JUNE 2014


        AS USUAL, I seem to be writing this edition of “DISPATCHES” just as I depart Hong Kong for the U.S. of A.  By the time you read this “DISPATCHES” I will already be back in Hong Kong…How time flies when you’re enjoying yourself!

        Anyway June is one big, big month for K&C and I hope there’s more than a few items for dealers and collectors.  So, let’s get cracking…


1.      Appearing This Month –


It’s been a few months since the last releases in this popular series so here’s a few add-ons…


AK094      “Panzer IV H”

This is the third and final version of this popular German tank…and it’s in “Dunkelgelb” which is German for “Dark Yellow”.  Panzer IV’s and their variants saw plenty of active service in Russia, North Africa, Sicily, Italy and all over Europe.  This particular vehicle has an Afrika Korps veteran in the turret.

The “H” variant first appeared in 1943 and saw most service in that year and the following one.

Following Rommel’s defeat in North Africa in May 1943 most of the Afrika Korps were captured some however did manage to reach Sicily and Italy and live to fight another day…Our tank commander was one of them!


AK097     “Sd.Kfz.10 Demag”      

Another welcome addition to the AK’s limited transport units. This battle-scarred Demag comes with the detachable roof, seated driver and room for at least a few passengers.


AK098     Demag Passengers”

                         Two seated Afrika Korps soldiers.


AK103     “Desert Rommel”

Although seldom seen in shorts the Field Marshal did make use of some captured British clothing stores on occasion.


AVAILABLE   :       Mid June



As we did last year we are releasing another “medical-themed” set to coincide with the Texas Toy Soldier Show.  Now it’s generally available to all collectors…


WS222      “Walking Wounded”

A German medic tends to the arm-wound of this soldier.  It’s serious enough to demand treatment but not bad enough to be sent to the rear…unfortunately for him!


AVAILABLE    :       Early June



As our Commando mini-series continues to go from strength-to-strength here’s two exciting little additions…


DD237      “On The Enemy Coast”

As one of the canoe’s occupants remains with paddle ready the other, a corporal, silently gets out of the craft…Tommy gun in hand…and prepares to move ashore.


DD238     “Paddling Into Battle”

                         Another 2-man crew paddle silently towards the enemy shore.


AVAILABLE:  Early/Mid June              


D.    “MONS 1914”

In August 1914 the British Army fought its first battle on European soil since Waterloo, almost 100 years before!

The British Expeditionary Force, all regular soldiers, attempted to hold the line in northern France against a massive attack by the numerically superior German First Army.

Although fighting bravely and taking a heavy toll of the invading Germans the relatively small B.E.F was forced back.  The rapid-fire marksmanship of the British regulars and their battle discipline impressed not only their French Allies but also their German opponents.  The Kaiser might have called them “a contemptible little army” but many of his soldiers knew different!


FW139     “Officer w/Pistol”


FW140     “Loading his Lee Enfield”

Slamming the bolt shut and chambering another .303 round!


FW141     “Standing Firing”


FW142     “Kneeling Firing”


FW143     “Lying Prone”


FW144     “Vickers Machine Gunner”

Initially just 4 machine guns were issued to each infantry battalion going to France in 1914.


FW145     “Pack Up Your Troubles

                         This “Tommy”, rifle over the shoulder, moves up to the front line.


FW145(M)       ”Marching”   

                         Another version of the previous “Tommy” complete with moustache.


FW157     British Mk.IV Tank

A second version of our popular Mk.IV from a few years back.  This “Spring Chicken” would have come in very useful at Mons…Alas tanks did not appear until 1917!




E.     “From Mons back to Waterloo”

Napoleonics always need more Infantry…Here’s some more British ones…No particular regiment in order that they can fill in gaps in any British Infantry collections out there…


NA283     “Officer w/King’s Colour


NA284     “Standing Firing” (leaning forward)


NA285     “Kneeling Firing”


NA286     “Standing Loading”


NA287     “Standing to Repel”


NA288     “Kneeling to Repel”


NA289     “Drummer Boy w/Sword”

This young lad has drawn his short sword to defend himself and his mates!


NA290     “Helping Tommy Atkins”

                         As one soldier lies fatally wounded another reaches down to support him.


NA291     “Standing Firing (leaning back)”


AVAILABLE:  Early/Mid June



Hitler’s vaunted “Fortress Europe” was a military propaganda term used by the Germans to describe their occupied areas of Continental Europe.  On the “Atlantic Wall” section of their defenses they utilized millions of land mines, thousands of machine guns and many hundreds of artillery guns both in fixed and mobile batteries.

On their fixed gun emplacements they made ample use of captured weaponry whenever it was suitable and available for their needs.

Here is a typical example…A captured 155mm French artillery piece mounted on a raised concrete platform complete with an armored gun shield cover.


SP063       “Atlantic Wall Coastal Gun”


WS282     “Coastal Gun Officer”


WS283     “Kneeling Soldier w/Field Radio”


WS284     “Coastal Gunners” Set #1

                         The first of 2 x 2-man sets of gunners in action.

WS285     “Coastal Gunners Set #2”

Two more gunners…one loading the shell…the other with the powder charge.


AVAILABLE:  Mid June      


G.    “From the beaches of Normandy ’44 to the Little Big Horn ’76…”

It’s a bit of a hike to say the least but this relatively new series featuring “Custer’s Last Stand” has proved to be a huge “hit” on both sides of the Atlantic and elsewhere.  For colour, drama and excitement this range of Sioux and Cheyenne Indians plus the U.S. Cavalry has few equals…Here are the latest releases –


      TRW057(P)      “Spotted Tail”

A Cheyenne “Dog Soldier” well-known for his accuracy with bow and arrow.


TRW058          “Taking a Fall!”

                                 As his horse writhes in agony, already wounded, this trooper gets ready to fight on foot.


TRW059(P)     “Bloody Lance”

                                 This mounted Sioux warrior prepares to throw his lance.


TRW061(P)     “Little Wolf”

                                 One of the most famous Cheyenne war chiefs.  Here he is resplendent with a magnificent war bonnet riding his favorite pony.


TRW062          “To The Death!”

                                 One of Custer’s officers is about to be overwhelmed by a Sioux warrior…knives drawn!


AVAILABLE:  Early/Mid June



As usual as a whole big batch of “newbies” comes in some of the older figures and sets have to move out…Here they are…



Saluting British "Redcap" M.P.


Escort Officer


Escort MP


Gen. Omar Bradley


US Soldier Port Arms


New Desert Monty


Man w/Bird Cage


Bird Shop Set


Bird Shop Façade


Street Toy Stall









And that, as we always say is that…at least for another 30 days.  I’m sure there’s more than a few items in this “bumper bundle” that will be appealing to collectors and dealers alike.

  All the best!





                                                                                                Andy C. Neilson

                                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                                King & Country