JUNE 2008


JUNE is already upon us and here I am writing “DISPATCHES” on the 2nd of the month. Apologies boys and girls but I’ve been up in China checking out some new factories and trying to get a few good deals… not easy believe me!

                Anyway here I am back in Hong Kong and here’s the latest…



a)      “Desert Transport for the Desert Fox!”

As promised the new HORCH Command Car for “The Desert Fox”. All 1250 of this “Strictly Limited” piece were snapped up by dealers within 36 hours of the news of it being released! I hope all of you get what you need.

As stated previously… this specially-adapted vehicle comes complete with a driver… signals officer and a body-guard figure. All of these are seated (fixed) in the vehicle itself. The “Fox” himself can either stand inside or outside the HORCH as the collector prefers.




b)      “The Union Forever!”

K&C’s latest additions to our popular Civil War series. These Union Infantry are soldiers of the 83rd. Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regt. and are wearing the specially purchased French Chasseur-style uniform worn at the early stages of the War between the States.

14 great (and useful) individual figures are available in a wide selection of action and parade style.


CW026 “Union Officer w/ Binos


CW027 “Union Chasseur Standing w/ Rifle”


CW028Union Kneeling Firing Rifleman”


CW029 “Union Standing Firing Rifleman”


CW030Union Kneeling Ready”


CW031Union Standing Ready”


CW032 “Union Kneeling Loading”


CW033 “Union Standing Loading”


CW034 “Union Standing Ramrod”


CW035Union Advancing”


CW036 “Union Sergeant w/ Flag”


CW037 “Union Bugler”


CW038 “Union Mounted Officer”


CW039 “Thirsty Work”




c) “Lighting The Streets”

HK167 “Street Lantern Set”

A giant decorative street lantern being painted by two skilled craftsmen.




        2. COMING IN JULY…

A big bumper crop of WW2 and a nice couple of Chinese Army sets.

a)      First the “fighting” Wehrmacht

These German Army figures were originally meant to be in action in June but the transport bringing them to Hong Kong was shot up by a pair of RAF Typhoon fighter/bombers. The shipment is OK but the truck is a total “write-off”… no news on the driver!

        C’est la viec’est la guerre! Well, look out for them in early July…


WS116Officer Pointing”

A conscripted Police Officer giving directions


WS117 “Get Ready!”

As one Wehrmacht Panzer Grenadier watches the advance of the enemy another prepares to pull the pin on his “potato masher” grenade.


WS118 “Moving Forward”

A three-man rifle section (including a Schmeisser-toting NCO) stealthily move closer to the enemy.


WS119 “On the Road”

In the weeks and months following D. Day German vehicles found it increasingly difficult to move undetected along French roads. Infantry moved forwards (and backwards) by the traditional method… on foot. An NCO leads two of his riflemen to the front carrying extra ammo and weapons.


WS120 “Walking Machine Gun Team”

This two-man set is a “companion piece” to WS119.


                AVAILABILITY: Early July


b) The Imperial Guardsmen… Chinese style

Two fine sets of richly detailed and colourful soldiers of the Emperor…


IC033 “Chinese General Staff Set”

A superb seated figure of a Chinese General of the Imperial Household Guard… Next to him a small table with his helmet… leaning over to advise him is one of his officers. Standing protectively over his General is the personal bodyguard carrying the richly decorated umbrellaFantastic detail and a welcome addition.


IC034 “Chinese Armourer Set”

Standing at the forge this Armourer is “beating-out” a new sword next to him his assistant is working the bellows helping to “heat-up” the forge. Every Army should have its Armourer




c)      “ICE COLD IN ALEX”

From 17th. Century China we journey forward to the blistering sands of the Western Desert in the dark days of 1942… with our latest 8th. Army releases… and what a great selection too!


EA027 “The Desert Austin K2 Ambulance”

This is a model I personally have longed to do for many, many years… The Austin K2 Ambulance.

Back in the late 1950’s a great British War movie called “Ice Cold In Alex” came out. I saw it as a kid and loved it. It tells the story of a British Ambulance and its crew trying to escape an embattled Tobruk and cross the desert to Alexandria in Egypt. The film covers lots of their trials and tribulations on the journey… one of which is that there is a German spy among them!!!

Anyway it’s a great flick… see it on late night telly or failing that… buy the bloody ambulance!

This very, very British looking truck comes with a driver looking out for any land-mines.


EA028 “Stretcher Party”

Two Royal Army Medical Corps stretcher bearers carry a wounded Tommy out of the battle and, hopefully, towards the ambulance… the perfect add-on to EA027.


EA029 “The Crusader Tank”

Many, many 8th. Army Collectors have been requesting additional armour for the 8th Army sets… Well, here it is… “The Crusader”. Up until the arrival of the American Shermans and Grants this was the best and fastest tank the British Armoured Regiments had. It could be unreliable but its speed often got it out of difficult situations.

Our model is in typical 2 colour desert camo and in the markings of the 3rd. Hussars of the famous 7th Armoured Division “The Desert Rats”. Each tank comes with a commander and a seated British Infantryman.


EA030 “8th Army Tank Riders”

Another great add-on! Three Scottish Infantrymen in a range of poses that can fit on the Crusader or stand off the vehicle on the ground as you prefer.





A little bit of a mixed bag of goodies heading off to the “Happy Hunting Grounds”


a)      “Ancient Egypt

        AE006 "The Stone Carvers”


b)      “1776 American Revolution”

AR045 “Standing Firing Marine”

AR052 “Kneeling Firing Marine”


c)      Battle of the Bulge”

One of K&C’s most popular WW2 series…

BBA018 M24 Chaffee Tank (Winter Camo)

BBG004 “GI Prisoners”

Three captured Americans plus one Waffen SS guard... a great set!

BBG009 Raupen Schlepper


d)      Normandy44”

DD052 “Lord Lovat Command Group”

Another action-filled group of 4 Commandoes including Lovat and his personal piper Bill Millin (as seen in “The Longest Day”).

DD064 “Tommy Patrol”

DD092 M24 Chaffee Tank (Olive Drab)”


e)      “Imperial Chinese Army”

IC026 “Artillery Set”


f)       Berlin38”

LAH073Polizei NCO”



And that, as we say is that. Many thanks again for your loyal support… we always appreciate your business. Best personal wishes!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country