June 2020


How time flies when you’re enjoying yourself! That comment may seem a little strange in the light of the present world situation vis-a-vis this virus pandemic.  However, with being unable to travel overseas and specifically up to China to visit our sculptors and the factories, here in HK l’ve been concentrating on designing a batch of new, full colour brochures and building some more dioramas.

Anyway suffice to say that design in all its forms is something I enjoy and this enforced staying in HK has allowed me to do more of it.

And when you enjoy something the hours, days and weeks just fly by!

So, here we are... In June already and half way through 2020... Let’s begin at the beginning...



A.           “Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!”

Because of the success of our USMC battling their way across the Pacific we’ve decided to release some more Japanese reinforcements to provide a little extra opposition along the way.


JN061 ‘The Kenpeitai Officer

The Kenpeitai was the military police arm of the Imperial Japanese Army from 1881-1945. It was both a conventional military police force and a ‘secret police’ in Japanese occupied territories.

Their reputation for brutality was infamous in occupied countries and both ordinary civilians as well as military prisoners-of-war often became their victims.

The Kenpeitai were also active in Japan itself, especially during WW2. It’s a little – known fact that General Hideki Tojo, before the war, commanded all of these military policemen, both inside and outside Japan.

In the field and behind the lines they could be easily recognized by the special white headband worn around their helmets and a white, cloth armband bearing the two Japanese characters of their unit name.


JN062 ‘BANZAI!’ Set#1

Led by a pistol carrying and sword-wielding officer two additional IJA riflemen with fixed bayonets charge forward.


JN063 ‘The Mortar Set’

A crouching infantryman prepares to fire the Type 89 ‘Knee Mortar’.

A second, lying prone NCO (non commissioned officer) observes the ‘fall of shot’ through his binos.



JN064 ‘The Kamikaze Anti Tank Bomber’

From their earliest days in the Army Japanese soldiers were taught that their greatest honour was to ‘die for the Emperor’.

As Allied forces grew even closer to Japan in the latter stages of the war the Japanese Army got ever more desperate to imbue their soldiers with the true spirit of the samurai.

Here a lone Japanese infantryman crawls forward clutching a box of explosives which he will detonate after he has crept under a tank or into an enemy position.


JN-S03 ‘Captor & Captured!’

A lone British soldier comes face-to-face with one of the dreaded Kenpeitai...  AVAILABLE: Late June


B.           ‘HITLER’S WHEELS’

There are some ‘classic’ K&C sets that we often get asked to revisit and reproduce.  This is one of the most requested!


LAH259 ‘Der Fuhrer’s Mercedes Benz W31 Staff Car’

Of all the many Hitler vehicles we have produced and retired this is, by far, the most requested and sought after.

Just 57 MB W31’s were actually built in the early 1930’s for Hitler and the top Nazis... only 3 remain today.

Our revised 1:30 scale version features the Fuhrer himself, in typical ‘Brown Shirt’ uniform standing and saluting in the front seat of this silver grey 6-wheeler with the black trim.

Seated next to him is one of his SS drivers, behind them is SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Josef ‘Sepp’ Dietrich sitting alongside is SS-Brigadefuhrer Karl Wolff wearing the steel helmet. Riding in the rear are two SS bodyguards, ever watchful, ever ready.

AVAILABLE: Mid to Late June




MK202 ‘The Fighting Saracens Set #2

Another great 4-man action set with an all-new colour variation.

AVAILABLE: Early to Mid June



Continuing the expansion of the Roman Empire 6 great new additions to this colourful series...


RnB041 ‘The Roman Map Board

The perfect background accessory for the Emperor and his Generals to gather around and plan their next move.


ROM035 ‘The Praetorian Centurion

Last month we released the first of our Praetorian Guardsmen... Now, we have one of the Centurions in command of them.


ROM040 ‘Pompey the Great

One of Rome’s greatest generals and leading statesmen he was significant in the transformation of the city from a republic to an empire.

He was also, for a time, an ally of Julius Caesar before becoming his sworn enemy.

He was assassinated in Egypt while fleeing from Caesar.


ROM041 ‘Germanicus

Another of Rome’s finest Generals who was known for his successful campaigns in Germania and as the elder brother of the future emperor, Claudius.

During the reign of Augustus, he commanded no less than 8 Legions, about one third of the entire Roman Army.

He avenged the terrible Roman defeat in the Teutoburg Forest and recovered two of the three Legionary Eagles lost there.

As a famous general he was widely popular and regarded as both a noble and virtuous leader.

He was also the father of the infamous Caligula who, it was said, poisoned Germanicus upon the instructions of his grandmother. Such was life and death in Ancient Rome.


ROM045 ‘Emperor Vespasian

Vespasian ruled from 69 to 79 AD partly thanks to his successful military career during the invasion of Britain in 43 AD and the subjugation of the Jewish Rebellion in Judea in 66 AD.

Perhaps his greatest building achievement, still known today, was the ‘Flavian Amphitheatre’ built in the heart of Rome. Today it is better known as...

The Coliseum’.


ROM046 ‘The Emperor Hadrian’

Hadrian was emperor from 117-138 AD. Born into a Romano / Italo / Hispanic family he energetically pursued his own imperial ideals and personal interests by visiting almost every province in the Empire including Britannia which had recently suffered a major rebellion.

There, he initialed the design and construction of a huge wall, ‘to separate Romans from their northern barbarian neighbours.’

Shrewdly he reckoned it was cheaper to build and garrison the wall and its many forts along his northern border than keep a huge standing army there.

Even today remains of the wall can still be seen in northern England and southern Scotland.

Hadrian was also one of the few leading Emperors to wear a beard... nearly all the others were clean-shaven.



E.            The Victorian Wedding of the Century!

Long before the weddings of Charles & Diana, William & Kate or even Harry & Meghan there was the very first ‘Celebrity’ Royal Wedding in the form of ...

Victoria & Albert.


TR001 ‘Victoria & Albert

The sumptuous wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg & Gotha took place on 10 February 1840 at St. James Palace in the heart of London.

Victoria came to the throne in 1837, just a month after her 18th birthday and as the monarch she was the one to select a husband for herself and to make the marriage proposal!

Up until this time Royal Weddings had been small, private ceremonies held late at night.

The young Victoria was going to change all that... and much more. She was determined that her people would be able to see the bridal procession drive to St. James Palace.

Her wedding dress was also a break with the past... Victoria chose white that both enhanced her purity and innocence while making her more visible to the thousands of her people who came to watch the ceremony.

Prince Albert meanwhile was dressed as a British Field Marshal, a rank Victoria herself had given to the young Prince as her personal wedding gift.

Fortunately for K&C there is a wealth of visual information available on what Victoria & Albert actually wore on their wedding day and we used the very best of it to create these two great ‘Victorian’ figures.

AVAILABLE: Early to Mid June



What would ‘DISPATCHES’ be without a little taste of Vietnam... So let’s find out what the ‘Grunts’ and ‘Gooks’ have been up to...


SP112 ‘Vietnam Firebase Sand Bag Emplacement

A half-moon sand bag emplacement perfect for setting up one of our 105mm Howitzers either manned by Aussie Gunners or Marine Corps Artillerymen. This useful little display piece made in hard-wearing polystone can also be used to place stores, vehicles or soldiers. You decide what you need it for.


VN078 ‘NVA/VC Assault Team Set #1

As this NVA regular prepares to throw one of his Chinese-made ‘potato-masher’ grenades the black-clad Viet Cong provides covering fire.


VN079 ‘NVA/VC RPG Team

As the VC Rocket Propelled Grenadier moves forward his NVA comrade follows closely behind with his AK47.


VN080 ‘The NVA Machine Gun Team

As the lying prone NVA soldier prepares to open fire the kneeling MG Team Leader observes the enemy through his binos.

The gun itself is the WW2 era Degtyaryov Light Machine Gun in service from 1928 all the way up to the late 1960’s and even into the early 1970’s. It fired the standard Soviet 7.62mm round and could be fitted with either a 47 round ‘pan’ magazine or a 63 round version.

AVAILABLE: Early to Mid June


2.            BEING RETIRED

BBG091   Lying Pointing

DD184    Standing Firing Rifle

DD185    Advancing w/Rifle & Bayonet

DD226    Sitting Machine Gunner

DD228    US Army Tank Riders Set#1

DD229    US Army Tank Riders Set#2

DD239    Gang of Heroes

DD285-US Paratroopers Covering Fire (82nd Airborne)

DD286-US Paratroopers Crouching Tommy Gunner(82nd)

DD287-US Paratroopers Blast Injury (82nd)

DD288-US Paratroopers Moving Forward... Cautiously! (82nd)

DD305    Searching For Pvt. Ryan Set#1

DD306    Searching For Pvt. Ryan Set#2

DD307    Charging Rifleman

DD308    Snap Shooter

DD309    Kneeling Rifleman

DD310    Standing Rifleman

DD311    Machine Gun Team

DD312    Kneeling Bazooka Guy

DD313    Turning BAR Gunner

DD314    Shouting Tommy-Gunner

DD316    Pvt. James Francis Ryan

TRW139   Captain Sam Collingwood

WH017    Wehrmacht Mortar Team

WH019    Take A Breather

WS312    Hitler’s Last Parade

WS314    Führerbunker Ventilation Tower

WS315    SS Bunker Bodyguards


Well, that is one of the longest lists of retirals of recent months... And there’s some really unique sets that are well worth getting your mitts on.

Thanks once more to all K&C collectors around the world and dealers too.

Stay well... stay strong... and happy collecting!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country Ltd.