JUNE 2011

Earlier this morning, before I started writing this latest “DISPATCHES”, I was on the phone with San Antonio, Texas and our guys and gals at KINGS X.

The reason was to find out how the “TEXAS TOY SOLDIER SHOW” went this past weekend. (Memorial Day Weekend). I am delighted to report that it was a HUGE SUCCESS for all concerned.

What makes this doubly satisfying is that just weeks ago the show founder and organizer (and good friend) Nick Versteeg suffered a stroke! Amazingly Nick with the strength and support of his lovely wife Deanne made the brave and bold decision to go ahead with the show and what a resounding success it was.

Nick, Deanne and their company “Toy Soldiers of San Diego” are one of the stalwarts of this hobby and business. They are a major presence in Chicago and at the West Coaster…I love what they do and how they do it! I am sure all of us wish Nick a full and speedy recovery and a big thank you to both him and his wife for making another great toy soldier show… even greater!

Now, back to the trenches…



A. “Into the Wild Blue Yonder”

We had hoped to release our P-47 and ground crew figures in May but production delays meant it fell into June… so here goes…

AF012 “The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt”

The U.S. Army Air Force’s most powerful single engined fighter of WW2. The “Jug”… “T/Bolt” or simply the “Juggernaut” was developed by the Republic Aviation Corp. and saw active duty on many of the major war fronts of WW2.

K&C’s P-47 belongs to the 5th Rescue Squadron of the 8th Air Force based at RAF Boxted in southern England in June 1944… hence the bold black and white “invasion” stripes. It comes in its own specially designed box with seated pilot and gear down.

Please note: Just 500 are being produced!

AF014 “Climbing Pilot”

One foot resting on a metal ladder this USAAF pilot figure can be placed next to any of our K&C warbirds.


AF016 “Ground Crewman on Bicycle”

Useful on any airfield scene.


AF017 “Crew Chief with Clipboard”





Here are the first two of the three SERIES 250 VW “Beetles” being released that offer collectors a range of multi optional choices.

LW043 “Luftwaffe Volkswagen”

As the driver anxiously scans the skies for enemy fighter bombers this heavily laden field gray vehicle makes its way to the front…


WS194Waffen SS Volkswagen”

Far less numerous than the Kubelwagen the Waffen SS made sure they were given priority in delivery from the VW factory. This model is in typical mid/late war three colour camouflage and belongs to the 5th SS “Viking” Division.


Please note: both vehicles areHolzbrenner “Beetles” fuelled by wood gas generators… hence the strange looking tanks on the front of the cars.




C. “Long life and Happiness”

The pursuit of wealth, health and happiness are among the principle features of Hong Kong society…at all levels.

In many HK homes and offices there is often found a small statue of “The God of Longevity” and here he is…

HK193 “The God of Longevity”



D. “SONS of the EMPIRE”

Here is the second detachment of this colourful Indian Army infantry regiment… Available in either gloss or matt finish.


SOE006 “Ludhiana Sikh Kneeling Ready”

SOE007 “Ludhiana Sikh Lying Firing”

SOE008 “Ludhiana Sikh Standing Firing”


Special note: More Ludhianas are in the works for release in the coming months…




E. “On the Beaches and Bocage of Normandy”

We’ve needed fighting reinforcements for our GI’s struggling to battle through the Bocageof the Norman countryside… and here they are… all from the “BIG RED ONE”, 1st. Infantry Division.


DD147 “Lying Prone OFFICER w/ Tommy –Gun”

This young officer shouts out orders to his men as the enemy move nearer.


DD148 “Firing BACK”

A neat little two-figure riflemen set… As one GI fires his Garand the other loads a new clip into his rifle.


DD149 “Prone GI with .30 Cal. Machine Gun”

This gunner lays down some medium fire support.


DD150 “Sitting B.A.R. Gunner”

This sitting GI reloads his B.A.R. Light Machine Gun.


DD151 “Grenade ATTACK!”

As one GI prepares to throw his grenade the other guy with the rifle gets ready to “cover” him.


available: Mid June


DD152 “The M7 PRIEST S.P.G.”

It’s been a long, long time since K&C produced one of these big beauties. This new, much more detailed “Priest” mounts the classic 105mm field piece and comes with a vehicle commander.


DD153 “M7 PRIEST CREW Additions”

Two very useful artillery gunners to help man the “Priest”.


available: Late June


F. “Winston taking aim”

As most people know Britain’s wartime Prime Minister was a former soldier who loved to “try-out” all kinds of new weaponry.

DD105 “Churchill with his Tommy-Gun”

After test-firing a Thompson Sub-Machine Gun on a rifle range early in the war Winston declared it was a “real war-winner”.

On hearing this in America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a special Thompson made for the P.M. and presented it to him at the Casablanca Conference.

Our Churchill is based on a famous photograph taken during the war.






Although it’s usually the pilots and aircraft of the WW2 Royal Air Force that gets all the glory and kudos it’s important to remember that it was the dedication and hard work of the ground crew who kept them both in the air…

In recognition of that important fact K&C has long produced all kinds of ground crew figures and vehicles to honour their memory… Our newest RAF releases do just that…


RAF027 “RAF Bedford QL Fuel Bowser”

This is the iconic fuel truck of WW2… painted in the distinctive RAF blue and yellow for easy recognition on UK airfields these vehicles remained on active service long after the end of the war. On a personal note it was one of the first AIRFIX plastic kits I assembled and painted as a young hobbyist many, many moons ago!

K&C also produced an extremely rare hand-carved, hand-painted wooden version back in the mid-nineties!!!




RAF029“RAF Bedford QL Fuel Bowser Normandy”

This alternative fuel bowser is in “Mickey Mouse” black and olive drab camouflage and is typical of RAF (and Army) vehicles used on the continent after the D.Day landings.

Please note: Both vehicles come with RAF drivers.


SPECIAL: These particular models have additional fine detail and some delicate parts. EXTRA CARE should be taken when handling them or taking them out of their packaging. PLEASE DO NOT GRIP THEM by the extension arms… fuel lines or side walkways. Thank you!





I know quite a few of you guys will be disappointed that there is no “WARBIRD” this month of July… You’ll have to wait until August but in the meantime here’s a few pictures to keep you going…

Gentlemen, may we introduce…




C. “From France ‘44 to Belgium 1815”

From the skies above Normandy in June 1944 to the fields around Waterloo, Belgium in 1815 is quite a big jump… but we’ll do it anyway… with our brand-new French Line Infantry…

NA228 “French Line Infantry Mtd. Officer”

NA229 “French Line Infantry Marching Officer”

NA230 “French Line Infantry Flagbearer

NA231 “French Line Infantry Drummer Boy”

NA232 “French Line Infantry Marching Rifleman (right shoulder)”

NA233 “French Line Infantry Marching Rifleman (left shoulder)”

NA234 “French Line Infantry Marching Rifleman (w/ beard)”

NA235 “Make Ready”

NA236 “Advancing Forward”


All of these new “French Line” wear the updated “1812” pattern tunic and show the more relaxed (or practical) style of military dress adopted by the Emperor’s army during the “100 day” campaign.

Again, more additional figures are in the production pipeline for release later.



AK074 Afrika Korps Volkswagen”

The third of our “Series 250” VW’s. This version has, again, a roofrack full of extra supplies of ammunition, fuel and water. In addition a swastika emblazoned flag has been attached to the roof for easy aircraft recognition.


AK076 Afrika Korps Feldgendarme

The ubiquitous “chained dogs” get everywhere… even North Africa!

K&C’s single figure is dressed in typical AK attire topped off with German-style “Solar Topee(sun helmet).





The latest of our Turkish and Australian Light Horse soldiers which we will be previewing in person in Brisbane and Sydney between the 6th and 12th June.


AL021 “Standing Lighthorseman

While most of the Brigade were charging the Turkish defenses in and around Beersheba some men had to be left behind to guard the supplies and the headquarters. Our “digger” is one of them.


AL022 “Turkish Casualty”

As he runs toward the Australian horseman this unfortunate “Johnny Turk” takes a bullet in the neck!


AL023 “Surrender or Die!”

A wounded Turk is given a dramatic option by a dismounted Light Horseman.


AL024 “Collapsing Horseman”

The Turks were not the only casualties of the battle… Here a fallen Lighthorseman is almost trampled to death by his wounded charger.


AL025 “General Kemal Attaturk

Although the founder of modern, progressive Turkey was not at Beersheba here is how he might have looked had he been!!!

This Turkish senior officer fears for the worst as the Australians get nearer and nearer… pistol in one hand… binos in the other.


Please note: Look out for another Light Horse release pre-Christmas!



As usual these days a batch of “goodies” are making way for some newbiesNow read on…


BBG015 Schwimmwagen (Winter)

BBG023 Steyr 1500 FunkKraftwagen


FW043 “Kneeling Ready”

FW045 “Dead Casualty”

FW046 “Wounded”

FW047 “Grenadier”

IF009 Semovente M40-75/18”

NA033 “Marching French Flagbearer

NA123 “Cuirassier Drinking”

NA180 “Ready to Repel”

NA181 “Standing Attention”

NA182 “Present Arms”

NA183 “Standing Officer”

And that, my friends is that… for another month. I sincerely hope there is something in here that you like for your collections…and collectors.

All the best!



Andy C. Neilson

Co-Founder & Creative Director

King & Country