the RAF Desert Air Force's top-scoring pilot in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations during WW2.

The stone and earth-coloured P40 carries the famous "Shark-month" decoration which originated with 112 Squadron in 1941.

Just 250 of this Desert Air Force P40 have been produced.


RAF040 "RAF Medic & Wounded Pilot"

This little two figure-vignette is a great add-on to any display or diorama featuring our Royal Air Force figures, vehicles and aircraft.


AVAILABLE: Late April/Early May


3.      "On The Retirement List"

As per usual we're making room for the new pieces so some of the older ones have, alas, to go. So, grab 'em while and if you can!


DD135 "British Sherman Firefly"

EA009 "Advance Under Fire"

EA015 "Returning Fire"

FW044 "Attack!"

FW050 "Officer with Pistol & Field Telephone"

FW052 "Machine Gun Set"

FW053 "Kneeling Firing Rifleman"

FW054 "Standing Firing Rifleman"

FW055 "Advancing with Rifle"

FW056 "Standing Sniper"

FW057 "77mm Artillery Set (1917)"

LW006 "Ground Crew with Bomb"

LW007 "Luftwaffe-Helfein"

NA200 "RHA Officer Shouting Orders"

NA201 "RHA Gun Set in Action"

WS093 "Standing Saluting German Officer"

WS094 "Standing German Guard"

WS095 "Marching German Officer"

WS096-01 "Marching German Soldier"


And that's us for another month. Best wishes to one and all and I hope to see a few of you at the "West Coaster".



Andy C. Neilson

Co- Founder & Creative Director

King & Country