JUNE 2010


This June is going to be another busy month for K&C… In a few days time Helen and yours truly will be off to Australia to meet up with two great King & Country dealers… Messrs. Brett Williams in Brisbane and Peter Nathan in Sydney. In conjunction with both guys we’ll be doing “Meet ‘n’ Greet” sessions in their respective stores as well as attending special “dinner” evenings in both cities with their top collectors. These events are great fun but also extremely valuable information gathering exercises plus we get to spend lots of time with the actual collectors.

So, without further ado let’s get down to business…



A. With the early release of our all-new Tiger 1 (WS151) in mid-May we’ve also got our add-on German tank figures and a few “Classic” German Infantry…


WS140 “Collaboration”

A young German soldier tries to make friends with a pretty girl… somewhere in occupied Europe.


WS141 Street Patrol”

Small groups of patrolling Wehrmacht soldiers were a familiar sight in the occupied countries. This three-man group are dressed in “classic” field gray and can be utilized in a wide range of displays, dioramas and settings.


WS153 “German Tankers”

Two Army Panzer crewmen with jerricans of fuel and water.


WS154 “SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans Weiss

One of the Germany’s best-known tank-aces and commanders.


WS155 “Standing Crewman”

Unusually for an SS Panzer officer this one wears his steel helmet instead of a field cap.


WS156 “Panzer Crewman on Parade”

Standing at ease this rifle-armed crewman can be on parade… or on guard duty.


WS157 “Panzer Guard at Attention”


WS158 “Panzer Guard Marching


WS159 “Panzer Feldgendarme”

Like all branches of the German military the Panzers had their own “Chained Dogs” or M.P.’s. This figure can be “policing” the front-line as well as rear areas or directing traffic or even on the lookout for deserters!


WS160 “SS Tank Ace Arno Giesen

Giesen wears the famous black tanker’s jacket over Italian camouflage trousers. He destroyed 111 enemy tanks and self propelled guns… mostly on the Eastern Front.




B. From WW2 we’re going back to the American Civil War in 1863 at Gettysburg



2009 saw the release of our first Confederate Cavalry… It’s only fair and balanced that we do the same for the Union Forces


CW052(SL) “Lincoln & His Generals”

This is K&C’s first-ever “Strictly Limited” American Civil War set and we’ve chosen to depict President Abraham Lincoln and three of his most famous Generals… Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman and Ambrose Burnside. All four figures are based on images captured by the noted Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady.

Just 750 sets of this limited edition four-figure set are being produced in their own specially designed box complete with a numbered certificate.


In addition there are…


CW053 “Brevet Major General George Armstrong Custer”

One of the Union’s most legendary cavalry commanders… and one of the most reckless. Custer stands proud in all his Civil War finery (designed by himself).


CW054 “The Photographer, Mathew Brady”

Perhaps the most famous pictorial chronicler of the Civil War and its soldiers… from the high and the mighty to the humblest private and non com, Brady photographed them all.


CW058 “Maj. Gen. John Buford Jr.”

Another of the Union’s most famous cavalry officers and one of the architects of the victory at Gettysburg.


CW059 “Union Guidon Bearer”

This mounted cavalryman carries the swallow-tailed guidon of his squadron.


CW060 “Union Bugler”


CW061 “Officer Firing Pistol”

This mounted Lieutenant fires his Navy Colt at the opposition.


CW062 “Trooper Aiming Carbine”


CW063 “Prisoner and Escort”

A mounted trooper, carbine resting on the pommel of his saddle, takes a captured Confederate cavalryman to the rear.


CW064 “Trooper Kneeling Loading Carbine”


CW065 “Trooper Kneeling Cocking Carbine”


CW066 “Trooper Kneeling Firing Carbine”


CW067 “Trooper Standing Firing Carbine”


CW068 “Trooper Firing Pistol”




C. “France in Ruins”

France as a country has been fought over many times by many different armies and conquerors for hundreds of years.

Both the 1st and 2nd World Wars left the country devastated by battle. Here is the first of a new display series that provides dramatic and realistic backgrounds for a wide range of different conflicts from medieval times right up to and including the Second World War.


SP037Battle Scarred Normandy Church façade”

A superbly detailed rendering of both the exterior and interior facades of a typical Norman church. Both sides of the building provide a wealth of diorama possibilities whether they be the Thirty Years WarNapoleonic Campaigns or even more recent Twentieth Century conflicts… the choice is yours!



Length: 60 mm

Width: 270 mm

Height: 290 mm




D. “Flak Support”

The Opel Maultier was originally developed to handle the terrible road conditions on the Eastern Front… The Germans realized that half-track style vehicles operated far better than normal all-wheeled transport trucks and lorries.

A whole host of different applications could be used with the Maultier… including mounting flak guns on them.


LW032 “Opel Maultier Flakwagen

This Luftwaffe crewed vehicle mounts a 20mm Flak Gun. The three crew members scan the sky for enemy aircraft. Perfect for NormandyItaly… or even the Eastern Front (at least in the summer!)





As usual there’s a little something for the “Streets of Old Hong Kongcollectors…


HK182 “The Little Dragon Boat”

A young boy celebrates “The Festival of the Sea” with his imitation dragon boat. These were usually made out of paper or papier mache on top of a lightweight wire frame.





JULY is going to be a “BUMPER MONTH” for WW2 buffs… just look at What’s in store!!!


A. “Our Latest and Best Warbird Yet”.


LW028Focke-Wulf Fw190”

Professor Kurt Tank’s most famous design… the Focke-Wulf 190 caused shock and consternation when it first appeared in the skies over Northern France in 1941… Its speed, agility and powerful punch took the Allies completely by surprise.

For 12 whole months there was nothing either the British or the Americans (or the Russians) could successfully put up against it. A simple, straight forward design the 190” easily outclassed and outflew its opponents.

By 1944 however even the 190” was having problems with the hordes of new Allied fighters and the vast aerial bomber armadas the British and the Americans were unleashing upon Germany.

Our K&C model is in the “personal” markings of one of the Third Reich’s top fighter “aces”Major Heinz Bär. This particular190” has the typical late war two-tone camouflage and the red Defence of the Reich”, band on its fuselage.

On the tail can be seen Bär’s tally of “kills” on the white section, Bär himself can be seen in the cockpit underneath the sliding canopy. Underneath the aircraft’s belly can be seen a special extra fuel, centre-line, drop-tank.

As an added bonus a full set of fuel drums and jerricans is included with the aircraft. Each complete aircraft and fuel drums comes in its own specially-designed presentation box.

“Planned Production Run” on this particular Heinz Bär Fw190 is just 750 pieces.


About Heinz Bär

Bär joined the Luftwaffe in 1935, flew over 1,000 combat missions and shot down 220 British, American and Russian aircraft by the end of the war.

Tragically he was killed flying a light civilian airplane in 1957.



To accompany the launch of this very special Fw190 we are also releasing three other well-known Luftwaffe aces…


LW029 “Oberstleutnant Josef “Pips” Priller

Priller is perhaps most famous for flying his Fw190 on a single strafing run of “Sword Beach” on D. Day as seen in the epic “The Longest Day”.

“Pips” Priller, during WW2, flew over 1,300 combat missions and shot down 101 Allied aircraft… including 68 Spitfires! This is the highest of any Lufwaffe ace’s tally for this particular aircraft.


LW030 “Leutnant Josef “Sepp” Wurmheller”

Before he was killed on June 22, 1944SeppWurmheller, flying an Fw190, was credited with 102 enemy aircraft (93 on the Western Front).

His most successful day was during the ill-fated Dieppe Raid” when he shot down 7 British aircraft… despite suffering from a broken leg!

Our K&C figure showsSepp, still recovering, on crutches.


LW031 “Major Siegfried Schnell”

Another notable Luftwaffe fighter ace with 93 “kills” and recipient of the “Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves”. Although most of his victories were gained flying the Fw190 he himself was shot down and killed in February 1944 flying a Messerschmitt Bf109 “Gustav”.


C. “Civilians Caught Up In War”

During wartime it’s not only the soldiers and armies that are affected…. A sad and tragic feature of modern war is the uprooting of whole civilian communities that, in order to escape the carnage all around them, pack up some of their belongings… and take to the road as… refugees!


FoB062 “The Refugee Cart”

A man pulls a heavily-laden hand cart overflowing with a family’s pitiful belongings… As he struggles to pull the cart his young daughter tries to help by pushing…


FoB063 “Old Woman by the Road”

This old lady cannot believe that for the second time in her lifetime her world is about to be destroyed by war.


FoB064 “The Pram Set”

A mother pushing a pram with a young baby inside leads her other little girl by the hand… both of them carrying pathetic little backpacks… where are they going? Even they don’t know… but as long as it’s away from the fighting.


FoB065 “Father & Son”

Perhaps this is the husband and father of the woman with the pram and children?

The man carries two heavy suitcases… his little boy a small case… They join the flow of refugees on the road.


FoB066 “The Old Couple”

An elderly grey-bearded man gently leads his wife down the road… First, their house had been taken over by the soldiers… then it lay in ruins… Now they have nothing but each other to hold on to…



These civilian figures are part of the “Fields of Battle range but can be used in almost any WW2 setting in EuropeThe Fall of France, The War in Italy, even on the Eastern Front or Germany, Holland or Belgium at the end of the war… The choice is yours!


Look out for more in the coming months…



From the land we take to the waves with K&C’s long-awaited new American landing craft and U.S. Navy figures.


DD130U.S. Navy Officer”

This deck officer, dressed in workaday khaki can be seen on the dockside… on ship… or in one of our new landing craft.


DD131 “Standing Sailor”

There’s always some guy around who just like to stand and watch!!!


DD137Normandy LCVP Landing Craft (#PA26-21)”

The first of our two Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel boats originally designed by Andrew Higgins and built in one of his 7 factories in New Orleans, Louisianna. More than 20,000 were built and were an essential component of the Allied victory.

This is K&C’s second version and boy… is it a real beaut and a big improvement…? It comes with a cox’n and two .30 calibre machine guns and gunners… The ramp raises and lowers and it can accommodate a whole bunch of GI’s or a jeep and trailer.


DD138Normandy LCVP Landing Personeel (#PA26-22)”

The Second LCVP (for those collectors who need at least 2 for their displays). This second craft has a different cox’n figure plus, of course, the two .30 calibre machine guns and gunners. As the other LCVP the ramp raises and lowers… as required.


DD139 “Sailor with Binos

Wearing his steelpot and navy blue windcheater jacket this sailor is on “lookout” duty.


DD140 “Sailor putting on Life Jacket”

It pays to be safe at sea… life can be dangerous so it makes sense to wear your life jacket at all times…


DD144 “Crewman with Radio”

This sailor on shore duty using his “walkie-talkie” to contact one of the landing craft.


DD145 “Crewman Shouting”

Another swabbie making his presence felt!



HK184 “The Fisherman”

A Chinese fisherman doing what fisherman do the whole world over…



Have we got a list for you…? Heading off to the “Happy Hunting Grounds”


AE026 “The Slave Market”

AE027 “Egyptian Slave Buyer”



AK044 “AK Vehicle Passengers (3-man set)”

AK045 “AK Vehicle Passengers (2-man set)”



BR062 “Officer w/Telescope”

BR063 “Sergeant Pointing”

BR064 “Standing Firing”

BR065 “Kneeling Firing”

BR066 “Standing Ready”

BR067 “Standing Loading”

BR068 “Standing Drummer Boy”

BR069 “Marching Rifleman”

BR070 “Advancing Rifleman”

BR071 “Marching Flagbearer Officer”

BR072 “Officer w/Pike”

BR073 “Mounted Officer”

BR074 “Making Ready”


A replacement “new” British Regiment will marching into view later this year.



CW008 “Confederate Drummer Boy”



DD101 “Free French M10 Tank Destroyer”

DD102 “Fusilier Marins Officer”

DD103 “Free French Scout Car”


“MONTY’s 8th ARMY”

EA018 “The Watchers”

EA019 “The Imposter”

EA020 “The Attackers”



FW020 “Shot German”

FW034 “German Armoured Car Set”



MG017 “Paratrooper with Mortar Bombs”



NA111 “Cuirassier General”

NA151 “Guard Lunging Bayonet Drill”



And that, dear friends, dealers and collectors is that… Lots to consider and think about…

Many thanks again for working with us… we always appreciate your support and business.


With best wishes,

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country